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Review #1, by nikisasilverrain Betrayal

24th May 2007:

wonderfully, deliciously wicked. kudos!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! So glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by Mo0nFaiRy Betrayal

25th August 2006:
Hey! 'tis me, Moonbeam ^_^! I haven't chated with you in a long time, how have you been? I just replied to a message you left me on Quizilla a looong time ago, (quizilla wasn't letting me sign in there for awhile, but I suspect it's just my computer slowly dieing on me though..) in your message you said you don't really check that anymore.. so, I thought I'd leave you a message on here. Figured you check this a bit more frequently then quizilla. I haven't been reading any FF for quite awhile, sorry, I'm waaay behind! lol. I've just got done reading this story and, like always, I loved it. You really have a talent for writing. It is a shame you lost interest in it though, seems rather short. Have you gotten those emails I sent you? *Just wondering* I should cut it here though, it is getting kind of long for a 'review' hehe XD. IM me whenever you have the time, or drop me a line or two, now that I can sign into quizilla again, I'll be checking it more often lol. Take care *Huggles*

Author's Response: Hey, there moonbeam! *glomps* Gah, I know, it's been too long. But, I've had a very busy summer! *nods* it's true, we have a lot of catching up to do. So give me a few days (have to finish writing first) and I'll drop you a nice long email! Still love you, my moonfairy! *mega-glomps* I'll be in tough soon, I promise!

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Review #3, by lucie Betrayal

13th June 2006:
Just reread my review and it sucked a bit:
What i meant to say about the office bit was that you gradually built up the description of the place so that the image got more and more vivid as it went along.
Harry totally freaked me out in this but you played on his canon features and made so realistic and believable. Same with Draco he still remained canon (still love the idea of the fags) but you twisted it in a way that built up the story, he wasn't just sarcy black leather Draco - not that I have the slightest thing against this but that Draco is sexae but you know its nice to see him in another light. :)
The writing as usual is fluid and not too dense, so you aren't struggling to read sentences because they are laid down with description and way too many commas.
It's also left on a slight cliff hanger, you know, what would Lupin and Kingsley think when they see him, I mean do they believe Harry or do they find the situation slightly odd. Doctors now a days can tell the difference between a hit and a fall and hit - obv. K and L are not doctors but still.
Anywhoodle, yah. Awesome!
Lucie, Darkness Fall's biggest fan... :D

Author's Response: Oh, no, it didn't suck - it was a great review!

*nods* Yes, as I said before, if you just write one big block of description it can really slow the pace down, so I just added bit by bit as the story built. I really didn't want to slow the pace.

Sarky, leather pants Draco - where? o.O *grins* I love that guy, where's the drool bucket? lmao! I'm glad you think I still managed to hold on to the cannon, I really didn't want to romantacise Draco in this one.

Again, I wanted to keep it fluid as not to bog down the pace. In other stories I write, I do tend to add more description, but I felt this particular story needed to race ahead.

Yes, I like leaving all my stories with a slight cliff hanger, or, should I say, I just like to leave them not so cut and dried. When I finish a story, I like an author to leave something to the imagination, I don't like all the dots crossed, so to speak. Heheh! I've even had people ask if Draco is really dead. In my mind he is, but if these readers want to believe he's alive, well, then I consider it as a compliment. I wanted to leave it open-ended, so that people could come to their own conclusions.

Again, Lucie, thanks for another wonderful review, I'm really so glad you liked it. Much love, emmie! *glomps*

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Review #4, by lucie Betrayal

13th June 2006:
*choke* *spills tea over keyboard* Bloody Hell.
God, my heart was beating so fast in the whole Severus-Draco-Harry- Fred scene. It was so fast paced but your superb writing just lapped me up and I was so caught up in the scene. I don't know if it was intentional but you didn't really describe the office but steady added more description to it as... well, as the bodies mounted up, lol. Man, Harry's freaking psycho - and you know what unlike most authors, I bloody believe it!
"The jet of green light soon followed."
*Choke and more tea spillage - my dad is gonna kill me, d'ya mind if I send you the bill for the new keyboard :P *

Dark and Beautiful. Thanks for keeping it on this far!! Great story.

Author's Response: Ok, then, you can send me the bill, just send it to this address: 00 Unknown, Idon'tlivehereanymore, Nowhere, NA0 0NA *grins*

But, Lucie, thanks so much for a brilliant review - I'm so glad you liked it! *glomps* I'm glad you felt Evil Harry was believable because I really didn't know if I could pull the believability off. So I tried to keep him close to cannon, but with a slightly demented side, lmao! *giggles*

Yes, I tried to keep the pace fast intentionly - there was a lot of action involved and sometimes too many words, or too much description bogs it down. So I kept it to a minium.

Thanks again for your wonderful review, Lucie, it really made my morning. As for thanks for writing it, I say to you, thanks so much for reading it! *more glomps*

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Review #5, by beam Betrayal

26th April 2006:
It´s common to meet Draco in HPFF stories. But it´s rare to see him as three - dimensional character ! Excellent job !

Author's Response: Thanks so much, beam - I'm very glad to hear that. For a change, in this story, I wanted to keep Draco cannon, in character - I wanted to show his negative side. So, it really means a lot, to haer you say that - thank you! *glomps*

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Review #6, by HiddenstarsfromU Coming Together.

19th March 2006:
Em! *HUGGLES* i don't know how to reach you other than comments so I hope you check this! I miss you love and was just seeing whats up as I was diving back into fanfiction writing again. Hope to hear from you soon!!!!- MWAH- FRAN

Author's Response: Fran! You're back! So good to hear from you again! How have you been? Oh, that's great news, you're writing again! The fanfiction world has greatly missed you and you're writing! (hugs) And, if you want to, you can always message me on quizilla -- I'm still on there too, lmao! Nice hearing from you again, Fran. (much luck and squidges) emmie

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Review #7, by meddie Betrayal

16th February 2006:
you.... you killed him! and harry is evil.... and I know this is stupid, but... is Draco dead for good?

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so sorry meddie -- but, yes, evil emmie killed off Draco and he is dead for good. *hands you a tissue and gives a hug*

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Review #8, by Lucie Decisions

29th January 2006:
Cigarettes! Nice touch, Emmie! That was so clever, Dracos perseption of control over his life through a muggle habit. There was some random change in POV in the same 'blocks' (not paragraphs, i mean blocks) of writing, like between Fred (love!) and Draco, but I suppose it works alright :D Good characterisation of characters like Moody and Fred, they stay canon but at the same time get your added 'touch'. " She was young and impressionable!" can't see George saying that but you know... haha. I want to know more about this secret club they seem to be having (lol), fags banned? McGonagal? "Draco felt very proud (and somehow comforted) to be back in his place as a thorn in Harry's side!" - class :D 'Oh, and I will be updating this story more on a regular basis from now on.' THREE CHEERS!

Author's Response: Hey, Lucie (quidditchkid) - see, I remembered, lol! Thanks so much for the great review. I'm glad you liked the canoness, lol, I did try to stay in cannon on this story. Yeah, I see what you mean about George, I was trying to make him seem the more *mature* of the twins. But, I guess that line would have sounded better from Charlie. *looks sheepish* lmao! Hmmn, the block thing, well, I did read through it and it made sense to me. But, that could be because I'm the author, lol. I'll have to go back and read again. :( Big thanks for the compliments and crits, both are appreciated muchly. *hugs you tightly* It's so nice to hear from you again. :)

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Review #9, by Fleura Decisions

22nd November 2005:
i like where this one is going so far--great job--and i do hope you update this more often as you said, it's really good

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Fleura. I'm do pleased you like it. Yes, I will be. I'll have a couple of updates out this week. Oh, btw, I love your penname. *hugs* emmie

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Review #10, by Fleura Coming Together.

21st October 2005:
oh, please please update this soon, i really loved the first two chapters, they were captivating-- :D

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much, Fleura. I'll be starting on the next one very soon.

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Review #11, by HiddenstarsfromU Coming Together.

11th October 2005:
haha sorry i haven't read this yet love, but I thought you'd like to know- I QUIT QUIZILLA!!!!! finally!!!! I deleted all my accounts even just so I wouldn't be lured back by the terrible writing and the want to do it better on quizilla lol- just thought you'd be proud- MWAH- fran

Author's Response: You quit? YAY! *cracks open the champagne* I'm very, very proud of you, lol! At the mo I'm busy typing up a new chappie, but as soon as I'm done I'll drop by and have a read and leave a review. YAY FOR FRAN!

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Review #12, by Van (wiz*rad) Misgivings

3rd October 2005:
I love how you kept with the characters' personalities. Most people just use the setting and characters and then do whatever they want. They make Draco a mushy little baby, and then use themselves as the object of his mushy little passion. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot, Van (wiz*rad). I'm so glad you think so. Yeah, I don't like my Draco too mushy - and in this one I'm making him darker than the other story, lol! Glad you like it, tacklehugs!

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Review #13, by Van (wiz*rad) Coming Together.

3rd October 2005:
Do I sense a hint of jealousy from Scarhead...? *reviews and goes to the next chapter*

Author's Response: lol, it wasn't written as jealousy. But, with the release of HBP it certianly could look that way.

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Review #14, by fleura Coming Together.

22nd September 2005:
ahhh! luv it!!!! UPDATE!!!!

Author's Response: lol, thank you fleura. The good news is I will be updating this one soon.

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Review #15, by icedragon66 Coming Together.

17th September 2005:
this story is amazing! now on to read the others!

Author's Response: Thank you so much - I'm glad you liked it. :) Hopefully, I'll be updating this soon.

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Review #16, by Winter Misgivings

25th July 2005:
Nice story but i'm confused about who draco is serving?? is he with voldemort and snape, or with the weasleys?? luv ur story!!

Author's Response: Thank you Winter; I'm glad you liked it. Hmmn, you're not really meant to know who Draco is serving - well not till later chapters, lol!

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Review #17, by steph Misgivings

13th July 2005:
u should make another story 2 go with this one and the other stories their really good!

Author's Response: Thank you steph, but I think I have enough to write at the moment. Maybe, when I've finished a few of the others, I'll start another one.

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Review #18, by Talia Coming Together.

5th June 2005:
I dont know if you can answer me this.. but how do I covince this damn computer that I am over 17?? I have been trying to read Malfoy and the Mudblood, but when I press the link all I get is a message telling me that by prassing there I am stating to be over 17..(which I am!!) but nothing happends.. This really bugs me so please help me..

Author's Response: Aww, that's a shame. I have no idea why that is happening? Have you somehow got the parental lock on by mistake? I have it on another site called HP Fandom, but you might have the same problem. Hey, if you're really stuck, email at: and I'll try and sort something out.

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Review #19, by dori666satanswife Misgivings

3rd June 2005:
Loved it like the first one. Couldn't have asked for a better job on it.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks a lot dori! So glad you liked it! :)

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Review #20, by Cat Misgivings

1st June 2005:
This was great second chapter and I can't wait for more! You have such good story skills!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot Cat. So glad you like it and thank you for the compliment.

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Review #21, by _CircusOfLostSouls_ Misgivings

30th May 2005:
Fantastic! I love this story. Please continue! =)

Author's Response: Hey, thankyou for a great review - I'll be continuing soon.

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Review #22, by l i g h t n i n g Misgivings

27th May 2005:
wow! this story is really getting interesting....hmmm i'm a thinking that Draco is still evil, and yet....nice job! you really have me pondering! Fantastic story! keep it up!

Author's Response: Yay, what a great review - thank you! Oh goody, I'm glad you picked up on the Draco evilness - I tried to hint at it and I'm so glad it worked. But, I'm not going to tell you if he is still evil or not - you'll have to wait and see.... *hehe*

Author's Response: Sorry everyone, but my last chapter was not accepted on here - and so here ends Malfoy and the Mudlood. Sorry! I'll update part 17 on quizlla, so you can all read it (if you want to ...) but from then on - no more! Sorry, but I feel defeated and useless.

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Review #23, by meddie Misgivings

25th May 2005:
oooooh!!! the bloody cliffhangers.... *mutters under her breath* i'm son looking forwrd to the "reching a decission" thing... write it soon!

Author's Response: lol, Thanks a lot meddie; I'm really glad you liked it! i'll try and make the next one soon...ish, lol!

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Review #24, by quidditchkid Misgivings

24th May 2005:
Wow, this is definately your best work and I'm glad you've decided to continue again! Your style is beautiful and the characters are wonderfully formed and very believable. Can't wait for chapter 3!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for two things! Firstly for your wonderful review; I wasn't sure if the characterisation, so it's great to known your liked it - and secondly for keeping on at me to get chapter 2 out! If it wasn't for you, I would have never got round to it! *hugs*

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Review #25, by jinxdbydreams Misgivings

24th May 2005:
woohoo..erm..its dark O.o lol, i LIKE it :D

Author's Response: lol, YAY, I'm so glad you like dark! hehehe! Thanks so much!

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