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Reading Reviews for Wouldn't It Be Nice
11 Reviews Found

Review #1, by HPobsessed10 Wouldn't It Be Nice

6th December 2010:
a...a brilliant story!!..please continue the story!!pleaseee..

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Review #2, by sand_at_your_feet_ Wouldn't It Be Nice

29th December 2005:
cute. i like sirius being alive. (i cried when he died, and tried desperately for a loophole around his death) >< me=dork.

Author's Response: Thank you! I updated!

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Review #3, by ADRI4 Wouldn't It Be Nice

26th December 2005:

Author's Response: 2nd chapter has been added!

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Review #4, by Pink_Princess12 Wouldn't It Be Nice

9th December 2005:
it's umm... not bad, i think you need to add more to it, even though it's short i liked it so i wil add to my fav list BUT TELL ME WHEN YOU ADDED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I'M EXCITED, you can read mine if you want... it's just not that good...lol

Author's Response: Working on the next chapter right now, should be up before next year! lol

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Review #5, by agent x Wouldn't It Be Nice

25th November 2005:
ok well you told me to tell you YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: That's really nice! Why don't you like this story?

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Review #6, by TakeMeAway Wouldn't It Be Nice

5th August 2005:
Great story, you're a brill writer! Carry on! Plz r/r my fic ! Thanx!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'll update soon! I'm heading to read you fics now!

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Review #7, by the downfall of the rising Wouldn't It Be Nice

29th July 2005:
I think it was short and simple, it had a light mood, and there was humor, but when's the romance coming?This isn't an insult, I was just wondering. Update soon. ~Valerie

Author's Response: It'll come gradually, but I'm just setting the mood now.

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Review #8, by AnnienMystickbff Wouldn't It Be Nice

24th June 2005:
i like it, it's really cute so far, please continue and you don't suck! ! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanx Bunchies!! I might not have the next chapter up for a while...but it is coming!!

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Review #9, by theonly1whoeverknew Wouldn't It Be Nice

8th May 2005:
the story is great I love I think it's kinda funny.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I'm going to update this week, probably with a Lupin/Tonks too!

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Review #10, by padfootwalks4eva Wouldn't It Be Nice

6th May 2005:
Ron of course not 4800 books! *bonks him on head* Lolz! Even I wouldn't pack that many...or would I? Lolz! Great start and update soon!~

Author's Response: thanx! Im still trying to get the next chapter out!!

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Review #11, by ronsgirl92 Wouldn't It Be Nice

17th April 2005:
I think it was funny. You should definately continue.

Author's Response: thanx number 2 will be up in a weekor so!

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