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Reading Reviews for WHEN IT'S ALL OVER
25 Reviews Found

Review #1, by hanna's Mom The dust settles...

11th June 2008:
longer would be good. It's a good start.

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Review #2, by AngelicaPG The dust settles...

20th February 2007:
I REALLY think you should continue it! You should! I love it and who wouldn't? Please continue. I think there could be some real character for this story!

Author's Response: Lol!

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Review #3, by HermioneGirl1222 The dust settles...

23rd June 2006:
I REALLY think you should continue this! It is so good! I love! PLEASE continue it!

Your fan,

Author's Response: we'll see, leah, we'll see

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Review #4, by Isolde Black The dust settles...

26th April 2006:
I think it is a very interesting take on what will happen. I like the way you described the realisation with hysterics. You could do alot with this. It's a little short yes, you could do with more elaboration. I really think you should finish it, as a matter of fact I am going to monitor it for new chapters. Great job!

Author's Response: yeah i thought the hysteria would be more realistic, a sorta mad ptsd hysteria

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Review #5, by quik_quotes The dust settles...

21st April 2006:
...well, it would be ok if u continued it, cuz rite now, it's a little stupid. doesn't do you justice at all. please continue it.

Author's Response: i was hurt, then i read on to the not doin me justice bit and thats so sweet, thanks

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Review #6, by mipf The dust settles...

23rd March 2006:
That gave me shivers as I read it; the imagery is really good, like, when they walk out of the ruins (Hogwarts in ruins is really sad though!) I like it as a one shot, but if you ever get inspiration a prequel might be good. The laughing at the end seems a bit insane though...

Author's Response: yeah, but u would be a wee bit insane if ud just took on the most horrific wizard ever, and won, wouldnt ya?

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Review #7, by Trina Potter The dust settles...

23rd February 2006:
I like it

Author's Response: Its trini again! thanks

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Review #8, by Smells Like Team Spirit The dust settles...

22nd December 2005:
yes you do want to add more please i get who you are talking about but some people might not it a really good story so please write more

Author's Response: sorry, but i think im keeping this as a oneshot. glad u enjoyed it tho

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Review #9, by HPFchamber The dust settles...

5th November 2005:
Wow. Please continue it. I really want to know what happens.

Author's Response: i dunno if i will

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Review #10, by aussie_princess_94 The dust settles...

18th October 2005:
Great story! I really liked it!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #11, by danyagirl The dust settles...

16th October 2005:
hm, this is very original- not an unusual common reaction, but i haven't seen something like this before. I don't think you should continue this. It's perfect as a one shot, and continuing would make it more of a story and less of a feeling, of a moment. How did you plan to continue it, anyway?

Author's Response: i think thats the path im gonna take

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Review #12, by Fiddlers_Elem2 The dust settles...

28th July 2005:
Really good. Please update soon!!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #13, by the downfall of the rising The dust settles...

27th July 2005:
I like it so far, and i would like you to add on, but thats your choice. ~Valerie

Author's Response: if i do add on, it'll be after my resits, but i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #14, by Fiery Jupiter The dust settles...

27th June 2005:
Ok that was rather interesting... since the ending of the song-fic "If You Leave" was not definite, in my mind I am gonna pretend this was the ending and Harry and Ginny are together alive...I know I am being weird but the ending to the songfic was sooo sad..it made me depressed! This made me happy now though! Maybe u should add somemore to this one though!

Author's Response: nah, i get wat u mean. never thought of it that way tho. interesting...

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Review #15, by Kitra The dust settles...

13th June 2005:
I have no clue whether it should stay that way or not... but it was great! short yet satisfying and kinda sad too.

Author's Response: Yeah, I just kinda went for everything, coz I thought that's how they would be feeling after the final battle, you know, considering they all survived

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Review #16, by Ginny505 The dust settles...

12th May 2005:
What the heck... I don't get that.

Author's Response: Okay, they've just returned from the final battle. It's finally sunk in.

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Review #17, by lilyprongs The dust settles...

9th May 2005:
leave it as a one- shot

Author's Response: You think? Hmm... I think I probably will, coz I've got a lot of other things planned...

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Review #18, by Elmo The dust settles...

27th April 2005:
I really like it the way it is!!!! Is perfect!!!! ( but then i also want to know wot youor ideas are, cause they are always the best so they could definately sway me!!!!!! Well done!!! You could definately do this professionally ( though maybe not the same subject matter - JK might have a prob with that ;-P ) Well done toots!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Yeah... damn copyrights... I always wanted to be a writer, but you don't get to sue people! Oh well, glad you liked it, and I'll tell you my ideas sometime

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Review #19, by mor10sen_luv The dust settles...

25th April 2005:
hey, this is a really good first chapter, you should continue with who else survived and who the casulties were. It'll be great

Author's Response: hey thanks for reviewing! Yep, I'm gonna continue this, but it probably won't be for a week and a bit yet coz of these damn pesky exams. But I was either gonna continue on with the aftermath, or use it as a sort-of epilogue (?) and then flashback to the war

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Review #20, by ChildOfDarkness The dust settles...

22nd April 2005:
this is really good! i hope you continue with it. . .

Author's Response: Thankyou. I think I will, as soon as exams are over. Give me a fortnight.

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Review #21, by LittleCrazyBlondie The dust settles...

20th April 2005:
Oh...nice! The way you changed it from being a depressed mood to a happy one was outstanding. I loved it!

Author's Response: Yay! Outstanding? *blushes* Why thank you! I'm glad you liked it, and you're becoming a familiar name on my review pages!

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Review #22, by perlifoxy The dust settles...

16th April 2005:
You're right, it was a bit short, but it doesnt mean it wasnt any good. The chapter was sad and cheerful all at the same time with the laughter but sadness. I hope you will update because this can be a story i can look foward to reading.

Author's Response: Aw, how sweet! I think I will update it, although it might be a couple of weeks because I have exams in a fornight (aaaaaaargh!) Anyway, hope to hear from you again if I do.

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Review #23, by amber_angel (not logged in) The dust settles...

15th April 2005:
This is a great story. Keep writing! You might want to give a little more of the situation, but other than that it's a good story. Keep it up! :)

Author's Response: Well, it was just a quickie chapter. I would give more info if I were to continue it. But glad you liked it! Yay me!

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Review #24, by S The dust settles...

15th April 2005:
I think you should continue. I want to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Okay, so that's 2 for continuing. thanks for the positive support.

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Review #25, by CandyCane The dust settles...

15th April 2005:
omg babe! that was kinda sweet and sad, etc. but u cant leave it as a one shot! dunno wat the hell u cud make happen, but there has to be more! it was cool :) luv ya sweety.

Author's Response: Well, I have some ideas of where to take it. It would just really be a 'how they handle the aftermath of everything they've been through once the immediate shock and adrenaline rush is gone' type thing. Luv u too, my little niffler

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