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Review #1, by Phoenix Riddles in the Dark

27th July 2013:
I love your story!!! I mean the characterization of Tom and your OC not being a Mary Sue is great. Though I kind of wished for a happy ending, I like it better as this. Though I kind of want a little oneshot where a Death Eater kills Danielle and like Voldemort reacts.? Well anyway awesome story :D

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Review #2, by Val Riddles in the Dark

23rd February 2013:

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Review #3, by harrypotterfreak Warning and Conflict

12th May 2011:
it was amazing! i loved it !!! i hope you'll write many stories like this!!!

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Review #4, by accro Riddles in the Dark

22nd May 2010:
Good story ! It 's the first time that I read a story about Voldemort and I love it .

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Review #5, by safa Riddles in the Dark

18th February 2010:
just wonderful

you bought tears to my eyes.

and the last sentence is still in my heart.

thank you..xx

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Review #6, by stella The Basilisk

17th February 2010:
that was amazing..i love it.aww so sad.how old is she now? xx

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Review #7, by Jaydee Haunting Words and an Early Birthday Gift

21st July 2009:
XoHuRLeYBaByoX ?!

I used to read her stuff all of the time! I loved it!
I haven't been on Quizilla in FOREVER though. It's been at least two years. *puts it on her to-do list*

This is a great story, btw. I'm always facsinated by any Tom Riddle/Voldemort story(:

Author's Response: I used to love her stuff so much, haha. XD I don't think I've been on Quizilla in a few years, either. I poked back a couple of times, but it was kind of scary. :P I'm glad you're enjoying this story, though!

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Review #8, by allybeth16 Riddles in the Dark

19th July 2009:
that was so sad :[[[
but i still loved it :]
thanks for writing it.
youre awesomee!

Author's Response: Thank YOU for reading and reviewing! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #9, by allybeth16 The Basilisk

19th July 2009:
this is good :]
i like it.

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #10, by Jeseca Cold

6th April 2009:
Hmm, a bit short for my liking, but I'll survive. Good chapter!

Author's Response: Unfortunately, the first twenty chapters or so ARE pretty short; sorry about that. But I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway!

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Review #11, by Jeseca The Beginning

6th April 2009:
Hmm, I think I am going to like this story. The beginning is interesting, although I wish that it were a bit longer. I wish you had included the details of how Danielle and Tom became closer over the course of several weeks, not doing so felt a little awkward while reading it...especially since you introduced Danielle as an introvert without many friends. Ah, well. I liked it anyway.

Author's Response: I hope you do end up enjoying it. The beginning is pretty rough, since I wrote it... well. When I was about fourteen. XD It gets better as it goes along, I promise. :)

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Review #12, by Blue Moon The Passage of Time

21st December 2008:
Wow, so much has happenend! I wonder if somehow the Marauders got their hands on a copy of this map and that is how they made their map? Will read more later! Very well written!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

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Review #13, by Blue Moon Haunting Words and an Early Birthday Gift

18th December 2008:
Good chapter. Will read more later.

Author's Response: Thanks. I hope you enjoy the rest. :)

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Review #14, by originalordermember Confessions

2nd November 2008:
the beginning made me cry! but i'm so happy for them!

Author's Response: Oh no! XD It is nice to finally have them together, though, isn't it?

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Review #15, by originalordermember Haunting Words and an Early Birthday Gift

2nd November 2008:
This story makes it almost impossible not to fall inlove with the boy riddle. even though i hate the adult one. he was so sweet to Danielle.

Author's Response: I loved writing young Tom. It was so hard to make him eventually turn into Voldemort...

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Review #16, by JulesLuvsHarry Riddles in the Dark

31st May 2008:
oh my god... *wipes tears from eyes* wow. wow... and again wow...

i really liked it, honestly i did. Lately I've been into the whole idea of a Tom Riddle story and so I decided to search for some and your is the first good one I found. And that ending got to me. I did not think he would just up and leave her. Part of me thought there would be some huge lead up to it, with some form of large argument. Then maybe, if she was lucky, a blissful night like she had. But it was soo unexpected. wow...

I loved it!! AMAZING STORY!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm very glad that you enjoyed it; this story is sort of my baby. XD Danielle's story has never been a happy one, so I thought it would be more fitting for Tom to simply leave her - for him to realize that he loves her, and for that to sort of frighten him... Anyway, thanks for the review! Number eight hundred, w00t!

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Review #17, by Sascha Then and Now

1st February 2008:
Of course memories like that are painful to relive. Memories of a far happier time then the present. Poor Danielle, all the things that happened to her. I'm curious as to what happened to make Tom and Danielle part.

Author's Response: The reason, I can tell you, is probably a bit expected... and then again, a little bit unexpected. ;)

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Review #18, by Sascha Summer of Silence

1st February 2008:
busy little Tom, doing sneaky things in the middle of the night. Danielle sometimes strikes me as odly naieve, believing al his sweet little lies just like that. Another part of me really wants her to go on like this though, just to find out what happens next. I'm sure that if Danielle would deny Tom something or disapprove of his methods he wouldn't want to be with her anymore.

Author's Response: She can be quite naive, but I think it's only because she knows absolutely nothing about relationships; Tom is the only boy, really, who has ever paid her a substantial amount of attention.

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Review #19, by Sascha Many Meetings

31st January 2008:
How sweet! Coming from Dumbledore, it really must be true. Too bad Danielle couldn't stop Tom from changing. I like it how Danielle is worried about him, but is unable to do anything. Good job

Author's Response: Too bad, indeed. I liked writing sweet!Tom. :) Thanks!

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Review #20, by Sascha The Severed Core

31st January 2008:
'That boy is gone'. Wow that sounded really harsh to her, but it is the awful truth though. I miss that boy as well. I'm keeping it short this time because I'm anxious to read on.

Author's Response: I hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #21, by Sascha The Bridge Crossed

31st January 2008:
How familliar. Good girls always think they can changer their bad guy, that their love will be enough, although it hardly ever is. I can very easily see how the heroine, Danielle, is able to fall for the villain, Tom, though. Lovely chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! ♥

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Review #22, by Sascha When The Sky Falls

31st January 2008:
So it's Tom who found her, I would've suspected Hagrid at first. I hope Danielle and Hagrid will become friends again, but you kind of hinted in this chapter that they won't. I'm curious to know though, was Tom following her (which I don't think is the case because she was wearing the invisibillity cloak) or was he out in the forest for some other, dark, reason. Makes me think of the time Voldemort tried to attack Harry in the forbidden forest. Ah well, guess I'll find out in a moment.

Author's Response: You might be surprised. :)

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Review #23, by Sascha The Forgotten Memory

29th January 2008:
Poor Danielle. So hurt, so alone, still so deepely in love with Tom. I am silently hoping they will encounter each other again..

Author's Response: Perhaps they will, you never know... :)

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Review #24, by Sascha Warning and Conflict

29th January 2008:
Poor Hagrid. He has always proved to be such a great friend. But I completely understand Danielle. She is blinded by love and can't see past it and look upon the horrible things Tom has done. I don't hope this is the end of their friendship, though.

Author's Response: Don't worry. :)

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Review #25, by Sascha Confessions

29th January 2008:
oh wow. I'm so happy they finally confessed. I absolutely LOVED the line 'Oh Danielle how could you have possibly known how I felt', as if he was struggling to hide his love just as hard as she was. Be-a-utiful!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This is, to date, one of my very favorite chapters.

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