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Reading Reviews for A Kept Promise
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Review #1, by darksideofthemoon A Kept Promise

20th December 2006:
oh my god. that is totally the worst thing that could ever, ever happen. oh god, i could totally imagine how that would feel. i almost cried reading it, and that was just imagining. if that really happened, i.e jkr really wrote something like that, i would totally die. well written, thought, well done. but what an ending!! is there going to be more? i just want to see what happens! how terrible would ron and hermione feel if they found out harry was dead because of them!

Author's Response: Thank you were such a nice review! I'm sorry to say that there won't be anymore though. This story is old anyway. Sorry! :( You can kinda see where it was going through. It was assumed that what happened happened. lol I'm glad you enjoyed!

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Review #2, by seizethemoment A Kept Promise

19th August 2006:
thats so sad....i love it!

Author's Response: lol. thanks

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Review #3, by Gem_the_dragon A Kept Promise

11th May 2006:
Oh, my god. I could actually feel his pain. Very well written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. :-)

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Review #4, by Ally A Kept Promise

30th November 2005:

Author's Response: Mwahaha, thank you.

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Review #5, by Evelyn A Kept Promise

26th November 2005:
Whoa, totally creepy, but it was really good!

Author's Response: Thank you! lol :-)

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Review #6, by Ever Lasting Nightmare A Kept Promise

4th October 2005:
Of course this would never happen, but you already stated that. Certain parts did seem a bit rushed as if you were uncomfortable with a scene or maybe you didn't have anything more to say. It is a little hard to believe that Ron or Hermione would leave him, they would follow him to the end of the earth. I liked the flashbacks and thought the story was over-all well written and interesting. I like your writing style and think you have a lot of promise. I didn't see any spelling mistakes and loved the ending. It was catchy and unexpected. Nice work.

Author's Response: when i first wrote this, it was even more rushed, but then i revised this...After HBP, right after I knew that they seriously wouldn't leave them. I don't like this story idea as much as i first did, but i wouldn't delete it so0o0o0, yeah, what you said was true. Thanks for the great review. :-)

Author's Response: Dude (or dudette), i just looked back at reviews, and you've read this before, but it was back before I revised it. You acted like you liked it better then. ?

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Review #7, by Marauders_4_Ever A Kept Promise

29th September 2005:
Loved it! Simply loved it! I was crying through most of it though... thank you so much for sharing this! You really area great writer! After reading this, i can't help but feel for poor Harry... the last line is so... heart-wrenching... loved it! Thanks once again for sharing it. Keep up the great work, and keep writing! =)

Author's Response: Will do! Thanks so much! :-)

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Review #8, by Urvi A Kept Promise

23rd September 2005:
Oh my god! How horrible of Ron and Hermione! Oh my god! Lol...as you can see, I'm freaking out. I've never read a story where Ron and Hermione betray Harry. Still getting over the shock...it was great writing though...

Author's Response: lol. Sorry to put you in check like that...! *whistles innocently* But, im still glad you liked it.

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Review #9, by aquamarine_angel A Kept Promise

23rd September 2005:
Woah!!!! That was one of the best one-shots i've ever read! You did a REALLY good job on Harry's feelings. Even though i know Ron and Hermione would NEVER do that, you made it so beleivable! Maybe you should avoid doing the *a few hours before* and try something like ' Harry gazed into midair as the events of only a few hours before came flooding back'. But i thought you did another excellent job!!!! You're a really good author and I;m glad ive come across your fics! Well done! Keep it up!

Author's Response: For the millionth time, but i like having to say it, THANK YAAA!!! I'm really glad you reviewed everything and liked them!!!

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Review #10, by Geezzz ... A Kept Promise

20th September 2005:
Oooh, scary ...

Author's Response: er, riight. thanks. lol

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Review #11, by birdsong A Kept Promise

20th September 2005:
Whoa! I wasn't expecting that ending! The whole story was a twist. Will you be writing more? I hope so!

Author's Response: I love writing twists! In fact, im going to write one eventually called "The Twilight Zone: SANITY" ;-) It's going to be very weird. Thanks for the review.

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Review #12, by crystal allan A Kept Promise

19th September 2005:
I'm so sorry it took me so long to come review this again. I was a bit busy - I read it when you first sent me an e-mail, I just didn't get around to reviewing : )

I've already told you that I liked the storyline, so I won't bother you with more praise. Well, the revision works very nicely. You added more depth and gave the whole story a more realistic feel.

Again, I'm sorry for taking so long. I really did enjoy this story very much. Good Job.

Author's Response: It's okay. :-) Thanks for reviewing again and I always like praise. lol :p

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Review #13, by heh A Kept Promise

8th September 2005:
is that all?Please dont say it is because that is a really good start!:D Keep writeing please!

Author's Response: Aw, I'm really sorry but it is. :-/ I'm glad you liked it though.

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Review #14, by Zara (queenzaz01) A Kept Promise

4th September 2005:
That was a great story! The title fitted right in with the story. I could feel Harry's pain! The ending was emotional for me and I love emotion in a story. It makes the story come to life - which you did very well!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it.

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Review #15, by Alene A Kept Promise

4th September 2005:
OMG OMG OMG I loved it and of course this would never happen (oh god that would be awful if it did), but thats the point of fanfiction right? To ask what if? This was good, and original too, I've never read anything like it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. (Good thing you added that last part, "what if", or else i woulda had to go after you. lol J/P Thanks again.

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Review #16, by iCeSk8Er28 A Kept Promise

29th August 2005:
AHH -They would never do that!!! But I guess if it ever happened it would be like that.

Author's Response: ug, Another one of those... lol. Thanks for reviewing though.

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Review #17, by laughable_black_storm A Kept Promise

25th August 2005:
Wow, I really liked this story. Who cares if everyone was OoC, it's your story and you can write it any way you want! I mean, come on, I'm thinking of starting a story based on the movie Hide and Seek ... extremely dark character that's normally light and happy! Anyway *cough* that was a bit off-topic (a bit ... ha). The ending was wonderful, amazing job.

Author's Response: lol. thanks alot~! (i coulda sworn you'd read this before...) Anyway, guess who gets to be the first, lucky person to read it when I revise? (If you're that slow, then YOU!) I'm working on it already since the hurricane knocked off 1 1/2 days of school for me. :-) Again, THANKS!

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Review #18, by crystal allan A Kept Promise

19th August 2005:
Certain parts are a bit rushed, the scene where Harry apologizes to Ron and Hermione in the flashback in particular. Also, concerning the flashback you might want to find a way to transition other than writing the blatant *flashback*. In your author’s note you said you knew none of what you wrote would ever happen – if you put a bit more time into it, and really took some time to connect with the characters, I think you could make it very believable. Also, there’s a typo here – ["You ar going through this…”] No ‘e’ on the end of ‘are’. And – [Weather you want it or not…”] in this case ‘weather’ is spelt ‘whether.’ I honestly think that once you put more time into this story, make it flow better, that it will be great. I would love to reread it in September when you revise it : )

Author's Response: Thanks. (I've gotten a lot of those reviews like that. That's why im revising it.) thanks for pointing out the typos. (I could of sworn i fixed those... guess not.)

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Review #19, by Rebekka (can't sign in) A Kept Promise

18th August 2005:
Since you're going to rewise this, I'm not going to tell you that this would never happen. :) I really liked your writing style, very balanced and easy-to-read. :) It was a bit short and needs some meat around the bones, but I still liked it very much. You have a gift for writing angst without making it too melodramatic. That's very good when you start expanding you're stories/ideas later on. You already have a good foundation for writing excellent stories. :) I was happy to read this. Good work.

Author's Response: Thanks alot. the "meat around the bones" thing was very right. it feels like it is missing stuff, isn't it? That's why I'm rewriting it. Thanks for the compliment! :-)

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Review #20, by dracos_chick112 A Kept Promise

18th August 2005:
my e-mail is: tweetiebird_17@hotmail.com e-mail me plz!! um..its pretty good.

Author's Response: Er, thanks, i think.

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Review #21, by 62442almystery A Kept Promise

13th August 2005:
The characters were OOC, but the story was still good. So, Harry didn't die, did he? I would like to read this when you revise it. Here is my email adress: hpfan62442@hotmail.com

Author's Response: Uh, he did... When I revise it, it will be longer and hopefully more realistic. Thanks for the review.

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Review #22, by Marion A Kept Promise

12th August 2005:
Hey, it's cool. I mean, I know it would never happen, but you make it believable all the same. A nice twist to the story, I think.

Author's Response: Thanks. Someone SORTA belives it... lol

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Review #23, by Yiva Potter A Kept Promise

12th August 2005:
Interesting. Poor Harry, but i couldn't ever see Hermione or Ron being like that. It is interesting to read, though

Author's Response: Er, thanks, I think.

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Review #24, by TakeMeAway A Kept Promise

5th August 2005:
Brill fic! You're a great writer, great talent! Carry on! Plz review my fic! thanx

Author's Response: Thanks. i might check out your fic I'll see what if it's about and if im interested i'll read.

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Review #25, by Kainami A Kept Promise

31st July 2005:
I like it don't change it. It's sad but a good story

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm keeping the plot just adding stuff and making it better. :-)

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