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Review #1, by jewelcrystal_potter The H.E.

29th March 2008:
Hey! please update! i'm still pretty much in the hopes that you update... i check it every month... i still like this compared to my cousins fiction coz hers seems too mary sue-ish... But Freya isn't so please update soon... hope you haven't abandoned this coz it's so good...

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Review #2, by Monoxide_dreams Happy birthday

12th April 2007:
This is realy good.
HUrry up and update and feed your readers.
Find your muse =p
good job.

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Review #3, by Rebekka (not logged in) Happy birthday

31st October 2006:
I miss this story! Are you ever going to continue? I love Freya. I love the storyline. I love your way of writing. Please, continue soon. *huggles*

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Review #4, by Finite Happy birthday

18th April 2006:
Excellent story. That beta of yours is very good. I just wish that she and Harry could have gotten together...*whistful sigh*. Oh, well. Now for the formal, technical stuff. Very little grammar or spelling errors. You may want to space the paragraphs a little more; it's kind of hard to read. Otherwise, great job!

Author's Response: OH, I'll look into that... I thought it unlikely for Harry and Freya to get together, plus, it was important for the caracter development that she didn't... And that is all I am saying :)

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Review #5, by Yuu Happy birthday

14th March 2006:
Awww Freya is about to receive her first kiss, but will she really? Has Professor Jordan been Imperioused or is he just a little off mentally at the moment? So, the dreams were about the ancient Freja. That's interesting, but the bit about Verdante having helped Freja in the past is certainly odd, unless Verdante is an undead being. I like how you display Freya's teenaged emotions. Brings me memories. :)

Author's Response: Thank you... we were all teenagersat one point so I guess it is hard notto relate... Verdante, well she is a mystery indeed...

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Review #6, by Yuu The H.E.

14th March 2006:
Interesting ending for this chap! About the place for the H.E. meetings, I guess it's some place the Marauders and later on, the Weasley twins, never found. I like the possibility of places in Hogwarts still being unknown or unexplored. Harry's curse sounds pretty bad.

Author's Response: Well, I supose that the Weasleys didn't discover everything, nor the Marauders seeing as Dumbledore doesn't even know every corner of Hogwarts :)

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Review #7, by Yuu Trust Me...

14th March 2006:
That was strange, that about Freya being accused of stealing. I wonder if Melandra had something to do with it, but why would she do something like that against another student? What purpose if Freya was no one important? That confused me, although there are always evil people out there, but they usually pick on people they envy for some reason or because of a person's imperfections, like being fat. Freya is trusting Eliot a lot. Hope he won't betray her, although in Nadine's case it wasn't really because Nadine wanted to betray her just like that, I hope. Reminds me about Myrtle, but students (or Olive Hornby in particular) mocked Myrtle due to her acne, thick glasses, and for being dumpy...

Author's Response: Well that thing with Melandra is that she hadn's many friends, Freya had a best friend, Melandra wanted to have that to... remember they were only 11... and Melandra is just cruel!

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Review #8, by Yuu Verdante Enron.

14th March 2006:
Is the name Verdante derived from Verdandi or is it the other way around? Just curious. Verdante is an interesting character although I still wonder if it was more like a vision Freya had rather than a real encounter with an odd witch. Freya will have a very important decision to make in the future. I think I'm still as confused as Freya. ;)

Author's Response: good :) that's the point... Verdante is real, very real.

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Review #9, by Yuu ...It's Who You Know.

14th March 2006:
It's so horrible when people don't trust you. I can remember very silly situations in Junior High and High School. lol Snape is as 'cool' as always. *cough* I liked Luna's honesty and Ron's reaction to it. Will Freya go to the hospital wing? On to the next chap!

Author's Response: I'll never tell...

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Review #10, by Yuu Abrupt Departure.

14th March 2006:
Okay, throwing a wild guess I might think that the DA has been re-established and that's where Luna, Dean, and Ginny were heading to? I found a bit funny how Ginny acted about Professor Jordan, but I don't think Ginny would act like that. It's just my opinion. After all, Lupin was a Gryffindor and Lee Jordan was a Gryffindor too so I might suppose Professor Jordan had been a Gryffindor in his time if his family was 'traditional'. Just the fact of him being Lee Jordan's older brother would have caused preference towards him from the Gryffindors. Of course, if it had been a relative of Malfoy for example, then I'm sure Ginny would have definitely acted like she did, even if the teacher had been superb. Just my thoughts on that. Eliot seems very nice. On to the next chap!

Author's Response: The DA... pehaps?! I see your point about Ginny, but I think she is very protective of the Order and Lupin because of everything that is going on...

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Review #11, by Yuu You Have the Right to Remain Silent.

13th March 2006:
Oooh! Lee Jordan's brother as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher! That sounds like fun! About the scene with Dumbledore, I think I'm still clueless. What I'm thinking is that Freya will have something awaken in her magic? Well, they are getting me out of the PC now, so I'll get back to your fic tomorrow. I like it so far! ;)

Author's Response: I'm glad... it is ment to be confusing... I hope you'll catch on soon!

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Review #12, by Yuu What Is To Come.

13th March 2006:
I came back today! Anyway, that was quite an interesting dream. I was wondering if it was somehow the original Freja. I'm still curious about what the book said that made Freya wish she would be dead. I liked the bit about Harry almost mentioning Sirius. And about Eliot, is he Blaise's little brother, cousin, or a relative? Oh, in the beginning of the chapter Ravenclaw is written as Rawenclaw, so you can fix that. ;)

Author's Response: sure. I'll get right on it... (I'll just read he rest of you reviews...) I am glad you catch the little things... and yeah, Eliot is Blaise's younger brother!

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Review #13, by Yuu Love and War.

13th March 2006:
Very, very strange indeed. Funnily enough I recently beta-read a writer's chapter where she made Hermione supposedly inherit Norse god powers, but that fic is Mary-Sueish. I am curious about how you will handle this about Freya's 'gifts'. I would love to keep on reading today, but I have a huge headache due to my chronic sinus problems so I'll lie down. I hope to have finish reading all of the chapters you have so far in this fic by tomorrow.

Author's Response: That would be great! I really hope you don't find Freya Mary-Suish... that really rubs me the wrong way!

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Review #14, by Yuu A New Beginning

13th March 2006:
Freya Keen. Just recently I used the name Freya in a fic. LOL We get introduced to Freya, a 5th year Hufflepuff, in this chapter. She is allowed to have a dog! Well, cats are allowed, but why not dogs? Although cats have always been linked to witches in the cliché witch world out there. That might be the reason. I never analyzed that about dogs, but I'm a cat person myself. On to the next!

Author's Response: Yeah, well I am a dog person, I thought Fang could use some company!

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Review #15, by crystal allan Happy birthday

22nd February 2006:
Wonderful chapter, dear :-) This piece tied up a few of the loose ends and answered some questions I’ve had (though obviously not even half of them ^_^) You did very well in creating an atmosphere of tension as Freya waited for her birthday to come, right down to the very hour. And again, the whole scene with the book and whatnot was very ethereal, or magical. I know that sounds very silly, but there are certain people that have a flair for really delving into the magical side of the fandom and you certainly are one of them. I love seeing things like that and it was really very interesting.

Now, I’m only going to tell you this because… well, it’s really late at night and I’m too tired to be embarrassed (though it might kick in come morning). I made some sort of awkward squeaking noise Eliot asked if he could kiss her. Really, it may have frightened those in the room with me. That was such a sweet and beautiful moment… on that I’ve been waiting for :-) The skeptic in me says that this is just the calm before the storm, but I’m going to ignore that for now and go to sleep with this wonderfully peaceful feeling still strong.

Author's Response: Aw... I am glad I brought that out in you... that was actually inspired from my first kiss... so sweet! Chapter 11 is still very much in the making and it will take a while before you'll see it... but I'll mail you or something :) Thank you for reviewing this... you are the greatest!

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Review #16, by crystal allan The H.E.

22nd February 2006:
The beginning here made me giddy. Yeah, it’s silly but it’s the truth. Eliot was so sweet and tender – the way he guided her with his hand on her back or shoulder was just adorable. You didn’t over emphasize those things, and wrote them in there very casually. That made all the difference. I really like how slowly you’re taking that relationship – God knows that if it were me they’d be snogging already ^_^ But seriously, it’s a good progression and makes me love both characters even more.

Now, on the other hand, the H.E. seem a bit creepy to me. There was something very strange about that scene and the way they all interacted, which you seemed to note a bit in the motioning of how strangely formal they were. I’m not exactly sure what to think of them, but at this point in time the impression is skeptical.

That bit at the ending about Harry was very intriguing, dear. I really like how you’ve been unfolding this story. Each chapter brings in a new aspect of the progression and we learn something either important to the plot or something in the characterization (which, of course, is equally important). I’ve never been imaginative with the spells and curses part of the HP fandom, and I’m really very envious of those of you that can come up with all those wonderfully creative things :-)

Author's Response: Thank you... I am very happy that you like this, so far... At the moment I am away and I am not writing much... but I will be back... The H.E. hmm evil, not evil... it is really very hard to say, I hope you'll find the solution to your liking when it comes...

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Review #17, by crystal allan Trust Me...

17th February 2006:
You must be terribly delighted that you actually have your own shippers! The interaction between Eliot and Freya in the beginning was just adorable, then it turned a bit harsh and intense but it was still good ^_^ You’ve been putting more and more stress on her during these last few chapters, and I think the way you handled Eliot’s questioning was good in a realistic sense. Does that make any sense at all? The scene afterward, when Freya catches him following her up to the hospital wing was cute – yes, cute. He seemed like a hurt little puppy, a bit jealous too. I love how you progressed their relationship here – there was a natural flow and progression. I like that you didn’t seem to be forcing it at all. Freya seems to really be leaning on him a bit more, trusting and confiding in him. That was really nice to see :-)

Honestly, my inner skeptic is a bit suspicious of our dear Eliot. He’s nice but somewhere in the back of my mind I can’t help but think that he’s too nice… *wanders off suspiciously*

For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out the purpose of that last scene, when we see Freya’s memory about her ‘friends’ blaming her for stealing their things. I came to the conclusion that it was there to serve the purpose of amplifying how alone Freya has been at her time in Hogwarts. There was something in that scene that I can’t quite describe. I’m not sure what it was but it seemed to be somewhere along the lines of character development.

Author's Response: About the last scene, you couldn't be more right... I think it would be very hard to be so isolated without having had some kind of backstory for it... For me it is very important that you get more and more information about a character, not just throw everything in there from the beginning! you are suspecious of Eliot eh? well I can tell you that he truly is fond of her... but I wont uin anything!.... ***jumps up and down in joy*** My own shippers! Hurray!

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Review #18, by crystal allan Verdante Enron.

8th February 2006:
I can see how your abilities with description have grown since the first chapter, especially during that beginning scene in the Forbidden Forrest. You subtle descriptions there were beautiful and really brought the piece together, almost like a picture ^_^ This chapter was incredibly intriguing. There was such an ethereal tone around the cottage and it gave such a dream-like impression. There was something very reflective here that I can’t quite explain, but it was amazing, really. Not many people can write a story and incorporate life ‘truths’ into the piece, but I saw a lot of things in this chapter that were very insightful. Freya’s character seems to be growing with each chapter, and I felt like this chapter was a bit of a self-exploration for her. That was wonderful to see in an OC.

There’s nothing more I could say that would give this piece a bit of justice, and though I could keep going on forever about how much I loved this chapter, I’m going to stop so I don’t embarrass myself ^_^

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I really love this chapter myself and I am very pleased to see that you agree... I am not very good at "padding my own back" but sometimes it is ok, I would say. I'm glad you find this insightfull, I think I poured a lot of myself into it...

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Review #19, by crystal allan ...It's Who You Know.

4th February 2006:
I know this isn’t a major part of the story but I just have to mention it. I don’t think Luna would expect or tell someone that they should apologize. I know this is probably such a miniscule thing but she’s one of my favorite characters. You captured her direct bluntness perfectly, but I don’t think she expects people to be nice to her or even show her kindness. Alright, I’m done now and I promise not to mention it again since it’s not even a focal point *blushes*

Now, I like that Freya is slowly becoming more and more frustrated with the secretiveness of her peers. It’s nice that you didn’t try to make her like Luna – someone that would have simply accepted it and gone on her way. You gave her a lot of strength there that isn’t common in OCs. This was a very intense chapter and even though it was just that one scene I thought it was very poignant – not only for the plot but for the characterization that occurred. Even though I’m still not sure about Eliot, for some inexplicable reason I want Freya to go to him after this argument. I can’t explain it but I do ^_^

Oh, yes, while I'm catching up with my reviews here over the next week I'm going to try to stop in and see that new one-shot of yours. I heard it was very good :-)

Author's Response: I kind of see your point about Luna, I never thought of it that way... maybe I'll refraise that when I do a rewrite at some point... Eliot, hm... ! You heard it was good eh? I'm glad... I hope you'll like it!

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Review #20, by jewelcrystal_potter Happy birthday

4th February 2006:
finally! I like it much more than my cousins fiction. anyway keep it up. still hanging on to see the next chapter. hope it never stops.. =p ahehehehe! what did Freya notice that happened to Harry? I guess i'm sorta dense right now since i only just woke up... Take Care!

Author's Response: It's all in chapter 9... and a little to long to write here... I am really glad you liked this chapter! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #21, by sunny_day Happy birthday

31st January 2006:
aww her first kiss!!! so cute :D update soon^^

Author's Response: I'll try!

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Review #22, by crystal allan Abrupt Departure.

26th January 2006:
Reviewing for this story will never be a burden, dear ^_^

I liked the piece between Ginny and Freya. You portrayed Ginny very well there – honestly, I don’t like her character very much, especially in fanfiction, but you captured what I think JKR has intended to portray with her. I like that Freya doesn’t follow with the crowd, or popular believe even if it’s just about a school professor. That shows that she has strength of character and I think it adds a bit more to her personality. Again, Professor Jordan is intriguing, though I was hoping to see a bit more of him in this chapter but the small glimpse here was good.

I really enjoy the way you depict the passing of time. That’s something I’m terrible at and I was watching closely here especially since it’s a Hogwarts story. You’ve done very well showing a progression from the train all the way into Halloween.

The way Freya reacted to Luna’s sudden departure was fitting. That could have been seen as melodramatic but since you’ve already built up a view of this girl as being secluded from her classmates I think that worked quite well. The scene afterward between she and Eliot was wonderful. There was a sense of closeness there that is often hard to attain. There was something wistful in that piece and it was really quite charming. Lovely, dear ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you... I always get a big smile on my face when I see a review from you!
This was actually one of the chapters that just "came" to me... you know, I had no problem writing it it just wrote itself...
I am really glad you like Ginny, I wanted to show how an outsider would feel in the company of such an established group, it is not easy to be new... I hope that came across :)
as always, thank you for the review!

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Review #23, by Rebekka Happy birthday

25th January 2006:
Hahaa, it's posted. It's brilliant. It's here to be loved. I adore the unique way you write. You have a different kind of voice and I enjoy listening to you. :) I love this chapter for many reasons, one of them is of course the fact that I was there to see all the small changes you made. :) I love the new spells. Freja was intriguing. And the ending with Eliot was beautiful. :) I do hope our nice guy really is nice. I wish a bit of happiness to our lonely little girl. But I guess, you have some evil plans in mind. :) I'm very eager to know what happens next and of course I want to see Verdante as soon as possible. That woman is seriously mysterious. Good job, Heidi.

Author's Response: I am already writing the next chapter, as you know... and I can tell you that you get a wish granted in that one... I miss Verdante and it is time to see her again I think! Evil plan? me? Never!!??! I am glad liked it... and thanks for all your help!

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Review #24, by crystal allan You Have the Right to Remain Silent.

24th January 2006:
First, I want to apologize for the delay in reviewing. I haven’t been feeling well lately and I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. Hopefully, these reviews will come more often now :-)

I really enjoyed the interaction here between Freya and Dumbledore. After the last chapter I was excited about seeing how you would write the him, because most people just can’t grasp his character to the fullest extent. They’ll either make him to ‘casual’ or too ‘professional.’ You had a good mixture of that trademark ‘twinkle’ and that heir of reverence that comes from the man. Now, it was interesting to see how Freya reacted to Dumbledore in such a different setting. We’ve never seen how anyone other than interactions with them man on such a level and it was refreshing to see it in the light you portrayed. Some people tend to screw it up entirely but that was believable and certainly un-clichéd.

I like Professor Jordan very much. He had a lot of charm and charisma that was good to see in a ‘teacher’ role. He almost reminded me of Remus in some light. I imagine that he’ll come into the story further as time goes on, and I hope he does because I thoroughly enjoyed that short glimpse.

Author's Response: I have sid it before, just take your time, I enjoy your reviews a lot but it shouldn't be a burden, you'll get around to doing them when you can! I am really glad you liked Dumbledore, he is one of those characters that I have a certain image of in my head, and that is how i write him... I am glad you agree with my view of him! You will se more of professor Jordan... but that is all I am saying for now...

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Review #25, by jynx67 Happy birthday

23rd January 2006:
Lovely chapter, Heidi. The beginning is a bit confusing trying to tell what day it was. I originally thought it was her birthday. Perhaps it was said earlier what day her birthday was and I've just forgotten. Other than that, it's so wonderfully written. I do love Freya. She is such a terrific OC and Elliot is pretty cool himself. :) Excellent job!

Author's Response: Thank you Vickie! It was actually mentioned a couple of times... but maybe I should make it more clear in this chapter, I con't expect you guys to remember everything! I am glad you like it still... --Heidi

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