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Reading Reviews for The Nephew
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Review #1, by CoalBlackCat The Nephew

29th March 2010:
This was very heartwarming and very well written. I really enjoyed it good job!

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Review #2, by voldy_sucks88 The Nephew

2nd February 2006:
i liked it! if only i could see petunia going into that much of a motherly role with harry! i could see the rocking him t sleep more of a mrs weasley thing! ah well ur story ur rules!!

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Review #3, by em24 The Nephew

9th April 2005:
that is so cool

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Review #4, by Pheonix_Chick The Nephew

20th July 2004:
That was a really touching story. You should really consider adding more. well,anyways,keep on writing! ^_^

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Review #5, by kitty kat The Nephew

24th April 2004:
add more

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Review #6, by Fairy The Nephew

6th March 2004:
thts reli touchin

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Review #7, by R.L.W. The Nephew

23rd December 2003:
ahh...finally another Petunia Fan. No, you didn't make her go to far out of character. I've always felt that Petunia is jealous of her sister, but feels guilty about it, so pushes all those bad feelings onto Harry. I'm crossing my fingers that someday she'll come around.

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Review #8, by Tropic The Nephew

24th July 2003:
oooooo! i luv this story.....e-mail me when you update.....keep up the good work....i luv these knida fics :D

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Review #9, by evilcourtney The Nephew

8th July 2003:
Maybe in Book 6 she goes like this? *wishes* *sighs*

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Review #10, by brainlesswonder The Nephew

21st April 2003:
That was soooo touching!! I\'ve never read anything where Petunia is actually nice to Harry. So sweet, keep up the good work!!

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Review #11, by PhoenixRae The Nephew

18th April 2003:
wow...this is the first time i ever read a fic that was centered around Aunt Petunia\'s PoV not bad sometimes you have to wonder if she\'s really all that bad, but your story showed that there was a side to her that was so damn bad! she actually cares for Harry--yay! hehehe

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Review #12, by Willow The Nephew

8th April 2003:
Cool story, i like things from other people\'s point of view

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Review #13, by ~*sHaDoW*~ The Nephew

8th April 2003:
WHAAAAAAA!!!!! That is so good! OMG! I don\'t think she was OOC at all! I really hoped someone would finally get him to talk. But that made me so sad.......... lotza love, shelby xoxo p.s Please read and review my story \"Broken\". It would mean so much to me. Thank you.

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Review #14, by MadisonFelton The Nephew

7th April 2003:
I am intrigued by your writings... I would like u 2 continue...and r&r my story, Neville Longbottom, The Boy Who No One Knew...PEACE!!!

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Review #15, by Crystal The Nephew

7th April 2003:
oooo i like it! This is quite different type from other stories i read you should carry on.

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