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Review #1, by Asphodel Bill Weasley

10th December 2005:
hmmmmmmm......................................... not bad, not bad at all. Pretty darn (this is the first time I've ever used the word "darn"... I fell like I'm from Kansas or something...) good. I dunno, maybe you should have Fred and George, only they'll be like mental patients who escaped from pee holes in their solitary confinement cells (remarkably similair to how I escaped from the Psycho Ward...). Hmm... Psychos in Love... *shuffles off to plot ideas for a new fanfic*

Author's Response: Interesting. Mental patients, ..... i see potential. What do you think #1

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Review #2, by broadwaychic21 Malfoy....Draco Malfoy *snorts*

9th October 2005:
OOH!!! Do Harry!! Sam's idea works too. Marcus flint........thinking about him makes me think of Steve from Blues Clues for some reason... STEVE RULES!!!! JOE SUCKS!!!

Author's Response: I know Harry's on the list somewhere. We'll get to him in time. Steve from Blues CLues, huh. I dunno, I personally have no opinions on Blues Clues. #2

Author's Response: Never watched the show....sorry. Glad you're enjoying the story though =) #1

Author's Response: I have now officially watched Blue's Clues (babysitting job) and my opinion is ...... that #1 and I should write a story that mixes it in with harry potter. It would give me a laugh, that's for sure.

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Review #3, by grangerHermione Dudley

11th August 2005:
what i am so confused

Author's Response: Okay, the basics of this story are simple. 1- the people we write about are actors playing the characters. 2- They aren't the movie actors, but the one's that act out the book. 3- Because they are actors and not the characters themselves, their lives can have huge differences, such as Dudley being the brother of Hermione. If I missed what you are confused about, hopefully #1 will clear it up or you will specify exactly what is confusing. Hope this helps, #2

Author's Response: I can't possibly imagine why...please elaborate. This is like the only story of ours that kind of makes sense. lol. #1

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Review #4, by AllisonJS Ronald Weasley

10th August 2005:
LMFAO!!!!!!! i love this story!

Author's Response: What????? I think that means that it is good. But, enlighten us......... Love my favorite authors ofcourse.l That's my best guess. Of course isn't one word but............ YOu make the best with what you've got. Hey - everyone give a shout out to the admin and suggest a spoof contest. Wouldn't that be fun? (Just a hint, your answer is yes.) #2

Author's Response: Ah, I know what LMFAO is, and I'm glad that you thought that it was funny at least. Anyway, yeah, it's quite funny that you found this because you've actually reviewed my stories on my other name too. Let's see if you can figure out who I am. lol. #1

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Review #5, by psychokitten Ronald Weasley

10th August 2005:
loved it lol

Author's Response: Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv it 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much for reviewing!!! WE love you!!!!!!!!! #2

Author's Response: umm...yeah, what #2 said...#1

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Review #6, by heathermalfoy Prologue

2nd August 2005: it have to be a GUY? She gets paired with girls too....

Author's Response: yes, I know she does, but I'm sorry - I don't feel comfortable pairing her with a girl given my belief that it is extremely wrong and it bugs me very much that people write about it so casually! But anyway, I'm not here to preach, so the short answer: NO. But I can't speak for #2, although I bet she'll agree. #1

Author's Response: You are absolutely right, #1. I think it is disgusting how some people write about something like that so casually. That isn't how humans were made, God made us so that a man would love and woman, and visa versa. I could never write slash because it isn't natural and it is even sinful. Not that I want to hurt the people out there who write about it or the ones who live it, in fact, I'm friends with a few, but I could never advocate it. But if you feel the need to pair her up with girls, I'm sure you could do it in your own stories. We just can't condone it in ours. #2

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Review #7, by CrystalClear Malfoy....Draco Malfoy *snorts*

31st July 2005:
WOW wazoo this was one great chapter! Maybe more ppl should review!!!! Don't you think?

Author's Response: lolz....yeah they should *snorts* wow...I must really be getting desperate...

Author's Response: More ppl should totally review because #1 wrote an awesome chapter. #2

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Review #8, by heathermalfoy Malfoy....Draco Malfoy *snorts*

26th July 2005:
*glares at others* this chappie made Draco seem like some gay model. It was funny!!! Do Marcus Flint! Not voting for him or anything...

Author's Response: Hm...Marcus Flint...that would be an interesting one, now wouldn't it? I'll think about it #1

Author's Response: Gay model...... what, like Zoolander or something?

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Review #9, by heathermalfoy Prologue

3rd July 2005:
I know, I'm wierd. ^^ Can't wait for next chapter!

Author's Response: Well, it should be up soon *shoots doubtful face at admin, who seem to be really slow right now!*

Author's Response: Everyone, #1's first chapter is now posted and it is amazing. It is totally funny. #2

Author's Response: One for Neville, one for Ron, 3 for Draco. (that includes i_luv_tom's vote, just everyone leave seperate votes in the future cause #2 gets kind of confused)

Author's Response: #2 would just like to say how pleased Wazoo is to be on someone's favorite authors list. Thank You to who ever you are :D #2

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Review #10, by heathermalfoy Prologue

2nd July 2005:
MY VOTE"S FOR DRACO!! i_luv_tom votes for Draco too.

Author's Response: Well, Draco's coming right up! #1

Author's Response: If i_luv_tom votes for Draco, they need to leave a seperate review. Because #2 is easily confused when it comes to counting up votes. Sorry #2

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Review #11, by heathermalfoy Prologue

1st July 2005:
I cn picture poor Mione's reaction now. About like: "You WHAT????? EWWWWW, THATS SOOOO DISGUSTING!!!!!! SECURITY!!!! TAKE THIS IMBECILE OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!!" or something like that.

Author's Response: you soooo got her new character right, lol! Hope you continue on to read more. I just posted ch 4 (Draco Malfoy) so it should be up in a couple of days, provided that the admin doesn't take FOREVER!!!! lol. Later. #1

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Review #12, by heathermalfoy Crabbe and Goyle

30th June 2005:
Do Draco, Ron, then Harry next!! LOL!!!

Author's Response: I'm so writing Draco RIGHT NOW!!!! #1

Author's Response: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea #1 was writing Draco. I'm excited. #2

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Review #13, by padfoot and prongs foreva Crabbe and Goyle

20th June 2005:
lol haha!! cute...a smart crabbe...who'd have thought!! lol!!! grt job cant wait 4 more...can v vote 4 teachers/ ok no dat'b i guess my vote is for ron!! lyl lyl

Author's Response: I dunno. I guess when we get around to writing for the teachers...... Yes, they are in this, but probably not the way you're thinking.......... Oops, I've said too much. I think that's one for Ron and one for Neville. I'll check.

Author's Response: Yep, one for Neville, Ron and Draco each. Always #2 (the one above is mine too)

Author's Response: YAY I LUV RON!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1

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Review #14, by anonymous Crabbe and Goyle

29th May 2005:
oh, please update!!! this is hilarious.

Author's Response: Glad you think so, takes awhile for us to update, but by the end of June, something should be up. In fact, once #1 and I are out of school for summer, there should be a lot more updating.

Author's Response: Glad u like it! =) I will eventually write part of this, I promise...

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Review #15, by alexandra Crabbe and Goyle

19th May 2005:
ohhh ron as a scumbag, now tat something that i wanna see

Author's Response: and you probably shall.......... #2

Author's Response: okee dokke #1

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Review #16, by buffy summers Crabbe and Goyle

18th May 2005:
Not bad, only i don't like rude Hermione very much, and about Ron I want him to be the one ,and he must be nice or just be Ron. Next chapter!

Author's Response: I get what you're saying about rude Hermione, but I thought that it would make the fic that much more funny. Since it is a joke story, it fits to have joke characteristics.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm hurt, rude Hermione is the best! #1

Author's Response: That's what I thought, #1. Rude hermione Rocks!!!!!!!!!!! #2

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Review #17, by luna_lovegood1992 Crabbe and Goyle

15th May 2005:
lolz I like it, I like the fact that Crabbe is smart!

Author's Response: Who would of thought he'd be smart, right! :D #2

Author's Response: =) #1

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Review #18, by luna_lovegood1992 Dudley

15th May 2005:
Umm I just also wanted to point out in your summary you wrote Heroine instead od Hermione llol!

Author's Response: Oops. #2

Author's Response: HAHA I laugh at u #2!!!! <3 #1

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Review #19, by luna_lovegood1992 Dudley

1st May 2005:
Hermione and Ron or Hermione and Draco, definetley

Author's Response: Votes? All right! #2

Author's Response: #2 here: Hey, guess what, the next chapter for NEXT! was accepted. Go check it out!

Author's Response: I'm writing a Hermione and Draco one, no fear, and it should be up sometime within the next month or so...sorry but I'm the slow and busy one here =)

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Review #20, by luna_lovegood1992 Dudley

1st May 2005:

Author's Response: What does O_o mean? If it's good, awesome! If it's bad, can you explain? I'm confused. #2

Author's Response: I think it means she likes it...cuz she read on! #1

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Review #21, by lala Dudley

20th April 2005:
Hahahahaaaaa...that was really funny!Great work #2!You too #1,I loved the 1st chapter as much as this one!This is a very good idea....but hmm....I can't make up my mind about who Hermione should end up dating.See,I have a friend who's a Hr/D shipper,but it'd be fun to see a Hermione/Neville...and I love Ron/Hr,but that'd be too cliche for this fic.Hmm..I'll think about it some more,but the review is getting long.See ya,can't wait for chapter 3.

Author's Response: Yeah! Reviews make me happy! lol...I'm glad you liked it, but actually #2 wrote both chapters so far cuz I've been really busy! But I'm working on another chapter that'll be coming your way...sometime before the end of the, probably sooner than that ^_^

Author's Response: Give it some thought. Meanwhile, check for intervies every so often. Its possible one may change your mind about the ships

Author's Response: #2, here. Just giving all you readers a heads up. I'm working on the Crabbe/Goyle chapter, should be up within a week or so.

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Review #22, by Rozanne Dudley

19th April 2005:
Eeeeeeeewwwwwww! Ickle Duddykins! Heheheheheh. Great idea, characters behind the scenes. I just know this is gonna get funnier! Keep updating authors #1 and #2!

Author's Response: Thanks, we will. The laughter will come in droves with the next few chapters, at least, that's the idea. #2

Author's Response: YEAH!!!! I'm so glad that this story's a success...#2 they still won't accept our 2nd chapter, i dunno what we should do, should she fall for a new student instead? cuz I'm pretty sure the tchr thing is what's hindering it. #1

Author's Response: Wrong story #1, this is NEXT! not James/Lily. You must be really busy. :D

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Review #23, by scoutwillow Dudley

19th April 2005:
i like it, it's very interesting and i'd like to see where you're going with this. ......please don't have herm date dudley. *cringe/shiver*

Author's Response: No worries, just make sure the vote tally doesn't end up with Dudderkins in the lead. #2

Author's Response: It's all up to your cause your own doom....DUN DUN DUN!!!!! Luv, #1

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Review #24, by magereader895 Dudley

19th April 2005:
VERY FUNNY!!!! update plz! ive never seen a story even remotely like this, its mega cool.

Author's Response: Ahh, well I'm so glad it's original. That's the hard thing with spoofs and what not. You're never sure if someone has done it already. We update as often as possible in bwn homework and our other pennames.

Author's Response: It's #1!!!! Glad it's original, we thought so....well more like #2 thot so and I approved it but hey i enjoy answering the reviews all the same!

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Review #25, by Hannah Dudley

17th April 2005:
NO! WHERE are there any hemy/dudly fics? where? there CANT be....

Author's Response: oh yes there can, that's the pt, it's supposed to be weird but funny! you didn't think it was funny =( ahhh, my feelings are hurt...well more #2's feelings cuz I'm #1 and i didn't write this! But i liked it and I'm writing a chapter now!

Author's Response: Why not? And you did notice they're brother and sister, right? I have a question for you. Did you read what this penname does - SPOOFS and JOKES. Only fitting since we're related to Fred and George. Two words : Loosen UP! Remember that fictional stories can do anything you want them to. #2

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