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Review #1, by LoLlY pOpZ rUlE Sketches

23rd July 2004:
Wow...I'm giving this a 10 Erin!

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Review #2, by shade Sketches

25th December 2003:
How in the world did this story get rated so low? Erin - this is very good writing indeed. Taking a character we only really know by name...and taking on the challenge of writing her in the first person is a big one....but you pulled it off completely. I don't know if you write much, but you should (and keep writing, I mean that sincerely). Your writing has real life to it. There are few things more difficult than conveying the turmoil within someone's mind mixed with the hope that struggles through....I don't understand at all why this doesn't have more's exceptional.

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Review #3, by Flower Sketches

12th November 2003:
I LOVED it!! You HAVE to update soon! PLEASE!

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Review #4, by Lani Sketches

19th October 2003:
hey! VERY good! i LOVE it! i hope u update soon! that would be PERFECT! hehe! well, good job! Hugs n kisses n lollies,Lani

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Review #5, by Anon Sketches

20th July 2003:
Oh, please, please-don\'t leave me in despair-write mooooooooooooooooooooooore, i alroeady read the prequel, i want the seqel!

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Review #6, by James Tyler Sketches

3rd June 2003:
This is great. Please write lots more. It could be incredible.

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Review #7, by Rayya Sketches

29th April 2003:
Erin, I loved this one. It was so touching and you captured the mood perfectly! Are you going to continue this one? Please? Rayya

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Review #8, by LMK Sketches

21st April 2003:
Hey OMG!!! I love this! This was a great Idea! ~M!

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Review #9, by BlueStones Sketches

20th April 2003:
OMG!!! That was so0o0o0o0o0o0o0 sweet! I loved this idea! Please! write a sequel or something!!!!!! um if you have time could u read my fic? \"Unexpected Darkness\" PLEASE? I\'d really like ur input and advice! THANX! GREAT JOB! ~Katy

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Review #10, by Magnolia Sketches

20th April 2003:
I luved this! I love reading things about characters that aren\'t a main part of the story! THIS WAS A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!! if you have time could you read and review my story \"The Dream\" I\'d really like some feedback from you! Thanks! ~Magnolia

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Review #11, by stephpotter Sketches

8th April 2003:
Erin, that\'s so good! It\'s nice that you\'re doing fanfics about different characters rather than the main characters like Harry, Draco, Hermoine, etc. It\'s very good and I\'d like to see more fanfics from you :) :) :) You rule!!!!!!!! Luv Steph

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Review #12, by Isobel Sketches

7th April 2003:
Erin! Oh my gosh, that was amazing. I live the way you began that using the drawing as an anecdote! You really have a lot of talent, and using Alicia Spinnet as Harry\'s admirer! Fantastic girl! Keep writing! :) Rei/Isobel

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