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Review #1, by harryginny chapter 8- A little more conversation

8th October 2006:
OMG!!! NO WAY!!!!!! but wow a good story i like it, its good! write more!!! please pity only 8 chaps now u have me hooked good one =D

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Review #2, by harryginny Chapter 1

8th October 2006:
wow he got a tongue ring very interesting looking forward to the next chap

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Review #3, by GrangerNelson Chapter 1

6th November 2005:
This is defenintly an interseting story. Hope you update on it . Like to see where there realtiionship goes.

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Review #4, by =) Chapter 4

1st August 2005:
i just wanted to note and say i really really liked how you made a point in saying "i got over it of course, but by then i had a reputation to uphold." other draco/harry slashes that have malfoy being concerned for harry have used that excuse but never given it a good enough reason for me. i liked the way you put it alot. also the way harry thanked malfoy was nice. well.. i must continue onto your other chapters .. keep it up =)

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Review #5, by Paige Taylor chapter 8- A little more conversation

1st June 2005:
Well i loved it!!!1 next 1 please!!!!!

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Review #6, by Leen Chapter 7- The Door

18th May 2005:
Love it, it's such a brilliant story!!! Just read all seven chapters. This is so flippin' brilliant!! Oh and loved it when Blaise said "Yo." to professor Flitwick (in other chapter)!! Cracked me up! and the "Flitwick my man" too :P More soon, please! :D xxx

Author's Response: Thank you Leen! I've been really busy with studying for finals, so bear with me! Chapter 8 is coming soon.

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Review #7, by sally Chapter 6

16th May 2005:
this is turning out to be a really funny story! keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks! I have another Lily/James story coming out soon.

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Review #8, by GwendolinOfFaerie (not signed on) Chapter 7- The Door

11th May 2005:
::sobs:: More!!!please!!!it;s killing me!!!

Author's Response: *pats Gwen comfortingly on the shoulder* Don't die please!

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Review #9, by sofia Chapter 4

9th May 2005:
what is this? DRACO MALFOY IS EVIL! why can't people get that through their heads? he's not not nice deep down. PURE EVIL (apart from that great story so far)

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Review #10, by Paige Taylor Chapter 7- The Door

2nd May 2005:
Yay Next Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #11, by Paige Taylor Chapter 5

24th April 2005:

Author's Response: NEXT...CHAPTER...COMING...SOON

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Review #12, by Paige Taylor Chapter 4

24th April 2005:
Although ive missed the fourth chapter that was hillarious.

Author's Response: Thanks Paige. Sorry again about chapter 4. It's up now, so you can read away! Oh! and chapter 7 is copming in a few days!

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Review #13, by Paige Taylor Chapter 3

24th April 2005:
AHHHHHH!!!! Wheres chapter 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I'm sssooooo sorry everyone. My computer malfunctioned and somehow, that got posted. My apologies. But I just fixed it, so it should be up in a day or so.

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Review #14, by Silver Onyx Chapter 3

20th April 2005:
um, wheres chapter 4? I went to move on but it seemed like something was missing. love the story btw, keep writing plz

Author's Response: Thankx a bunch mon amie. And you can rest assured, i will definatly keep writing. I'm starting another story soon, set in James's era. Coolnes to come!

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Review #15, by BlondeHermione chapter 2

10th April 2005:
wow...the thought of Harry with a tongue ring is..orgasmic. lovin the story!

Author's Response: i know isn't it?

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Review #16, by shimmereys chapter 2

7th April 2005:
good! Keep it up!

Author's Response: **bows** Why thank you!

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Review #17, by shimmereys Chapter 1

7th April 2005:
interesting idea... a wizard tongue ring. Very creative! Good start and keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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