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Review #1, by Kira Just a Yellow Wish

18th July 2012:
Wow, after reading so many stories that were sad, I really needed this. I am a major Spongebob fan, and this is definitely the first time I've ever seen it combined with Harry Potter. I definitely laughed quite a few times, and I could tell how much fun you had writing this!

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Review #2, by Asian-Magic Just a Yellow Wish

4th October 2006:
That was brilliant! I wish there was a spongebob episdoe like that!

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Review #3, by weasley_at_heart Just a Yellow Wish

3rd October 2006:
very different! good but different!

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Review #4, by Piper The Charmed One Just a Yellow Wish

26th August 2006:
Tjis is the second spongebob story I have read. It was really cool having spongebob and all his friends at hogwarts. Can you do another one to make even more funny. I think Patrick the star was hilarious. This is really good and you did a great job on this. Plz respond back to my review. Bueno noches! It means goodnight!

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Review #5, by harrys_brother Just a Yellow Wish

21st July 2006:
Good God. You're an idiot (in a good way). I really don't mean what I just said. This was just hilarious!

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Review #6, by TonksFan101 Just a Yellow Wish

14th January 2006:
Very.........erm original, srry not a big fan of sponge bob but still liked the fic

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Review #7, by KILL ALL THE JOCKS!!! Just a Yellow Wish

14th July 2005:
i love Spongie bob! okay i no that hes SpongeBob, but i had to say it! anyway, its #1, but i waS AFTER AN angst but i find spongebob. u should change that. anyway KILL ALL THE JOCKS!

Author's Response: doing in one min

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Review #8, by george_granger Just a Yellow Wish

11th July 2005:
ok...shouldn't this story be humor? Its ok, but you haven't put any description or punctuation in it, and why didn't Hermione just wish thewm to go away or wish ofr more people pr somehting? And why have oyu put three chapters in one?

Author's Response: yeah, oh well

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Review #9, by realconfused Just a Yellow Wish

1st May 2005:
wat made that story angst-y?

Author's Response: *shrugs* i dunno!

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Review #10, by Gold Pheonix Just a Yellow Wish

6th April 2005:
That is a mad story lols.... Never thought I'd see the day when Spongebob and his mates were at Hogwarts!

Author's Response: Well.....Its funny right. RIGHT????

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