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Review #1, by AussieAnatomy627 Friends Forever

27th November 2008:
Description and dialogue would make it even better.

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Review #2, by DarknessKnight Friends Forever

6th December 2005:

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Review #3, by Angel Hope Friends Forever

6th August 2005:
wow its good but i find myself doubting if it will ever be updated after 3 years...hmmmm its good though

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Review #4, by XxvVvxX Friends Forever

11th June 2004:
DANG!! Long!! This is the first Humor, huh? 10/10

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Review #5, by rebecca Friends Forever

1st August 2003:
cant write much my brother is going to kick me off soon but i like your story i hope you write more soon bye

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Review #6, by MadLee Friends Forever

28th July 2003:
It is very, very good and well written! You should write more! Although I think it would work better in General, seeing as there isn\'t too much humor in it(that wasn\'t a put-down).

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Review #7, by Stacy Friends Forever

18th December 2002:
It is really,really GOOD!!!!!!!!!

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Review #8, by Kyle Friends Forever

9th November 2002:
You need to shut up oliversgirl or wotever ur name is. I thought it was good and I doubt you know much about hp since ur not jk rowling

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Review #9, by oliversgrrrl and Sk8er Gurrl 2002 Friends Forever

16th October 2002:
its not really funny. maybe you should like read more or summat. thats how we became better writers. work on it and when you do write again, don't drang and add more comical actions and dialoge. and the thing with Harry doesn't make any sense. and Hogwarts students don't get new options as far as I know and I konw a LOT about HP!

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