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Review #1, by Mrs Sirius Black 

7th November 2011:
This story was amazing, even though each chapter was written by a different author it flowed so well that it felt like it was written by one.

Amazing Job!

Mrs S. Black

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Review #2, by Genna 

13th January 2008:
Good Job. I didn't think I could find a back to the future HP story. You did it.

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Review #3, by GriffinClaw 

29th June 2007:
Every story in this novel was amazing. It was was all original and canon. Each writer who contributed to this project truly has a lot of talent. All of their hard work definitely paid off. Way to go everyone! And thank you Jay for creating this site, and the HPFF site for keeping it running. It'll be up and running for a long time.

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Review #4, by gypsy_is_cool 

26th July 2006:
that story was awesome! im not that much inyo Harry Potter but when my friend suggested that i read this, i was so amazed! it made me even(im so embaressed to admit)cry at some parts and it was like the best review of harry potter's world and the world that J.K. Rowling herself created. I wanna congratulate you guys for the best fanfiction story I have read in my lifetime.

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Review #5, by serser0813 

13th July 2006:
This story is awesome!!! i hardly read a great fic that includes nearly everyone. you got everyone's thinking in the story so well, and you even got Cho! this story was great gonna check out some of your others now!

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Review #6, by lily_black 

8th July 2006:
This is one of the bests stories i've ever read!!! I loved every word of it!!!!! Keep the good job, congratulations and i hope i can write like that one day!!!! Just amazing!!!!

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Review #7, by padfoot and prongs foreva 

3rd February 2006:
omg this was soooooooooo sweet and made me cry....kinda!!!!!! happy 5th birthday/anniversary hpff!!!!!! i truly and literally live here!!!!!! lyl lyl

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Review #8, by aharrypotterobcession 

3rd October 2005:
happy belated anniversary HPFF! YAAAAY!

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Review #9, by Urvi 

1st June 2005:
I thought Through the Looking Glass was the title of that book by the author who wrote A Wrinkle in Time...what's here name...Madeleine Albright?

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Review #10, by ginny_lover 

30th May 2005:
Through the Looking Glass...isn't that from "The Matrix?" Or are my movies getting mixed up?

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Review #11, by sparklybroomstick 

18th May 2005:
wow, that was truely amazing. Happy Anniversary, and may there be many more years. I hope I can write like that one day!

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Review #12, by Keladry 

21st April 2005:
There was an amazing collection of stories. thank you and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! *does happy dance*

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Review #13, by Rachel 

16th April 2005:
Happy Anniversary Yay... That was really a fantastic collection of stories, all of you are talented writers. Thanks for working together to make such an amazing and inspiring work.

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Review #14, by Emerald_Eyes 

8th April 2005:
This was excellent, great job guys! I'm so glad this site never became a site dedicated to Sherlock Holmes :) Happy Anniversary!

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Review #15, by Violet Gryfindor 

5th April 2005:
Happy anniversary, HPFF! It was so exciting to be a part of this, and I'm glad it paid off so well. :-)

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Review #16, by Admin 

3rd April 2005:
Ah, tis true, this could so easily have been a Sherlock Holmes archive. :)

Firstly I would like to thank everyone involved in this story for putting together an exemplary piece of work. You have captured the essence of the characters and kept them true to the original writers ideas. It is a stunning piece of work, and has quickly taken pride of place at the top of my favourites list. Every chapter has something to keep you enthralled and make you want to move on to see if the next can be as good. And then you find yourself losing track of time as you just need to read that little bit more, just a line or two, maybe a paragraph, OK one last chapter.

I can`t think of a more fitting way to honour the site`s anniversary than with such a piece of work drawn together from some of the site`s top authors. Some of you know me from the staff area and others may know me as just a name on the bottom of a news item or a post, but to all of you involved in this piece I would like to say a huge thankyou.

I never imagined four years ago that my little site would blossom into such a monster! It is solely through the dedication of the staff (the backbone of the site) and the users who have donated their own money to pay for our server costs, that we have managed to last four years.

Hopefully in another 4 years, I will be reading another story drawn from the talented writers from this site. Or maybe even the first chapter of a published book from an author who started out writing fanfiction on a small Harry Potter site. Now that really would be an anniversary present!


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Review #17, by Sophia Montgomery 

3rd April 2005:
Thank you, Jay and Spot!

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Review #18, by Cor_Leonis 

2nd April 2005:
Happy Anniversary! This story should make HPFF proud!

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Review #19, by MadameSnape 

2nd April 2005:
*Throwing confetti!

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Review #20, by timeturner 

2nd April 2005:
Happy Anniversary HPFF!!!!!!!

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