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Review #1, by Grammy 

22nd March 2010:
I agree, children are much smarter than most adults give them credit for or hold them accountable to. I am enjoying the story

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Review #2, by Vasu 

23rd October 2009:
You know, i thought of writing a review to you once i finish reading the entire book.. but i'm so tempted to write it now..
The way you write is AMAZING. i really love the way you narrate this story. Cheers!!

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Review #3, by Fish and Bird 

9th February 2006:
I smiled because: a mere slip of a girl managed to prick the bombastic stuffed-shirt that is Severus Snape. We could all the hear the rush of air as he deflated! It made me smile as I couldn't help but think of my wife's niece, Ana, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Lily.

I frowned because: try as I might, I couldn't believe that the black-hearted Severus Snape wouldn't have simple drawn his wand and hexed the little cutey-pie. Of course, I am speaking with the benfit of hindsight after having read HBP.

A corker of a chapter, Pru!

Author's Response: Imagine me smirking. Letting the air out of Snape was loads of fun. Lily twists him around her finger because she can. LOL I'm sure the irony isn't lost on Snape. I WAS writing to Canon before HBP. I am of the school that believes JKR has something up her sleeve to surprise all of us with Snape. I believe that Dumbledore trusted him for a specific reason, and that Dumbledore is/was the greatest wizard because he's smart. All the Harry stories are colored by Harry's point of view and that's misleading because half the time he can't see the forest for the trees. We all know that he hates and suspects Snape. I suspect that Harry's going to get the surprise of his life at the end of this. Thanks for your reviews. You're very kind to me. Pru

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Review #4, by bluegirl 

30th May 2005:
Well, I think that Lily is like a six year old. My cousin, Linzie acts really mature and she has a lot of knowlage for a six year old. I can see where you are coming from.-blue ps. great job w/ the story!

Author's Response: Thanks, dear. I should edit that little authors whinge at the end out, I think. There were a few reviewers when I was writing this story that commented about how she seemed too old for six. I knew better, though. Thanks for the support and the review. Pru

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Review #5, by buttonlady 

29th May 2005:
The story is good. You lost me for a while, but it is all coming together nicely.

Author's Response: You didn't like the dragons and Harry and gang battling? You must be a Snape fan then. Glad you're back. Thanks, Pru

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Review #6, by Xebi 

16th May 2005:
That was so funny. It seems as though Lily is kind of teaching Snape how to be a better person. Although it was amusing to see him address her so formally. And I can just imagine him holding her at arms length, with a disturbed look on his face when she wouldn't stop crying.

Author's Response: The relationship between Snape and Lily was a wonderful one. She's so sassy and he's so snarky. It was a perfect combo. Thanks for all your reviews. I'm so pleased that you seem to be enjoying the story! :--)

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Review #7, by steve34 

26th April 2005:
I find Lily's character completely believable as a six-year old with the ability to see into the future. If she has moments where she seems adult-like, well, so do all kids, on occasion. I especially liked how you described her as not living a linear existence anymore. Pure gold!

Author's Response: She was a natural character for me to write...being a teacher and mother and all. She's a keeper. Glad you liked it. Pru

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Review #8, by PuddleGlumsGal 

18th March 2005:
I have enjoyed every chapter of your story so much but I have to say this chapter nealry did me in. I love lily and her uncle sevvie!!! :^)

Author's Response: This was surely my favorite, too. I love the relationship between the two characters. Thank you for reviewing and liking the story. More soon. Cheers, Pru

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Review #9, by BJAuth 

17th March 2005:
If I was forced to choose a favourite chapter it would be this one. Not only does it have Snape in, whom I adore, but you have captured the knowledge and innocence of Lily so well. I have a six year old. At least his physical and emotional age os six...his mental age is 42! We as parents forget sometimes that he IS only 6. Thank you for reminding me, my dear.

Author's Response: My goodness, you suddenly wizzed through the chapters! Yes, so true about Lily. My son is eight and they know so much more than people realize. You can't believe how many younger non-parents reading this story told me that she sounds too mature!!! This was my fav chap too. I wrote it a long time ago and brought the previous six chaps up to meet with it. Funny how that works in writing. Thanks, B.J. for all your reviews. Pru

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Review #10, by Guilded Sorcerer 

13th March 2005:
This last chapter was just excellent!! I was quick with my words last chpt, and I do apologise: your work is NOT at all boring, keep my word on that note!! Nonetheless, I had forgotten the emotion you could wield when driven by impulse to do so. This was just fabulous; everything was crafted marvellously! The Snape/Lily relationship wasn't expected, but that's what got me reading more and more. Terrifically enthralling, keep up the fine work! Cheers, Matt

Author's Response: Thanks Matt. I knew you didn't mean I was boring, gosh. Isn't the Snape/Lily relationship great? I always planned it but it's turning out so well that I'm floored. Who knew old Snape had it in him? I'm glad you like the new twist. Happy reading. cheers, Pru

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Review #11, by Don 

11th March 2005:
I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter. you have me on pins and needles, please keep up the good writing, and please do not disappoint all of us big kids who are waiting for the next book, as well as your next chapter, thanks.

Author's Response: Yes, I think of myself that way too. The big kids. Good one. I'm just here to upload the next chap. I'm on a roll. No one can stop me now. Thanks so much for reading, reviewing and liking the story. Cheers, Pru

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Review #12, by barbie pvert 

10th March 2005:
O so true some children can be 7 going on 47 in their thinking and the questions they will ask just to test the adults around them.

Author's Response: Thanks. Children are very interesting, aren't they? Cheers, Pru

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Review #13, by severussnape_fan 

10th March 2005:
I really like your story and hope that you update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks very much. I'll update very soon. Cheers, Pru

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Review #14, by Phineas 

10th March 2005:
Uncle Sevvie indeed! Outrageous! Hehe. There are certain people in the world who can look beyond even the hardest of shells on a person's surface. Lily would of course be one and so I forgive her for calling Snape Uncle Sevvie...Ophelia (of course) is the other and I will not tell you what she calls him. (for fear of my life.) I liked this. I got good images from Snape and Lily in the garden. Snape the saviour, it's always what I thought of him and always write him with that in mind. Now..just take a deep breath and dive in!

Author's Response: Uncle Sevvie is too undignified, huh? Well, she is only six...going on fifty...but Snape as saviour I knew you'd like. It's the dark billowing robes and the perpetual frown. Thank you for your review...I'm diving deep. Cheers, Pru

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Review #15, by Eternal Turmoil 

10th March 2005:
Hey! You are updating quick aren't you! Great chapter . . . again . . . its killing me and probably many others to read the next bit!

Author's Response: Think of poor me...a mother's worst nightmare...but we've other things to do first...there still so much to go. Thank you, J. I'm so glad that your sister's letting you on the computer again. Cheers to you, Pru

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Review #16, by Daryl 

10th March 2005:
Very much enjoying everything you've written so far and looking forward to the next chapter. It's excellent, Prue... congratulations !

Author's Response: Thanks, Daryl. It's great to hear from readers that I haven't heard from before. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. Thanks ever for reviewing! :) Pru

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Review #17, by Jayde 

10th March 2005:
Oh WOW You are brillaint, love the way you put it all together. Dive deep into that pool of psychic burning lava. I know you can do it. :) I can still see it all in my minds eye with your writing .. Can't wait for the next installment..Hugz

Author's Response: Thanks for your confidence in me. I'm so happy you like the story. The lava pool awaits....Cheers, Pru

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Review #18, by MagGrrl 

10th March 2005:
Uncle Sevie?!?!? Ha ha ha brilliantly funny! I am getting very anxious at this point...what are you going to do to Lily?! I swear Pru! I know that you wrote that Severus will save her but I am worried that you are going to go and do something disaterous! *Worried but still loving it* I know that sometimes you have to inflict pain on your beloved characters but promise me that it's not irreversible!

Author's Response: I'd give you a hint but I can't! You'll just have to wait and see. I make it quick so people don't suffer. Waiting that is. Cheers, Pru

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Review #19, by CrystalClear 

10th March 2005:
Ooooohhhhh!!! I really like this story, it's very well written, please keep up the good work!!!! =) I read it all in one day, that's got to count for something!!! =) Anyway, also I'm actually looking for people to analyze my stories and review them, so if you could, that'd be great! =) Thanks! Anyway, I have three stories as of the moment: Alone (sad one-shot), Cruel Irony (will be a full length draco fanfic, only 1st chapter posted so far, and Stranded in Darkness (OC fanfic, still in the making, 20 chapters so far, my first...blah, blah) you get the point. neway if you could read one or all of them, either way, I'd really appreciate it and thank you!!!

Author's Response: You've left the exact same review on others reviews. I checked. This can't be nice to spam for reviews, can it? tsk! tsk!

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Review #20, by Xavier JX 

10th March 2005:
Greetings Pru! Laughing again! It seems woman of all ages have this thing about loving to annoy Snape (well at least in the beginning). Very good description of the way Lily thinks, I really like it! Wonder relationship she and Snape are developing! You would not have heard anything for me about Lily being out of character. You covered that point very well when you described her way of thinking. Non- Linear thinking I believe it’s called. Cheers! John.

Author's Response: Thanks, John. Yes, Snape is fun to annoy. I probably shouldn't have put in the AN at the end but I've had so many reviews questioning my Lily that I, well, I had a bout with lack of confidence, I guess. Everyone has been very nice and I think I might edit it out. It's a bit too windging...Cheers for all your support. Pru

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Review #21, by Jon 

10th March 2005:
Please share some of that lamb....sounds delicious. n e ways good story, could use some spelling and grammatical errors, to make it seem like a properly published book (as most books i have read always have some spelling and grammer mistakes). but other then being too perfekt, it is a great story

Author's Response: I can only tell you that your review made me laugh out loud. I am the re-edit Queen and I'm still finding errors. They drive me nuts! It's like I'm blind or something...hehehe Thank you! Pru

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Review #22, by MagicallyAmerican 

10th March 2005:
I really love reading your stories! I especially like how you portray Snape in this story, because most people would butcher it with too much of a change. Thanks so much, and keep writing! ~Michelle

Author's Response: I really can't change the man, though I've tried. Every time I write him in a touchy-feely vein, I hit the backspace. The Slytherin men, in general, are who they are: cunning dominating brutes, but hey...sort of sexy, too. The numerous Draco/love ships on this site can attest to that. Thank you for your reviews! Cheers, Pru

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Review #23, by CocoapuffShooter 

10th March 2005:
*smiles* You're right about the gifted children, I am one myself. I've been in the Giften program since I was five. Once, for a project, designed a space station that developed into a civilization on the Moon, and wrote a 10- page autobiography as if it were from a moon expeditioner's perspective, dying, and wirting her life story, and had the entire class in tears, including the teacher. Was 8 at the time. Learned a bit of sign language that year as well, and did a fascinating report about Atlantis to determine that the lost continent is located near the Bermuda Triangle, only more out-to-sea. Currently in 9th grade and read at a college level.... ANYWAYS, yes, gifted children are very often like this. ON WITH THE REVIEW!! It was bloody wonderful, I love it! And I hope you were kidding about the lava....?

Author's Response: Cool projects and yes, I know ones just like you. Just remember to keep up the good work! No laziness allowed and maybe you'll cure cancer or something wonderful. Thanks for the review. The lava...symbolic...we've a bumpy patch ahead. Cheers, Pru

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Review #24, by hellsrebel1221 

9th March 2005:
I think Lily will make Snape crack hard. I could be wrong but ohh well. Lily has alot of atributes to her, It's cool though. Liked the chapter, Tara.

Author's Response: Yes, Snape likes Lily doesn't he?. Thanks for the review, Tara. :)Pru

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Review #25, by jenni 

9th March 2005:
wow you are updating quickly!!! lily is so...oh i dont know what to call her! unique? even if people think her character is slightly unrealistic, you write her in such a way that it seems real anyway!! i think lily is a realistic chracter though, because you're right, there is a lot of very special kids out there!! obviously, another brilliant chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you Jenni! I'm glad you liked it. Lily is a special kid. Cheers, Pru

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