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Review #1, by Rose1611 

28th February 2006:
Great story!!!! I really like this story , sorry i haven't reveiwed earlier instead of waiting till hapter 32, but i have been so busy i hardly have time to read the story, but anyay Happy B-Day!!!!!!

Author's Response: aww thankyou! :P

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Review #2, by emily43212 

22nd October 2005:
Cool chapter!!! I realised a couple of months ago when I read the fifth book again that I have the same birthday as Harry Potter how weird is that!!!! Great chap!!! Really really love this story

Author's Response: lol, wow!

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Review #3, by SuileanDubh 

18th September 2005:
Again, another great chapter! I hope you had a really good Birthday! Looking forward to reading the rest of this story and then the sequal, ^_^.


Author's Response: i did! i had a wonderful b-day! thanx heaps again!

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Review #4, by dwayne_12 

4th August 2005:
harry dousnt seem all that happy. give him a girlfriend or somthing

Author's Response: haha... i dunno.. i like to see him unhappy.. WMAAHA

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Review #5, by Master 

29th March 2005:
Did i rewiiew for this chappie before but anyways good chapter

Author's Response: i dont know! lol thanx!

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Review #6, by DUMBELDAVE 

29th January 2005:
Good chapter , I also noticed that i was your 500th reviewer ! Woo Hooooooo Congrats ! DUMBELDAVE

Author's Response: 500th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU SOOO MUCH!!! YOU DESERVE A SPECAIL EMAIL... I will email you alter.. got to finish responding to all your reviews! lol

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Review #7, by Prefect Gryffindor 

27th January 2005:
well now at least they know.....

Author's Response: yes...

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Review #8, by Pumpkin juice 

27th January 2005:
Happy belated birthday!! :D Hope you had a great day!! Brilliant chapter! 10/10! Onto the next ow... :)

Author's Response: ye si did have a great day!! thankyou! 10/10.. wow! :P

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Review #9, by Xavier JX 

25th January 2005:
Another great chapter! So now everybody knows the prophecy. But I am beginning to worry about you old girl. Are you getting soft in your old age? Another touching chapter where nothing bad happens? I hear that you may even let Shell live to her next birthday. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: let shell live to her next birthday? now why would I do that? lol, I am sorry its another chapter without any action.. but I cant help that, I need these chapters to work on the rest of the plotline... I already have my seventh year fic playing in my head.. it will be a lot darker... does anyone have any ideas for this story because I have about 20 different endings in my head and I cant chose one.. maybe you ahve a better idea???? oh and any ideas for a seventh year story?? hmm.... I am not getting old! HMPH!!.... lol thanx! Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez

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Review #10, by suzn18 

25th January 2005:
I thought when I saw the title that there was going "real" trouble on the train. I liked the chapter though!!!

Author's Response: :P thanx! yeah i never thought about that, but .. I'm sorry for getting your hopes up.. lol :)

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Review #11, by animaguswannabe 

24th January 2005:
HEYHEY! LOL! Great chapter. All I have to say is FINALLY! I was wondering when Harry was going to spill the beans about the prophecy. lol. Great context. Keep on trucking :) P.S: HAPPY B_DAY!

Author's Response: thanx!! :P I was a bit confused when I read through my story againa dn realised I hadn't spilled the beans to Ron and Hermione yet.. I was sooo sure that I ahd.. but it just shows how forgetful I am!! lol thanx again!! Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez

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