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Review #1, by vasu 

15th October 2009:
very well written :) your narration style is very nice

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Review #2, by tonks21094 

4th October 2009:
still a great fanfic!

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Review #3, by Natasha 

18th September 2009:
Almost as good as Hermione hauling off and punching the little creep while they were students. Excellent so far!!

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Review #4, by Snitchsista 

4th July 2006:

Author's Response: Enough said...*chuckles* Thanks!

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Review #5, by Fish and Bird 

26th January 2006:
Ron's back! It seems as if he is the character who has changed the most; he's definitely more confidant! I know I'm always harping on about character development, but I think I may miss the old Ron. ;-)

I hated you ever so briefly for bringing back Draco, but forgave you and so much more after his little 'accident'. Kapow indeed!

Author's Response: It was my favorite part of these early chaps to sock him one. LOL Draco actually becomes the unwilling pivotal in this saga, as you will see. Poor him. I was a tad mean to poor, much maligned Malfoy. *winks* Thanks! Pru

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Review #6, by tonksandlupin 

10th December 2005:
I loved the end, I always enjoy Malfoy getting a good comeupance.....

Author's Response: It was fun KAPOW!! I also loved Ron and Harry in that scene as they slowly turned to find Snape. *snicker*

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Review #7, by justine 

4th November 2005:
Rons back yay.. its so wierd him being a work o holic .. but it works soo i like it justine

Author's Response: Ron is such a pleasant friend but remember how jealous he was of Harry in GoF. Eventually, because of his poor family and all that he's gone through, eventually, it will hit Ron that he needs to work harder to get ahead. He does have ambitions in JKR's books. Cheers, for all your wonderful reviewing. Pru

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Review #8, by OwlPost 

28th August 2005:
Got that right. Felt so good to see Malfoy get attacked!

Author's Response: giggling...my kapow !!!! hit on Malfoy. That was fun! Thanks for reading and reviewing. :---) Pru

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Review #9, by trixytonks 

9th July 2005:
Ha, I'll bet that felt good! I wonder what they wudda done to Billy that had Lily so worried? Draco is such a smarmy old prat, you write him excellently. Hmm... who was that other bloke with him... excellent little charm on the house, eh? I suppose they will be able to get it back, yeah? maybe? Pru, I thought I was gona get to read another one of your excellent Quidditch matches, I feel a bit put out now. :'( no Hogwackers-style madness in this story, eh? wonderful chapter!

Author's Response: Hogwackers was a little spoof while this is a big story with everyone eventually showing up. It's my saga. Howackers United was inspired by the chapter 'Battle Aloft, Baffled Below' so if you get that far...there's lots of action. Hogwackers was frankly a joke between friends. I'd coined the phrase Hogwackers United in an e-mail to Xavier as a laugh and it stuck so I wrote that whole story so we could all play Quidditch. The joys of fiction, eh? Draco is indeed smarmy. I have fun with him...loads. Cheers, Pru

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Review #10, by steve34 

25th April 2005:
Very cool! No criticism. As much as I dislike Malfoy, it was nice to see him as an adult. I was kinda worried about how Ron would be with his son, so it was really nice to see they have a very close relationship, despite the fact that Ron is seldom there.

Author's Response: Ron is a single working dad and I purposely have it as normal and acceptable that Billy lives with the Potters. Diversity even in the wizarding world. Thanks for your review. Pru

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Review #11, by Wiccan 

21st March 2005:
After reading the first ten chapters straight through, I figured I needed a little break for a review. I LOVE IT ! Adore Harry's almost ineptitude at teaching and how he stepped up to it. I almost came unglued at Dobby's business card. All of it is great. Now, for the next 10 chapters......

Author's Response: You're like me. I'm an obsessive reader and will read a book straight through if I like it. Sometimes it's a pleasure and others, well, real life gets in the way. Thanks for reviewing. I really enjoy hearing from you. Pru

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Review #12, by PuddleGlumsGal 

12th March 2005:
I love reading this story. The banner lured me in and I am very glad it did. You write wonderfully. :^) Keep up the good work. Take care

Author's Response: I just e-mailed Jay, our esteemed owner of this fabulous site to set up running the banner as an ad. I'm so glad to hear that it brought you to the story. Happy reading and thank you very much for your review. Cheers, Pru

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Review #13, by Phil 

11th March 2005:
I Love this part, and like you said it felt good to finally see Draco get knocked down a notch or two. keep up the good writing!

Author's Response: That was SUCH a fun chapter to write. I suddenly knew how great Hermione felt to punch the berk. Thanks so much for reviewing. I hope you like the rest of the story. Cheers, Pru

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Review #14, by MagGrrl 

2nd March 2005:
Pru I can honestly say that this fanfic is perfectly BRILLIANT!!! I absolutely adore your original ideas...especially the Runes. The house, roses and fire faries are wonderful...I am completely mesmorized by this story. Thanks to you it's 3am and I have no intentions of climbing into my awaiting bed!! :-) Absolutely Brilliant!!!

Author's Response: I am smiling with pride from your review. There's nothing so wonderful as enjoying a good read. Thank you so much for telling me that my story has done that for you. It's a thrill. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story as much. All the best, Pru

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Review #15, by BJAuth 

27th February 2005:
Very nice family scenes in the beginning reminding me a little of Molly and Arthur. Dracos scenes are great and he just wouldn't grow up and forget would he? Then the house and the fairies and the broom. What an amazing way for Malfoy to get hurt. Just a shame they have to call on mean old Snape!

Author's Response: Deep down we all love our stone faced but snarling Snape...well maybe Ron and Harry don't but...I do! Draco's scenes, well, you'll see..he really is a great character to write. Thank you, BJ, you're great! Pru

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Review #16, by meagan_2010 

25th February 2005:
this is the best chapter so far! hopefully the rest are just as good!!

Author's Response: I hope you think so! Thanks for reviewing. Cheers, Pru

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Review #17, by Xebi 

18th January 2005:
That was so amusing. Malfoy is such a moron. I think he got what he deserved.

Author's Response: Yeah, sure, but It's a funny thing about Malfoy. We all love to think less of him and he is downright mean sometimes, but do we dislike him? What is it about that idiot that makes us think he might just, well, grow up? He hesitates sometimes...he lacks the sureness of his father and he always needs his cronies for support...could there be hope for him?

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Review #18, by Phineas 

13th January 2005:
Nice work. It's so fairytalelike. I think you've kept Draco very much in character.

Author's Response: Thank you, it's a fine line between keeping to JKR's character but imagining the man he might become. I'm trying. Pru

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Review #19, by cleo 

11th January 2005:
oh YEA!!!! they deserved that ! i am totally entranced by your story .

Author's Response: It was my favorite chap to write aside from the next one, chapter 17...thanks for your great review. Pru

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Review #20, by Cor_Leonis 

9th January 2005:
What an interesting house the Potters are living in. It sort of reminds me of fairy tales...brooms and furniture with minds of their own. Cute chapter.

Author's Response: Hopefully a little like JKR's wonderful world of creatures and magic? At least that's what I'm aiming for! Thanks, Pru

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Review #21, by Xavier JX 

9th January 2005:
Er…About Charlie. HP-lexicon describes him as…. somewhat shorter than his brothers and is more stockily built. Other then that, a great chapter. So I will have to read on to see if they get the cottage bac.

Author's Response: oops, really? I thought they were all tall. Thank goodness for the edit tool...tah for reveiwing and I always like suggestions, Pru

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Review #22, by Eternal Turmoil 

4th January 2005:
OMG The Broom beat him...a mind of its own...very unique....oh...COOL!

Author's Response: My personal fav chap...I really rather like Malfoy though you can't tell...*sly smile*

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Review #23, by Iced_Cherriez 

29th December 2004:
Interesting... very interesting... I really would like to see Harry in some action though, he needs a good duel or something! lol...

Author's Response: I have to say that I'm more of a head action girl than a beat up quick girl. J.K.R (our revered genius)saves the fighting toward the end and I'm planning that as well...there'll be fighting in awhile crocodile...Love, Pru

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Review #24, by DUMBELDAVE 

19th December 2004:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I loved it ! Dumbeldave

Author's Response: I can't tell you how much fun it was to write! I just knew you'd like it too. Thanks, Pru

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