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Review #1, by leapoffaith24 

12th November 2009:
wow i love this story :):)

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Review #2, by Liana 

22nd October 2009:
It was funny that Harry didn't seem to realize that he needed lesson plans. Somehow I don't think he thought about just what his new job entailed. It's going to be so interesting to see how he deals with students. I think something happened to him that happens to all of us--time went by and we got older. Was Reep warning Harry about Snape? Great chapter.

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Review #3, by Tonks21094 

2nd October 2009:
Lol. Even better! (Sorry I didn't review the last chappie!)

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Review #4, by busybusybeta 

29th January 2007:
ooh. this sounds exiting! lol, i never thought i would see the day when harry potter would find a person half his age, in a class room, more daunting than a person twice his age on a battlefield.

Author's Response: LOL Yes, the classroom is daunting. Thank you! Pru

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Review #5, by Fish and Bird 

23rd January 2006:
Hermione takes the wind out of Harry's sails and no mistake - excellent! Not only does she criticise him personally, but also she has at him about lesson plans.

You mentioned that you're a teacher. So am I and it was very funny to think about Harry who always used to doodle in HIstory of Magic now having to face class from the other side of the lectern. Nice touch.

Author's Response: hehehehe....yes, making Harry learn classroom management and lesson plans was a nod to all we hardworking teachers. It ain't easy. *smirks* Plus, I was able to have Hermione be as she always was, a know-it-all. *wink* Thanks very much for reading and reviewing. Cheers, Pru

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Review #6, by tonksandlupin 

10th December 2005:
yes, its me again, with another nitpicking session, its a Norwegian Ridgeback, not a bulgarian......*as Pru rolls her eyes in despair*.....LOL

Author's Response: No, more like *Pru lifts an eyebrow and wonders where the dragon came from* Dragons come later as I recall. I'll go in and fix it...sometime...LOL I wrote this story that you're reading almost exactly a year ago. I hope you like it. At least read past Christmas to see if it hooks you. Thanks for reviewing. It's very nice for you to read this. After this you'll have to read my spoof Hogwackers and meet all my HPFF friends for a game of Quidditch. LOL. Pru

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Review #7, by justine 

3rd November 2005:
Keeps on getting better

Author's Response: *snicker* Thanks, Justine.

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Review #8, by Sept19_rules 

10th August 2005:
Wonderful characterization of Harry - I can completely see him going in unprepared and not having a clue what or how he's going to teach. I love Hermione's advice as well - it's so like her.

Author's Response: I'm a teacher myself so I'll admit that it was fun to write Harry's sudden kick in the pants to what he was actually facing---that sea of students and their expectations. Poor him. I do love writing Hermione. Thanks for reviewing. It's great to hear. :--) Pru

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Review #9, by trixytonks 

2nd July 2005:
great chapter Pru! nice to see a human side to Harry, isn't it? he may have saved the world, but he isn't perfect. love your chapter titles, too, they are ingenius! I've one question, though. When you say this: 'I have more experience then most in the dark arts. ' should it not be 'than,' not 'then'? you write a great Hermione, and Snape is as obnoxious as ever! great work!

Author's Response: Are you going to be like Steve and edit? *sigh* Thanks for the review. I did have so much fun with the titles for the chapters, I'll admit it. :---)Cheers, Pru

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Review #10, by sparkycobalt 

2nd June 2005:
that just gave me a headache. ive been reading too much.

Author's Response: Sorry. I hope it's not the story. Thanks for the review.

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Review #11, by Katzzed 

10th May 2005:
This is cool!

Author's Response: Cool is good! Thanks so much for saying! Cheers, Pru

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Review #12, by steve34 

25th April 2005:
Heh.. poor Harry is about to get more than he bargained for. Hermione doesn't seem to have changed at all since school, which is fantastic. You really captured her personality. In answer to your questions, no, I am not an editor by day, but when I read these stories, I want to return something to the author, so I don't just read for pleasure, I look for ways to help the author improve. Easy task with this one, since the writing is so good there's not much improvement to suggest. As to my story, it will be a while, as I am working on a different story than the Founders' fic. I thought I'd try my hand at a romance story (I can already hear Evan protesting.. heh heh heh).

Author's Response: I shan't be telling him, I think. He still isn't happy with me for my try at romance. Good luck, I'll read it w/out him when you post it. You will find as you read this story that I tried to keep all the characters very much as we remember them but as adults. Many have told me that I was successful and that makes me very happy as it was why I wrote this story in the first place. I hope you'll have the time and inclination in your busy schedule to finish it! Thanks for reviewing, Pru

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Review #13, by Iced_Cherriez 

27th March 2005:
well i am jsut recapping, because even though i am meant to be doing my SOSE essay, I am going to read your story.. lol :P

Author's Response: History essays can be excruisiatingly boring but surprisingly useful in later life. That being said, I'm glad you've decided to play hooky and read the story instead. Thanks! Pru

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Review #14, by Lisa 

5th March 2005:

Author's Response: Thanks! I always love to hear. :) Pru

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Review #15, by MadameSnape 

24th February 2005:
Oh, good, Snape! So glad to see he hasn't changed!

Author's Response: Yes, I like Snape the way he is. Though, I do like to shake him up a bit on occassion. Cheers, Pru

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Review #16, by BJAuth 

21st February 2005:
Ah, lovely evil Snape! I love him, even though this is years ahead it parallels canon; nasty Snape, and hermione pestering Harry about work! Fantastic

Author's Response: Yes, I admit to the Snape bug, myself. It's how I happened to read your wonderful story. I'm going to post a new story with him as the central character this week. Thanks so much for reviewing! Pru

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Review #17, by kda 

15th February 2005:
interesting plot

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. I hope you enjoy the story. Cheers, Pru

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Review #18, by cloud 

22nd January 2005:
its good

Author's Response: Very nice of your to say. For some reason these reviews aren't showing up until a month after they've been left. *colour me puzzled*

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Review #19, by Neville James 

22nd January 2005:
Hermione is awesome! Her last comment about lesson plans and the such was great!

Author's Response: Being a teacher myself, I sort of understand the teacher-speak involved. I'm glad you like her. Pru

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Review #20, by Xebi 

18th January 2005:
Wow I think Harry underestimate the task of teaching XD He's going to have his work cut out for him.

Author's Response: I have faith in him. He'll make a great teacher. Thanks for reviewing. Pru

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Review #21, by Matt 

16th January 2005:
I'm utterly gobbled by your introduction---suddenly, a prelude of sorts clicks in and begins to make sense. Creative writing, here! I'd like to see how Snape's relationship to Harry unfolds...

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment. Severus Snape is an important participant in this story. He'll appear and disappear throughout! Pru

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Review #22, by Barbie Pvert 

10th January 2005:
Oiy am rilly hooked oiy am. Can't wait to get on wif the next chapter. the old man can wait for his din din.

Author's Response: Glad you seem to like?

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Review #23, by cleo 

10th January 2005:
wow! your story is really great ! and what a great angle , harry as a grown up with kids teaching at hogwarts! keep it it the story is great the pace is great . i love it !

Author's Response: I'm so pleased that you're enjoying the story. Thank you for reviewing! Pru

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Review #24, by Phineas 

9th January 2005:
Glad to see Snape is still around. Severus. Hermione is still wise and Harry seems still naive. I am enjoying this story.

Author's Response: I'm trying to match JKR's characters to how they might be years hence. It isn't as easy as I'd thought it would be. I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Pru

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Review #25, by Cor_Leonis 

9th January 2005:
So you've decided to keep Snakes--Snape and Harry enemies, hm? That's good, it will definitely give you some good plot--adversaries always do. I'm curious to see how Harry does as being a teacher. Nice chapter!

Author's Response: Severius Snape is one of my all time favorites in the JKR world. I think he's the most misunderstood, especially by the Gryffindors. Thanks for your review, Pru

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