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Review #1, by leapoffaith24 

3rd November 2009:
wats up with da broomstick?! 10 of 10

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Review #2, by Liana 

20th October 2009:
You know, I've had a couple of cupboards under the stairs in different houses I've lived in. This will be interesting since it was written before JKR wrote her conclusion to the series. I've always liked the different interpretations and conclusions from different authors. I take it Ron and Hermione aren't married in your version. It will be fun to find out how everyone turned out in your world. Great chapter.

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Review #3, by Tonks21094 

2nd October 2009:
Lol. I love it! Keep it up!

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Review #4, by busybusybeta 

17th August 2006:
hahaha. little lily, fighting for her special, talking broomstick.

Author's Response: Lily is a hoot. I love her best of all my characters. Thank you, Pru

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Review #5, by Fish and Bird 

20th January 2006:
Phew! Divorce doesn't loom after all. You had me worried for a minute there.
Am I reading this incorrectly, or does Molly refer to her own husband as "...Mr Weasley..." after hearing about Dumbledore and Harry's position at Hogwarts?

Author's Response: Many people have commented on that but I didn't want to take out that formality because Molly does get stroppy with Arthur on occassion. *shrugs* Call it author's perogative, I guess. LOL. Thanks, Pru

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Review #6, by justine 

3rd November 2005:
wow really amazing writting loving it

Author's Response: I so pleased that you like it so far. *smiles* Thank you.

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Review #7, by Cubdom 

4th July 2005:
I jumped when you introduced Lily. Sweet. However, I cannot ever see Harry telling someone they can't have something because "its mine". I'm loving it.

Author's Response: No parent can imagine saying "its mine" because it's so lame. Facing down a scary child having a tantrum? You'll say anything *snicker* even the great Harry Potter. Thanks for reviewing, I love to hear! Pru

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Review #8, by sparkycobalt 

2nd June 2005:
uh oh. not good. or is it? dun dun dun....

Author's Response: It's only the beginning of not good..dun..dun..dun...Thanks, Pru

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Review #9, by buttonlady 

29th May 2005:
holds your interest

Author's Response: Thanks! Pru

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Review #10, by steve34 

15th April 2005:
Okay, you can't possibly expect me to stop reading at this point! Minor typo in misspelling Voldemort. That extremely minor detail is the only thing I found to comment on. Everything else is great.

Author's Response: I fixed the error...always editing...mind boggling really...Thanks for reading. My apologies to your boss...reading at work...hehehehe. Pru

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Review #11, by Maxwell Smart 

16th March 2005:
I like it. My favorite part was the way you made Lily so stubborn. It remends me of my own sister and the emotion seems real.

Author's Response: HeHeHe...Lily has a huge stubborn streak and she often directs it at poor Billy. But, she's sweet, just as I'm sure your sister is. Thank you for reviewing, Maxwell, I hope you'll enjoy the rest. :-)Pru

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Review #12, by The_Omen23 

10th March 2005:
you should right a prequal to this. To explain the battle between vold and harry. Might help to give the story a little more feeling as to what has happened. Otherwise, good so far.

Author's Response: Don't worry, if you keep reading until 'A tale told:Death to Voldemort' I do tell what happened. I hope you enjoy the ride. Cheers, Pru

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Review #13, by MadameSnape 

24th February 2005:
Ooo, a talking broomstick! Little Lily reminds me of a very young Ginny, the way she's so frustrated at being babied.

Author's Response: Yikes! All these pen names on this site and I mixed you up with Mrs. Snape! Forgive me, I hope? I've read your Ravenclaw series and I've no excuse for getting that wrong but that it's very early in the morning and I haven't had my tea! I'm thrilled that YOU'RE reading this and can't wait until you tell me what you think of my take on Slytherin. All the best, Pru

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Review #14, by BJAuth 

20th February 2005:
Ooh, I can hear the childs screams! This flows so effortlessly you can just read and read. Molly Weasley is superb and I love the relationship between Harry and Ginny. Oooh, dark magic in the broom? Doesn't sound good.

Author's Response: It's a mom thing (as you know) the little sprogs can be so cute and yet not. Cheers, Pru

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Review #15, by SwimChick555 

5th February 2005:
Next time you should't have Molly say, "Mr. Weasley." Have her say "Arthur." It's more realistic. Otherwise, it's VERY good, and VERY well written.

Author's Response: Such a small thing, dont' you think? I imagine her saying "Mr. Weasley" in that way a wife will do when her husband is like an old love. Thanks for liking and reviewing. Now you'll have to hurry and catch up with the rest of us. There's fun ahead. Cheers, Pru

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Review #16, by Mistalyn 

23rd January 2005:
Pru...I really enjoyed chapter 2 as well. This is very inconvienient as I have stuying to do! :) Really, really great imagry. Dialogue is fantastic too.

Author's Response: Oh, come on! Math can wait. Make it to the preacher, creature, teacher chap and tell me what you think. *sic* Pru

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Review #17, by michmud 

22nd January 2005:
i enjoy your stroy

Author's Response: thanks very much :--) Pru

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Review #18, by Xebi 

18th January 2005:
She is a -brat- but still quite cute XD I love how you seem to capture the personality of each of the characters, such as Mrs Weasly with her crying ;p Another good chapter.

Author's Response: She is, your right, and cute, as well. I like her. Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Pru

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Review #19, by berelain326 

11th January 2005:
I LOVED tha tlast line. All that, and before he's even had time to drink some coffee....hehe, very cool. I am interested in seeing how the characters will progress.

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing! Pru

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Review #20, by Phineas 

9th January 2005:
More good writing and suspense and memories..and..I'm off to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #21, by Cor_Leonis 

8th January 2005:
Wow. Since you had Ginny and Harry together, I had automatically assumed it would be Ron and Hermione, too. Nice twist, there. I'm wondering if Billy is a Bilius or Bill's namesake. Only time will tell. :) Nice touch with the broom mystery. Lovely chapter.

Author's Response: Glad you like it so far...Ron and Hermione are no surprise...J.K.R writes them in denial...they're bound to take a million years to touch home base.

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Review #22, by Xavier JX 

8th January 2005:
Oh my! Every chapter a new mystery. I like it.

Author's Response: I know, I know, but the plot is like a gathering storm...so many little swirling storms leading...*smile* Pru

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Review #23, by Eternal Turmoil 

3rd January 2005:
It just keeps getting better. You rock!

Author's Response: you've made my day...no, my whole week! Thanks for revewing, Pru

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Review #24, by dream_catcher 

28th December 2004:
What could the broomstick be? Is it good or evil?! I must keep reading! BTW, great fic :D Now on to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Love you for reading...Thanks so much, Pru...I still want to see more of Jade *smile* read but write too!

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Review #25, by Iced_Cherriez 

27th December 2004:
interesting. WoW! I wonder why the broomstick talks! interesting!

Author's Response: Keep reading and you'll find out. You're the best for reviewing. Thanks, Pru

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