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Review #1, by The Golden Trio 

10th November 2009:
great start! what does the inscription on the ring mean? i can tell harry's about to start an adventure...

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Review #2, by leapoffaith24 

3rd November 2009:
very nice :) I can see why this won a Dobby :):) 10 of 10 :)

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Review #3, by Liana 

20th October 2009:
It's kind of hard to think of Harry as an older man, suffering from injuries. I would think that being the DADA teacher would be a great opportunity. Ginny certainly can't complain. This is a great start to what should prove to be an interesting book. I can't wait to read more.

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Review #4, by Tonks21094 

2nd October 2009:
Wahooo! Exellent first chapter!

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Review #5, by beating_faster 

25th June 2007:
oooh, this is such an interesting take on the whole story. and leave it to Dumbledore to have his death pronounced when he's not even dead. yeesh. anyway, reading on...

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing this. It's a wonderful story and even though I wrote pre-HBP, it's still good. Loads of adventure is a good thing. All the best, Pru

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Review #6, by busybusybeta 

17th August 2006:
yay! i was so angry that you killed dumbledore, but he's alive! wow. this story already sounds good. but, might i make a suggestion? perhaps all of the remembrances of the past are a bit much. hopefully, you only used that technique on this story! ooh. harry is going back to hogwarts. yes!!! btw, who is his third child?

Author's Response: I wrote this before HBP. The children are the twins, James and Sirius, then Lily, his youngest. The remembrances are to tie the story to the series. Thank you for reviewing, Pru

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Review #7, by Girl_Interrupted22 

10th March 2006:
An interesting and different start! i like the names you gave the kids and did you stay harry had three kids? if so whos the third one?

Author's Response: *claps hands* A new reader to my story. What fun!!! I hope you like it. It's lots of fun, especially after Christmas. The kids, especially, were fun to write. Thank you for reviewing. Pru

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Review #8, by Fish and Bird 

20th January 2006:
This is an interesting first chapter as it is neither Fluff nor Angst. On paper Harry has everything he ever wanted: Ginny and kids. However, he is suffering what appears to be a mid-life crisis and has fallen out with his wife. What is more interesting is the fact that his sons barely speak to him. Is this typical laziness on the part of the boys or a sign of a less-than-perfect relationship? I'm hooked!

Author's Response: I've heard from the reviewers that the children of Harry are great fun. I modeled both Sirius and James after their namesakes and later on toward the middle, I have loads of fun with them. They're just boys, who didn't grow up with the stress that Harry did is all. Hope you like the book. It's still my favorite. Thank you for reviewing, Pru

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Review #9, by justine 

2nd November 2005:
what a cool... begining cant wait to read more

Author's Response: Thanks very much. Pru :---)

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Review #10, by Sept19_rules 

8th August 2005:
This is so wonderful - your characterization of Harry is just perfect. Your details are wonderful too. I can tell that I'm going to enjoy this story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing. I love that people are still reading this story. I hope you'll enjoy it and tell me what you think. Cheers, Pru

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Review #11, by Jason 

20th July 2005:
This story is the most unique and realistic story I have read at this site so far....and I have read many. Although Dumbledore is now dead, this story was written before book 6 was released.

Author's Response: Yes, I'm a little sad now that my Harry story has been kicked out of canon. It's such a fun story. I have another Harry story in the planning stage, so watch for that one in a month or so. I'm so happy that you reviewed. You're very kind. All the best, Pru

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Review #12, by Cubdom 

4th July 2005:
OOOOHHH! I'm excited. This is my first foray so far into Harry's future, and you've got my hopping up and down in excitement already.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading! I hope you like the story! It's my favorite. Pru

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Review #13, by trixytonks 

30th June 2005:
....I started reading this MONTHS ago.. huh. how strange that I forgot.. oh wait. I remember. this was when I was briefly deleted from the site, and I lost all my favs. dammit! oh well, better late than never! onwards I go, forgot how good and original this was!

Author's Response: Okay, now I'm getting all misty that you went over to read this one. I like it very much and your friend Steve liked it, as well. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think. Hugs, Pru

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Review #14, by Cronje 

3rd June 2005:
Great start! I have a question, though. What in the world is a 'guilder', beyond a member of a guild? Shouldn't that be 50,000 Galleons?

Author's Response: *giggling* 3000 reads on that first chapter and you're the first one to point out my idiocy. The only thing I can say is this was my first fanfic and my first chapter. I'm such a snickler for canon now that I'm actually blushing. It's a good story and I hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks, Pru

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Review #15, by sparkycobalt 

2nd June 2005:
yay! a new story to entertain me! eheh. yeah. this story sounds great so far. i shall read ze next chapter and review yet again.

Author's Response: Hurrah! a new reader to entertain! I love this story and hope you will too! Thank you, Pru

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Review #16, by buttonlady 

29th May 2005:
Good job, I am looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. I like your name, being a fan of buttons, myself. Pru

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Review #17, by steve34 

15th April 2005:
Very cool introduction! I should probably be writing, but I'm gonna read at least one more chapter, for now. You've got me hooked, so I will definitely read through to the end... eventually. heh heh heh

Author's Response: Aren't you funny to start this story...I still think if you like adventure and I think you might...you'll like it. Thanks, Steve. Pru

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Review #18, by Vicky South Wales 

29th March 2005:
An absoloutley fantastic story! Dark and thought provoking yet light hearted and funny as well, you've kept the characters true. I thoroughly enjoyed every page. My congratulations to you.

Author's Response: Thank you Vicky, I'm so glad you liked the story. That's me all over, dark thoughts and a laugh a minute. Thankyou for your review and wonderful e-mail. All the best, Pru

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Review #19, by Iced_Cherriez 

28th March 2005:
i'm in a story? another story? haha lol, sorry.. I cant wait to read it! lol the movies today didnt go too well.. *sigh* i went with my friends.. and low and behold they decided to invite some guys, which, i might add, on of them has a big scary crush on me.. so i had him breathing down my neck the whole time, trying to kiss me.. eeeewww gross!!! and to make things worse, he is my friends ex... and she didnt even know i went to the movies today.. so i feel really bad... arrggg! i am going to have to write a whole long letter to him saying that i am sorry, but i dun like him.. okay well then halfway through the movie i felt sick so i called my mum and went home.. i dunno if it was him or just me being sick.. but i felt like i was going to spew.. haha i bet he felt bad... oops.. anyways i really should finish this essay so i have all the time in the world to finsh reading your story! yay! then i have to finsih moes as well! well then ta ta for now! lotsa love Evelyn

Author's Response: Wowzer! I hope everything turns out all right...sounds like a soap opera..Cheers, Pru

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Review #20, by iced_Cherriez 

28th March 2005:
Ah - I see! I understand now.. lol sorry I didn't review anymore last night, i got invited to the movies for today, so i really did have to finish my essay.. now all i have to do is a conclusion.. *sigh*.. anyways i am not meant to be on the computer at the moment.. so better go! ta ta :P

Author's Response: Thanks Evelyn, I'll wait patiently for you to read thru it. You're very nice to. I know you're wildly busy. I wrote a Hogwackers United story that I'm posting tommorrow, dear. You're in it. It's a shorter story but I'm going to have some fun with it. Cheers, Pru

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Review #21, by Iced_Cherriez 

26th March 2005:
aww i'm sorry... lol i just got so busy.. i seriously havent read any stories for like weeks now.. but i have been reading yours.. jsut forgetting to review.. a wild house-elf aye? i must pass that one onto john!! haha lol yes, i bet he would be happy.. so you really put all that action in for me?? i feel so honoured... dam.. i ahve to go to bed.. lol, otherwise i would be reading your story in a flash.. tomorrow easter, lol. have a happy day! I am soooo bored, so i will read your story once i have finished my essay.. u dont know anything on the change of positions had in WWI and WWII.. in australia.. of course you wouldnt lol it is so hard to find information though.. *sigh* well i'd better go! the easter bunny has to come.. haah its like 11:07 or something here.. so only 53 minutes till easter.. well ta ta then, happy easter! lotsa love Iced_Cherriez

Author's Response: eeeeekkkk! Don't tell him!!!!! I'm really very tall in real life....geeze...*ew*

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Review #22, by Iced_Cherriez 

26th March 2005:
haha harry before prior??? omg.. sorry you are so funny!... i really gave you the insparation for all that?? are you crazy!? lol.. well as you can probably see, my friend thought that i wasnt good enough for beater.. becuase i hate to hit things... she is so much more like a george than i am to be honest... so she made me seeker, because keepers hit things too... so... acording to her.. i am now a seeker.. i think she may have even put that on the site.. her name is beetle_shell.. and she is insparation for shell in johns story, much like i am the inspration for evelyn.. haha lol yes unfortunatly, i am attracted to both sexes in his stories, but beign the evil villian, i quite enjoy that.. especially the head part in the parcel.. lol anyways i told john to send everyone the details for the site, so that you can add what ever you want to it, but i dont know if he has sent them out yet.. so i mite send them myself! lol got any good ideas for the site?? i am going to try and make a logo right now.. because i am bored.. lol haha well i'd better go! ta ta. lotsa love Evelyn!

Author's Response: You're a wild woman, Evelyn. Yes, because of you I created the Dark Lord's crystal. Just goes to show everyone how important and fun reviewing can be for a writer. Interaction changes things!! I'm floored about the Hogwacks site, it's awesome. Great job. I didn't know about John using fellow writers as inspiration. I'm shaking with dread now that he'll make me a sarcastic house elf with an ax to grind. anyway thanks and if you're bored...read my story...all that action that I put in it because you complained and LOL you never finished it!!! Cheers, Pru

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Review #23, by trixytonks 

18th March 2005:
hmm, i wonder how i let this story get past me! iv only jus read the first chapter and im being shooed out of the computer room by cleaners(grr) but i like it alot so far! life after voldie, good idea, i shall be keeping up wit it! (",)

Author's Response: Welcome to the story! I hope you'll be able to read around those pesky cleaners. Thank you for reviewing. It's so nice to hear from readers! Cheers, Pru

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Review #24, by Maxwell Smart 

13th March 2005:
DANGIT!!!!!!*kicks himself violently and falls off chair*I should have read this chapter a long time ago. It has been here forever... It friggin' rocks!!! You have a great imagination!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Love your name, Max. I hope you will feel the same throughout the story. It's a bit of a ride. Thank you for your review, Pru :-)

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Review #25, by bold jenni! 

9th March 2005:
thanks for the name!! its just its rare to find a really good story on this site. I mean, most of them are good but I mean ones that really could be published...like yours!! I have...uh...about 6 stories that come under that category and yours is definitely one of them!! I want to give some constructive criticism but I can't think of any!! I've always been bad at that...yeah, anyway, great story! oooh have u seen the cover to the 6th book? it was in the newspaper!!! yay!!!!!!

Author's Response: I haven't seen the cover! I'll look. Thanks for saying how much you like the story. I'm writing faster now and am just uploading the next chapter....*sigh*

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