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Review #1, by Elanesse 

21st November 2017:
Thanks so much for updating. I hope things are going better for you and your family?

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Review #2, by Kaya 

17th November 2017:
When will you update before I flip my hat.

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Review #3, by alexaemd123 

15th October 2017:
And thank you for writing yet another fantastic chapter! I seriously love Severus and Hermione! Perfect couple right there! The conversation between Albus and Hermione scared me, like a lot! I was scared he was going to say that she needed to leave like in the next couple of days and I was about to cry! Freaked me out a lot! lol but on a better note, I love how adorable they are, and i can't wait for them to do the deed! It needs to happen soon! I can feel how close it is!!! haha I am so beyond excited for the next chapters! You really bring a huge smile to my face when I read your story! So I just wanted to say thank you! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!!! And, I'm sorry to hear about your aunt! I'm sending healing prayers to her and to your family!

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Review #4, by marauderfan 

13th October 2017:
LOOK HI I CAUGHT UP!! Sorry about not leaving reviews on all the chapters in between. Got swept up in the story (and... was also too lazy to type). You know how it goes. Anyway, here we are.

As much as it pained her, she would have to let things unfold, no matter how horrible they would become. -- this is such a sobering thought. like it's scary enough going to the past and being hyper-aware of everything you do and the potential impact it might have, but when you add that to the fact that you have to watch history unfold as you know it, the horrible events and all, that's got to be so excruciating. And Hermione's a person who always reacts to situations she doesn't like by actively doing something to change it. Fighting voldemort, starting SPEW, etc, so this must be especially hard for her to just sit on her hands and do nothing.

The fluff with Severus in the past few chapters has been really sweet. There's a sentence I never thought I'd say. But it's remarkable how much he's changed and how open he is with her, it's so sweet.

Great chapter!

Also I am so, so sorry to hear about your aunt. It's so hard to watch loved ones go through cancer treatments. I sincerely hope things get better. ♥ my inbox(es) are always open if you ever want to talk.

Great work on this chapter and you are a lovely person ♥

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