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Review #1, by FAObssessed 

14th January 2018:
James better see that letter she wrote one day or I'm selling my GCSEs

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Review #2, by maraudeer 

31st December 2017:
Wow this story is so awesome. I love it so much! You are so talented! I love how all of the characters have grown, it really shows in this chapter. You capture the angst so well haha. At first I wanted Effy to be with Mikey, but it was probably this chapter that made me change my mind. I love how you stay away from the cliche romantic plotlines, the result is really emotional and powerful. I love Albus and Poppy, they are so endearing. I'm so excited to see where you take this story!!

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Review #3, by HarryGinnyLove88 

21st July 2017:
Ooo i hope she Accidentally sent the letter to james "hint" ;)

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Review #4, by Sunshine&daisies 

18th July 2017:
Excellent chapter! Looking forward to the next one--please post soon!

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Review #5, by Rori 

17th July 2017:
Love the banner! When can we expect an update?

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Review #6, by _slytherdor_ 

10th July 2017:
hi! i'm new to this story, i found it through the dobbys list and can i say that your fic really does live up to the dobbys you earned! i really love it, i came back from my whole dramione phase to the next gen stuff and i like the plot of this one - esp the character development! i really relate to effy since i am kind of loud and witty and definitely sassy and sarcastic! i didn't really review on any other chapters so far since i whizzed through your fic up until where it stands as of now - and i only started last week haha! i also wanted to say because i had the chance to read it all in one go (kinda), i have seen your writing style improve and develop as well, and i wanna say well done to that!
okay so now on to my questions about FA:
how many chapters are you planning on writing?
where/how did you come up with everyone's personalities - esp effy, oscar, and aspen?
i am super liberal and love the feminist bits as well as oscar being a gay character - did you intentionally write these in to get a reaction out of your readers?
are you actully gonna write a sequel? i want to know! in my opinion, i'd love to see poppy and albus' relationship, but not from hogwarts, since they are friends of effy and i'm not really into reading into the same story again, but maybe later in the future, like 10 years? or if not that, i'd love to see james and effy set 5 years after she graduates and what she ends up doing with her life and how much she has grown, as well as all the other minor characters. i have been a hpff reader for 5 or 6 years now (wow i'm getting old haha) and have definitely grown a ton in many ways since high school, so seeing them older would be super fun and interesting too!
okay i'm probably writing too much, but i really do like your fic, writing style, characters, everything! i'm huge into literature, so i love your little salutes to things like TS Eliot and such (i took a british literature course at my univeristy last semester - i'm american) as well as hints to pop culture.
okay i think that's about it...have a great day, keep up writing, and i can't wait to read the next chapters ahead!

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Review #7, by JT4HP 

2nd July 2017:
Okay so I completely, absolutely LOVED this chapter!

I just couldn't get enough of this long distance, friends, yet not friends relationship with James and Eff. IT WAS SO GOOD. SO GOOD.

Something about the letters got me. And that last one Effy wrote to James I AM JUST CRINGING THINKING THAT YES, THIS IS GOING TO SEND TO HIM AND OH CRAP CRAP CRAP.

It's just you can see SO much how much Eff DOES love James. Like she's just so in love with him, but kissing Mikey because honestly what's a girl to do in this kind of situation?!?! Kiss Mikey. That's the answer. But it's James, I know it!

Ugh. Okay, enough about James (never enough about James, tbh, but it really can't be all about him. prat.)

I just really loved Eff being back, ya know? Like the dialogue and witty comments were on point with her and her whole group. And it's just so good to see her develop without James around.

UGH. Just love, obviously. All the love for FA. And you. Seriously brilliant writing in this chapter and it was SO LONG.

Author's Response: ah omg i AM SO THRILLED YOU LIKE IT! your support for FA means the WORLD to me so i'm ecstatic you liked this chapter!

ahhh! give me a second to calm down a bit...

so thrilled you love effy, so thrilled you liked this chapter, so thrilled you left such a lovely review. you're the best- as always- and your words never stop making me grin at my laptop. what have i done to deserve you! xxx

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Review #8, by putitonpaper 

25th June 2017:
What?!? Had I known that green birds were singing 10,000+ new beautiful words, I would not have spent my sick days this month binge watching Supergirl. Now I feel like I can stop crime and beat up everyone. I objectively cannot do these things... anyways your new chapter...

It never popped in my mind that Effy was "so, so high school" until I got to this chapter! And obviously, taking a moment to think about the plot, this story is so, so clearly and definitely "so, so high school." But, you've written this in a way that's so mature, flowing, and beautiful that you forget that this is a story about two teenagers that just can't seem to get their stuff together and be together.

But, this chapter, I found myself saying "oh! this is sooo high school! She is sooo high school!" And, I think this was intentional by you? The juxtaposition of James adult-ing and having real problems, a real job, real changes to Effy's drama of classes, matchmaking, the Slug club, and high school sports is so striking, interesting, and well-done. James just seems soo mature! Like he initiated the letters, he's accepting change, he seems genuinely interested in what Effy's doing in a selfless kind of way. Effy seems to be playing mind games - inserting herself in Poppy and Al's relationship to feel closer to James in a convoluted and complicated way when she could just write him a letter saying "I miss you. I want to be with you." Her way of dealing with her sadness also shows her adolescence - "I was busy, I was engaged, I was fine." (Although, "adults," including myself react the same way to stress/tragedy.) And I feel like this line was written just to be spiteful: "he picked me up by the thighs and pushed me against an ogre and crusader tapestry and I swear to god, I swear to all the gods, I had never thought of you less in my entire life." This may seem like I'm hating on Effy but I'm not really. My emotional intelligence in high school was like negative 5 trillion so her reaction to everything is totally realistic to me. And I have to say, while I'm giving James all kinds of credit for being mature in the back of my head I'm remembering "high school" James which wasn't so long ago and I'm wondering - did he know that calling Katie "cool" would make it seem like he was moving on? Did he do this to torture Effy?

I feel like I don't appreciate/give credit to the more low key elements to your writing so things that jumped out to me that I probably would not normally note in a review:

1) The Wildersons are my family's spirit animals! Jack and Effy's reaction to Felicity's smile made me laugh out loud because that is so something my mom would do to us! Dote over our friends but def not us! And I love Felicity's qualification in her sadness - "Well... unless..." (I don't hate it! #practical). I also love that Felicity is Team Meffy! And can Aspen and Jack get married so Effy and Aspen can be sisters?!?! (Did I just fanfic your fanfic!?)

2) "The goblin quartet band changed tone of music" - this paragraph right here stuck out to me as something that was so well done. It felt like I was watching a movie where the director uses music to signal to the audience that there's a shift in conversation. Here it was like "oh Meffy's getting comfortable with each other... what's about to happen now?!"

3) This is so random but I wrote down the word "glinting." I don't know why! But I was like "I'm going to write this word down. I like it!"

4) Your very short description of Rose actually made me laugh. No lie. I was like "DANG, my girl Rose is a MASTER multi-tasker!"

5) I very deeply appreciated Aspen as a friend in this chapter. I love Oscar's personality so I always notice him but I don't think I give Aspen enough credit - her insistence that Effy is hot, the "tell me about Poppy!" on the way to Hogwarts to change the topic, and her support while Effy was crying over James's letter. I don't know why these things jumped out at me in this particular chapter but they did.

6) And then these phrases just made me laugh. Like seriously laugh -
(a) “Ruddy accused the professors of racism, Louis of sexism”
(b) - “I tried to smile a bit nicer, but I think I went into overkill; Indigo took a step back and looked concerned.” - DYING. D.Y.I.N.G.
(c) "champagne socialist" - loved this! This is such an Oscar thing to say!

7) Finally, forgive me, I feel like I may be missing something - Why does Mikey deserve the captainship over Effy? Is this based on merit or just something people keep saying/implying?

Welp, this review is overkill huh? (To the point where I had to copy it because I was like - "I swear, if HPFF sends me an error message/you're not signed in message after writing a review of almost 5000 characters, I will flip tables!")



I'm excited to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: urgh this is just the loveliest, nicest, best - i've run out of synonyms! - review, its the best review i've ever gotten for sure and i have a lump in my throat thinking someone could dedicate so much time and effort into discussing and analysing this silly fic!

i truly do not know what to say beyond thank you, thank you INFINITELY, your words have moved me and truly resonated and i could not be more grateful. ahhh! i really cannot express my appreciation enough!

ok so firstly- yes! effy is /so/ high school. i don't necessarily think its a flaw or a weakness as much as its just an sign of her age- at least when james was in school with her, the duo were both petty and zestful teenagers, but now james has grown a bit with his graduation, effy's immaturity is all the more evident.

and i am beYOND thrilled you've noted growing up as a major theme of this fic! it wasn't meant to be when i first started writing, but definitely over the years it's become inevitable- i'm now more james' age than effy's, and as growing up has been such a constant presence in MY life over the past few years- senior year, first year of uni- it was only natural some of that would seep into the story, i think!

in fact, your analysis of the major theme of this story- especially evident of this chapter- is so perfectly observed and written i'm a little thrown. like, you articulated it better than i could, and i'm the writer!! never in my LIFE would i imagine such amazing analysis of something i've written, ahh can i thank you enough?! i don't think so?! you are an ANGEL. yes, yes, yes, YES to everything you've said.

especially about james. james definitely threw in that 'katie' liner to wind effy up. he's grown, but he hasn't changed, and he feels just as unjustly towards the situation as effy does.

HAHAHA i am SO glad you liked the wildersons! that was inserted kind of in a heated moment of annoyance- i was feeling so fed up with the weasleys being portrayed as such a perfect family in fanfic, likewise with the wotters, i was so ready for some normal family dynamic! super stoked you appreciated ;)

yes! take glinting! it's a fantastic word isn't it!

AHH your review NEVER ceases to make me beam, i am SO THRILLED you like aspen, aspen is literally straight off the bat based off my best friend and she gets very little credit! effy's relationship with oscar and albus get a lot of commentary, which is great, as the boys are big characters, but they're selfish and very self-centred... aspen is the REAL no.1, bae since day !! ahhh! thank you!

and lastly- i think it's just a comment on how good mikey is at playing, and how things usually just land in effy's lap with minimal effort on her part- white girl problems, i KNOW. will definitely go over and re-edit around that though.

urghhh... this has been such a joy to review and i am beyond thrilled, like beyond WORDS that you've sat down and thought like this about FA, let alone write it! it means the world- truly- and i, ahhh, i am just SO grateful! i don't know what else to say- thank you beyond words!

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Review #9, by luna1306 

25th June 2017:
Favorite quote of the chapter

"Poppy and I were never especially close, but she was funny and sharp, witty and- best of all- very good at complaining. I admire that in a young woman."

When I started this chapter I was just thinking about how I actually don't like James and effy being together. Not because I don't think they're meant to be ( because I do )
But damn it I love the drama. When they are together I want them to break up and fight. And when they do I want them together. This chapter has it all, first they're together then she kisses Mickey. I love it, but I don't Y'know.
Aaaah complicated.
Anyway, you are totally right for being so proud of this chapter.

I hope this story never ends, but I know it wil.
That'll be a sad day...

△⃒⃘ luna

Author's Response: ahhh- beyond glad you took to that line, as its one of my favourites too! poppy has such a big character, holds such warmth within my head and yet she rarely gets time in effy's self-absorbed narrative so i try and slot in as many poppy one-liners as possible- even if they're said about her, rather than by her!

so yeah, suuuper glad you liked that ;) and i'm even happier this chapter confused you! i wanted it to, like god- seventeen is difficult, isn't it, and first loves are the worst. whatever. no one's dead or anything, its all angst angst angst in her head and it is so sadistically fun to narrate it!

buut- so so glad you enjoyed it, and thank you ENDLESSLY for reading and even more so for such a lovely review! it means the world! xoxox

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Review #10, by Amy 

21st June 2017:
HI! I haven't left a review for you before because I can be quite a sporadic ff reader, but I have been following this for at least a year or two and WOW! I love it so much!!! You really have such a wide range of topics and I really really really just want to see Jeffy together again! That letter

Author's Response: ahhh that means the world to me that you've stuck with FA for so long! thank you, thank you, thank you! this review's made me smile and i am super appreciative. all my luv xx

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Review #11, by PLUM 

18th June 2017:
All right, I just sat down for the first time in AGES and read a proper chapter all the way through, which I feel slightly terrible about admitting, but I am such a notorious skimmer and that's not got anything to do with your absolutely STUNNING writing (I'm just the worst, and lazy). Anyway, this chapter totally and utterly enraptured me. I cannot believe how much I missed reading about Effy and James (even through short letters) and MIKEY, oh god, Mikey, my HEART. I don't even know what to say other than I'm re-obsessed? I've always been obsessed but now I'm like, yeah, I'm obsessed.

I cannot wait for the next chapter. Literally, cannot.

Also, my absolute favorite part: “What’s wrong with martinis?” Mikey wanted to know, sipping his with such understated sophistication I was wondering if my attraction to Mikey was an long harboured attraction to old Mikey or a newfound attraction to new Mikey, and when did Mikey become Mikey, and should I start calling him Michael."

I was screaming. This is such understated humour, oh my god. But okay, this has been the longest review I think I've ever written in my life but it was worth it. Have I mentioned I really love your writing? I feel like I am Effy? Ugh, I just loved this.

As always, lots of love, P xxx

Author's Response: ahhh omg omg omg ! your reviews are always so lovely and insightful, thank you so much for leaving another one!

ahaha- i'm so glad you enjoyed that line, firstly, its a personal favourite, and i know this has been a rlly angsty chapter but i do think it's featured some of effy's best one-liners! so super chuffed you enjoyed it ;)

super glad you enjoyed it, SUPER glad you're still on hpff, i've missed you & hopefully the next chapter'll be up soon! you know how much i think you rock, but i'm jjust reminding you nevertheless. ♥

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Review #12, by Banter_And_Beef 

17th June 2017:
So I'm not usually a fan of fan fictions, especially the romantic kind, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story. I really love how you mix muggle and magical ideals and culture so well, showing a development from the wizarding war from the books.
These last two chapters have been one of my favourite. I really like how you've shown the development in James, how he's maturing and moving on from high school bullshit, and as someone who has both been the friend left behind at high school and the one leaving people behind at uni, I think both James and Effy's attitudes are really realistic.
I also like the additive of him being in a place where he wouldn't be known for his name and how he likes the fact. Because I feel like where he obviously found a way to make the Potter nameane everyones obsession over him work for him, there was always a part of him who needed to prove himself beyond that, which would explain a lot of his attitude in the earlier chapter.
Mikey and Effy. LOVE IT. They really needed some chance to get closure in their relationship. I personally don't like Mikey that much (nothing to do with your writing, just my own personal reasons) , and definitely want Effy to end up with James, but I really like that we're getting to explore this relationship.
I am of course keen to see more development in Poppy and Al's relationship, but Im also really interested to find out more about Al's and James. You said that they had a complicated relationship, and they both seem really protective of the other, but I also sense a bit of animosity (Maybe? Atlas on Al's part?), and I'd really like to see where that has come from, as I suspect growing up as a Potter would be difficult.
Also, I know he's been made out to be a bit of a Villain, but are we going to see more Freddy? I always love the antagonistic, loyal, bad boy with the hard life back story.
Anyway, keep up the awesome work. So excited to see where you go with it.

Author's Response: ahhh !! THANK U !! that means so, SO much to me and i'm genuinely smiling irl here. omg ! /thank you/!

ok, where do i begin?

showing james' development has been super important to me, because as someone who's recently left school for uni, the progression and maturing i've experienced has been so felt amongst myself and my friends it would feel weird not to include it in some way or form. it also felt super important making him grow up, just to highlight effy's immaturity, so its a total plot aid too!

urgh, albus and poppy have the BEST budding relationship in my head but i can never include it, effy's dialogue just doesn't have room for it! so look out for an upcoming albus & poppy one-shot on it!

yes to more freddie, yes to more al and james- yet to /everything/ you've referred to in this absolute DREAM of a review! i think this is the best review i've ever gotten, and i am grateful beyond words. thank you infinitely ♥

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Review #13, by Violet Potter 434 

17th June 2017:
that was amazing

like wow

i think i'm out of breath

how is that possible?

i feel like i've run a marathon

this isn't normal

your story is making me go funny!

well funnier

i'm all ready slightly...funny

but oh my gosh

I love this chapter

I mean I love all your chapters

but this was really...wow

I actually don't know how to describe this, I'm speechless (obvs jut a saying, I don't think I could ever be completely speechless-not even if youp put duct tape on me)

but yeah

oh my gosh

I haven't recovered yet

and by the way

your instinct is wrong

long chapters are the best- are this is like the longest

and yeah

really annoyingly in exam period - I should be product design revising (fun times)

but now i'm going to need a few hours to recover

I swear

I might have to read it again... once or twice

let me go do that now actually

this was amazing I NEED MORE


AND I NEED THAT SOONISH(read sharpish)

love from me xxx

Author's Response: hahahaa! your reviews always leave me with SUCH a smile on my face- thank you for yet another delightfully wonderful one!

your reviews mean the world to me. thanks so much for this one, and hopefully the next one'll be up soon! ♥

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Review #14, by becks8bsc 

16th June 2017:
OMG AMAZING! I am literally so confused about who i want Effy to be with! I have fallen in love with the new Mikey, i really hope effy gives him a chance! I just feel like he has always loved her and always been there for her whereas her and James' relationship is always so tumultuous. Saying that though i love James as well. Getting all the feels right now, can't wait to see what you do with this love triangle and cannot wait for the next installment!

Author's Response: thanks SO SO MUCH!

i love that you've fallen in love with mikey, he's really split other readers but i'm always going to have such a soft spot for him (as is effy!) i loved even more having this insight into your thought on the three- thanks so much for sharing, genuinely! it means so much that you've thought so much about my characters!

thanks again for such a wonderful review! hoepfully the next chapter'll be up soon ♥

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Review #15, by astoryending 

15th June 2017:
When I saw the word count on this, holy hell! :D

Effy nooo... That letter is so ending up with James! But Mikey, mate, you need to find a new girl. Effy and James may be going about things in (super) stupid ways but come ooon. So perfect for each other.

All the drama and angst, I love it haha!

Big love on this as always :)

Author's Response: ahaha, yeah its a super long one! i want to wrap up FA as soon as possible so look forward to even longer chapters in the future ;)

thanks so much for leaving such a lovely review, i can't quite say if you're right or not but hopefully you won't be disappointed with the upcoming chapter(s)! thanks endlessly for reading and reviewing ♥

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Review #16, by wethegrounders 

15th June 2017:
I loved this chapter so much. things are really heating up now, and I am sooo attached to this story now. please keep updating!!! :)

Author's Response: god that means so much to me, thank you- thank you beyond words! i'm so flattered you like this story so much, update deffo coming soon ;) xx

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Review #17, by blackzero 

14th June 2017:
I don't know how they will be able to keep their relationship .kissing Micky and writing to the James...Please don't break them.It has evolved into a super complicated knot.Thanks for such a large chapter...

Author's Response: ahh you'll just have to wait and see! thanks so much for leaving a review !! xxx

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Review #18, by Sam 

14th June 2017:
OMG SO SO GOOD. Great Chapter.

Author's Response: thanks so, sooo much! means the world! xox

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Review #19, by Ness 

14th June 2017:
This was incredible. I usually skip through paragraphs while reading particularly long chapters in fics, but this wasn't heavy at all!! I don't think I've ever related to a character as much as I did to Effy in this chapter, it was just poignant.

I hope you choose to write outside the hpverse some day xx

Author's Response: ahhh omg thank you thank you thank yooouuu! i'm so glad you don't think it was heavy- and even more happy you find yourself relating to effy! i put so much of myself in her, all my faults and insecurities, and it means the world & beyond she resonates a little with you. ahhh!

and your concluding statement? wow. like- that's my DREAM- so appreciated beyond words. you rock. thank you so SO much for not only reading but this glorious, amazing review !! xoxo

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Review #20, by Mags 

14th June 2017:
Man do I want that letter to end up with James and for him to tell Effy to f*ck off! Not that I don't want them to be together in the end, but I think Effy needs to see what she stands to lose and it's her turn to grovel and try to win James back. You don't show someone you love them by snogging a different person because you're having an immature reaction to the one you love making new friends. And poor Mikey, caught in the middle of Effy's mess. Maybe both of the boys needs to break contact with her for a while? Really get that clean slate that Effy lied to Al about. All for the angst here, lol

Considering that Aspen is pressuring Effy to answer James, I've got a feeling that the letter will be sent one way or another... or, that James will hear about it. Is it sadistic of me that I want Effy to be somewhat punished? I don't know, she does so much stupid (normal) teenage things that is bound to come back and bite her in the end, and maybe that time has come? Right now James and Mikey deserves better and I hope Effy will come to that conclusion. But as I said, I love the angst ;)

Author's Response: hahaha- and honestly, i do NOT blame you! i bang on a lot about how entwined effy is with my own identity and teenage angst, but she needs a slap just as much as i did/do. you are totally, totally right.

like, she's been in a difficult place with both boys over the year, but i totally agree- all she's doing is hurting them now, and moreover just hurting herself? but i wouldn't be able to write a story about rational girls, so ;)

thanks so so much for this glorious, wonderful review- and just for reading in general! i appreciate it beyond words. thank you ENDlessly xxx

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Review #21, by Allie 

14th June 2017:
It was a beautiful chapter, I have never so closely related to Effy till this point. The feeling on being stuck while people move on into new things and you're left behind. I love mikey I really do but as I read that chapter I was begging them to see sense and take their own paths. Romantically I just feel they aren't suited and James and Effy? Come on, i need them together! Fabulous writing as always looking forward to the next!

Author's Response: ahHH that is aMAZING to hear! wow! omg! i LOVE that you feel you can relate to effy, she is my alter ego at this point and i cannot even understand this attempted poppy/albus one-shot, i'm so loyal to her and her narrative.

i can't say what's going to happen next, but i love hearing your projections/ what you wish to happen. thank you so, so much for such a lovely and heart-warming review! it's appreciated beyond words! xoxox

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Review #22, by dracoismyboyfriendguys 

14th June 2017:
Oh my God! Well I have an English Lit A level tomorrow but the past half-hour spent reading this can totally count as revision right? Brilliant update and was sooo fun to have such a long one! It's crazy how much everything has changed for all of the characters over the past year but their development is fab!
Firstly, I'm hoping that something will have happened between Al and Poppy at the party- I love a good slow burn couple though, and I just can't wait for when they're officially, finally together.
Secondly, I'm so happy that Effy got captain! Despite the fact that she's a fictional character, I feel like a proud mother! Anyone else? No? Okay...
And then the letters. Oh my God the letters. As soon as James mentioned Katie I was like uh-oh spaghetti Os. Effy is not going to like that. Their relationship literally reminds me of me and my ex so much, and my heart seriously breaks for Effy in every chapter.
Effy's letter at the end had me half-crying, half-laughing and just whispering "No, no, God no" at my computer screen. If she ends up sending that, I literally have no idea what will be in store for her and James. I hope she does, because I'm sadistic like that. I love Mikey, I really do, but I can't see him and Effy being in a relationship.
Anywho, congrats on such a brilliant update! Good luck/ hope your exams went well, and I can't wait for the next one!
Alice xxx

Author's Response: omg!! firstly- english lit a level! i finished mine last year and it was GROSSS. what texts did you do, what exam board, how did it go, tell me EVERYthing! are you doing it for (i assume) uni next year? sorry for being so nosey haha. i'll stop being so creepy now.

al & poppy DEFINE slow born, its definitely annoying that i can't define their relationship that much through effy's self-centred narrative but they're definitely happening! it's super fun to allude to their progress throughout the story because they're definitely the major sub-plot & i'm super excited to upload their one-shot at some point.

hahaha god effy is the QUEEN of melodrama like GOD- she is lorde's whole new album, every taylor swift song & more. but her angst is so fun to write, especially as her and mikey especially just flow off the page (figuratively, this is all obv typed).

but i couldn't be happier that you enjoyed it! and thank you so much for such a long & lovely review, i appreciate it beyond words (and yes, exams went well enough thank you!) all my luv xx

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Review #23, by Erinnmarie97 

13th June 2017:
She finally updated! I missed Effy and friends :) I can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: ahh yes i did! next chapter should hopefully be up asap ;) xoxox

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Review #24, by The Justice League 

13th June 2017:
I'm so hoping James and Effy are endgame, but you're scaring me with the Mikey plot!! That aside, this was another wonderfully written chapter, and I loved the letters! And Effy FINALLY admitted she loved James! Can't wait for next update!

Author's Response: hahaha i hope i don't scare you off reading more! i'm so glad you enjoyed it- thanks endlessly for leaving such a wonderful review, and just for reading in the first place!! xxx

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Review #25, by HPFantasticks 

13th June 2017:
You are brilliant!!
The story is brilliant, the characters and the dialogues and I long for more and I think that tomorrow i will read the entire story from the beginning. I cannot say it enough, it is such a great story!!
Thank you and please, update soon!

Author's Response: ahhh- thank you , thank you so so much! it means the world that you read it and liked it (and left such a lovely review, of /course/)- let alone that you want to reread!

thanks again for everything xox

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