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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

4th June 2017:
Hello lovely!

I just got home from vacation so I thought I’d make my way over to your story (where I belong).

I missed Finn. My precious angel baby. Congratulations for the frogs btw! I knew you'd make it! You're literally the best.

Me screeching loudly that he really should just tell Brindley about the danger she's in has been magnified but 100 fold in this chapter. But then again I understand why he wouldn’t. Brindley, for all of her Hufflepuffness, has the courage of a Gryffindor and would probably end up taking Grindelwald down herself.

“Usually he enjoyed his own company - and really, who wouldn’t” This is why I love him so much.

SWEET BABY GAY. Hello precious angel sweet Ben. Oh and him worrying about Finn giving him that same judgment and then Finn firmly not giving him any of that judgment AND THEN FOLLOWING IT WITH THE DEFENSE OF YOU CAN LOVE WHOEVER YOU LOVE. Yes. Yes it is that Hufflepuff girl.

Alright. It's decided. Even though I love charming, manipulative, evil Tom we've got to kill him. I’m ready for a coup. Besides the half-cocked one at the ministry.

NOT RADBOURNE. Not with all that I now know! No! He and Ben are going to live the happily ever after they deserve.

I was just thinking there's no way that Dumbledore would ever eat those chocolates and then there he is suddenly "allergic." I swear you've nailed every canon character I've ever seen. Ever. Also clever little Finn with his mental note. It would do him well to remember it.

Also can I pause just a moment to sigh pleasantly at the revelation that Finn is clearly stressed a bit. He was behind on theory, homework, every class, and there was that whole failed casual assassination attempt like half a second ago and then what does my precious boy do? He reaches in just to feel the note that she wrote him.

aand now I’m crying with this precious line: “I’d rather spend a few days with you,” he said quietly, “than years with anyone else.”

I can’t wait to read the next chapter which I see is already up and waiting to tempt me! I love your stories so, so much.

Author's Response: You belong here always ♥

Thank you so much! But I actually have you to thank because you're the one who nominated this story in the first place, so THANK YOU ♥

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Review #2, by Felpata Lupin 

20th May 2017:
Oh, my Shakespeare, this chapter!

And what a cliffhanger! Is he going to reveal it is Brindley? Is he going to tell the other Hufflepuff girl? Is he going to simply refuse to say anything? I want to know, but at the same time I'm scared of the answer and its consequences.

And by the way, the torturing scene was so powerful. Terrifying and heartbreaking, but so well done. Poor Finn, I just want to cuddle him and keep him safe...

Oh, Ben and Radbourne... I loved the conversation between Ben and Finn and their mutual acceptance. It was a sweet moment, even if there was a bitter taste in it as well, because they are both forced in these situations they can't manage. It is always Tom, indeed.

And the chocolate bit... I wonder if Dumbledore was truly allergic or if he somehow guessed what was going on. After all, Dumbledore always knows everything... he's Dumbledore! I loved the way you wrote him, by the way, and that little argument between him and Tom about love. So very in character for both of them.

Usually he enjoyed his own company - and really, who wouldn't Maybe he's not the old Finn, but some parts of his character will never change! :P Thank you for tearing me a laugh among all the angst!

And of course, Brindley! That moment in the greenhouse was so sweet! So many feel... (also, I loved the creature)

This was such a great chapter and I can't wait for the next!

Love you, little B!


Author's Response: Can't say I'm sorry for the cliffhanger ;) I also want to keep Finn safe :( but I'm the writer so it doesn't work that way :P

Thanks for reviewing little Chi! I love you!

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Review #3, by marauderfan 

16th May 2017:
I loved the discussion between Ben and Finn. Finn has grown up so much. At first in this story at the beginning, he was an arrogant pest 98% of the time and a cinnamon roll the other 2%, but now I think he's at 10% jerk and 90% cinnamon roll. Like, I'm sure he's still goign to say dumb selfish things every now and then but he has come SO FAR and is so much kinder and he's gained a lot of sympathy. Old Finn would have had a wildly different reaction to Ben coming out. But here, they both have this sort of camaraderie now that they didn't have before, that they both love people they'd be judged for by anyone else, and they're both afraid of Tom, and it seems to bring them closer together.

I'm betting Dumbledore isn't actually allergic to any chocolate, but he saw that Radbourne was terrified while offering him chocolate and Tom was standing right there, and he just put things together that way :P Smart.


“I’d rather spend a few days with you,” he said quietly, “than years with anyone else.” -- ASDKJFLAKSDJFLKAJSDLKJFASDKF *melts* THIS IS SO ADORABLE AND I HAVE SO MANY FEELS IT'S KILLING ME SEND HELP

Lol at Tom saying love doesn't have any power or start wars. I'm pretty sure it's started a whole lot more wars than anything else :P

Oof... so I have an unpleasant theory about the last line. I don't think he sold out that fourth year, and I don't think he's going to say it's Brindley (unless we're getting into some solid Orwell/1984 type stuff here). I think he's going to say it's himself. I don't know why, I just have this bad feeling. I'm glad he's not sending either of the girls to their doom but FINN WATCH OUT, you can't outsmart Grindelwald and HELP THIS WILL NOT GO WELL. Omg, I'm panicking for him AND THERE'S NO NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP


I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE SO TALENTED. Speaking of which, congrats on winning all of the awards with this story!

Author's Response: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I TOO CAN ONLY EMOTE IN CAPSLOCK. Seriously. Thank you ♥

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Review #4, by dreamgazer220 

11th May 2017:

We're in a fight.

But seriously, this chapter was awesome! I'm having a hard time deciding if my favorite part was the scene with Ben and Finn (CAN THEY START A REVOLUTION TOGETHER PLEASE) or Finn and Brindley. I mean, this pretty much stole my heart: "I'd rather spend a few days with you than anyone else." UGH poor babies.

I love how much Finn has grown, but it's all done so realistically. I feel like I tell you that in every chapter but your character development skills remind of me of Queen Maggie Stiefvater. Seriously awesome.

What an amazing chapter and I'm so proud to see how far you've come with this story.

Love you long time ♥

Author's Response: Jiiill! I can't believe you've compared me to the Queen herself. You know she's such an inspiration of mine so I appreciate you saying that so much. I'm also glad you like Finn's development, since it's something I'm always nervous about.
Love you, you amazing human ♥

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Review #5, by quill2parchment 

11th May 2017:
This was such a great chapter! You really see how much Finn has grown up. I am so proud of him!

His reaction to Ben's confession really shows just how far he's come along and how much kinder he has become, and I loved it.

Dumbledore telling Tom is the most powerful magic of all gave me hope. Please tell me it'll be powerful enough to save Brindley!

"I'd rather spend a few days with you than years with anyone else." STOP. MY HEART. Seriously how cute and sweet is my little Finn now. I adore him. I can't get enough of these Brindley/Finn moments by the way.

Grindelwald creeps the heck out of me. I feel so bad for Finn having to deal with him AND Tom Riddle. Talk about tough.

And that cliffhanger! Ah!

I can't wait for the next chapter. Marvelous job like always, m'dear.

Xo- Quilly

Author's Response: Quilly! Thank you so much for taking the time to review! I'm glad you're still enjoying it, and there'll be plenty more scenes between Finn and Brindley coming up ;) Thanks again, you're the sweetest ♥

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