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Review #1, by marauderfan 

16th May 2017:
I missed this when it was first posted, so I'm (finally) here now to remedy that!


I mean I saw it coming but still NO O O O O

that kind of sums up all I have to say. You know why.

And geez, as much as I appreciate Finn finally growing a backbone and standing up for Brindley when Ben was filling the room with smoke, and how he genuinely wants to save Brindley, hurting an innocent little fourth year is not the way to do it. omg. he is in such a horrible situation and there are no good choices and I just hope he doesn't do it. there has to be another way!

Author's Response: I do know why ;)

Thank you my love ♥

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

9th May 2017:
IGNORE HOW LATE I AM! I forgot to check my review thread. I have officially added it to my notification list though so never again!

Of course sweet baby Finn had doubts. And the whole underage kids overthrowing a major government thing had to make him doubt himself at least a little.

I love how in character Tom always is. After reading your story (up until I ran out of chapters) I went and read at least a dozen other Tom fics (and boy some kind get risque), but I think at the end of the day your Tom is the best Tom. He just feels right and true and wonderfully evil.

I'm enchanted by the arrival of Albus Dumbledore. Not going to lie. What I want to know is if Dumbledore actually saw him or not. I mean I feel like he'd save the memory and go back and check and I feel like he'd make at least a few sweeping glances just to be able to do so.

OH HOT DOG. I'm getting some major Draco parallels. A dark family, not a whole lot of say in his life, trying to do too much for him to handle, a big mouth, a bit of a bully historically, AND tasked with killing Dumbledore. B, you're a genius, I'm telling you. These kinds of details totally helps me connect with him even more (even when he's a starkly different character than Draco).

"And I know about your filthy habit" why is this the best line I've ever read? Also, being compared to Hero here reminds me a lot of back in the first chapter (I think) of Hero where her parents seemed set on comparing her to him and my how the tables have turned.

So I know that our boy Finn isn't exactly known for his communication skills, but I can't help but wonder if a lot of head ache would be resolved if he just told Brindley a bit about what was going on. Especially the Potter stuff and the price on her head.

Ah, I love the santa joke right before the terrible revelation. The banter is so easy and simple and I'm just so happy for him.

(side note: will you be killing off every strong, brilliant female I love in life?)

“I haven’t.” *SOBS INTO THE VOID*

YEAAAH. "Trying to study." He has it bad. I love him.

Oh man the moral dilemma we are facing here at the end is just too much in all of the best ways. Also poor, poor Hills. She won't know what hit her. Goodness, will this girl end up being killed to protect Brindley? I hope not. I feel like Brindley would be peeved if she ever found out.

As always, I loved it. This is probably my favorite story of all time. And no, in the history of all of my reviews, I've never told anyone else that. This is the one.

Author's Response: You literally have me a sobbing mess! You're the absolute best, P. Thank you so much. I love you beyond words ♥

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin 

7th May 2017:
Shake-what??? Was your goal to break my heart? Because in this case, you managed it!

Poor Finn... :'( I just want to hug him tight and never let go! He shouldn't have to deal with all that, he shouldn't be involved, he's just a kid! It's not fair! *more hugs*

Was it Sebastian who told Dumbledore? I have a feeling it might've been, but I guess I'll find out later... and did Tom give him the Dark Mark? Why? What else is he planning now?

Oh, my Shakespeare! So now Finn has a new, impossible task and Brindley is in even more danger... And she's dying??? What???

“It’s okay, Finn. I’ve come to terms with it.” “I haven’t.” Oh, Merlin, this killed me. You have no idea how much... :(

It also really killed me the way Jameson talked to him, but I can see where he was coming from... he just don't want to lose Finn as well... still, he was rather cruel...

On one hand, I'm glad Finn is trying to get Tom off track, on the other I find it awful that he would put him after some random, innocent person... I just hope everything will turn out to be okay in the end...

Sorry for another disconnected review, but I really loved this chapter, despite it being heartbreaking! And now I can't wait for the new one!

Lots of love, my little B!

Author's Response: Shake-what, Chi?! No, that wasn't my goal and I'm sorry! ♥

It was an early version of the Dark Mark. As to what he's planning... well, you'll find out! ;)

I'm sorry if this was a bit emotional, but thank you for reading, Chi! ♥

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Review #4, by magnifique11 

31st March 2017:
Ahh! I was so excited to log on and see this updated today!

And what a jam-packed chapter! I feel like everything happened all at once, but in a good way? If that makes sense? At any rate, I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on what might be about to happen next which has me both excited and apprehensive. I'm so glad that Brindley told Finn about what's actually going on with her illness but wow it's so ? sad that she has to be in such a mindset so young - very brave, but sad as well. I think that the way you wrote Finn's reaction and resulting actions was absolutely perfect and in-character; he is just very, very consistent as a character which is NOT an easy thing to do when writing as I'm sure you know, so I really commend you for that consistency as you grow and shape him.

I'm really curious to see whether or not he'll feel guilt over subjecting an innocent person in order to save Brindley - like, how will this change his character? Will it change him? And more importantly a) will it work, and b) whether or not it does, what is it going to do to his relationship with Brindley? Will his guilt make him resent her? Will she resent him if she finds out? The possibilities are endless! But I'm very excited to see the direction in which you take it.

This was very long and rambly, but I hope it made sense. tldr; I really liked the chapter :)


Author's Response: This magnificent person has a name! Hello Julie!

Ramble all you want, my dear! :D It's amazing to hear all the lovely things you say, and that you have so many questions you want answered. All in good time ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to review!

♥ Bianca

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Review #5, by dreamgazer220 

31st March 2017:
Eeep, a new chapter of HTF! YAY!

I love Finn. Like, a lot. I like his character development and how he stays true to himself, but you can easily see how he's changed from his Hero days until now, when he wants to protect Brindley at all costs. And using someone else to do it - that does seem very Slytherin and very Finn-like. I do feel bad for the girl, but as long as Brindley is safe from Grindelwald, it's okay. :P

I love your writing and how it's grown. Like always, this chapter flew by for me. I liked how the pace at the coup was higher and more at-stake than the pace with Brindley, and then it picked up again with Finn and the boys. It felt natural and I gobbled this chapter right up. ♥

AND MY POOR FINNDLEY :( When she said she was dying, my heart broke for Finn. Especially this part: Brindley’s mouth lifted in half a smile. “It’s okay, Finn. I’ve come to terms with it.”

The words slipped out of his mouth, hoarse and raw, before he could stop them. “I haven’t.”
I just love how he's grown to care about her over time and doesn't really have a filter around her anymore. ♥

I also loved this line: “It’s fine,” she said, smiling. “Pain is relative, you know? There’s no use in comparing problems.”

Brindley's always seemed wise beyond her years, but not in a condescending way. I guess her condition would help with wisdom.


Lovely chapter as always, B!


Author's Response: Yas it finally happened! I UPDATED YA'LL!

I don't even know how to reply to this because it's so wonderful, and I'm so so so glad you liked it.

I mean, I'd love to put your mind at ease about Brindley, but the story isn't over yet ;)

Love you! ♥

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Review #6, by quill2parchment 

30th March 2017:
It continues to impress me how well you write Tom. "In their success, Tom had said, he wanted to be recognized." Of course, he does.

Finn's dad knows about Brindley! I'm not surprised he's keeping tabs on Finn, tbh. But ugh.

The way you're going about Finn getting the dark mark is absolutely brilliant by the way. I love that he doesn't entirely know what's going on. It reminds us that despite Brindley, he's still getting sucked in deeper and deeper...

And Brindley! We finally found out what's going with her illness... I'm still really hoping that Finn finds a way of helping her. Although doing so by throwing another student under the bus, sort of speak, isn't right either! But he's under so much pressure so he might give in.

Brilliant chapter. Like always! Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Quilly! ♥

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