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Review #1, by dreamgazer220 

5th April 2017:
Hey there :)

So I'm officially caught up with this story now - yay! I like reading fic for fun again and not because I have a review thread.

I know you struggled for a bit with this chapter, but rest assured that it doesn't show in the writing. You did another great job of filling up the time, although apart from Piper being tired, I feel like she would be slightly more preoccupied with the Black family business. Although I suppose that's why she was distracted in Quidditch.

I know Piper's awkward, but I wish Terry would get the hint. I feel like she's just not really that into him :P

Tbh, I totally forgot about the Ron thing, which means that you should try to update this story more regularly. So that I don't forget things, obviously. Duh. Why else would you update?!

Anyway, another great chapter! I liked your subtle hints of Dean and Ginny to keep it close to canon and everything with Snape being the DADA professor. Interesting how the books help us expand our own universes.

Lovely work as always!

Author's Response: Piper IS preoccupied. It's part of the Black family business that she doesn't want to do quidditch. (There was no being distracted, she did that crap on purpose, lol.) However, it's also the first day of school and she's got everyone coming at her from all sides- boyfriend, Ginny's questions, homework, Cho, more homework. The only person not demanding something from her is Luna. There will be more in the next chapter, but for this one, she was trying to forget one overwhelming thing for another.

I'm so excited for the Ron and Harry catch Dean and Ginny making out scene, you have no friggin idea!


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