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Review #1, by RavenHairedGirl 

1st May 2017:
Ngl, having literally followed this story for the exact time you've been writing its so bittersweet that you've actually finished. I've loved this story for these last four years, and now I'm in my first year of uni as well, I just want to say best of luck, and keep writing either on here, or the next level. Love you and your work

Author's Response: hi hi hi !!!
ok so first how crazy - you're in your first year of uni too! how weird that we're not only the exact same age but at the exact same point of our lives hahaha. like, best of luck to you in everything too ♥ so, so cool.

but FA totally isn't finished !! i still have 10ish chapters to go and the next one should be up in a few days !! so hopefully you'll still stick around for that ;) but thank you again for such a lovely, lovely review + of COURSE your ongoing support. it genuinely means so, so much and i couldn't be more thankful. all my love xoxox

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Review #2, by Taamra 

25th April 2017:
when can we expect an update? 🌸

Author's Response: next week!!

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Review #3, by PLUM 

2nd April 2017:
Congrats on the Dobby! It literally is the best romance and the most addicting story and I absolutely loved this chapter. Can't wait for the next one! xx

Author's Response: ahh - thank you so, so much! i still can't get over it haha- and in even more excited that you liked this chapter! hopefullly the next one should be up by the end of the week ;) xoxox

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Review #4, by Rebecca 

2nd April 2017:
ahh i am so obsessed with FA! Read it all in a couple of hours i was so keen to find out what happens with James, Effy and Mikey. You are a terrific writer - have you ever read Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld? I feel like the tone of Effy is just like the tone of the main character in Prep. Really nuanced and real and full of genuine feeling. Can't wait until the next installment, keep doing what you are doing!

Author's Response: oh my god what a lovely review!! i'm so SO glad you like FA, especially hearing that you've started from the beginning as a new reader- i feel like i should apologise for the earlier chapters of my fifteen year old self's gossip girl inspired angst !!

and no, i haven't read prep but just did a quick google of it- it looks really good! i'm just finishing up the book i'm reading now, would you recommend it? thanks again for such a gorgeous review xxx

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Review #5, by Cook2016 

25th March 2017:
Dead. I think I'm dead. That last line killed me!

I am in love with this story! I think I reread it every week or so! You've managed to show natural teenage character growth and development that is rarely seen in fanfictions. You manage to do it without having characters go through some unrealistic dramatic plot twist. I am in awe of your ability.

I am horrible at reviewing and I'm trying to be better! Looking forward to the next AMAZING update!

Author's Response: AHHH my god !! i had to read this review four times over to clarify it was for me. i think i'm blushing- you're so kind & i am so, so grateful for your overwhelmingly lovely words!

i'm even worse at replying to reviews and we can try to be better together. next update up soon! xxx

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Review #6, by purplerain 

10th March 2017:
"The whole relationship, I worried about you and Lancaster, and the second we break up-”
I'm so glad that James is being open about how he feels for once because this I didn't pick up on at all apart from when he seemed unsettled by seeing a picture of mikey and effy in her room before they went on their date. Did effy know he was insecure about this or is this the first time she's hearing it too?
I'm so excited for the next chapter I wonder how James and effy will interact with not being at school together now!
I must say your writing has progressed and improved so much you sound like such a professional writer now giving the loveliest details in the loveliest ways
Can't wait for more

Author's Response: yeah for sure! and i'm so glad you appreciated that! its difficult to show his persepective, his side of things, his take on the whole relationship- effy isn't a bad person, of course not, but it is /her/ narrative, /her/ first person show & it often falls short on james because obviously the whole story's going to revolve around her take on things, no one likes- or even thinks- to admit they're wrong...

but james isn't a villain either? and effy can be- is- very problematic, which also isn't expressed. so yeah, was a PLEASURE sticking it to effy a bit and letting james explain his side!

gosh, my writing was AWFUL in 2013 so i can only hope its improved but professional writer?! you're too kind- and this review has totally gotten my heart soaring. you rock, thank you so so much !!! xx

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Review #7, by gobbetspotter 

10th March 2017:
The scene where effy is under Louis is so funny and when James comes along and sees it that was perfectly constructed you just know he was a little jealous! I love effy' banter with Louis and I hope that they will get along better eventually and that she resolves her differences with Freddie too
The star of this chapter tho was albus for me I feel like if he had not fallen over jeffy wouldn't have reunited! I was wondering tho what happened between the few weeks of the match where they kissed and when James found effy again at her house? Did they kiss and just leave each other at the quidditch game, if they did they are just so stubborn😂 Brilliant chapter so excited to read more, how many chapters roughly do you think are left?

Author's Response: hahaha omg i'm so glad you liked that scene because i just LOVE writing louis & ruddy- i'm torn between a one-shot comedy of the two of them or one of poppy & albus- and their chemistry with effy beyond the greenhouses was so natural, so easy, so FUN to write! got me totally reminiscing on my own secondary school class clown/ jock types.

and to answer your question- they just kissed and left it. totally stubborn, you nailed it ;)

thanks for such a lovely review! hopefully 6/7 chapters left? maybe 8... who knows! and thanks again!

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Review #8, by Danielle Felton 

8th March 2017:
Okay so hi! I just started reading your story and I'm done already...it really was incredibly addicting! I got sucked into your world and it felt like I actually knew these characters. Effy is an incredible character an I just love how you created her. Quick question though..when you referred to Trinidad...was it the island? Don't know if I read it properly but I was curious to know how it ended up in that part of the story. Also I live there so if it is the island you're talking about then that was such a cool part to me! Looking forward to reading more stuff soon! 😁

Author's Response: hi hi hi !

god- thank you so, SO much. that is honestly the loveliest thing to read and i'm genuinely smiling at my laptop as i type out my response!

and YES. a reference to trinidad the caribbean island! as i'm a 21st century teenager in britain i feel almost indignant in my pursuit to portray hogwarts like modern day britain- vibrant in its multiculturalism, thriving in its diversity. so glad it meant something to you!

and thanks again for reviewing! xx

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Review #9, by couldyoureallyknow 

7th March 2017:
Congrats on the Dobby's. This has been such a well written story and I've loved following the journey of Effy and James. It has the right flow and mix of angst and humour which makes it such an enjoyable read.

Author's Response: thanks so, so much! that's exactly what i was going for with this fic, so i couldn't be happier you think its worked. all my love xox

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Review #10, by Violet Potter 434 

6th March 2017:
omg firstly well done for your Dobby's
secondly well done, absolutly fantastique chapter
i cant believe England got kicked out so early though!-well I can being a mostly Scottish supporter but oh well

I love this so much so you need to do me a favour and write more for me soon!

from me xxx

Author's Response: ahhh thanks!! it was such a surprise and i'm still feeling a little overwhelmed from it!!

and hahaha- i was raised in england but now go to university in scotland so i suppose i'll be a mostly scottish supporter with you ;)

next update should be up soon! thanks again for reading and even more for reviewing xoxox

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Review #11, by Ash 

6th March 2017:
great chapter!!

I can't wait to read what happens next!

Author's Response: thanks so, so much!

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Review #12, by astoryending 

5th March 2017:
Okay so, found this in the Dobby list and I think winning 'most addictive' was definately right because I got sucked right in haha!

The way you write the characters and the dialoge is just fenomenal and those last three words in this chapter? Dead. Just died right there.

Love love love the magnetism between Jeffy and hope they'll just get over themself and GET TOGETHER, jeeez. ;)

(One last note; so happy I found this story and it'll go straight to my favourites! xoxo)

Author's Response: gosh what a lovely review- thank you SO much! i'm not too sure about most addictive haha, but i suppose no writer truly likes their work- i'm just so glad you like this!

i'm ecstatic you found this story too. even happier that you like it so much! thanks again for reviewing! xox

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Review #13, by Kay 

4th March 2017:
As always amazing chapter. "I miss you" my heart broke jusT a little

Author's Response: hahahaaa ;) next update will hopefully amend it! thanks so much for leaving a review! xox

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Review #14, by The Justice League 

3rd March 2017:
This was so good and satisfying after so many chapters of torture! Honestly a girl had dreams of the two drunk imply confessing their love, but I didn't think you'd do it? What is this? A genuinely happy chapter just to satisfy my Jeffy heart??? What a life to live

But seriously, I've said this to you before, but their interactions are so genuine and I love reading the conversations that seem like they flow as part of a story rather than as a completely secrete plot. If that makes any sense. You're such a talented writer and I can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: ahhh i'm so, so glad you think that! thank you thank you thank you!

yeah haha, we've all fantasised about /that/ reunion with /that/ guy in the silent night- or maybe in the pouring rain (i'm think she will be loved lyrics meets final scene of breakfast at tiffanys?) and idk about you- but whilst its never happened to me- it felt almost cruel denying it to jeffy.

but alas i think thats the last of that kind of fluff for a while ... hopefully the next chapter'll be up by the end of the week, thank you so so much for leaving such an overwhelmingly kind review !! xoxox

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Review #15, by putitonpaper 

3rd March 2017:
Stop, stop it right now.

I feel like this is almost over and I can't handle it.

I feel like I'm reading the 7th book of the HP series and I'm about to read the epilogue. I feel like I'm in the movie theater for the 8th Harry Potter movie, waiting for it to start, and my best friend just looked over at me to say "I feel like this is the end of our childhood... weird."

"Don't do this to me," I yell turning my Oscar-level drama to a 12 on a 10-point scale.

"I miss you"? Stop. Be still. My heart. That was perfection. I don't actually know if this is finished but this line is sooo perfect for the end of the Effy-James "childish" relationship and the beginning of an adult one.

I'm all over the place because there's just so much here to comment on. You've done a superb job making your characters relatable and honest!

I have a little brother that's still in high school and I swear I had the honor (read: terror) of having to pick him up from a party and you've described high school debauchery perfectly.

And don't even get me started on the character development of James! Ahh, it was hard, it was a struggle but he finally got there! Man, oh, man don't we all wish all men would GET THERE??

And Effy is just the right mix of strong but also weak when it comes to James. I loved how Aspen called her out when she was like I'm so over James! Girl, bye.

And I laughed out loud when Oscar said that he understands the struggles of minorities at Hogwarts! I know that Jasmine commenting on Hogwarts being racist was meant as a joke but JK totally could have done better with this (the diversity of Hogwarts) in her books haha.

Can I take your master class on descriptions? You're easily top 5 writer I've seen for setting scenes. I am not worthy.

Oh... and, of course, Congratulations on the well-deserved Dobby wins!!

This is amazing.

Author's Response: this review is just the LOVELIEST and KINDEST and LONGEST thing ever. a true review of dreams. thank you thank you thank you x1000. where do i begin?

firstly- oh my god, i am /so/ glad you like fa to the extent in which this review was written. i definitely wanted to signal the end of james' adolescence, yet not the end of effy's: i wrote the first draft of this chapter after just recently graduating from secondary school, and the weight of adulthood and loss of teenage immaturity really hits you! james is intelligent enough and ambitious enough to ackowledge this new part of his life and i'm just excited to explore it in upcoming chapters; ESPecially as effy is so, so not on the same wavelength.

& high school parties. god. i miss them the most. university night life, despite being in a huge british city, cannot ever compare to a good facebook event "JACK'S (or whoever) GOT A FREE: bring ur own alcohol", you know?

thanks so, so much for this amazing, heart warming review. i am sooo thankful and i know it probably doesn't come across as so in my delayed response! but i am, i am! ♥ all my love.

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Review #16, by angieart 

3rd March 2017:
AH I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the new chapter. But honestly I think this might be my favorite chapter. We finally see James open up to Effy (which he should have done a long time ago but know...) UGH IM SO GLAD JEFFY IS BACK. But also WHERES MIKEY. Im all for team Jeffy but I really don't want Mikey to be out of Effy's life cause he was once her best guy friend. AND OSCAR IS BACK!! YESS!! Congrats so much on the Dobbys. I was really hoping that you would win cause you honestly deserve it so much. This story is honestly so entertaining and unique in so many ways. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR IDEAS AND AMAZING WRITING TO US. Im weirdly so attached to this story and its characters.
Cant wait for the next chapters and hopefully a sequel ;).

Author's Response: AH i metaphysically, emotionally fell out of my chair when i saw this review! even more so when i finished reading it- thanks so, so much!

god yeah, this chapter should have been up ages ago in terms of finally displaying and bringing attention to james' side of the story. effy is quite narcissistic, quite self-involved, and just refuses to acknowledge his persepective, so it was nice for even me to give james a platform for once !

thanks so, so much for such a lovely review. THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR LOVELINESS! i am so, so appreciative & thankful for all your support throughout the year(s) of FA. you ROCK, ahhh! all, all, all my love!

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Review #17, by FAlover 

3rd March 2017:
Oh my goodness...that last line killed me. I'm so happy that JEFFY is back! Congrats on the dobbys, you absolutely deserve it 100%.

Author's Response: thanks so, so much! i'm beaming at my laptop!

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Review #18, by Maia 

3rd March 2017:
ngl i'd let james make an honest woman out of me. loved this chapter! ✨

Author's Response: hahaha i don't think i would say no either ;) thanks so much!

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Review #19, by Sam 

3rd March 2017:
Love this story so much. Your writing gets better and better with each chapter! Can't wait for the next.

Author's Response: ahhh thanks SO much! next chapter should be up soon- thanks again :') xoxo

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Review #20, by crimson quill 

3rd March 2017:

What a great new chapter! Firstly, I must say how much I really love Oscar. He is my favourite minor oc character. He's great light relief for the story when effy is feeling so angsty about James as well as being a great layered character. I would be up for seeing more of him.

I love the way you wrote James' confession because it was so in character. You really keep the personalities of your characters together well and consistent which can be quite tricky to do. This is one of the reason as I said in a previous review that it is the best written on the site and I'm really impressed you were only fifthteen when you wrote a lot of this.

Congrats on your dobby wins, very well deserved. I voted for you. I totally know what you mean about 'real' life friends don't know about writing/reading ff so the importance of our community is so lovely. I'm glad you're feeling loved. Haha. Cheers to this time next year when you'll probably be picking up another set of dobbys. Keep up the great work. Xx

Author's Response: thanks so, so much for this lovely review! totally heartwarming and i was smiling at my laptop screen by the end of it- endless, infinite thanks for brightening my day with it :')

i'm so, so glad you like oscar. i'm scared of the line between 'big character' and 'cliche' and whilst the classic gay best friend is so archaic- some would argue mildly offensive by this point- it really /does/ reflect my best friend, and its difficult not having his voice leak in and brighten up effy's overly angsty mentality!

and AHHH! thanks so, so much on the james front! by this point in writing the characters- but especially james & effy- have become such big, prominent characters within my headspace they just write themselves? but it's only recently gotten like this, i used to struggle so much with james!! i criticised myself a lot for earlier portraying him as nothing more than just a quintessential 'bad boy', and like, i didn't really know any bad boys- does anyone, to that two dimensional extent?- so i'm so, so glad you think i've improved!

you're just the loveliest and reading + responding to this review was such a pleasure, such a lovely way to wake up! and i'm so, SO with you on the ff community front! you're the best. all my love xoxo

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Review #21, by luna1306 

3rd March 2017:
I love aspen and oscar so much! There're just so dramatic and gossipy!
FINALLY Effy and James are together again. But I'm quite worried about mickeys reaction, it's going to be so bad! (I hope)

Congrats with your dobbys you deserve it so much! Because this is truly the most addicting romance novel I have ever read!

△⃒⃘ luna

Author's Response: hahaha yeah! i'm super glad you like the duo, thanks so much ;) and as for mikey's reaction? you'll just have to wait & see !

thank you so, so much for your congratulations! i'm still a bit in shock from it haha- thanks so, so much ! xxx

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Review #22, by JT4HP 

3rd March 2017:

What a absolutely, wonderfully long update. I am so excited. I don't even know what to write.


Kidding, obviously I know what to write. I seriously think this might be my favorite chapter of FA. The writing was on point, like the cup was perfect. But also all of Effy's feelings were just...spot on, you know? LIke we've all felt like that. SO GOOD.

Also, I just loved every interaction. It had the witty Aspen and Effy banter that I adore. Also, James and Effy fighting, which I also adore. AND THEN THEY MADE UP! Ugh. He misses her!!! UGH. WHAT NEXT?! I'm waiting (not so) patiently for the next update.

Also, very well deserved Dobby wins! I was so happy when I saw FA up there.

Also this is my favorite line of maybe ever :
"“It was a fu* kiss the week after I have to hear you had asked Dahlia to your graduation prom- call me Mr. Brightside, but-”

“What the f*** do the Killers have to do with this-”

“It was only a kiss!” I protested loudly..."

Everything was so wonderful in this chapter I can't even say it enough. SO WONDERFUL. Writing was perfect, characterization was perfect, EFFY AND JAMES ARE PERFECT (not really, but perfectly imperfect for each other).

See ya next update for another rambling review from me!! :) :)

Author's Response: ahhh- i don't know what to write either in return!! your review- all your reviews- are of such loveliness and sweetness i really do not know what i've done to deserve them! thanking you truly isn't enough- but i want to do so anyway. thank you, thank you, thank you!

and i am so SO glad you liked that line? pretty proud of it myself not going to lie ;) i don't usually like to read or write wizarding teens pushing contemporary muggle teenage culture /too/ much- like, they'd obviously have their own counter culture going on- but couldn't help myself!

again, thank you so so much for such a gorgeous review. i want to hug you and thank you and show you how much i'm beaming at my laptop screen!! but alas i can't- thank you infinitely! ALL my love xx

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