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Review #1, by Gem 

15th September 2017:
Love wins! This story is the bees knees

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Review #2, by Shera 

13th September 2017:
Is this the ending? We didn't get to find out who's framing Seth! :(

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Review #3, by HarryGinnyLove88 

7th September 2017:
I hope you write soon wanna know how its

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Review #4, by Katie 

27th August 2017:
Hello! This is my first review on this site. Your story is (or was) the only one I've been reading because, honestly, every other plotline was boring compared to Seth's.
I really like this story - it is well-conceived and also well-written.
The only thing that kind of worries me is that there has been no update for quite a while now. Don't get me wrong: I absolutely understand that real life is far more important than a fanfiction about Harry Potter. I was just wondering if you could maybe(in some way)anticipate (?) whether there could be an update of the story in future or if this is just the ending of it (which would be really sad...).
James and Seth are finally closing up on each other. Wouldn't it be sad to end their (kind of) "blooming" relationship that suddenly?

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Review #5, by Kimi 

24th August 2017:
I wish this story was longer!

It was brilliant, well thought out, great concepts, and extremely well written.

The only flaw is that it ended!

Thank you :)

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Review #6, by G 

24th August 2017:
Please completing this story, i've been waiting for months and this story really captivated...

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Review #7, by Hanninator 

21st August 2017:
Fantastically perfect! Keep going! Your stories have such life and excitement to them. You're a wonderful writer.

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Review #8, by StarryKnights 

20th August 2017:
Love it! When will the next chapter be up?

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Review #9, by Gryffinwi 

14th August 2017:
Hi there! I really liked this story! Waiting for the next chapter. I really hope you haven't given up writing this story!!

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Review #10, by Evelyn 

14th August 2017:
I love this story so much and the thought of it not being updated crushes me:( please update soon!!!

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Review #11, by CatT 

13th August 2017:
Oh my goodness!!! Please please please update! I need to know what happens next! Thank you for all of your hard work too

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Review #12, by Hannah 

11th August 2017:
Hi! I am a huge fan of this fic. I have never reviewed before but honestly this is my favorite fanfiction. I've been checking the site every day since February waiting for the new chapter! I know life has been hectic and I'm ok with whenever it gets uploaded I just hope you haven't abandoned it! This whole story has kept me on my toes and I need to know what happens next!

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Review #13, by morganthegreat 

8th August 2017:
ah this was a great chapter (and story)! i apologize for not reviewing earlier, but i literally whizzed through your story. i found it on the dobbys and i think it really lives up to its titles! i think i started this less han a week ago and have finally finished it to where it stands now!

i really love all your characters, especially the main trio, as they are really fun and have such different personalities despite being best friends.

i love how you have overarching plots throughout your story. like you write one thing and then don't bring it up until way later and remind us about it - very nice job! you just have a great way of tying everything together, even though a bunch of events occur.

freddie seems like a really fun charcter to write, all funny and carefree. i also love vala and how she has a big heart for seth underneath her cold exterior.

you've done such a good job with writing about all the boarding school shenans and gossip. i really do think this is what would happen at a magic boarding school - everyone talking about everyone, small stories end up being rumors of huge tales. love it!

and seth, i really like her as a main character, she's super original! how did you come up with her - as well as other characters???

i want more seth/james action!!! love him - he's definitely what one would think harry potter's kid would be like. i want to know more what's in his head all the time though, ugh he's kind of brooding at times - like malfoy or ron, stubborn.

please update fast as now i gotta do the waiting game!!! i was so used to going from one chapter to the next haha, this is an awesome adventure, thank you for sharing it with us and taking us along!!!


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Review #14, by NW2017 

5th August 2017:
Nooo... You can't finish here! I really hope there's more to come!

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Review #15, by Chrissy 

5th August 2017:
Oh goodness! I don't know how I stumbled onto this story but I started reading it and finished it within a day. I had to take a couple excited and heart racing breaks, but I got through them and here we are!!! So I guess my question is WHY! Why is this happening? Is James somehow connected to this? WHO! What's with the Gryffindor Head boy? What's with Albus, the third friend of James/Freddie, Sam and Hector, Vala (God what's her deal?) HOW? The Cloak, the potions.

The mystery is intriguing and I'm dying for more!! Xo

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Review #16, by Anon 

25th July 2017:
Hii! This story is honestly one of my favorites ever, and I was geniunely so worried that you might have abandoned it! I've been keeping up with it since the very start and as it gets better with every chapter, I can't wait to read more - hopefully soon? :)
Hope everything's alright! All the best!

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Review #17, by G 

22nd July 2017:
I have been reading this since you've started, and I absolutely love it! No other fanfic has be craving and waiting for more!!! I understand that life gets in the way of writing so take your time! Just know that as soon as you update, me ,and I'm sure a lot of other people, will be here reading this amazing story!

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Review #18, by Cam doowtleef 

11th July 2017:
Hey Friend! I just noticed you haven't been active here-- which is fine!!! Don't worry about it take all your time!!-- but I just wanted to check up on you and make sure that you and your kitty and boyfriend are doing well. Try to relax and not let work get too hectic! Just sending you some positive love and kindness from Canada! Xo

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Review #19, by butiamthechosenone 

7th July 2017:
Wow. I just read this entire story in one sitting. It's SO good. It's 5:45 in the morning, but I just couldn't let myself go to bed. This story has me hooked. I have a few different theories as to who the potioneer might be, but I must admit - you really have me stumped. Keep writing! I can't wait to finish this story.

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Review #20, by PhoenixSeeker  

4th July 2017:
You have literally helped me survive the last few weeks of my degree!! Loved the story, Seth & James are so up and down it's grea and exciting, although I deffinitely thought you were setting things up with Albus in the first few chapters. Desparetelt want to know what happens. Keep up the great work X

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Review #21, by Kate 

3rd July 2017:
Hi! Your story is so good, well-written and interesting! I've just read all 31 chapters and wait impatiently for the next update. I hope you won't leave us hanging forever!

Author's Response: Hey there and thank you! I'm gald you enjoy the story and I'm sorry for the long wait... it'S been crazy busy... BUT the next chapter is on the way. I will post next week! Hope to see you back :)

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Review #22, by Ace_ 

30th June 2017:
Wow, this is one of my fav fanfics that I've read!
The dialoge and the story overall is very well written. I hope everything is well with you, and I'm already looking forward to the next update!

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Review #23, by Patty 

21st June 2017:
Found your story via Dobby awards. It really is a wonderful story. What I love the most about it are the witty and continuous conversations. There's a flow to the dialogue instead of the stilted conversations in most of fanfics. I really hope you keep writing this story !

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Review #24, by Garfunkel_99 

20th June 2017:
I am so jealous of your continuity. I have been struggling to write a fanfiction and the one thing that I have trouble with is continuity. :(
I love love loveee Seth as a character - she is sarcastic, funny but there is also this deeply feminist thought that seeps through her. I like that.
I also love you have made Ginny Potter not so jovial and loving, no family is perfect!
I also love how you have not made Woodleys a stereotypically hated pureblood family - they have their flaws but they don't hate their children and their children don't hate them (at least not entirely)
I just finished reading and I am already missing it.
Please post soon! =)

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Review #25, by Chivalrous 

16th June 2017:
So glad I decided to read this! I absolutely love it! Post soon! :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much! Next chapter will be up next week :)

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