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Review #1, by Violet Potter 434 

27th February 2017:
outstanding as per usual

gosh I felt so sorry for effy when james said that at the end-just proof of how amazing this is-cause only truly great writers can really make you feel so much for a character in just a few lines

anyways great chapter and congrats on the dobby nomination( I may have helped in the voting process- so yay for both of us)

seriously tho well done

keep writing for me- the sequel sounds great

love from me xxx

Author's Response: ahhh wow thank you so SO much !! i think i'm blushing- you're so, so kind, and ahh omg thanks so much for your vote in the dobby's! i'm still quite overwhelmed by it all haha. thanks endlessly xx

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Review #2, by Ash 

22nd February 2017:
Fantastic chapter!!! Your nomination is well deserved :) and five years in the future story of James and effy sounds like an awesome story that I already cant wait to hear!!

Author's Response: thanks so, so much! i'm already starting to think about the plot line for future james & effy; watch this space, i suppose? xoxox

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Review #3, by PLUM 

11th February 2017:
HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS UNTIL NOW! I must've blacked out. This was an incredible chapter and I just can't get over how horrible James is being to Effy. I just want Effy to scream at him to shut up and tell him exactly how it is tbh. Anyways, loved this chapter I read it in like two minutes. Can't wait for the next one! And congratulations on your well deserved Dobby nom!! I'm so happy for you!!


Author's Response: gosshhh thank you so so so much! haha james is being ridiculously awful & if i was effy i would DEFINITELY be crying more than she is trying not to but yess- so agreed on that part.

i'm so so glad you liked this chapter and ahhh! thanks so much for your congratulations! means the absolute world- all my love xoxox

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Review #4, by FA IS FIRE 

7th February 2017:




Author's Response: wowowowow thank you so SO SO much! my face is beaming & i cannot thank you enough for bringing your compliments and loveliness into my life! xox

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Review #5, by lalaland 

1st February 2017:
"We'll show them communists how it's done"
That Sylvia Plath line and "the club can't even handle me right now" I'm creasing so much ur actually a great comedian as well as writer I wish I had your skill! Sequel wise I'm team 5 years in the future all the way! Update soon please my jeffy heart needs mending congrats on the dobby too you totally deserve it!!

Author's Response: haha ahh i'm so glad it made you laugh but there's no skill there! just enough luck to have friends with good one-liners up their sleeves that i unashamedly copy. thanks so so much for reading & even more so for leaving a review!! xox

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Review #6, by muffles 

1st February 2017:
The Sylvia path line really made me laugh it was such a deep serious moment and classic effy 😂
I'd love to see a five years in the future for the sequel! But a one shot of a James PoV to really see how he feels about her is something I'd want too
Much love can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: haha thanks! 5 years in the future definitely seems more likely at this point- hopefully i can wrap up FA by the end of 2017 and begin on that in the new year! & thank you so, so much for reading and leaving a review !! xox

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Review #7, by Rain 

31st January 2017:
Hey congratulations on your dobby nomination you so deserve it! I really liked the lay out of this chapter and I'm kind of sad that this will end soon:( I've been reading since you posted the first chapter when I was in year 10 and I feel like I've kind of grown up with the story like I remember the girl I was when I read the first chapters and I remember being upset the day of "some aloe Vera" and the story really cheering me up, I'm so glad you're considering a sequel, I personally would like to see a five years later because I just think there's more to James and effy' story even if they do end up together at the end of this novel. But of course a point of view of James one shot and perhaps albus and poppy in their 7th year would make a really good story too, it's definitely something I would like to see but I think I would want a jeffy 5 years later first! Please do all three (I'm not asking for much am I), what happened in terms of jeffy I think was necessary yeah it was frustrating seeing effy just let James walk away in the rain and the coldness from James the "I don't care" attitude but I think it will make their reunion so much sweeter. I'm not hating on mikey either because I think he kind of deserves the attention from the lower years the "you know how crazy I am about u" line nearly swayed me to team meffy but the chemistry between James and Elizabeth is undeniable. I can't wait to read more I'm honestly beside myself with excitement, but I know it will be wait yet, but I'm so glad you will be updating more and have found inspiration again! Enjoyed every minute of this story honestly, excuse the pun but it's just so fluorescent, wishing you all the best for the rest of the story and the sequel (JEFFY 5 years later please)!!

Author's Response: hi hi hi !! hugest ever apologies for the delay in my response - if i'm to be truly honest i think a reason behind it is because this is such a lovely, overwhelming review i didn't quite know where to begin? i think it's the loveliest review i've ever gotten.

like god, your second sentence about reading the fic since year 10- thats the year below me when i started!- really resonated, i'm just SO touched by it, thank you so so much for allowing me & FA to be a part of your life the way it has! it's totally been a part of my life too- james effy mikey & the whole gang are permanently interweaved into my subconscious- and it just means the world it's had a similar impact on you!

you're just the greatest. thank you thank you THANK YOU for this stunning review- i'm smiling @ my laptop. all my love. xoxox

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Review #8, by Doolittle 

29th January 2017:
James and effy are just meant to be oh my.
Look greenbirds honestly you can't not do the sequel as jeffy 5 years later because us jeffy fans need jeffy u don't understand what you've triggered In us
Although poppy an albus and James' PoV are something I really want to read I feel that they can be done through one shots, especially the James pov, poppy albus five years later could be easily intertwined within jeffy five years later too
Please please please do jeffy five years later it would make me happy for my entire existence
Btw this chapter broke my heart when James was screaming at her Omfg he loves her so much pls can effy just pull a crazy stunt out the bag at the World Cup and make James stop being angry because it's clear they care about each other
Sorry for the rambling amazing chapter once again

Author's Response: ahhh- huge apologies for the delay in replying to this message but thank you thank you ! a poppy/atticus one-shot is definitely in the works but tbh i think it was silly of me to even contemplate /not/ doing a sequel- i need to write one just as much as it appears you want to read one! so stay tuned ;)

& i'm so, so glad you liked this chapter. genuinely means the world. thanks again- thank you so so much- for reviewing, all my love xx

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Review #9, by FA Lover 

27th January 2017:
Perfection, as always. You never fail to make me scream with happiness, shock and just squeal because Effie and James, of course. They are so perfectly imperfect and frustrating and it's impossible not to relate to them. I love the imperfections and the harsh reality of them, because it's all something we've experienced or seen. It's raw and refreshing to read, and I love it so much and it's so close to my heart. I'm rather ill right now so this was such a great thing to read! I can't wait to see where they end up (obviously together, please please please). I'd love to see them five years into the future, something possibly better than now is future Jeffie. I would die for that.
But I'd also love to see Al and Poppy too, and into the mind of James! Oh, how could anyone possibly choose?
I loved all the different characters and interactions in this chapter, you seriously spoiled us so much. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent.
Sorry for the immense fangirling. I can't help it. You're so winning that Dooby girl.

Lots of love xx

Author's Response: gggoddd you've moved me to borderline tears! like- i'm not crying- but there's definitely a lump in my throat and i cannot thank you enough for this beautiful, beautiful, ridiculously lovely review. thank you INfinitely, ENDlessly, forever and ever. you babe!

i'm so glad you like the imperfections of james and effy and within their relationship because it's really what i set out to encapsulate: the messy, bittersweet reality of teenage life and teenage romance & to hear that its close to your heart makes /my/ heart soar! because it's so close to mine too, it's a project that's carried me from teenage life to borderline adulthood and to hear how much it means to you makes me want to CRY. god. thank you ahhh! speechless!

(and baby girl- girl? can i assume your gender? sorry if not... but feel better! sending virtual chicken noodle soup & a long long hug your way.)

you're the best, you're the best, and i love you endlessly! thanks once again.

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Review #10, by cocopops 

27th January 2017:
5yrs in the future for sure! I love Effy too much to let it be about anyone else! Haha

Author's Response: hahaha thank you so much for the feedback! watch this space. ;) xoxox

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Review #11, by beka_wotter 

27th January 2017:
I loved the length of this chapter and I'm totally obsessed with the characters, particularly Albus, he's so cute and everyone teasing him makes me laugh. I also loved the interactions betweeen James and Effy even though they were mostly sad ones, the water fountain one was my fave.
In terms of a sequel and stuff I would adore one from Poppy's POV but some one shots on Effy and James 5 years later or some of James POV would be cool as well, I'd read anything you wrote!
Cannot wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: ah ah ahhh i am BEAMING THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! goodness GRACIOUS i think you've got me blushing. thank you infinitely, endlessly, forever and ever!

i'm super glad you mentioned albus because he is probably my favourite character & i'm forever scared i'm not doing him justice and even MORE scared his little antics are overshadowed by that of his brother.

gosh! you're just the loveliest person ever and i wish i could hug you you've overjoyed me so much with this review. all my love.

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Review #12, by wethegrounders 

26th January 2017:
do 5 years in the future! this story is so so so addicting. thank you for writing it! :)

Author's Response: thank you even more for reading and thank you MOST for reviewing! xox

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Review #13, by i love this story so much!!! 

26th January 2017:
Five years later sounds good in my opinion, I'd really like to see how James and effys relationship changes over the course of those years or if they're together or meet again for the first time!!!

Author's Response: thank you so, so much for reading, & even more so for such lovely words! your wish is my command and realistically- could i /ever/ put effy & james down? watch this space! xox

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Review #14, by crimson quill 

26th January 2017:

I love this story, it's amazing. it's so well written probably the best on the site I think. I think you have a gift for imagery and description. I really enjoy the little details within the story.

I think I would like to see the story from poppy's pov obviously I don't know how FA is going to end but I feel that perhaps effy's story would be over? I'm sure you would be able to come up with something though.

I would like a new (or basically new!) set of characters from your wonderful mind to enjoy! I would also be really interesting to see Effy through someone else eyes! Plus I love Al/OC.

Author's Response: ah wowowow! you're SO kind- like, genuinely, i am really rather speechless- thank you, thank you, thank yoouu! like i had to reread this review several times over before being able to properly form some sort of response. wow. thanks so much for all your lovely, undeserving words- and a poppy/albus is in the words! i'm so excited to re-introduce teddy oliver, ophelia nott, eve feltham & the other hufflepuffs as their own characters and i hope it does not disappoint! once again- thank you for everything! ah ♥ all my love.

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Review #15, by JT4HP 

26th January 2017:
AH! What an update!

I loved it. Even though I'm totally (sometimes I feel like I start writing how Effy talks in FA) mad at James, but I think it's really intriguing how mad he is. Like, I don't think he has the right to be mad, but from his POV I can see why he would be mad, you know? LIke he obivously really cares about Eff, but just has a awful way of showing it.

And EFFY. Ugh. So much teenage angst and heartbreak and friendshp dram. POOR HER AND MIKEY. Ugh. I can't wait to see how that drama unfolds whenever she goes back to ENGERLAND.

Okay, so yeah, basically you're amazing. You deserve your Dobby nom 100% and I'm totally voting for you.

OH YEAH THE SEQUEL!!! SQUE! Okay, so here's my opinion on this I love the idea of FA in Poppy's view I feel that has some potential. And also, I would love maybe not even a sequel (or a sequel, you know whatever you feel) about 5 years after. AND THEN (yes, it keeps going) I feel like it could be cool to do like a couple of one-shots from FA but told in James POV. LIke I think a cute-sy one when they first started dating, and then this chapter maybe, like just his thought process would be so great.

OKAY, that's it. I promise.
Exceptokayuhm so excited for the next chapter and faster updates ah

Author's Response: thank you thank you thank you! ahhh! i am BEAMING at my computer screen at you. thank you infinitely.

hahaha- love that about writing how effy talks. i base effy's mannerisms off mine- have i mentioned effy's overlap with my personality & life? once? twice? thrice? too many times?- so that's not necessarily a BAD thing ;) yeah, yeah, you're so right. james is hot headed and what he thinks is acting maturely and responsibly is only pushing the star-crossed luvvas further further into the depths of teenage angst. idiot.

and again, as always, you're so right. i've started the frameworks for poppy's PoV one shot and i could not be more excited! but of course, effy & james have been too big a part of my head space for the past three years for there NOT to be a sequel. and uRGH, i TRIED a james PoV but to be honest i'm struggling to captivate his narrative! he is so layered and complex he's baffling even his author? wtf? that just isn't ok? is that even allowed? whatever. like- whatever.

thanks again for such a lovely, lovely review. you ROCK & thank you once again! xoxox

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Review #16, by AccioTeddyLupin 

25th January 2017:
A future sequel, please!

Author's Response: your wish is my command!

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Review #17, by angieart 

25th January 2017:
I'm so happy you updated. I've missed these characters so much that I've reread the old chapters so many times. But congratulations on the Dobby nomination. I'll definitely vote for you. I'm glad you're thinking of a sequel. I think a James POV will be really interesting to see. I remember when there was a James POV in an old chapter. It'd be really nice to see the story with Freddie and Dahlia and Alfie in it. Seeing as how they're really close to James. Also, it'd be cool to see conversations with Al and James especially when Jeffy broke up. Cause Al is so close to Effy And he's james's brother. i also think a fiver years later sequel will also be really fun to see. It'll be fun to see when all these characters end up and who they end up with.

Oh my goodness. This chapter broke my heart. Poor Effy. Poor James. POOR JEFFY.
Ugh. I just wish they would get together already. TBH I kinda see how Effy's view CAUSE they were broken up when she kissed Mikey AND James was with Dahlia. But I also see James' side cause Mikey was kinda a reason they broke up. But its just a mess right now. The end definitely made me cry.

Can't wait for the next chapters! Update soon!

Author's Response: oh my gosh! how lovely you are! this review made me so happy i had to read it several times before i could formulate some sort of response!

hearing you cite how you've reread the old chapters actually made me smile ridiculously. they're so bad and despite my rewrites will never be /good/, not in my head, but they're such a part of the fabric of the story and so reflective of the time in which i wrote them 3 years ago i can have nothing BUT love for them: and i adore how you've visited them since!

and ahhh. my dobby nominations. i was ecSTATIC, thrilled beyond words, and thank you so so much for voting for me! i'm beaming again! you are just the best!

hahaha awh i'm sorry the end made you cry... but hopefully the next chapter's beginning will make up for it a little (i'm halfway through!) james & effy are such a mess, they do nothing but run in circles and its an exhausting routine. they have a LOT of growing up to do.

thanks again for such a gorgeous review! all my love.

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Review #18, by Loveflower 

25th January 2017:
Oh my goodness congrats on the nomination. Very well deserved! I am so in love with this story you have no idea. For a sequel I think a James POV or a 5 years later would be really fun.
Okay now to talk about the chapter. OH MY GOSH. I'm so confused with what I feel right now. Like what the heck Mikey?!?! And then James?!?!? I really want Jeffy together but I feel they won't get together cause James graduated and Effy's still at school. My heart kinda shatters at that thought :'(
PLEASE LET THEM GET BACK TOGTHER. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: ahhh thank you so, so much! i don't know about well deserved but i do know about how grateful, how undeserving i feel about it all- like, it really is as much your story as it is mine, i would have lost motivation by the fifth chapter had people not been leaving gorgeous reviews such as this, so thank YOU !!

next chapter should be up soon, with even more mikey and james and louis weasley angst. (just kididng on the louis front) (am i?) (totally). and a bit of poppy & albus action ;)

thanks again! you're the best and ALL my love !

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Review #19, by daylight 

25th January 2017:
What. The. Heck!!

This blows my mind, I'm absolutely in a rage and madly in love with all of your flawed, beautiful characters. And your descriptions! I'm losing my mind over them - the bit where you talked about bruised clouds rolling in after all this beautiful sunset language, SO well done, such great foreshadowing and imagery and I'm just so obsessed.

Congratulations on your very well deserved nominations! I voted for you (of course) and I'm crossing my fingers! You and this story deserve every accolade.

Also I'd probably die if you wrote this from James' perspective. He's so enigmatic, and she's so self-involved, so her narrative on how things happened would probably be so different from his! God, can you imagine, this boy with all these expectations and adorations foisted upon him and then he finds this feisty, wild girl who calls him on all his nonsense, how that must feel for him! Ugh, I'd die.

Congrats again!!

Nora xx

Author's Response: god, you are just the BEST. like. the BEST, capital letters & all. thank you endlessly, thank you infinitely, my gratitude for your ridiculously lovely words and support goes beyond words. you ROCK!

and as always, you nail it. you manage to describe and summarise my characters better than i /ever/ could. he IS a bit of an enigma, and she really is self-absorbed, and i don't even know what he's thinking half the time! the product of basing his character off three years of f--k boys and chirpses, huh?

god, you're thre best. that's all i can really say for now. and hello?! congrats on YOUR dobby nom too! xoxox

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Review #20, by scintillated 

25th January 2017:
this story is so good! i've been reading it for a long long time, but never reviewed, but i figure now is as good as a time as any!! your writing is actually so fantastic - it draws me into the story, and i just can't drag myself out of it. your characters are so vivid, with their flaws and strengths and this story is just so so beautiful, i can't wait for the next update :)

Author's Response: ahhh omg! thank you so so much! thank you for reading, but thank you even more for reviewing- and what a lovely, lovely review! i'm smiling & you've totally made my day. thank you again! ♥

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Review #21, by luna1306 

25th January 2017:
no no no no no
im such a big fan of jeffie and then stupid mikey and then no Mickey??? (yay!) and then this attitude of james!! I like the drama but it hurts me sooo bad!!

i just voted for you in best post-hogwards, like 5 minutes ago.

i would love love love to see a sequel 5 years later and im glad you're going to update sooner. but also im sooo sad its going to end!!
i knew its was coming but i don't want it so happen.

im really looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: ahhh goodness- thank you so, so much for reading, for reviewing, and even MORE so for voting for me! i'm genuinely beyond thrilled, i feel both intensely privileged but also undeserving- thank you, thank you, thank you!

yes, fa is coming to an end... not any time soon, but its on the horizon. yet i cant formulate upcoming chapters without thinking of a sequel of sorts, so whilst fa is over, that doesn't mean the characters are!

thanks again for everything. all my love!

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Review #22, by A Fan 

25th January 2017:
Wow.James really is a d*ck. So far I'm failing to see what do attractive about him to Effy but perhaps it'll be revealed some day? He keeps playing the jealousy game, being childish while acting like the grown up person in a fight - I certainly would be interested in another story from his point of view - just to understand his actions because I am so not getting him. I still maintain that he has to grow and evolve before getting back with Effy, I mean she broke it off with him for a reason - hes untrustworthy and flighty and when he gets scared he'll hurt her. obviously she's not perfect either and she needs to grow as well - but the way James described the situation is like he was the only one wronged and hurt.

what confuses me is - why did James go back to Dahlia. I don't get it. wheres the character development I'm waiting for :(

Anyways,a brilliant chapter and really well written. can't wait for more!

Author's Response: haha you know what- like effy, i'll always have more than just a soft spot for james, but you're right, you're so right, he is a d*ck, he's arrogant and rash and impulsive and yet effy isn't exactly much better! i always say the two of them share their worst traits in common and they certainly do, except effy's is more subtle, more implicit, because the story is told from her narrative.

and as to why james went back to dahlia? you'll just have to see in upcoming chapters ;) but she fuels his ego in a way effy never, ever could and if there's one thing he loves- effy too (as through her relationship with mikey) its ego satisfying people.

thanks so, so much for reading- and even more for reviewing! all my love xox

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Review #23, by Jessamine 

25th January 2017:

Gahh, this story is amazing, you've managed to capture all the drama and angst in being a teenager but without sounding like some ancient greek philosopher. Effy certainly isn't perfect and yeah, she's a bit of a b!tch, but you haven't made her into some teen-queen drowning in her absurd amount of problems. I kinda (read: really) want Jeffy to happen cuz they're definitely flawed but arent all relationships the same?
Mikey is probably one of my favorite characters but he's just not right right, y'know??
I luuurve how you gave her multiple friends, not all witches are complete social hermits that associate with no one outside the Wotter clan
so yeahh...

thank you for writing this, it has affected so many of us


Author's Response: oh my goood you totally made my day and i kind of want to track you down and give you the biggest hug of my life? like totally would not, totally against the hpff code of conduct & just basic internet ethics, but still. you rock. you've literally written in this STUNNING review EVERYTHING i wanted this story to be when i set out writing it three years ago so to have achieved it to some degree feels like a tremendous achievement.

thank you, thank you, thank you! did i mention you're the best? you're the best. all my love xoxox

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