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Review #1, by Sushmita 

1st February 2017:
Typo "at the site of her "

Author's Response: Oops! *hides face* Fixed it! :)

xoxo Meg

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Review #2, by Emcnary 

29th December 2016:
Hooray! I was hoping for a new chapter to this story. I loved it. What a dilemma our Hermione is in...I, for one, hope she and Severus get to a point where they snog each other silly:). Can't wait for another new chapter.

Author's Response: Hahahaha! I'm with you there! I keep wanting to make them kiss already, but have to hold back. "It's too soon, Meg. Not yet. Can't force it." XD

I totally forgot to say in the last response (I responded out of order and responded to chapter 14's review first) that chapter 15 is nearly complete, and should be up pretty soon! So I hope you enjoy the new chapter!!

Thank you again for the reviews and all the love! *hugs*

xoxo Meg

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin 

20th December 2016:
Hello, my beautiful Meg, and happy holidays! :D
(Also, sorry for the lateness... between work, flu and other things I really didn't have the energy to review sooner, even if I've read this a while ago...)

Okay, so... I loved this chapter! Like, a lot!

Hermione's denial at the beginning was great. Ahahah. No, Hermione, you don't fancy him, not in the slightest... :P
I loved her thoughts, especially because they're just so Hermione. This bit in particular "Foolish! Dangerous! Pointless! Impractical! The words sounded off in her head loudly, trying to keep her grounded." Perfection!
And the references to Lockhart made me chuckle, eheheh!
Amelia's tease was just so funny, too! I love how normal teenage girls they are in the scene!

Sev... oh, I so loved how you wrote Sev... he's really so different from what we are used to. Shy, hopeful, titubant, mischievous... and just downright cute! He should be like this all the time, maybe people wouldn't dislike him so much... oh, but I can't blame him, can I?

Hermione's inner conflict was so fun to read. She doesn't want to hurt him, obviously, but at the same time she doesn't want to fall too deep into those feelings she shouldn't be feeling... and the idea of the two of them skipping lessons and stealing boats, when they are both so attentive to rules (well... usually...), is so amusing.

I loved the dynamics between them, the playfulness, the awkward moments... but what I found really interesting was the constant parallel with Lily. I loved to see Hermione being jealous of her, and Severus' reaction at the "just friends" comment. So good.

Oh, the story about how Severus found the island made me sad... you know I'm a tiny bit biased when it comes to the Marauders... but they really cross the line at times... those idiots... I still love them, I can't help it... (can't wait to see Hermione having a word with Remus about it, btw! :P)

Ah, the closing! I so loved it too! I'm curious to know where the relationship with Lily will go now, if anywhere. I really think she and Hermione would've been really close under different circumstancies. I'm glad Hermione understood and didn't react badly to Lily's intrusion. As usual, your characterization is flawless!

This was such a great chapter. I loved every bit of it. And now I want more (Snamione moments, I mean)!!!

I will be around again (still need to get in touch with your rewrite of To Prevent...)
Happy holidays again and much, much love, darling!

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Review #4, by Alyoop 

17th December 2016:
I really wish I'd read more closely so that I could have left some constructive criticism, spotted any mistakes, or reviewed the other chapters... you know, something helpful?

The reason I didn't is this: you've written one of those stories. You know the kind - the kind that you draws you in and before you know it you've sat for a good hour(s) and devoured all that was there. It's a lovely thing, that. Update soon.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, this review! I'm just so overwhelmed by the incredibly kind words, you have no idea. *hugs* I'm super thrilled that you've enjoyed it so far, and I hope you continue to enjoy it as I (slowly but surely) update. The next chapter is nearly finished, so it should be up really soon! Thank you again so, so much for reading and reviewing!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #5, by marauderfan 

6th November 2016:

Severus has come so far. No more do we see the surly, bitter Severus who detests Hermione for talking to Sirius one time, here he is essentially asking her out on a date. Not in those terms, but, there's no question as to what he's implying. Also, the idea that two bookish nerds who take pride in their scholarliness spend time together by skiving off class is just too great for words. :D

Skipping class is definitely a most un-Hermione thing to do (Because you could get killed, or worse, DETENTION) but it's believable here because as she points out, she's already done this whole year. She knows all of the things. One skipped class, she'll be fine. She can be a rebel without having to miss out on learning anything!

She was grateful, but also slightly irritated. She had spent months on the run using that same exact charm. Why hadn't she thought of it? -- This is SO Hermione. I think she's really proud of the fact that she can think under pressure and is the first one to come up with logical answers, and Snape is that sort of person too so it's natural that she would feel kind of challenged by the fact that he thought of it first.

“What are you doing?” Hermione hissed. “We could be expelled for this, you know!” -- There's our Hermione! XD

OMG THEY'RE HAVING A SPLASHING FIGHT. It's weird to see either of them so... playful, but it's really nice. I think both of them are characters who could easily forget to have fun sometimes and so this is a really special moment.

LOLOLOL Hermione expects Severus to believe that she's thinking about "nothing". I don't think she is capable of not thinking. And Severus knows it, because he's the same!

Also, for someone with walls as thick as Severus has, the fact that he's taking her on a boat ride for two across the lake...! What's awaiting them on the other side, a violinist and a nice Italian dinner at a secluded table for two?!

“So - erm...you come here often?” she asked in a sandpapery voice. HERMIONE OHMYGOD AHAHAHAHA. Beautiful weather eh? How bout them Yankees? Hahaha. Well, she tried :P (actually though, I can relate. Sometimes it's hard to come up with interesting things to say during an awkward silence helllppp)

Potter and his merry gang of morons -- This is the best name I've ever heard for this group. It kind of makes James sound like a really goofy Robin Hood. Potter and the band of Merry Morons, who live in the Forbidden Forest and rob the Death Eaters and give to the Muggle-borns. Omg I need to write this AU. /tangent

I love that you include the detail of him pulling tufts of grass out of the ground. Such a small thing but it's so distinctly Severus especially when he's nervous or letting a bit of vulnerability show, and it ties right into how he acted around Lily (who, now that I mention it, has a lot in common with Hermione. Severus does have a type...)

“Like as in a date?” Her voice went up an octave in a panic. -- Has she not figured out that she's kind of already on a date? :P

And of course Lily isn't totally blind to it. I felt really bad for Lily there, as she knows Severus' true nature and doesn't want anyone else to be as let down and hurt as she was, but at the same time doesn't want to interfere with other friendships. Hermione's alter ego Hermione Devereaux isn't Muggle-born though, so I kind of wonder what how that will affect what Snape says/thinks about Muggle borns around Hermione. How much did Lily's rejection change Severus' opinion of Muggle borns, or did it just leave him sad that Lily won't talk to him? Did he see that he was in the wrong there, or just that he got rejected? I'm really interested to see the after-effects of that and kind of how (if) that changed Snape.

Some picky things, because I just happened to notice them:
unravelled the ropes which bounded the boat to the dock -- unraveling would be like, unwinding all the threads from one another. it would make more sense with "loosened" or "untied"

another one of their ludacris pranks." -- shouldn't that be 'ludicrous'?

This review is now reaching epic proportions, so I'll bring it to a close, but it was really exciting to see that this was updated, and it was a great chapter! You are such a wonderful writer ♥

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