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Review #1, by marauderfan 

5th January 2017:
The second half of this chapter was the cutest thing I have ever read. Especially Finn being such a dork and fetching Brindley's scarf for her. I want to replay this moment over and over.

As for the first half: I know you hinted at Sebastian being the lost Potter, and I think Ive mentioned this before but I really think it's Brindley. Who is her father really? RIGHT?

Okay but let's talk about the second half the chapter again because it's so adorable and they watched Casablanca together and they drove a car like a proper gentleman and lady and then they flirted a lot. And he told her a dumb story about the Bloody Baron and she thought it was funny. I needed this fluff so much after the intensity of the previous chapters. I love them and I love you. Happy New year!

Author's Response: Gah thank you Kristin! You and your reviews are so amazing!

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

13th November 2016:
A MONTH. HAVE I MENTIONED A MONTH? You should know that I very rarely actually check stories to see if they update and I literally just came to your story to see when the last chapter was so I could nag you into stopping your nano for half a moment and then WHAM. You do this. Or maybe I do this. Yes, I know it's my fault, but I can't take responsibility because I'm not an adult.

I love how Slytherin he is without being really the negative aspect of Slytherin. I mean, yeah, he's a total badword, but at the same time he's dying to impress people. Like that's what most of his flaws come down to. His pride.

OH, I love the mystery of his cousin.

At first I read this line:"he’d never had so much to think about before" as "he'd never had to think before." and died laughing when I realized my mistake. Poor Finn. I love Finn.

Sebastian is my baby love. Let's not kill him. Deal? Deal.

"He knew Hufflepuffs were honest, but weren’t they supposed to use their powers for good?" That's the thing about Hufflepuffs. They are evil in the best ways.

MORE MYSTERY! Oh, poor Brindley. She's seriously had the worst lot in life, but somehow keeps this magnificent personality through it all.

OH GOD IS IT HER? OMG, IS SHE THE BABY HE'S LOOKING FOR? don't answer that, but it's my suspicion.

“Almost, but I stopped it just in time.” Just in time to make me squeal. Ugh, that's it. I'm in love with both of them. THIS IS BASICALLY A DATE.

The Hufflepuff tunnel myth was amazing and I don't think it's cannon, but I believe it now with my whole heart.

I like a lot that Finn is so put off by the car thing. It makes a lot of sense and it's some really solid character development.

"Brindley linked her fingers with Finn’s." It's fine, I'm just going to scream for a few hours.

FORGET NANO AND GIVE ME SO FRINNDLEY. Well, not really, but I seriously can't wait for the next chapter and for me to squeal more and for my dogs to keep panicking because of the excited noises I tend to make. You're seriously the best writer.

Author's Response: Thank you so much forever and always! ♥

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin 

5th November 2016:
B!!! *wub*
I'm here! I did tell you I would, didn't I? ;)

Oh, wow... this was a great chapter! (Yes, I know I say that about every chapter. It's just the truth.)

Even more mistery... what is it about their cousin in America? What other secrets are the Blishwicks hiding? I want to know!!!

And Bash... I already told you when you showed me that snipped on Skype the other day, but seeing him so fierce makes me fall in love with him even more! I wish Finn was a bit less insufferent when it comes to him, but then again he wouldn't be Finn... :P

By the way, I loved how you showed his conceit in here. There were a few sentences that really craked me up. Eheheh!

And then there is Brindley... with her misterious letters and strange health issues and mischievous attitude... wonder why Finn is attracted by her... :P (yes, Finn, you heard right. And don't even try to deny, I can see through it all, young man.)

But speaking about the letters and the mistery... unprecised magical items? And her father's name is Harry? Are you playing tricks with my brain, B? Cause this isn't funny...

And yay! The drive-in! I love it! Where did you even get the idea? Actually, I do know where did you get the idea... from our Puffy Movie Nights, didn't you? And this is why I love you! (Apart another thousand of reasons...)

It was all so Pufftastic, you don't even have an idea! I loved the legend of the two Animagi as well!!!

And the car scene... that was wonderful! And... wait a sec... were they holding hands? Like, actually holding hands? Like, are you playing tricks on my poor brain again?

This chapter is wonderful, this story is wonderful, you are wonderful!!!
And I want more!!! Like, now!!!
(Okay, no. Not now. NaNo comes first. What kind of parent would I be if I distracted you from your duty?)

Love and hugs,
Mamma Chi

Author's Response: All your questions will be answered ;)

Yay I'm so glad you liked this one, it's a personal favourite of mine. I'm glad you thought it was so Pufftastic! ♥

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Review #4, by dreamgazer220 

4th November 2016:
ALL ABOARD!! Last call for those to climb aboard the USS Finndley before it sets sail across the Pacific!!!


Omg, B. This chapter was so adorable and so worth the wait! Your writing, as always, is on-point. I'm really liking seeing Sebastian coming into his own. I'm mad that Finn would blow him off like that, but it's such a very Finn thing to do and it's true to his character. His character arc and growth is stunning, though. Truly. You can still see bits and pieces of his old self shine through with his cousin and his friends, and even with Brindley - but then he sort of opens himself up and lets himself be a bit vulnerable later on in this chapter and it's just. ♥♥


I loved that urban legend with the Hufflepuffs. Is that actually a thing or is that from the mind of B? Because it could totally be either. And it was cute with Finn and Brindley swapping stories and legends in the tunnel and THE LAUGHING TOGETHER AND THE HANDHOLDING AND THE CAR. OMG.

Also, can we talk for a hot sec about the little plot deliciousness you left us? That Brindley's mother was writing to a man named Harry around the time that she was pregnant? HMMM? Cool! I like this. I like that you still have good plot stuff and even better relationship stuff and I'm just going to stop this review because I'm just going to keep rambling.

In case you couldn't tell, loved this.

Another amazing chapter.


Author's Response: JILL YOU ARE SO AMAZING! It makes me so happy to hear they're your OTP. I just curl up in a ball of warm fuzzies. Thank you! ♥

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