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Review #1, by Rumpelstiltskin 

14th September 2017:
Hello, I'm back for the final piece of the Companion Piece Challenge.

Ah, Harry during a childbirth scene. I love it. I love it especially since he's so absolutely terrified -- and who wouldn't be? Once again, I liked the idea that, because of everything Harry went through, he couldn't bear to hear the screams that have been continuously haunting him, forcing him to move himself away from his child-bearing wife. Because he couldn't lose her. Not now that he'd gotten her back.

I do really appreciate the flashback to the scene between the first two pieces, where Harry finds Ginny to win her back. I particularly enjoyed how you placed it in this last piece, where Harry is able to recall how he had 'just won her back'.

Of course, the ending is so tender and sweet, with the birth of James. I think you handled this piece very nicely. The moment Harry looks at his son in his arms and realizes that he now, officially, has a family of his own is absolutely beautiful.

As a stand-alone story, especially with the strength behind the flashback, I think it was handled exceptionally well. As the final companion to the other two pieces, I also found that it wrapped things up nicely, tying off any extra loose ends.

Overall, I found the three pieces quite enjoyable.

After I finish reading the other entries and filling out their rubrics, I'll be making announcements for the winners on the Forums (and possibly Twitter and/or Tumblr).

Thanks so much for participating, and sorry for the dreadfully long wait!


Author's Response: I'm glad that him being away from Ginny during this moment was believable. It wasn't so much that he didn't want to be there, but he was so worried he was going to lose her that he just had to get out, you know? I'm so glad that came through well.

Thanks! I just had that last scene in my mind and I knew that was how I had to tie everything together; it stuck out and wouldn't go away XD

I'm so glad you enjoyed all three pieces!! I had a lot of fun writing them, and they were definitely a challenge as well.

Thank you so much for finally getting around to reviewing everything!! I always appreciate the feedback ♥

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Review #2, by Felpata Lupin 

13th October 2016:
Hey, Jill! :D
I'm here to check out this story, since it was nominated for SotM.
Aww... baby James... how adorable!!!
After all the angst, this final scene, Harry holding his son for the first time, realizing that he isn't alone anymore, that he has something worth living for, just warms my heart and feels me with joy!

As always, your writing is incredible. You have the most beautiful description, all emotions are so vivid and real, you capture the characters so perfectly. I just loved everything, as heartbreaking as it is.

Sorry if this review is a bit quick, but I really need to go now... just know that I love what you have here so far!

Wonderful job, as always!
Snowball hug!

Author's Response: Oh hello, Chiara!

I got the idea for the last scene and texted my friend/beta about it, and she was like, "YOU HAVE TO WRITE THIS NOW", sooo... that's where that came from, but I'm glad you enjoy it too! It makes me really happy too.

Ooh stop Chiara, you're making me blush! But really, thank you so much. This means a lot to me ♥

No need to apologize! I'm happy that you stopped by for this lovely surprise :)


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Review #3, by victoria_anne 

11th October 2016:

Oh my God, you'll never guess what song started playing as I was writing the last review (but I didn't really notice at the time because who can listen to music and do stuff at the same time? Oh, most people? Okay) but yes, DEMONS! That's banaynays.


I also like Coldplay. This story is great!

I literally have zero criticism for all three chapters. Not a comma out of place ♥ (These reviews, on the other hand...) I just adore your writing always ♥

I also love how each chapter is a progression in Harry and Ginny's relationship. It was never easy, but that's life, isn't it? Also, I think it's so realistic for Harry to be having a bit of PTSD when hearing Ginny's screams. Thoughts of the war would never be far from his mind.

You do the whole companion thing so well (I guess I never really understood what it meant until now) with the flashback of Harry chasing after Ginny. It just completes everything and I'm very impressed and very *squee*

Dawww :D what a sweet little ending. Harry has someone to protect again ♥ I thoroughly enjoyed this, Jill (obviously, I just binge read) even if it isn't the ship I normally expect from you! Goes to show how versatile you are!

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: These reviews made me chuckle and so happy, I don't care if they're grammatically incorrect.

It seems like you have good taste in music! :P

I'm so glad you liked that bit with Harry and James' birth. The war is never far from him, and after hearing people be tortured, I definitely feel like it would freak him out a bit.

Thanks! I was unsure about the flashback at first, but like you said, I felt like it brought everything back into a nice neat circle from the beginning.

D'aw! Thanks so much for these reviews, B! I'm not a huge Hinny shipper at all, but I love James and Al so that's kind of a problem. This was my solution.

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Review #4, by TidalDragon 

1st October 2016:
The conclusion! I really enjoyed this and in particular the note the story ends on after so much struggle. What intrigues me as well is the timeline. I suspect that there was a real purpose in the symmetry of making Harry's journey to defeat Voldemort be captured in seven years (once he became aware of the threat) and then his journey after defeating him to discovering happiness and family taking the same amount of time. So bravo. Part of me hates it, especially for him, but I like the symmetry :P

Speaking of symmetry, I also like the way the flashback weaves in a connection to Harry and Ginny's first kiss. Then, as in the flashback, she is the initiator of that physically deepening and connection and I thought it fit nicely both for that reason and because it makes her severing the old flame with Seamus more a desired, affirmative act on her part than something she was "cornered into."

In closing on all three chapters, I just want to say that I think it's rather incredible the way you were able to connect these across multiple challenges, across multiple months, and in spite of the fact that I have a strong sense you prefer Ginny with Seamus. Kudos! And thanks for sharing these with us!

Author's Response: I really wanted there to be some light at the end of the tunnel with these two - they are a canon pairing after all, and I wanted them to have some happiness after the war and all of that. As for the seven years; I was looking more for a realistic timeline, not something that could be cured quickly, but the symmetry does work quite well :P

Thank you so much for these reviews! They really have made my day, and... well... I have no idea what you're talking about *innocent whistling*. I've come to love Harry and Ginny as parents, so I felt I needed to give them a story that made sense in my universe, so I'm glad you thought it was believable.

Thank you so much for these kind words, Kevin! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


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