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Reading Reviews for Storm, Chapter 2: Demons
4 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Rumpelstiltskin 

14th September 2017:
Hello, back again for the Companion Piece Challenge.

I really did enjoy how you've brought the element of Harry's continuous nightmares to this post-war piece. Especially given Harry's past, I can't imagine they would end. Also given the nature of his past, I can see where he could believe that any happiness he'd attained could be just as easily ripped away from him. Poor Harry.

I really enjoyed the Hinny element in this. I thought it was not only sweet, but I loved the interaction between the two. Ginny's able to talk Harry away from his demons, if only for a few moments. I also think that you've done a good job with both Harry and Ginny's characters in this piece, and I really do love the idea of Harry finding his strength in Ginny.

Your writing, once again, was quite lovely. Everything was clear and it flowed rather nicely. As a stand alone piece, I thought that it was strong as a vignette piece looking into a moment of Harry and Ginny's relationship. As a companion to the first, I found that it nicely followed 'Broken Dreams' in succession.

Nicely done, and I'll see you in the next section!

Author's Response: Hello again!

Yeah, I had a hard time believing that his nightmares would end, especially after the war too. I just want to snuggle him here -- which is weird for me XD

Thank you so much! Characterization is always important to me, especially canon characters, and particularly Ginny. Book!Ginny is my favorite, so it's always great to hear when I get her right.

I'm glad everything flowed rather nicely! I wasn't sure how it would look as a whole, so I'm glad everything is falling into place.

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Review #2, by Dirigible_Plums 

3rd December 2016:

I honestly don't know how it slipped my mind that I had a challenge up, but it did. I'm here now though! You are free to punch me in the face for my tardiness, I fully deserve it.

"It was over before it could begin" is one of those sentences that manage to hook you in straight away purely to see what happens and I am glad to say that this time was no different. I have to admit that the first few lines actually had me worried because I was sure that Harry was a goner and that would've undoubtedly broken my heart. But I guess that's the point :P

Poor Harry. To be haunted with such vivid nightmares that realistically could've happened if things had panned out differently must be awful. They went through so much during the war that I don't blame him for feeling so awful half the time. I do think it's sweet how he tries to shield Ginny from it, even after all this time.

Speaking of which, I absolutely LOVED the Hinny here. I am a sucker for this ship and to read about it in any form just has me sold. This line in particular (" They were written in the stars - and considering hed never been very good at Divination while at Hogwarts, it said something of his confidence that Ginny and he was the one thing he knew he could count on.") had my little heart melting. It's sappy but has just enough Harry in it to make me want all the sap. But honestly, I think it really says something about the love they share that they shoulder through the after effects of the war together as if it's second nature to them 💕

Ahaha there's a little mention of Senny (Sinny?) here! Why am I not surprised 😜

All in all, this was a lovely little entry to read and I thank you for entering it in!

Plums xo

Author's Response: Oh hey, Plums! Nice to see you here :)

Don't worry about the delay, I'm just happy you made it here and had the time to read this.

I really loved that line and it took me in a totally different direction than I originally intended, but I always knew it had to be about Harry. I can't imagine him surviving the war without having horrific nightmares all the time, though.

I'm so glad you loved the Hinny! It's a ship I don't normally write or like all that much, so I'm so so glad that you enjoyed it as a shipper. ♥

Senny! Of course there was :P I can't write Hinny *without* mentioning them.

Thanks so much for the great challenge!

♥ Jill

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Review #3, by victoria_anne 

11th October 2016:
Alrighty, I'm back. I looove Imagine Dragons, so this is fantastical start already BOOYAH.

Ooh I love how Cursed Child this is. I literally had the scene from the play in my mind as I read ♥ Does that go to show how good your characters are? Because it should.

Aw this had such a nice ending! I thought it would be another dark chapter, it certainly started off that way (goosebumps, for realz) but I love how Ginny makes him strong. It's perfectomundo ♥

Onto the next chapter, WEEE-

Author's Response: Thanks! I actually kind of forgot this was a thing in Cursed Child, but I'm glad that you think my characters are still kind of canon! You know I struggle with that/it's important, haha.

This review had me cracking up. Thank you! ♥

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Review #4, by TidalDragon 

1st October 2016:
I have returned and I heartily approve of this shift :P

Regardless, I really enjoyed the picture of Harry and Ginny's relationship that you painted here and the dynamics of it. There's no question that the parts of them that made each character "them" in canon still remain. But at the same time, you allow it not to be ignorant of the past and there are new shades and depth on those traits that I think have to be appreciated post-war. Though it may sound strange to highlight so much, I think what really drove these things home for me was the facial expressions and clarifications of tone you utilized in their conversation. So often, these are actually signs people miss (or ignore) in canon of the connection that Harry and Ginny have and you showed us how that connection has been restored and now persists using such signals similarly. I would say Harry's a lucky man with his "not anymore" business and seemingly lingering insecurity about that, but given that I don't know how fresh the break was maybe it's more understandable. I hope clinging to that here isn't a sign of negatives to come though...

Two things that jumped out at me that may be worth just taking a look at are these: (1) "...or Voldemort rising yet again and killing her out of spite of his happy ending" and (2) the mixed up his/hers in their kiss at the end.

The second speaks for itself, but the first, unless I'm tired, just doesn't seem as clear as it should. I think I understand the meaning, but the first part seems to obviate the third (i.e. if Voldemort rose again, did Harry ever have a happy ending for Ginny to be killed in spite of). I don't know, that's just how it struck me.

ANYWAY, I am enjoying this collection of companion pieces so far and look forward to the third and final. See you there!

Author's Response: Glad to see you back here!

I'm honestly so flattered by that, Kevin. Canon is important to me for canon characters, and I try hard to keep them who they are while giving them room to change, so I'm glad that you thought that. Facial expression and tone are something I'm trying to incorporate more as well.

Hmm... I'll have to look at those two now that you mention it. Thanks for pointing them out!


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