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Review #1, by marauderfan 

5th January 2017:
I'm here with a few reviews!

I notice Tom doesn't want people reading his diary. Either it's already a Horcrux or he's been writing about his crush on someone unattainable and drawing broken hearts and writing emo poetry and he's too embarrassed to let his friends see. Obviously my money is on the latter.

This curse that Tom is looking for sounds like only bad news. I'm sure he doesn't really need to include that in his essay. He's finished with his essay, after all.

I like Radbourne. At least he has a backbone and isn't cool with just being a bystander. Can't say the same for Finn. I love that Radbourne wants to be a Healer as well. How did he get mixed up with this bunch?

“Radbourne,” Tom continued, “get a copy of Moste Potente Potions and bring it to me.” -- Where does one get a copye of Moste Potente Potionse? At Ye Olde Towne Shoppe.

Ah, no, the librarye.

[Sidenote: I sincerely apologize for this review already. It's a late night review and those have a tendencye to be weirde. I am so not a night owl.]

Hahaha, now Finn, do I detect a hint of jealousy? He does seem unreasonably irritated at seeing Brindley kissing Patrick Avery.

FINN YOU SMUG JERK. HE IS THE WORST. I don't know how Brindley didn't see it coming. Because of course he would do something like that, making an executive decision about the Ministry that favors him and totally disregarding what she wants.

I love your description of the Ministry in those days and how you used the smallest canon details, like in the books Arthur mentioned that they used to have owls delivering the memos, and here they are - and Bob Ogden is working there. Sidenote, it would be so nerve-wracking to be in an elevator while there are birds flying above you and you can't get out of their way. I feel like I'd need to have an umbrella at all times. Anyway, this has gotten off topic but what I wanted to say is I like your attention to detail.

“Well, since I’m here, might as well enjoy it,” she whispered back. -- I love her

The small medium at large XD I love that joke

Ouch! Double ouch. That's a difficult way for Finn to learn about Brindley's parents. Who does she live with? Aunt? Uncle? Also, I love how cute Finn was being with the joke about the troll cave and it kind of breaks my heart how she responded. Ugh. I am very sad. The fact that Brindley is so upbeat and positive even when she's got so much to deal with - she's a pretty amazing person. ALSO, there was some almost flirting there in that scene. And I noticed at the end that Finn used her first name! I saw it!

Excellent chapter! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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Review #2, by Felpata Lupin 

3rd September 2016:
Here I am, to review your new chapter! :D

Aww... first names... something is already changing... *squeals excitedly*

Okay, where do I begin? Let's start from the beginning...

Our little Slytherin quartet... I love how you're building each of their personalities.
Tom is so... manipulative? :P No, Siriusly, it's unsettling how they just do whatever he asks. Also, I loved the reaction with the diary... someone has already made a Horcrux, I take it? Or more than one, now that I think about it... you showed the ring, too, right? Oh, and it was also so unsettling his research about long effect curses. That boy is so creepy... well, he's Voldemort, what did I expected? *rolls eyes to self*

Ben... he's a bit of an idiot, honestly... but he's a teenager, after all, and teenagers do silly things, right? And that thing Patrick said... is Ben in love with a Muggle? I'm starting to seriously dislike Patrick, by the way... he was really horrible with Brindley, and I didn't like the way he talked about his brother at all! I thought he was a nice bloke... what are you doing, B?!?

Radbourne... he's my favourite! Okay, that's not true because Finn is my favourite... Actually, Sebastian is my favourite, but that's beside the point... *blushing*
Back to Radbourne... I really like that he seems to be slightly more mature than the rest of the gang (except Tom, of course... but that, too, is beside the point...) And I think it's so cute that he wants to be a Healer. Yes, I like that guy. :D

Finn is just Finn, and there's nothing more to tell... Such a prat! I can't believe that he told Kettleburn they'd opted for the DMLE at Brindley's back! Actually, I can totally believe it... such a prat, as I was saying...

By the way... "Bring your manners, please, Mr Blishwick." Best line of the chapter! Ahahah!

I so loved Finn and Brindley at the Ministry! I loved how they interacted, how hostile they were at the beginning and how it lightens as the day goes by. It's just so cute. :)

And the mastilio spider scene... mmmh... quite interesting... Maybe there's more to Hero's death than what you know, Finn? You should be careful about who you befriend... (I know it's useless, I'll still keep trying warning him...)

And now I'm wondering again about Brindley... what happened to her mother? Who is her father? Which kind of illness does she have? What did she mean when she said there was no point in houses? Now I'm wondering if maybe it really is her the Potter child... I don't think she is, but maybe... Oh, well... Guess answers will arrive, right? As for the illness, I'm confident you won't kill her, otherwise you wouldn't be able to write that other story you told me about... Right?

Ok, I think I've uselessly rambled enough... To cut it short, another great chapter! Now you'll have to hurry with the sixth! ;)

Snowball hug, my love!
Your little Chi

Author's Response: Thank you, little Chi! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #3, by dreamgazer220 

2nd September 2016:
You asked me if you amazed me.

The answer is yes.

THIS CHAPTER THO, B. I knew you were struggling with it, but it's really impossible to tell. Your writing is just. And your characters are just. I LOVE IT ALL.

I wouldn't be surprised if Malfoy had a hand in rummaging through Finn's room, though I wonder to what cost? What would he gain from that, unless Tom thinks that Finn is floundering? Does that make sense? We haven't actually discussed a lot of the plot - so while I know a fair amount, I'm still surprised by some of the things you can think of and it's really just wonderful. This is easily one of my favorite stories on the site right now/favorite fics in general.

AND SO MUCH FINNDLEY IN THIS CHAPTER! I love the banter, I love the glances, I love Finn's thought process. The ship is building, and I couldn't be more excited. They're deifnitely one of my otps right now. I love reading about them and the way you write them. Also, I love love love this part:

Through gritted teeth, she said, “I do not - need - saving.”

Yeah, she was angry. “And I’m no white knight,” he replied.

Because it's just so Finndley and it spoke to their personalities. And Finn stopping Patrick, he really does have potential to be a great gentleman - if he really wants to be. ♥

And the Ministry scene! I do think parts of it were slow, but I can tell there was important stuff in there. I wonder what's in that file with the Blishwick name?? I hope we get to find out in the next chapter - or soon! And that part with Finndley and the spider, and FORESHADOWING TO THE BLANKET FORT! Squee! I can't wait for that scene.

AND. HE. CALLED. HER. BRINDLEY! YUS, FINNDLEY HAS SAILED. Finn is just in denial, but it's so cute. I love it. And him. And this story. And FInn not wanting to give her the impression that he cares. He totally does though, okay? Okay. Glad we're on the same page about that.

I can't help but be nervous, though, about what Tom's going to do when he finds out that he's sort of friendly with a Hufflepuff... *eyes B suspiciously*

Fantastic chapter as always! Keep up the great work!


Author's Response: Aw, thanks Jill! ♥

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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

1st September 2016:

I swear every force in the universe tried to stop me from finishing this chapter (namely my husband who is a part time man baby).

Poor Finn being stuck in the dungeons on such a nice day. He can't even oggly innocent girls. I love the visual that all of your stories create. The entire bit about the paper being stuck to his cheek was just the icing on the cake. I could picture and hear the entire potions classroom. How glorious!

Tom and his diary. Ugh, he's such a teenage girl. TBH I think Finn's question is one we all want to know.

Tom. You're being creepy with the whole slow burn kind of torture spell. Super creepy.

You know, even if she has a super obnoxious laugh, I love that Finn can pick it out in a crowd. He sure is *ahem* aware of her at all times, don't you think? I wonder why... ;)

Ben, total Slytherin move. NOT. COOL. Shout out to Radbourne though. He has his priorities straight.

Smaller bugs. lol. I wonder if a lot of magical beetles are carnivorous? Let's just have you do an entire magical entomology class. Yes? Yes. I really thought that answer would bite him in the rear since he wasn't sure but it didn't and I'm relieved.

Honestly this line (of all the awesome lines present in this chapter) made me laugh the most: "Learning how to make a hasty escape was something he was rather interested in." It's just very Finn.

Let's just talk a moment about knight-in-shining-armor Finn. Oh my goodness. Adorable. I'm in love. Let's plan the wedding now (AND FFS DON'T KILL HER). He was idly thinking about her (*swoon*) and then there she is and there's an obvious jealousy monster in his tummy and THEN he swoops in, short but mean, and saves the day. ♥

In the department she really shines to me. She can see how desperate he was and despite the fact that he betrayed her by forcing her to be there in the first place instead of loving on sweet magical animals, she still helps him. With an adorable wink too! IM SO IN LOVE.

“You don’t want to be an Auror. You’re the type of person Aurors try to catch.” I'm in pieces. This was the best line. THEN FINN'S RESPONSE. Well, that's just rude. No denial. Hilarious.

OH, does he suspect Tom yet now that he knows the spider is actually pretty docile? WHAT WILL HE DO WHEN HE FIGURES IT OUT? Also don't kill her pleaaase. Let her have a house. My heart. You don't understand!

The end! :D Oh the end. HE CALLED HER BRINDLEY. My heart is so full!

Author's Response: PAULA YOUR REVIEWS MAKE MY HEART FULL! Thank you! ♥

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