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Review #1, by nott theodore 

27th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi Plums! I know I read this all a while ago, but I couldn't review it before CTF, could I? I'm glad I get a chance to show it some love now because it's a really great story!

It is really such a joy to get to read this chapter again (I feel like I'm going to have to go back and read the whole story again to be honest, it's that good). There's so much that happens in it and I kind of just want to fangirl at you, but that wouldn't end in a coherent review, so here's trying.

I love the friendship group that Nova has! They've been through so much in this story and the fact that they've got through that and are still friends is fantastic. I think so often authors forget that teen friendship isn't just about being typical 'girls', but about being there for each other through some of the hardest years of your life, and these girls have really managed that.

And oh my goodness the scene with Albus! He was so adorable and cute and I had so many feels reading it, and then you go and do that to me! You are a cruel, cruel author and I'm not sure I should praise you for breaking my heart a little bit, but you did. I get her reasons for saying no, but NOVA!!!

I'm so glad that her friends made her see sense and that they don't want her to just concentrate on them at the expense of their own happiness. Does this mean I get to reread the final chapter soon too? ♥

Sian :)

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Review #2, by princesslily_36 

27th April 2017:

IT FEELS LIKE AGES SINCE I VISITED THIS STORY! Yes, your biggest fan is BACK! I do feel bad though because I did finish reading this chapter ages ago.

YES The gang is back! I am so excited to be reviewing this for CTF. Dahlia - Ohh! How I have missed her! And Cass - as a fellow vegetarian I'm all for Cass. You go girl! (Yes, meat isn't the only source of protien...). But its still lovely that the girls go along with her despite Dahlia not being able to order Chicken!

And there's Albus. Oh you write Albus so teasingly well. He's just there, through Nova's eyes, he's wonderfully deliciously there... just being himself. You write everyone so damn well. You're the only one I know that has successfully managed to balance so many characters and still maintain their uniqueness.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS STORY IS OVER :-( I mean, I remember feeling all low about it when I knew it was, but this chapter has so much happiness that I just can't think about that right now!

Ok now that's out of my system. (Maybe not, but I need to move on!)


I did NOT expect Nova to turn him down, but omg it is totally the kind of thing she would do. And Albus, he's just so perfect.

Everything about this story is perfect.

I just realized this whole review is about me gushing over your fic, but you know you've got a fan in me. I simple adore your writing style, and it helps that I'm a fan of the genre too (teen drama ftw!)

Loads of love!

(PS: Never stop writing. EVER.)

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Review #3, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

25th August 2016:
So I mentally was protesting this chapter knowing that I only have this one and the next one (which apparently isn't going to be 8K words because you want to destroy my soul). I mean I obviously am dying to read it but...but...I'M NOT READY FOR IT TO BE OVER YET.

I love Christmas so much and the first few paragraphs make me feel all warm and cuddly and excited for the holidays that won't be around for months. I'M READY!

Nova's ornament decoration makes my heart so very happy. She's the sweetest. Also these girls supporting Cass by trekking to the middle of nowhere for a vegan cafe is so sweet. I love these girls so much.

One thing I really like is that you've given Cass so much enthusiasm and progress toward fighting her disease at the hands of a counselor. She's gotten real help and it's made a real difference. I think that's such a good message to send. You're the best.

I was really wondering where in the world Daddy Dukes was coming in because tbh I was scared where this story might be going.

NOVA HALE THE GIRLS WILL BE OKAY GO ON A DATE WITH ALBUS! Ugh fine. I get it. Nova you're a good friend. A top notch excellent friend. And Albus is a dreamy perfect guy for understanding. That's not going to make me less grumpy.

"YOUR DEATH WILL BE AN HONEST MISTAKE." She's seriously the love of my life.

I have nothing to say for the rest of the chapter other than EEK. and maybe AWW. and a hint of OHMYGODIMSOHAPPYICOULDCRY.

All of it was amazing. You're amazing. The girls are amazing. Novus is amazing. This is hands down my favorite story I've ever read ever. EVER.

Author's Response: this is a sinfully late reply

feel free to throw me off the astronomy tower, showering me in pig guts and those hearts from chapter four

i deserve it

haha luckily for you, paula, the next chapter really isn't 8k words... it's 9K BECAUSE APPARENTLY I HAVE NO CONCEPT OF LENGTH but tbh i aint complaining really bc closure is v.v necessary and requires at least 10k

i like writing nova as excessively sweet (without seeming as bubbly as alice) just because it makes her 'reputation' even more ridiculous. like how can anyone believe it. how is it so widely accepted. what is wrong with hogwarts fam

yeah, it was really important to me to give cass determination to get better. although many people find it difficult to get to that place, i wanted to show that while these issues are all too real, it's still possible to get to a better place. you just have to want it

come hither daddy 'dukes

nova hale!!! being a hufflepuff does not mean you have to be so selfless!!1 be a bitch like your reputation fgs, date the poor boy

interesting tidbit: ik so much of al's thoughts throughout this entire thing + extra that i could probs write a fic about his side of things. like ik so much about his friends that i don't even need to know??? like why do i need to know that they call adam 'adam the puff' bc he's a sweetheart and that al is v. careful around nova not to call him that? why???

you are the one person dahlia will be fine marrying

no but seriously paula, you are the sweetest!! reading your reviews genuinely make my day (maybe that's why it took me so long to respond to this bc i'm too busy smiling myself in a mess to respond) and i love that you love it

all of my love

plums xo

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Review #4, by Moony, Padfoot and Prongs. Brothers forever. 

25th August 2016:
Hey. I'm literally pulling my hair in frustration that I'm not the first one to do a review. I've always wanted to be the the first one to review in this story, but I've never gotten a chance to do so. Ahhh well. You can't have everything in life.

I'm glad that Cassidy has started eating (though I'm not too much of a fan of vegetables myself).

And the part about Nova and Albus. Aw. It was a mark of their frienship that she refused. At least she gets to go now.

I hope Nala gets over Xanthe. And I really, really want to read about the revenge they're planning. Revenge truly is sweet.

I'm feeling sad that the fic is wrapping up. I've really enjoyed all the chapters so far.

Anyways, thanks for the chapter. It was one of my best ones so far. I'll be waiting for the last chapter.

P.S. YES, NOVA! You ahould leave him flustered more often.

Author's Response: Hello :)

Don't pull your hair, I'm sure it's too nice for that. But nah, the gesture is very sweet and it's really nice to hear that you wanted to be the first reviewer so badly - thank you so much :*

Vegetables are life tbh but yes, it's great that Cass is getting back on her feet, isn't it? The girl deserves it.

Yeah, a part of Nova always knew she was going to refuse should Al ever ask (even though she really wasn't expecting him to) just because she knew that being with him would consume her time. But of course, the girls aren't going to let her be a martyr after all of their hard work (remember how they hid under a table in CH3?) to get Novus this far!

Nala really does deserve to get over Xanthe but it will take some time. She's the type to fall hard for someone and what happened with Xanthe is the equivalent of breaking half your ribcage to her.

I'M sad that the fic is wrapping up too! But unfortunately, this is where this fic ends for now. I'll probably do more stuff related to this in the future methinks bc I love these characters. Like. A Lot. And it makes me really happy to know that you do too :)

Thank you for taking the time to read and review,

Plums xo


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Review #5, by beka_wotter 

24th August 2016:
So I was on holiday and returned to TWO chapters which was very exciting and I didn't think it worth commenting on chapter 8 but I thought it was a very good chapter and I loved the reconciliation of the girls!! This chapter was PERFECT, everything about it from the Christmas feel, the bants with the girls (I'd missed that), AL AND NOVA oh my days I die at how cute they are!! I love how selfless Nova is but I love that she's got the date with him and how she made him all flustered at the end bless!! I'm honestly terrified of this story ending, I love it so much and would more than happily read any future fics set in this universe, but I can't wait to read about the date!!

Author's Response: Hello again :)

I'm really glad that you enjoyed CH8 because that one was where things blew up and everything came out into the open. It was a heavy chapter in both themes and word count so I was naturally concerned about how it would be received - all good things so far, so that's great. I'm also really happy that you liked this one too, especially because Al and Nova FINALLY got together! Well, sort of. But you know what I mean - Moves were Made and he was finally the one who was flustered for once. :D

Hopefully, I'll return to this universe one day, but I don't want to tie myself down to anything at the moment. I do love these characters a LOT though, so it is likely that there'll be spin-offs or something similar.

Plums xo

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