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Review #1, by marauderfan 

11th October 2016:
Here I am... signed sealed delivered, I'm yours. I mean, here I am with your requested review. :P

Wait, Finn wants to do homework?! :O Where is the real Finn and what happened to him? DANGER, WILL ROBINSON.

Why does he not own a copy of the textbook? How is he going to become this new responsible person who studies and wants to do his homework, if he doesn't even have the required class materials? I know he's rich enough to afford it, so he can't even use that as an excuse. *shakes head*

After hours library pass? It's like they're asking for trouble. I guess I can see why these passes no longer existed by the time Harry went to Hogwarts. :P

He stood in front of her desk. She didnít look up. ďI need that book,Ē he said bluntly. -- Um. In case I doubted that Finn is the most entitled, selfish snob ever. Literally he thinks she's going to give him the book she's using just because he needs it. This is how toddlers think about toys. Come on, Finn, you can be better than this.

Her hair added a sweeter scent to the library; like cinnamon -- *makes mental note just in case you have a chapter on Amortentia coming up*

Um. All the coughing fits and she's even coughing up blood into a handkerchief. I remember when this happened in Moulin Rouge and it didn't turn out well. Aah! I'm seriously worried about Brindley. What is going on with her? It seems like a wizard illness, but one Finn isn't familiar with either. One thing I did catch however: Finn is concerned. He'd deny it I know, but he was worried there.

Aw, Brindley covers for him so he doesn't get kicked out of the library. She has literally NO reason to be nice to him after how he's treated her. But she's just nice. That's who she is. AND. Finn is jealous of Brindley's date?? And I notice him glancing at her a lot. A long glance. *Raises more flags on the RMS Finndley* (wait I just remembered Finn's full name is Finlay isn't it? Finlay and Brindley. They RHYME. Hehehe. Did you do that on purpose? XD )

the hard and unfeeling outside he let the world see might be inhuman, but it was a hell of a lot more civilized than what he hid inside. -- I mean I do feel bad for Finn but he literally sounds like the music I used to listen to in 8th grade. ANGST

Brindley really didn't have to apologize for saying that. Finn needed to be taken down a peg or ten.

Slughorn chortled. ďIndeed! I also heard tell of your skills as a duelist.Ē -- Random fact but I accidentally read duelist as 'dentist' at first

When you mention Henry Potter's familiar face - particularly the turned up nose... Long shot here but I feel like you mentioned Brindley's nose as turned up. Maybe. Once. I think? Maybe I made it up. Anyway now I'm really wondering. Of course, it's probably someone from Hogwarts, but my money is on Brindley.

Aw, Finn's mum kind of breaks my heart. She may not know the particulars of what's going on but she's definitely aware something is going on and that Finn is confused about it.

So the pineapple Tom got for Slughorn was actually bought by Finn. Haha, for all the way Tom weasels his way in with other people, he literally does no work to do so. He's like a puppeteer just moving the strings of everyone around him. And it's so believable.

I have no comment except eye rolling about Finn and Lucretia at the end. When Finn wants to study, he demands a book from someone who's already using it because how could anyone not understand that he wants to study. But when a girl he likes wants to study, he can't understand why she wants to study and seduces her instead because that's what he wants. *headdesk* Finn has a lot of growing up to do, and up to this point he basically only thinks about himself, but I think that's why he's such a dynamic character and interesting to read about. He's an idiot 98% of the time, but that 2% is when he feels shame and guilt about Hero, or concern about Brindley, and you can tell that he has potential to be better. Oh and I guess by 'no comment' at the beginning of this paragraph I meant 'a lot of comments'.

How did this review get so long? I'm about to run out of characters. So um, this was a good chapter. I should probably have some CC, shouldn't I? I guess there was this:

He threw himself into the chair, letting the legs scrape nosily, - That should probably say 'noisily'. Unless the chairs are not minding their own business.

Okay that's all. This was a great chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Oh, Kristin. Look how beautiful and long your reviews are ♥

No, I didn't rhyme Brindley and Finn's names on purpose :P I noticed it when it was too late to change, and that's why Brindley's nickname isn't Brin :P

Thank you so much, love of my life! ♥

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Review #2, by dreamgazer220 

23rd August 2016:

Wah, I'm so sorry I haven't formally reviewed this chapter, but here I am to do just that!

Okay, so, you know I love this, yeah? I love how effortlessly you write boys. Finn being annoyed that he can't copy his homework off of his friends and that he has to go to the library late at night is so, well, Finn. I love it. And Briony, I'm pretty sure she's up to something with all those snacks, and I love how sass runs in the family. "You better watch your weight"/"You better watch your mouth" is just so precious and golden. ♥

AND WE GET FINNDLEY IN THE LIBRARY. Sigh, I love them so much. Finn is actually quite observant, especially as we see later with his parents, and I'm glad he's starting to notice more about Brindley. Is he, *gasp* even starting to worry and/or care about her?! OMG. BREAKTHROUGH! Maybe not yet but soon!

I love the dynamics between Finn and Tom here. There's a definite power struggle brewing. Do I detect some bitterness from Finn with "Everyone loved Tom."??? I can't say I blame him for that. And I loved the scene with him and his parents, and how he seems to let his mum linger more after Hero's death. :(

And what's up with Jameson? He's not dying too, is he? IS HE? *glares at Bianca*

And again, boys being boys. You do it so well and it makes me super jealous.

Fantastic chapter as always!! Can't wait for more!!

So so so sorry for the delay darling.


Author's Response: NOT EVEN. You is amazing.

You thinking I write boys without effort is so wonderful to hear, because it actually takes a helluva lot of effort. If none of that behind the scenes frustration shows in the writing, I'm glad :P

Finn? Care? Too early to tell yet ;)


Thank you Jill! ♥ ♥

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Review #3, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

14th August 2016:

I like how Finn is annoyed with his friends for not having done the essay he wanted to copy off them.

Grindelwald already overthrew the French Ministry? It'll be a matter of time before he takes on the British then! Yikes. Too soon! Finn better decide where his allegiance lies and quick!

Yeah, Finn I'm not sure that's really all that brag worthy that your family is so close to Grindelwald. I think that should be kept on the down-low. The funny thing here for me is how much this conversation with Malfoy mirrors the conversation with Draco about his special mission he was especially chosen for.

ďBetter watch your mouth.Ē I love Briony so much. Sheís my spirit animal. I wonder who sheís taking all that food to. Based on her response I donít think itís just for her at all.

To be fair, I donít think that Brindley would have flinched at Tomís glare either. Sheís just too awesome for any of that. Sheíd probably consider hexing him.

So she's not coughing up blood because it's thicker and darker than blood. Maybe some kind of weird wizard disease? Maybe some kind of weird curse? Either way I'm worried about her. You aren't going to kill her too, are you? She's my favorite. You can't. Also Finn is crazy insensitive about her coughing. It's in his character of course but dear Merlin himself, it's just some coughing. Be nice.

Finn is so cute when he's acting all jealous. Face like a goblin that got trampled by a centaur and then hit by the Knight Bus? Excellent. He only just accepted that she was rather attractive so I donít know if he knows heís acting jealous. He totally is.

ďHero never deserved his nastiness, and he wished with all his heart he could take it back.Ē Itís fine. Iím not crying here or anything. Itís allergies.

Iím quite happy for Finn for being recognized by Slughorn, even if he probably shouldnít be and itís only going to lead to open doors he doesnít need. It will be much easier to get that Ministry thing if he has Sluggy on his side.

What Iím wondering is if maybe Brindley is the Potterís illegitimate child? It could be her because you use words like child instead of a specific gender and Iíd like to think itís a maybe. What if itís a Blishwick? WHO COULD IT BE? Youíd probably laugh at me but I went through your previous chapters searching for the word nose to see if you already told us someone had an upturned nose. No nose.

This is a very different Jameson than what we are used to and I'm terrified for the Blishwicks. They bit off more than they could chew.

I just researched Halcyonís name because what an odd name and Iím wondering if thereís some foreshadowing in it? Donít answer that. Iíll wait and see. She really does seem like a good mother, even if she wasnít the best to Hero.

ďYouíre the princess we rescue.Ē Oh my god I love these teenagers.

All of this chapter was so excellent! So much happened in this chapter and honestly Iím so addicted to this story! I canít wait for the next one!


Briony as your spirit animal made me laugh so much! And it's interesting that you thought of the similarities between Finn and Malfoy with their secret missions - I never made that connection but you're right! They're both the type of people to brag about their entitlements.

Hey, now. I'm not that horrible a writer, not everyone has to die! :P Buuut, you do know me well, so I'll say no more ;)

Your dedication makes me so happy, oh my goodness. Going back for clues and checking up on names... I'm going to have to be extra careful with what I write! (FYI, I chose Halcyon because it was a Greek name I think, kind of running with the pure blood name trend that goes on in Harry Potter). You're one of my favourite readers EVER.

Next chapter coming up soon, I promise!

Thank you, P. Love B ♥

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