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Review #1, by marauderfan 

30th August 2016:
BIANCA! ♥ ♥ ♥ I am here with many hugs and also this fact: Did you know that wood frogs, which can live above the Arctic Circle, hibernate by freezing completely solid?

And also I'm here with your requested review.

Why is Finn sitting around listening to Tom Riddle and failing at spells when he could be eating dinner? I thought he had more sense than that. :P

Wow, Tom is definitely becoming a lot more Voldemorty and it's really easy to see how he eventually becomes Voldemort. That line about "not by his side, but I will rule" -- eek! Dun dun dun...

Oh my. Family drama for the Avery's. Ben isn't very good at playing it cool, anyone can see right through the way he just angsted his way out of the dormitory haha.

Finn has such high hopes about how his project of kidnapping and threatening will turn out. Ah, Finn *shakes head*

Yikes, that was an intense dueling club meeting. Finn kind of comes across as pathetic here because he's obviously so desperate for Tom to like him, and still at the end Tom and Malfoy are whispering together and ignore Finn.

Also do you have to keep reminding me about Hero? :( It's sad. But also I think it says so much that Finn still cares and things keep reminding him of her. Things like this make me think that when Finn finds out about Tom's role in her death, he will instantly stop being on Tom's side. In his heart if not officially.

Birds flying low overhead is a big deal. I sympathise, Finn!

Lol, of course his owl is named Adonis. I don't know why I found this so hilarious but it is.

I like that Brindley isn't afraid to be blunt and say that Finn is basically a sheep following Tom around. The one question I had about this section is why Brindley is reading that book in the owlery. Like, she comes up there to find moths, and next Finn looks at her she's reading about Brocken Spectres. Is that just to pass the time until she senses a moth is in the area? While I love that this is how the Knights of Walpurgis discussion came up, I think it could use a tiny bit of clarification ;)

Ooh, and the Knights of Walpurgis make their first appearance. I like that it was Finn's idea, and of course that the original Death Eaters names came from something mentioned by a Hufflepuff who is like the complete opposite of them :P And that it started out as simply the name for their dueling club - you're doing really well at building all of this up.

I especially like that all that dramatic build up happens just before this line: He stepped back to admire his handiwork - and their number of points - pleased to have done something with dignity before he went to hunt bugs. -- hahaha.
Did he find any millipedes?

Bahaha, Finn just can't abide the fact that Brindley doesn't find him attractive. Please tell me that next time he sees her he's going to be like, casually flexing his biceps or something in an attempt to show off and change her mind. XD

oh man I can 100% relate to Finn having issues concentrating and having to work 10x as hard for his grades. That is me. It sucks. Poor Finn!

Oh no :( I think your writing of Tom is PERFECT in this last bit though, everything from his slimy ingratiating himself with the professors in order to sneak information out of the office, to torturing Finn when he failed to get the information. What is it going to take for him to realize he's better off out of Tom's group? Or is he just in too deep now? *bites nails in worrying about Finn*

This was a great chapter! Things are really starting to get intense now and aaah. !!! Excellent work ♥

Author's Response: What a coincidence, that's how I get through winter! Ahhh so many wonderful things in this review I can't pick one thing out, so thank you so much for all of it! ♥

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Review #2, by Jimmy Portman 

20th August 2016:
Hey, there. What's up?
I'm here because... actually, I'm not sure... all I know is that a Sebastian Something visited someone... I don't know what it has to do with me, but Hermione insisted that I should've stopped by because it is polite... I guess it's a good distraction, anyway.

Mmmh... Finn thinking about food made me hungry... guess I'll go down to dinner once I finish reading... if Ron has left me anything...

Potter's illegitimate child? What is it with the Potters? Can't they just have regular children like anyone else??? And why do Dark Wizards target them all the time?

By the way... that Tom seems really creepy... if I were Finn, I would stay far away from him... then, again, Slytherins are weird people... look at Nev... not to mention that Rosier girl... she's quite creepy too...

Ah, a Dueling Club! Sounds exciting! (Even if I wouldn't call life at Hogwarts boring even without it...)

What is it with this Ben person and this Patrick? Not that I care, I have enough troubles on my own...

Why would Finn want to spend time with this Lucretia? She seems so boring, if you ask me.

Hey, now! Who does Finn think he is? Potters are toughter than he thinks! They just have some trouble in keeping their children *rolls eyes*

Again Ben and Patrick... now I'm starting to be curious too...

Can't really blame Finn for attacking Malfoy. If he's anything like his grandchild, he probably deserved it, anyway. Radbourne seems a wise one instead. Hermione would like him.

I do know a girl who is this aggravating and obsessed with school work... this McCroy reminds me a lot of Hermione. Actually, their banter made me think of Herm and Ron, they fight this way all the time. Neville says that they secretly fancy each other... can you believe it?

“Is that what your little Slytherin group is? Knights to King Riddle?” She has a point.

I'm not sure what the big deal with the team name is, but good for Finn to not let Tom push him around.

Oh... they're trying to sneak into the Headmaster office... that's a dangerous thing to do, but they seem to have a good plan... have to ask Herm if she knows this Disillu- erm... no, I'm totally not planning to sneak into anyone's office, don't look at me that way!

Oh, seems like Finn doesn't have a great relationship with his parents? That makes me sad.

Oh, what's wrong with McCroy? Is she ill? And why doesn't her Aunt want her to be cured in S.Mungo's? Muggles are weird at times...

Oh, Godric! What's happening?! What is Tom doing to him?! Forget what I said earlier about dinner, I've lost the appetite...

I need to go, now. I have a Potion essay to finish and I really don't want any more detentions with Snape.

Thank you for the read. It was interesting.


Author's Response: JIMMY!

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear from you! :D

I'm so grateful you took time out of homework to visit Finn, but I would hate to be the one to cause you detention! Pip pip back to work, young man!

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Review #3, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

5th August 2016:

Can I just say this chapter was so wonderful? It was so wonderful. I felt like we had so much development of Finn. He's my one true love.

Oh! and Brindley! My heart is so full for her. She's my person. I can't wait to find out more about what exactly is going on and why is she so ill (and apparently it isn't very treatable). Heaven forbid it's Tom's doing. Not likely, but you never know with your stories! I love how hardworking and dedicated she is. I also love how transfixed Finn was with the idea that she wasn't in to him. Like to the point he screwed up the entire mission. I can see it now! I love how she doesn't even think twice before putting him in the place with the "you're stupid" comment.

So Tom was very Tom in this chapter. You really see a much stronger glimmer of that Lord Voldemortesque behavior. It's less polite Tom who was authoritative but somewhat off and more power hungry ego maniac. “Not by his side,” Tom had replied. “But I will rule.” YEESH. That's a good line.

I'm very interested in what in the world Tom would want the Protean charm for. Perhaps that's how he got the Dark Mark to work for his followers? I'm not sure and now I need to go do some research. If not that, I think it would definitely be used for some form of communication. Or maybe not. I don't know. Very cool though.

One thing I really, really love is how much Hero is still on his mind. He's mentioning her when he talks about shooting random hexes or how hard she studied or whenever in every chapter and I just love it so much. He hasn't just moved on or forgotten his sister. I do want to know if he'd fight Tom if he knew. I feel like our rash, hotheaded Finn would absolutely do his worst.

The Potter's child storyline is very intriguing and really it makes the whole Potter story that comes later even more interesting. He's been tangled up in the family for years!

Finn's fear of owls was hilarious and a really nice little tidbit.

YASSS to the The Knights of Walpurgis name too. You do such an amazing job weaving so many bits like that into your stories and that's what really sets your stories apart from the rest. Also I love that it was like Finn's own little rebellion (fueled by Brindley no less!) and it feels so good to see him grow a bit.

As always, excellent chapter! I don't even know how I lived without it.

Author's Response: Aw thanks Paula!

(I'm sure Finn is flattered :P)

I'm glad you like Brindley, "hardworking and dedicated" is very Hufflepuff-y, isn't it?

Again, you're so good at picking things up! The Protean Charm does have a little somethingsomething to do with the Dark Mark.

As to Finn finding out about Tom and Hero... Well, you'll just have to read and find out ;)

Thank you so much, P, your reviews always make my day!

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Review #4, by dreamgazer220 

28th July 2016:

So this chapter. I feel like I start every review like that haha, but I'm not even sorry because! It's just so wonderful and your writing is so wonderful.

I'm not sure if I've actually told you this, but I love your mix of description and dialogue. It's enough to move the story along, but your language is so on-point that I can picture everything in my head like it's another HP movie. And you write Tom so well, too. He's clearly the dominate one in the friendship, as he should be, and it's so interesting that Finn is trying so hard to please him. If only he knew the truth behind Hero's death... maybe he wouldn't be so quick to please Riddle. But I love your characterizations here, too. Finn, Tom, they're just the best.

And you do so well with writing boys be boys that it makes me jealous. Very believable and well done.

The dueling club parallels nicely to the one in CoS. I wonder if that was intentional?

And the charm was brilliant for sneaking into Dippet's office - I might have to steal that idea ;). Tom is so cunning and so good at talking to people.

AND THEN WE GET MCCROY. Ugh, I love them so much! Seriously one of my favorite pairings to read right now. I love their banter, and I love that McCroy doubts Finn and that it frustrates him. And, of course, I love that McCroy is a Hufflepuff.

Brilliant chapter, as always, darling!! Can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Jillywilly!

Hm, I like that nickname. I'm going to use that more often.

No you haven't told me that but I'm very glad you have now! That's a wonderful thing to hear, THANK YOU!

I'm glad you like the boys, it was something I really wanted to write but didn't think I'd be able to do it right AT ALL, so I'm glad you think it's working!

Kinda sorta maybe intentional. It came from me wanting some kind of school-wide club (but could you imagine Finn playing chess or Gobstones? LOL. Actually... now I kind of want to write that) and I read about a duelling club on Pottermore (where you could only be a member if your wand was made of a certain wood), and I realised that the club probably could have existed earlier.

Steal away, my friend! Not everyone is lucky enough to have an Invisibility Cloak! :P

Ahh, lovely Brindley. I'm glad you like her. Puff pride!

Thank you J ♥

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