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Review #1, by ak 

27th March 2017:
i didnt understand it...
Pls help me out...

Author's Response: I realise it's all a bit vague right now. I promise you that everything will make more sense as you continue to read though. Thank you for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #2, by Sophie 

15th December 2016:
This is an such an amazing story! I really love your work and it is so good. Please keep writing! Your ideas are too good to go to waste!❤

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It makes me so happy that you have been enjoying the story, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will continue to. Thank you for your kind words, and for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #3, by lduecker 

11th September 2016:
Amazing!! Please keep up the good work and continue writing!!

Author's Response: I am so happy you are enjoying this! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #4, by Callie 

5th September 2016:
I'm sad Ginny had to give up her career, but I know it was the right choice. I hope everything works out for the boy. Who is his mother? I'm so confused!!! Anyway, excellent work, as always. I absolutely love your book, it's so amazing. I'm thinking of printing it out so I can read it while I'm at school, but I wasn't sure if that would be considered as copyright. I'll ask my dad. Hope you have an amazing day, and that you keep writing wonderful books that the world can enjoy. Best wishes! Chapter Rating: 8/10. Story Rating: 90/10! ;) Love you!

Author's Response: Yes it was right for her. I understand your confusion about the boy and his mother - all will be cleared up in time, I promise. I am so happy you are enjoying it. I'm not sure what the rules are on printing out from this website but personally I wouldn't mind at all. As long as you don't sell it/publish it anywhere else under your name I wouldn't have a problem with that. I hope you have an absolutely amazing day too! Thank you again for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #5, by Zoe 

10th August 2016:
Thank you for your message!


Author's Response: Aw, no worries at all! Thank YOU for reading and for sharing that with me! Xx

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Review #6, by SG 

7th August 2016:

That must have been a very hard decision to make for Ginny, but ultimately a good one. Sometimes it is best to move on to pursue other dreams while the dream your living is still good, otherwise it could go downhill and leave a bittersweet memory behind... She has a loving (and growing!) family and friends to support her and that is the most important.
As for Hermione, it is heartbreaking! Hope she and Ron will find solace soon.

And what a cliffhanger! As always, can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: Hi! I definitely agree that it was hard for Ginny! It will take some getting used to be she quit on her own terms and in what felt like the right time for her. I definitely agree that it would be much worse to keep going for too long and have it become something negative instead.

I am glad this left you intrigued! Thank you, as always, for reading and reviewing, even after all this time. Xx

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Review #7, by Potter mom 

6th August 2016:
I absolutely love your story but I hate the irregular upload of
new chapters. You cannot imagine the disappointments when
no new chapters are available 😉 Like most other readers I
want more ☺️

Author's Response: I am so happy you enjoy this! Sorry to disappoint with the slow updates - I promise a new chapter within the next couple days. And I promise I am writing as fast as I can; trust me, I wish I could update every day or week but I can't. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #8, by melissascout 

6th August 2016:
I love this story, but I have one question why hasn't Harry went to talk to Severus? ?update soon please.

Author's Response: I am so glad to hear it! Severus is dead... unless you mean his portrait? I guess there's no particular reason why, though portraits aren't the real person, but just the image of them as the painter saw them (I think this is how it works anyway). I also think Harry knows that Snape (the real him and his portrait alike) would not particularly enjoy talking about everything that Harry now knows. I think there are things they both know but prefer to leave unsaid. Thank you for pointing it out! And thank you for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #9, by *KaS* 

3rd August 2016:
Found this site yesterday and read this one from start to now. Haven't managed to get anything else done yesterday or today. All I can say is; Wow! Great so far. Eagerly awaiting the next instalment; hope it isn't too long in coming as you've left this chapter with quite a cliffhanger!!

Author's Response: Wow, that's amazing that you read it all that fast! Hope you didn't fall behind on anything else you needed to do :) I am so happy to hear you have been enjoying it so far! Fingers crossed you will continue to - the next one should be up in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #10, by Cam 

1st August 2016:
Read this far in a couple of days, was quite disappointed to have to stop here because I was very much enjoying the story! It's very impressive that you've continued writing this for four years, must take a lot of dedication. I really like your writing and think your characterisation is spot on. Looking forward to future chapters! And thank you for sharing your work with us :)

Author's Response: Wow, I can't believe you read it all that fast, that's amazing. I am so happy you have enjoyed it as well- I think I should be thanking you for taking the time to read all of this and for writing this review as well. Thank you so much - I will keep my fingers crossed that you will continue to enjoy this! Xx

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Review #11, by voldeemorttttvoldeemortt 

1st August 2016:
When do you plan to post again?

Author's Response: In the next day or two! Xx

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Review #12, by Dinthemidwest 

1st August 2016:
Ginny was feeling the pressure-I think she made the right decision. Can't wait to see where the rest of the story goes!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you agree with her decision! I just have to thank you again for all the reviews you have left, and for making through the entire story up until here, I am so thankful and I appreciate hearing your thoughts more than you know. Fingers crossed you will continue to enjoy this! Xx

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Review #13, by Kiru 

30th July 2016:
I think this is the only story that would fit in those nineteen years.. I can see the enourmous efforts you put into it.. All the chapters are great..

And I am almost praying that I would have started reading your story later so that I could have read even more chapters at a time.. Everything is so vivid and I must tell you, you know the art of keeping curiosity alive..

I am seriously really loving it.. Please please please update soon.. Infact as soon as possible or even sooner than that..

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so, so much for this absolutely lovely review! It really means the word to me that you are enjoying the story that much. I promise I will try to update asap (or sooner)! :) Thank you again for this review, it has left me with the biggest smile on my face! Xx

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Review #14, by potterworm1980 

27th July 2016:
When is the next chapter due, I cant wait I have totally loved this story and cant wait for more installments

Author's Response: Hopefully in the next day or two! I am so happy you are enjoying this - so sorry to have made you wait. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #15, by Zoe 

27th July 2016:
I love this book so much!!! You are an inspiration and reading this book makes my day. I am currently being bullied at school but reading this has helped take my mind off it. You can barely even tell English isn't your first language.

Zoe :)

Author's Response: Aw, that makes me so happy! I am so sad to hear you are being bullied though. I hope you know that you don't deserve any of it, and that people who can't see the great in you are the ones missing out. It really means the world to me that this story could make you feel even a tiny bit better. Thank you so much! Lots of hugs to you!! Xx

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Review #16, by Dipti thakur 

27th July 2016:
So amazing chapter.can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much - I am thrilled to hear you liked it! Xx

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Review #17, by Jutta 

24th July 2016:
Oh my, that cliffhanger! I'm very, very curious.

Author's Response: Sorry about leaving it there... I'm glad you're curious though! You won't have to wait much longer!! Xx

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Review #18, by Owlpost68 

23rd July 2016:
Just wanted to tell you, I've recently gone through the hardest loss of my life and totally connected with Hermione. That's exactly how it is when you wish that person can stroke your hair and tell you it'll be ok, and then you feel a breeze caressing your face and you know it came from them. It was definitely a heart wrenching chapter and I'm glad ginny had harry to lean on. That's the most important when you're going through changes, that you still have someone important to lean on. I did want something a bit lighter to read, but you wrote this beautifully, as you have since the beginning. I believe I've been around since then. Thank you, you encourage me to continue with my version. I haven't been able to write it nearly as often though.
Good job

Author's Response: I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Of course, I wish you couldn't relate to what Hermione is going through, but I am glad that the chapter could convey how it really feels. You are right, Ginny is lucky that she's not alone in it. I am amazed you have stuck with this since the start, that's really amazing. Thank you so much for still reading, and for this review! Hope you find some time and inspiration to write- I find it helps to get your mind off other things. We all need that sometimes. Lots of hugs to you!!! Xx

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Review #19, by FriendofMolly 

22nd July 2016:
Ginny's decision was heart-wrenching, but it was right for her. People who don't know her will question why she gave it up, only because they only see her as an athlete. The second part was chilling. The poor woman was being held by a wizard. I suspect she might be a witch who's been hiding because of Riddle. Her son isn't magical, or at least hasn't exhibited any knowledge of it. This feels sinister. The Dark is back.

Author's Response: You are right - this was just what Ginny needed, as hard as it may be. You've got a very interesting theory about that poor woman. And yes, something is definitely going on there, perhaps something bigger than you would think... As always, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me! I appreciate it so much!! Xx

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Review #20, by Hannah 

20th July 2016:
first of all I need to say, that I love your story.
This is my first Review and I decided to write it because I want to motivate you in keep on writing that story.
Actually, I'm following you since Year 2, or something, every now and then I look up if you have updated the story and everytime there is something new I'm so happy.
I really like how you write and what you write, too. I like your ideas and how you can bring them to live.
It's a pleasure to read your story and I'm really excited how it will go on...
So, once again, please keep on writing, it really is amazing and I love it.
Thank you so much

Author's Response: Hi! I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the story! I can't believe you've been following it for that long, that is just amazing. Thank you so much for all of your kind words - it really is all the motivation I could ask for! I'm hoping to be able to upload the next chapter within the next couple of days. Again, thank you so much for this lovely review, it really means the world to me that you would take the time to write it - and that you've been sticking with this story for so long! Xx

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Review #21, by Mrs R Weasley  

17th July 2016:
Please don't make us wait long... Hanging on the cliffhanger...

Author's Response: I promise I'll try not to! Thank you for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #22, by alexaemd123 

14th July 2016:
First of all I'm sorry I haven't read and reviewed in a while. I have just recently broken up with my long time boyfriend and just wasn't feeling myself, well if I'm being completely honest I still don't but it's ok..I still have this amazing story which brings me to my reveiw! Wow...after that chapter I seriously don't know what to write! I loved it! The beginning with Hermione and her father was completely heart breaking and depressing but I loved that too! She will be fine eventually! Just waiting for the good news of Rosie! :) The news of Ginny leaving professional Quiddich is crazy! I love her reasons and I completely understand but it makes me sad! And holy crap the end story! I am boiling with millions of questions! Who is that woman? I feel terrible for that 13-year-old boy! I wanted to cry for him because of how excited he was to make his mom breakfast! I was heart broken while reading that! But I figured that was the intent lol. I seriously love your writing! I love this story! I really needed to read this! Harry Potter always makes me feel better! And again, I know you say you should be thanking me and every single reviewer but it's really you we should be thanking! Even though it was a semi-depressing chapter, it still made me feel better and I love reading your stories! So thank you! :) Keep writing and stay amazing! And as always.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON! :)

Author's Response: Don't worry about it for a second! I am sorry to hear about your breakup - they are always difficult. But it always gets better, even though it may not seem like it. I'm sending a big hug to you and hope that you feel better soon!

I am so happy that you enjoyed the chapter even though it was a little depressing. And yes, Hermione will be happy with Rose eventually. It's just been a long road there for her. I am glad you understand Ginny's reasoning as well. And the last bit with the boy and his mother too! I agree, it was a bit sad how he was all excited to give her breakfast and then she was gone.

Honestly, thank you so, so much for all your kind words. It really means the world to me that you are enjoying this story that much. You are so kind and generous for taking time to write reviews and I don't think I can express how grateful I am for it. Thank you!!! Xx

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Review #23, by Athena 

13th July 2016:
Your writing is amazing! Definitely continue this story!!! I can't wait to see what you have planned. Normally I read a story and if it's not finished, I leave it. But this one I will follow like my life depends on it. I want to thank you for your grammar and punctuation. You don't know how hard it is to read a story without proper punctuation and grammar.😉

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so happy you are enjoying this, that means a lot to me. Especially the part about grammar and punctuation - it's very important to me too but English isn't my native tongue so I'm bound to make mistakes sometimes. But to hear you say that makes me so happy, thank you so much again! Xx

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Review #24, by monithecow 

12th July 2016:
I can't believe it's year 7 already (thats basically a kid's time at hogwarts), I started reading this when you were halfway through year 4. I like how this chapter didn't really focus on the men. (Poor Hermione) :'(
Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I know, it's crazy how time flies. I can't believe you've stuck with the story for that long, that really means so much to me. I am glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!! Xx

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Review #25, by Aurorofthelight 

10th July 2016:
Well ring-a-ding ding goes the bell on the brilliance meter! Not only a Ginny retirement scene but a Mothers Day mystery! Can't way to see what's going on with this poor lady! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: I am so happy to hear you enjoyed this! And you will definitely find out more about the lady soon... Thank you, as always, for reading and reviewing! Xx

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