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Review #1, by AlexFan 

1st August 2017:
I CANT REMEMBER IF IVE SAID THIS BEFORE BUT IM GOING TO FIGHT SOPHIE BECAUSE SHE IS TRASH. Moving on. I get what it's like to have a crush on someone to the point that you think you're in love with them but like how well does Nala know Xanthe really? Why would she fall into the trap of I know him in a way that other people don't. And it seems so silly because Cass is literally his cousin if anyone was going to know the real Xanthe it would be her, especially since it seems that Cass's family and his family are close. It just drives me crazy because Nala is literally setting herself up for heartbreak when she should know better, she's living in the kind of fantasy daydream you have when you're younger, you're supposed to get it over it in the real world.

And poor Cass who was just trying to look out for her friend and to give her a warning and instead gets this backlash. And on top of that she's dealing with an eating disorder. SHE DOESNT DESERVE THIS OKAY SHE IS TOO GOOD FOR THIS MY CHILD DESERVES TO BE HAPPY.

And also if Nova doesn't stop being clueless about Albus when he's literally shoving it in her face that he likes her, I'm going to smack some sense into her myself. Like just get together both of you, you're so into each other and smitten it's too much to handle. The tension is killing me. And honestly it was so sweet that Albus helped her hex stupid Sophie and her stupid boyfriend.

If your crush doesn't hex the people who hurt your friends without asking for details, are they really worth it?

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Review #2, by Moony, Padfoot and Prongs. Brothers forever 

9th August 2016:
Hey, I got so happy to see that there were 2 new chapters for me. Dunno how I missed them. I really love the Novus part and I want to know what Al said that he was right about. I'm on Nala's side on this one. And Xanthe. Ugh. He's such a prick. Anyways, I really loved both chapters. Thanks. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Hello!

Aw, you know what, I'm happy that YOU'RE happy about the chapters. Doesn't matter that you missed them, it's just nice to know that you're reading!

Yes, Cass is being really unfair, isn't she? It's not really what Nala did, so much as Cass projecting her frustration - not that her reasons excuse it all. But she is right when she says that Xanthe is a pile of...dung.

You're in luck, I'm planning to submit the next chapter into the queue tomorrow or the day after, so it should be validated in a few days :)

Thanks for reviewing!


(As for what Al said... will we ever truly know?? :P )

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Review #3, by sweaterweather21 

3rd August 2016:
While reading this, I forgot that it was a short story! Your writing is excellent, and it's easy to get lost in the plot and the wonderful characters. Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hey,

Thank you so much! I'm glad I could suck you in and I hope I won't disappoint with what's coming up. Thank you for the review.

Plums xo

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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

28th July 2016:

My favorite part of this entire story is how much the story is devoted to the girls and their complex, ever-changing relationship. I mean I LOVE Novus, but the girls are the real stars of the show.

You know things are bad when even Dahlia is uncomfortable and not just forcing them to get along. Seriously, their petty drama is tearing the dormitory apart! Suck it up, ladies!

I'm very team Nala on this fight because she really didn't do anything wrong. All of that being said, she should have just sat the girls down and told them all the truth instead of sneaking around. How long did she think she could keep it up?

That being said, is a guy worth losing all of your best friends in the entire universe? Then again they should support her so I don't even know. I feel for Nova on a spiritual level. She just wants it solved but everyone and no one is at fault.

Ugh at Xanthe. Ugh. I hate his guts.

I do feel so so so terrible for Cass and her not eating. Of course. How is it that no one else even noticed, even if we were all busy with Novus.


Author's Response: HELLO AGAIN M'DEAR.

Phew, it's good to hear that I'm not annoying anyone by constantly keeping it on the girls. I mean, they really are the whole point of the fic considering the title of it :P

EXACTLY about the Dahlia point! When even Dahlia Darzi is lost, you know you're in trouble.

Yes, Nala is the more attractive side, isn't she? At the face of it, everything just seems so petty and an unnecessary attack on Nala (which, to be fair, it sort of is), but there's a lot more to why Cass is upset and it's been hinted at already :) That being said, I remember when one of my friends had a secret sort-of boyfriend, resulting in so much drama. Fastforward a few months and none of us could remember what the actual tangible problems were. Joys of being a teen.

"Everyone and no one is at fault" really is the perfect way to sum this up and definitely explains Nova's feelings.

Ugh. Xanthe. Let's not.

Moving onto the real questions... WILL YOU EVER FIND OUT WHAT AL SAID? I guess that depends on whether I am feeling cruel or not... Hm... ;)

Thanks for the review. I loved seeing your thoughts as per usual.

Plums xo

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Review #5, by MarieBlack 

15th July 2016:
Hullo! I stumbled upon this story in the recently added section that I frequently find new readings in. I think what initially drew me so close to this story was the incredible bond described by this girls and how you as an author drew inspiration for that from your own friends. It's tangible in the relationships with these girls; it feels like they are a group of friends you almost know. I so love that. Each is independent and her own person but meets on the common ground of friendship.

I'm very excited for what is to come, although sad that only three chapters remain in this tale! I'll be keeping up when updates come through, happy writing, xx.

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for giving this story a chance. I'm so sorry I don't have much more of it to offer you - it's only supposed to be a snapshot into the girls' lives for reasons I will outline in the final chapter. It makes me extremely happy to hear that you were drawn to it by their friendship because that really was the goal!

Thank you for the lovely review,

Plums xo

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Review #6, by beka_wotter 

12th July 2016:
Okay first of all THANK YOU, I saw the dedication and squealed, that was so nice of you!!
Onto the chapter, it was a more intense one but that was definitely necessary and I'm excited to see it play out. I genuinely don't know if Xanthe is trustworthy because he doesn't seem it but maybe he really has changed, who knows? Also it might be just me but there was something a little sketchy about Al in this chapter, I mean I'm still totally in love with him but yeah I just got that vibe. Nova was great as always.
I can't believe there's only about 3 chapters left :'( I'm going to miss it, I love this story so much!!
Looking forward to the next one (and thanks again)! x

Author's Response: Hey!

You more than deserved that dedication! Seriously, it's such a joy seeing your username and I couldn't let that go ignored. I've actually been meaning to dedicate a chapter to you for a while now, but I always forget when it comes to editing it on HPFF. So frustrating.

XANTHE. Yeah, he's supposed to be sort of an enigma because we don't see that much of him via Nova, all we hear are the supposed rumours. However, do bear in mind that he did abandon Nala to take the brunt of Cass' anger. Says something about his character.

Haha, no one but me has any way of knowing this because Al won't admit it to Nova, but he's sketchy because he looked her up on the Map. And then panicked a little when he spoke to her. And then tried to make up for it by sliding into her good books by pranking Psycho Sophie. :P

Yes, there's only 3 chappies left. There was initially only supposed to be 6, but the plot was too big for that (even though it's only supposed to be a snapshot into their lives). But there *might* be a sequel. No promises though :P

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

Plums xo

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