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Review #1, by Hazel Bludger 

30th August 2016:
So I may or may not have cried reading this...I love these stories and your style and UGH it's all fabulous. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: It's so amazing to hear from you here! I'm glad you're liking it but I'm sorry to have made you sad, oh no! Thank you so much for your wonderful review ♥

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Review #2, by ImaRavenclaw 

26th August 2016:
Hello Bianca, Iím back. Just to tell you, Iím not going to continue reviewing this story if you re-requestÖ Because I want to read Hero!!! Iíll try to leave a review on EVERY chapter of Hero. I really want to understand this amazing universe youíre writing, and that starts by finishing the first book. After that I will definitely continue on with The Harder They Fall if you want me too (I probably will on my own anywayÖ) I just wanted to let you know that, but now we can jump into that review I was talking about.

Again so vivid, I can see everything happening and I love it! Youíre descriptive with this whole thing. Even though itís in third person, I love the insight you get into Finnís mind and what heís thinking.

I loved how you started the chapter, but of course I was a little tiny bit confused as to who everyone was because I havenít read Hero (which Iím gonna do when I find time in my busy life of procrastination, and soon to be homework and cello when my school year starts *groans*.)

I definitely know that Iím not a morning person, and I feel like Finn really isnít either.

However, the summer kind of just went by. It would have been interesting, as in the last chapter you said that Finn didnít really want to return. So, I donít know.

Ahhh that was a mean joke, but it was still clever. Finn is definitely without a doubt, one hundred percent Slytherin.

ďItís the pretty things that are dangerous.Ē Did you come up with that yourself dear? Itís brilliant, I have no doubt you did!

Oooh, Iím terrified off spiders too, so I can most definitely relate to Finn. When Iím thinking about this COMC class, Iím definitely saying that Hagrid was probably the best teacher for the subject. Thestrals and Hippogriffs are much more interesting then bugs around Hogwarts.

The end of the chapter was very detailed and interesting. But Iím going to read Hero now. This was all very good, dear!

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: Liiily!

I'm so sorry! I'll stop requesting, I promise :P

The boys aren't actually in Hero (mentioned only briefly) so I'm sorry if you were confused by their introductions!

(Omg you play the cello?! That's awesome!)

I didn't actually write about the summer, it's only really skipped a week since the first chapter :)

I did write that, I'm glad you liked it!

Ha ha you sound like you'd really get along with Finn - you have a lot in common! ;)

Sorry again for being annoying, my dear :P I hope you enjoy Hero! Thank you so so much for your review!

♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #3, by marauderfan 

22nd August 2016:
Gift tag! I couldn't resist coming back to read more.

Finn. Seriously this is what, the second day of school, and he's already given up on the idea of punctuality. Oh well. I can't complain if it sets him up with Brindley.

Legitimate medical reasons...? like... a cold? please say it's nothing worse

"The pretty things are dangerous" -- something Hero found out the hard way, but I think it's fair to say butterflies aren't dangerous. Nor is Brindley, just FYI Finn. Maybe she's dangerous to his current status as Tom's BFF, but that's a good thing :P

Broken hearts were weak. -- *SOBS* I know Finn would not appreciate my sympathy, but I just feel so bad for him here.

WOAH, so Grindelwald is planning to hold Illegitimate Potter Child hostage until his father gives up the Invisibility Cloak? (I'm assuming) Eek.

I really don't like the way Jameson treats his son. It seems to me he's just using him as a piece in a game, so to speak - he cares about him as a son, I'm sure, but equally so, he cares about Finn in terms of what Finn can do for Jameson's cause, without thinking of whether or not Finn even wants to be involved. Ugh.

Also, Finn is SUCH a jerk, blowing smoke at Brindley just to be obnoxious. Hahaha. I still like him as a character though, but for this I kind of want to smack him over the head with a book.

Aww, poor Sebastian! I can't blame him for reacting towards Finn as he did, but that must hurt. I hope Finn starts to open his eyes after this, because his second-year cousin sees more than he does...

And stealing from the Headmaster? Bold move. Of course Tom would have Finn do it instead, but that's got to be a daunting task. I mostly want him to fail, except then Tom will probably make some tragic "accident" befall him. O__O

This was a great chapter though! I love the way the story is shaping up!

Author's Response: Oh bless you. I'm so happy you're back!

Yeah, Finn wouldn't appreciate your sympathy, but I do, if that means anything :P

You assume right! That's Grindelwald's plan, dun dun duuun.

You have no idea how much I laughed at you wanting to smack Finn over the head with a book, hahaha!

Thanks so much again Kristin! Always so amazing to hear from you ♥

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Review #4, by Felpata Lupin 

13th August 2016:
Hey, B! Shake-what?
I'm profiting of the review tag to finally stop here and leave you this long due review! (I'll slowly catch up, promise!)

Let's start from the beginning! ;) Great opening quote! :)

Ahahah! Poor Finn! I totally understand the trouble of getting up (as you well know... *cough*) I love how you wrote the morning scene, and the tiring dreams! Just great!

Ah, Brindley! She's so cute!
Poor girl, I'm really worried about her health, hope everything will be fine... *hug*
Finn is such an idiot, but that's the way we love him! :P (I'll pretend I didn't hear what he said about us Puffs. I know he'll change his mind, anyway)
And Kettleburn is great! I loved the detail of the bandaged arm and his attitude with the students! :D
Aww... Hero... *sniff* (no, Bianca, I haven't forgiven you yet...)

The Hog's Head scene was great! I especially loved to see Finn's father showing concern for him. So sweet!
And I'm so curious about this illegitimate child... I will find out, just give me time (and hints... I need many hints...)

Finn is such a [insert bad word here] Poor Brindley... I loved that Tom told him not to act like a child. First and last time I agree with Tom Riddle. :P It must've hurt Finn's pride quite badly...

Speaking of Tom, he's always more scary... the control he has on the other boys is creepy, to say the least. Wish Ben listened to Patrick... :(

Aww, Bash!!! *hug* *wub* *hug* *wub* *hug* *wub* Do I need to say anything on the matter?
Actually, I do...
Sebastian, love, don't be so hard on Finn... he truly does care for you! *some more hugs*

Snowball hug for you, my little B!

Author's Response: Hi Chi!

Ha ha, yes I think half of the appeal of Finn is that he is a bit of an idiot. (I don't blame you for not forgiving me! :P)

There'll be plenty of hints about the illegitimate child ;) Not all of them might be true though, I like to keep you guessing.

Yay some Sebastian for you! I'm sorry he's so minor to start off with, but he won't remain like that for long, I promise!

Thank you so much for stopping by little Chi! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #5, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

28th July 2016:
Did you notice that I read this but failed to review it? Merlin, I'm a monster.

I also like Ben so let's not kill Ben. Deal? DEAL. He seems like a nice normalish teenage boy and doesn't deserve to die.

"Tom was nowhere to be seen." GOOD. STAY THAT WAY YOU JERK.

I'm curious what Brindley's medical reason was for being late. Is it major? Is it minor? WHAT IS IT? Finn, you're mean to the Hufflepuffs now but you're about to fall in lurve.

ALSO I'm shaking my tailfeathers at the thought of them as partners. They're going to fall in love and there's nothing Tom can do about it! Oh, I can see the wedding now. It would be gold accent themed because it would be Hufflepuff because he just wants to make her happy. Slight tangent, back on track.

ďItís the pretty things that are dangerous,Ē he muttered under his breath. FORESHADOWING? She's awfully pretty, isn't she?

The mastilio spider. My heart aches so much for poor Finn. I'm so glad that Brindley gets to see that side of him though.

He's not all rude words and evil glares. He's very human still. The line about how his twin had taken half with her when she died was just so devastating for the reader. I'm just so upset still for him having to go through this.

OF COURSE SHE'S NOT JUST GOING TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU, YOU MOODY BRAT! That's going to lure him in for sure even if that's not at all her goal.



You can't keep anyone safe, Jameson, you pushed Hero into the arms of her murderer! This is not the legacy Hero would want!

I'm so hoping that we get Finn to the rest of the Blishwicks instead. How are they? I miss them. I'm so glad Sebastian is okay and even though jerkwad disowned him, I like that Finn still is trying there. I mean he immediately came to his aid! There's my good guy Finn.

Despite all of this stress that Tom Riddle is adding to my life by torturing my favorite characters, I just am so happy to know that I have one more chapter to read once I recover from this beautiful chapter! You're seriously one of the best writers (fanfic or OF) that I've ever read. I hope you keep doing this for the rest of your life because you'll be published one day, I just know it.

Author's Response: Paula ♥

I admit I put off replying to this review because I just didn't know how. How could I possibly convey into words how you made me feel? First I was cracking up at your comments (I have no plans to kill Ben... yet. JOKES) but your last comment just means the world to me, because writing is my life and becoming published is my dream.

So thank you ♥

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Review #6, by princesslily_36 

27th June 2016:
Chapter 2!!! Now why didn't I stop by before, why???

Loved the quote at the beginning... and love the picture of the boys dorm in the morning!!

I know I'm supposed to hate Finn for being insensitive with Brindley, and rude, but I'm just a little bit in love with him, and find it so cute that he is scared of butterflies!

I'm loving her sass, and their banter already! She's just such a perfect Puff in all ways! Sensitive one second, sassy the next, and smug soon after. Damn I'm loving her!

OOhhh the illegetimate Potter. Can I tell you how much I'm loving this storyline?? And that conversation between Finn and Jameson said so much without saying, you know. I cant wait for Finn to win that day at the ministry. Or rather, the process of it,because it means more Finndley :D

Seb is so cute here! (Chi, I feel yoU!) It was lovely to see Finn do the right thing, and him claiming them to be family, it just seemed so... Hero-like!

It looks almost like you KNOW that hate-hate love stories wit bad-boy heroes are my guilty pleasure!

There's just something so intriguing about this chapter. You NEED to update. And SOON!

Loads of Love

Author's Response: Ysh ♥

You're here now, that's all that matters! Ha ha he's strangely hard to hate, isn't he? :P I'm glad, otherwise I probably wouldn't have any readers!

I'm glad you love the storyline already, there's plenty more to come! :D
Thank you thank you thank you for all your support ♥

Lots of love,
♥ B

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Review #7, by dreamgazer220 

22nd June 2016:

I so love what you're doing with his character, B. I can already see the growth, especially now that we're getting inside his head. He's so protective of his family, and he wants to do what's right by his father. I have a feeling that's going to play a larger role in this story later on, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

AND MCCROY. Okay, I ship them now. I mean, I mostly shipped them in the first chapter, but I definitely do now. What's their ship name? I like that she doesn't take his crap and that she's a Hufflepuff (obviously). I love that she stands up for herself, but she can sense when something's wrong - like the spider. WHY WOULD YOU BRING THAT UP SO SOON, B. GOD.

Your writing is really great here, as always. You missed a few teeny tiny spaces in between a few paragraphs, nothing major at all. That's all I really noticed.

I love this. I love Finn. Please keep writing this, even though I know you love this story too. I can't wait to see where it goes!


Author's Response: Jill! ♥

I'm excited for you to see it too! You're right, he's got a lot of growth coming his way.
Thank you for loving Finn so much, and for all the help and support you send my way!

Lots of love
♥ ♥ ♥

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