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Review #1, by Ron 4 Hermione 

16th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Iíd never heard of that style before, but it works well here.

Thatís an interesting insight into the 3 black sisters and what they were like as children. I always find it hard to imagine the adults from HP as children, but I suppose they were once. I think youíve captured their personalities as children really well, Bellatrix lording it over her sisters, especially after being confirmed a Slytherin and then the other sisters not wanting to put up with.

Aww, poor Andromeda. It must have been awful to meet and fall in love with Ted knowing that her family were going to hate him, and her, just because of his blood status. I like that he asked her to leave her family for him, itís was sad that she didnít but I suppose they're not all like Sirius, and she probably thinks she can change her sisters minds, even if her parents will always be stuck in their ways. Poor Ted, he just wants to be with the women he loves.

Iím glad that the scene you chose to leave till last was this one, it was touching. It was also sad, thinking about how alone Andromeda was left after the battle, but at least she has Teddy. Thatís the one little ray of light in all of that darkness for her.

This was a really nice one shot to read!

- Shaza :)

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Review #2, by victoria_anne 

16th April 2017:
Hey Gina!

Ooh I love stories about the young Black sisters, and you have not disappointed. The image of a young Bellatrix in a bathing suit and sunglasses is just too amazing for words. And trust Bellatrix to gloat about Hogwarts and use being the eldest against the other two (then again, I'm the eldest of three, and I do rub it in the others' faces on occasion, because they're young and unworthy.)

I love that Bellatrix says: ďHogwarts isnít what it used to be.Ē Obviously, she wouldn't know, since she's only completed one year, so she would have picked that up from one of the adults in their family, and I just find that really powerful.

Look at how different her two families are!

Side note: I was going to have a proper look through your author page, but I'm listening to a song called New Constellations, so I thought it was a sign to read this one. To compare her lost loved ones to constellations is beautiful, and that ending teared me up a little.

I love how these were three very different snippets of Andromeda's life, and yet they all felt connected (like stars in a constellation, perhaps?!) and all in all, it was beautifully done (just like everything you do ♥)

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Review #3, by Marshal/Scooterbug8515 

4th April 2017:
Okay you very well nearly made me cry the ending so perfect so sad and yet beautiful. I love the way you worked this piece and wove 3 very separate instances in Andromeda's live into one story.

It was perfect. I was nice seeing how Andromeda grew as a person going from dealing with siblings to forgoing family for Ted to being a widdowed woman who also lost her own daughter. You are right with Andromeda saying that even though she has Teddy it doesn't replace the loss of her daughter though Harry meant well. I don't have children of my own but I know through friends who are mothers that there is a special bond between mother and child that can't be replaced.

I am fond of the interaction between Andromeda and Ted it was so perfect and makes me want to find more stories showing the development of the relationship between them as what you have crafted here is quite interesting.

While I particularly liked the middle I think my favorite was the ending though. Particularly how Andromeda felt like everyone was on their own constellation and that maybe Teddy could sense it too... also that while Andromeda wants to give up Teddy keeps pushing her - so perfect and true.

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Review #4, by adluvshp 

4th April 2017:
Here for Slytherin.

Oh dear me, too many sad stories for my sleep-deprived head. I loved this so much though, you wrote Andromeda's story beautifully. The first segment of her hearing about Hogwarts and being jealous of Bellatrix was so innocent and believable, and the bond between the three sisters came through wonderfully through that single scene. From the beginning we could see Andromeda's attachment to her family and yet her curiosity also peeked through. The next segment of her complex meeting with Ted was done brilliantly. I loved the whole "forbidden" vibe and the conflicted state of mind she was in. I could feel the chemistry crackling through the words, could feel how much she loved Ted and wanted to be with him. Your descriptions too were amazing and little phrases like "blood caked with mud" were genius that really brought the scene to life. The last bit of not being able to decide what was worse - the death of a husband or child - was so painful and the most heartbreaking. How horrible to be widowed and childless. Her yearning for family came through beautifully and my heart broke for her. You really painted her in front of my eyes with those words, and I loved the hopeful sweet ending this provided with little Teddy.

Great job. The plot, descriptions, and emotions were perfect and the characterisation spot on overall. 10/10


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Review #5, by marauderfan 

25th January 2017:
Hi Gina! I'm here from your wishlist - even though the wishlists are now closed, I wanted to make sure I still gave you a gift!

Aw, this story really is wonderful and I can't believe it doesn't have more reviews! I love the way you set it up, first of all - the fact that you styled it after a triptych, the smaller parts the 'before' and the 'after' and then the middle part of the story is where she has to make her decision. The names of each section work perfectly as well. Vampires, obsessed with blood, such a perfect way to describe Andromeda's family! And there's kind of a double symbolism in the Devils and Angels titles as well. Devils could be the mudbloods, as Andromeda thinks of them in the beginning, or it could be what she later realizes is her toxic family. Similarly, Angels is her new family and the love she has found there - or representing the departed souls, so to speak, of her husband and daughter. Anyway yeah that was really well thought out!

On to the actual story - wow. You use some really beautiful language - I love this line in particular: Andromeda was preoccupied with the gentle hiss of air leaking from her previously faultless image of Hogwarts and with keeping Cissy from eating the grass. -- This whole section, with the Black sisters as children, is so perfect. Bellatrix isn't cruel yet, but she's already espoused the blood views of her family and she just has a very inflated sense of her own authority, which foreshadows quite a bit about her as an adult. And for Andromeda - she's too young to understand, she doesn't really hate Mudbloods it seems, (by her reaction to Bella) but she still has that internal sense that they're unpleasant, which makes sense considering the influences she grew up with. She's still just a kid and there's a lot of innocence to this section, and a lot said in what you don't say , which is really impressive.

In fact the whole story has a lot that's behind the scenes and really subtly written, like the majority of Andromeda and Ted's relationship. You can tell what their relationship has been like before this point, mostly all in secret and with a sort of forbidden feel to it, but their love was more powerful than what kept them apart. I like that you chose to focus on this moment out of their entire relationship, too. That must have been literally life changing for her - when she left one family and joined a new one. Her indecision here is so perfectly written.

Ah, and the last part is so sad! Andromeda really lost so much in the wars. Her first family, and then most of her second. But that's what makes the last few lines so beautiful - there's still hope, and her family lives on because of Teddy, so to speak. This really is a beautiful story and I'm so glad I read it. Great work, Gina! Thanks for sharing! ♥

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Review #6, by TidalDragon 

14th August 2016:
Howdy Gina! I am finally (very late) reviewing the challenge entries and fortunately I have arrived at yours!

I really enjoyed the structure that you used here - being a neophyte, I would have had no idea previously what a triptych was - but I thought it worked really well for what you were trying to get across. The beginning was the past, the end was the forward-looking present, and the middle (while also in the past) was the meat - the realization that despite the maxim across the animal kingdom that family is everything, that Andromeda's family wasn't good for her, that it was an evil that needed to be excised. I though the vampire analogy actually worked brilliantly for them as well as being part of the song lyrics so kudos on that too.

As far as Tedromeda goes, I've only read one other fic about them and it was longer, but I find that I enjoyed them again here too. I enjoyed your characterization of both of them independently and though the relationship is never overt, you accomplish through the details of their meeting in the middle segment how important they are to each other to put such planning in despite the dangers inherent in their meeting, let alone being in a relationship.

Kudos! Thanks for your entry!

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Review #7, by May 

24th June 2016:
I loved reading this story

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