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Review #1, by marauderfan 

5th June 2016:
ngl it's like impossible to keep up with updates these days since I basically never log on to hpff anymore so imagine my surprise when I saw this story was COMPLETED? I was totally not expecting that we were that close to the end of the story. ah!


The house’s usual smell of lilies and cleanliness was overpowered by the smell of gingerbread, which was wafting through the house from the kitchen. I wasn’t hungry, but my mouth watered as the smell reached my nostrils. -- I wasn't hungry either, until I read this. Why is there no gingerbread in my mouth right now.

“Hello, Amy,” he said. -- I CALLED IT

Tom is SUCH a jerk. (Surprise to no one) But seriously, he only came in there to freak Amy out. He didn't even order a coffee.

And Darcy's whole story was heartbreaking. I mean, I knew what happened already, but her testimony of how it affected her and Noah was just... :'( Of course she and Noah were protective of her and it explains why she distrusted Hero at first. She'd been told by countless doctors that she was crazy, had these terrors and experiences totally invalidated to the point where she's just holding all this trauma inside and Noah is the only person who understands. And poor Noah as well, having electroshock therapy - that's so severe of a treatment but also really believable for the time period.

Now what? I feel like Tom is going to suspect she's been to see Darcy, or at least will know she's figured out that Tom isn't everything he pretends to be.

The last line worries me as well, because knowing Darcy is angry and that she JUST saw Tom not an hour ago, I think she'll be hell bent on revenge for all he did to her. And... well, basically I don't foresee a happy ending. At all.

I'm going to eat lunch and I will be right back to read that unhappy ending.

PS did you know a group of jellyfish is called a smack?

Author's Response: I was super speedy on the last few chapters, I admit!

Yep, you called it from the start! Well done :D

I hope your lunch was delicious, and a smack of jellyfish is something that makes me laugh when I think about it!

Thank you ♥

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

3rd June 2016:
Here I am still thinking about the last chapter and what all it might mean and BAM! you're over here posting TWO secret chapters.

Oh poor Noah! My little heart for him. The muggles have deemed him all sorts of mentally ill but he's not really! It was all real!

Yes! Let's get into the Christmas spirit for the murderers! WooHOO!My heart aches for that sweet little photograph. It's like a caricature of what their family could have/should have been. Although Finn is getting there. I'd like to think maybe there's hope for the entire Blishwicks but I know that's unlikely.

Oh my god. I just read a tweet that said this story is completed. I had to stop reading to go check. It is! Okay. I'm not sure if I should keep reading because I'm not ready for the story to be over. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? I'M NOT READY!

Mother hugged not only Finn (as expected) but also Hero? Well there's at least a little bit of family development! Maybe they aren't as mad at her. All I keep thinking about is whether or not you killed off Hero or Finn in the next chapter. Don't kill my precious character loves!

Oh god. Finn and Tom. God I hate Tom telling her who she can and can't see. Finn and his insane comment felt more like an attempt at a joke. I mean it's totally in character for Tom, you just write him so well it's frustrating. I hate Tom even more for what he did to Darcy and Noah. Stripped them from their dignity, tortured them, really continued to haunt them. I just hate that one person can cause so much damage.

You were completely right by the way, I really do like Darcy now. It makes sense that she was snippy with her. I'd be too if someone waltzed in trying to steal the only person who understood. I wish that Hero could explain to her that not everyone magical is bad but obviously she probably wouldn't accept that so I'm glad she left it there.

Okay. Lovely chapter. I'm going to debate clicking the final one for half an hour and then just give in to the curiosity.

Author's Response: Yep I did a bit of sneaky posting :P

But I'm a writer, killing precious character loves is what I do! :D
To have you be frustrated, I'll take that as a compliment I think ;)

There are just so many wonderful things in this review I can't pick them all out, so THANK YOU for everything Paula ♥ ♥

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin 

2nd June 2016:
B! This is absolute brilliance!!!
I so love what you did here! Like, I'm speechless! So beyond perfect!!!

The memory of the first encounter with Noah was so cute! I loved it so much!
And the description of the Christmas decoration!!! Just stunning!

Something I adored was how you weaved in the childhood memories and showed that Hero used to be happy and loved in her family. It's so sweet and sad at the same time! And I love that Finn so obviously cares for her, even if he is a jerk at times!

I'm so glad she talked to Darcy. It must've been a complete shock, but at least now she knows who Tom really is and what he's done to her! I felt so bad in hearing the whole story, though... Especially poor little Dennis nearly committing suicide... and the electroconvulsive theraphy... poor child... *cries*

I'm wondering what's going to happen now. What will Hero do? I'm scared for her. I'm scared about what Tom might do. And I'm scared about Darcy as well... I read hope nothing bad will happen to her...

What a chapter! You are so incredibly talented, you know that, don't you?

Tons of love and hugs!

PS Shake-what!!! ;)

Author's Response: Aw Chi you have me grinning like an absolute idiot!

Yeah Amy and Dennis went through a lot :(

Thank you so so much, Chi, my equally talented friend. Love you ♥

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Review #4, by princesslily_36 

2nd June 2016:
The Noah mystery unfolds ♥

Oh YAY the Blishwick Christmas! Awww I'm loving this side of Finn ♥

I'd love to know though, what made Hero the rebel? Why did she choose to think differently from her parents? Was it only the Gryffindor influence or was there something more?

Also, is it weird that I'm craving an eclair right about now?

Man Tom is so creeepy!!

AHHH more unfolding!!! EEEPS, I'm so excited for the big reveal!

And also, I'm able to see how Hero is a total Slytherdor... is she in your head though?


I had guessed that maybe they were the two kids, and I had no idea they would have been so tormented by Tom's actions :( Oh god.. now I can't wait for the final chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Ysh!

It's just who she is, she never saw the wrong in it, and as children she and Finn strived to be different from the other, so she might have done it on purpose at first :D Then being Sorted into Gryffindor means becoming friends with a bigger variety of people (not just purebloods) ♥

Hero is absolutely a Slytherdor, but I've always found the Houses to be extremely similar, haven't you?

Thank you so much Ysh ♥

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Review #5, by dreamgazer220 

31st May 2016:

So, this chapter. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?!

First of all, I think it's super adorable that we finally got to see how Noah and Hero meet. It's interesting that he picked out her name like that, but then again, it is a rather unusual name. It really is a wonderful parallel, a nice neat circle that we see how we meet, and then we learn what happens. But I'll get to that in a minute...

We also got to meet Mother and Father Blishwick! Father seems intense, as I imagined he would be. Hero really is the black sheep of that family, and it makes me shudder to think that she's going to have to live and sleep under the same roof of Grindelwald's followers. And Tom ;) But you know, that's besides the point.

I think you did a great job of showing the family dynamics here, mother silent, father explaining the importance of the event... you really showed us where Hero came from, and it's understandable how torn she would be about everything. She knows it's wrong, but how could it be so wrong if it was the environment that she grew up in?

And then we get to know more about Noah! You know how much I enjoy learning about him, and hearing that Tom did all of those things is so in character for the Riddle we know, but it's got to be a huge shock for Tom. But, like, of course WE knew. I can totally believe that he would torture those kids like that, it would be enough for anyone to think they're crazy! Poor Darcy and Noah :( You really did make Noah's death all the more tragic, way to go, B.

And that last line definitely gave me shivers. Great cliffhanger, but grr, I WANT TO KNOW MOAR. I want to know how Hero's going to react to all of this emotionally, and what the conclusion is going to be.

I can't believe we're almost at the end! It seems insane to me.

Great chapter!!


Author's Response: I am trying to torture you, is it working yet?

I thought it was about time Noah made an appearance, even if it's a little one. And not a nice one. Whoops.

Voldemort was evil from the get go, and all the kiddies at the orphanage suffered :( The amount of power he had from a young age is a scary thing!

Thanks for the review, Jill! ♥

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