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Review #1, by princesslily_36 

2nd June 2016:
♥ ♥ ♥ (had to copy paste that!)
Bianca you GENIUS!

OOOH remember when I said I'd love to see Finn and Hero bonding? Well, I really really ENJOYED every bit of that! I loved that they had some remnants of brother sister relationship, and of course Finn ♥

Damn Tom is so creepy and manipulative (I know, but nothing else FITS). I love how you write him, he's just SUCH A PERFECT reminder of who he grew up to be!!

'How far you're willing to go' - Eeps! That gave me the chills!!! I can just see all of this play out as a scene.. complete with background music and all.

And there's Tom's love for shiny things :O You're just so damn perfect B ♥

Ooh Emory found out :O By who?? And Yikes! I can't believe Tom actually manipulated Hero into stealing. I'd like to get angry with Hero, but I kinda think Tom has a sort of power that I couldn't blame her for falling for.

Ahhh and cryptic Dumbledore makes an appearance. This chapter couldn't get any better!!♥

Loads of love!

Author's Response: Ysh!

I'm glad you enjoyed a bit of Hero and Finn bonding, I love that you love him so much ♥

Aw Ysh I can't thank you enough for this amazingly wonderful review, thank you my beautiful friend ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #2, by Felpata Lupin 

2nd June 2016:
This was an incredibly intense chapter!!!

I don't know what to think of Hero right now... on one hand, I feel bad for her and all the pressure she's being subjected from all sides. On the other, I can't believe how much she's let Tom manipulate her (putting in the word because I know you like it :P ) and how she can be so egoistic at times... she makes me so angry!!!

Poor Emory... how did she find out? I have a feeling Tom has something to do with it... Anyway, it had to happen, sooner or later... I wish they could talk it through and get to be friends again.
And Morgan... petrified... :( So unfair!!!

I'm so sad about everything!!! Also about Brindley... it gave me goosebumps when she thanked Tom... that was an incredible touch!

To cut it short, this was an incredible chapter! I so loved it (even if it broke my feels in so many ways... or maybe because of that...)

Love you, little B!

Author's Response: I'm sorry for the feels Chi! But not really ;)

Oh that word again, you're so cheeky!

Thank you, little Chi ♥

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Review #3, by marauderfan 

1st June 2016:
Bianca! Hiii! Did you miss me? Actually, don't answer that. :P Anyway, I can't believe I've missed a few updates of this but it's good to get back to it! Things certainly are getting intense.

okay, I was definitely worried about dark magic at the end of the previous chapter with Briony, and now, well there's no evidence that it was, but an allergic reaction doesn't really add up. Nope. Well, it could, but under other circumstances. Not when Tom's doing manipulative things behind the scenes. Everything that's weird, I'll just blame him for. Even if I'm wrong I dont feel too bad blaming him for it anyway it because this is Voldemort we're talking about.

What is Brindley thanking Tom for? Again, shady things going on possibly involving confundus curses and I don't know why she's thanking him because he's the reason she's there, but of course she doesn't know that...

But I do love that scene with Finn and Hero, and how they are becoming closer. I really want Finn to reevaluate his choices and it seems he's getting there - or at least a little wary of Tom now. I like how the two of them are there to support each other, which is especially important for Hero at the moment because, although she hasn't 100% noticed yet, she is pushing everyone else away because of Tom. Tom is so manipulative and it really shows in this chapter (at least to a reader, not to Hero yet) but Hero doesn't really have anyone to rely on anymore. She depends on Tom more and more as she has fewer other friends, and now Emory wants nothing to do with her (understandably, as Hero has been pretty self absorbed lately), and things are weird between Hero and Theo. I bet Tom is at the root of this, pulling the strings so he has everyone right where he wants them. It's so dangerous and I hope Hero realizes it soon..

I wonder if Hero will make the connection between the orphanage and Noah soon. And omg I wonder how things will end up at Christmas at the Blishwick house... sounds scary. This cannot go well...

Great chapter! This story is so addicting

Author's Response: Er, who is this again? JUST KIDDING, of course I missed you! ♥

Ha ha honestly, just blame Tom for everything and you're on the right track! (Brindley doesn't know Tom was the reason, she just sees him as the one who helped her).

Tom being manipulative is exactly what I was going for (was he really any other way? ;))

Thank you so much, my love!! ♥

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Review #4, by mymischiefmanaged 

31st May 2016:
B! I read this chapter earlier and then just came back to review and saw that you've put the next one up! I can't deal with the forums being down it means I miss all my updates.

I'm super excited to read on but I wanted to let you know all my thoughts on this first so I'm holding back.

I'm so intrigued to find out what happened to Briony. I just don't think there's any way it was an allergy or, if it was, I don't think it was an accident. I'm fairly sure it's Tom's fault somehow but that's just because I don't like him and he's getting creepier.

BUT that whole saga meant Finn got a chance to be all brotherly and adorable which I LOVE because he's my favourite. I really hope you write that story about him. Offer to beta still stands. Anyway I thought him holding Hero's hand was really sweet because it's not their usual relationship but it came very naturally to him. I think at some point in this story they'll have a big heart to heart and I can't wait.

Tom is now fully emotionally abusive but I'm not sure how Hero's going to extricate herself from their relationship. He's managed to manipulate her into feeling like she needs him and once she blocked Theo out she didn't have anyone who realised that it was unhealthy. I'm assuming Tom's somehow responsible for Emory finding out about Theo as well. He doesn't want Hero spending time with her old friends and alienating Emory like that would be a way to get her where he wants her. Ew he's so creepy.

Absolutely gutted about Morgan. I thought it would happen at some point but I really enjoy his scenes so I was hoping we'd get a few more chapters with him.

And your Dumbledore is spot on, which doesn't surprise me because YOU'RE the one writing him and your writing is consistently wonderful.

Lots of love, E xx

Author's Response: Hey E!

I miss the forums too :( But once they're up again I'd love to talk to you about the next story, it's definitely going ahead! I love that he's your favourite, he's mine too. Thank you ♥

Yeah, Tom is slowly cutting Hero off from everybody, but of course she can't see it! (Yet...)

Thank you so much E, can't wait to speak to you again soon! ♥

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Review #5, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

30th May 2016:
HELOOO! I'm so happy for a new chapter!

LOOK AT FINN BEING A GOOD BROTHER! Holding her hand, punching her shoulder! Being a brother! The best part about the way you are writing his transformation is that he's not becoming a completely different person. It's more like changing the traits that he already exhibits from malicious to brotherly. I love that. Reformation without breaking the character.

Can I just say that some of the details you put into this chapter just really makes it? Like the stained glass with Mungo Bonham.

I'm having a hard time buying into the whole allergy thing. Everyone knows that Hero is literally addicted to chocolate. If someone wanted to scare her, tainting her chocolate would be an easy way to do it. I can't help but think that would be an easy way for Tom to worm his way into her good graces, sitting by her bedside all night. It's clear, I think, that the potential tainted chocolate wasn't meant to kill, just to incapacitate. If not to get in her good graces, maybe to sabotage quidditch? I mean Tom said he'd take care of it. If Hero was in the hospital, she couldn't play. If Morgan was petrified, same results. I wonder though why exactly Tom would care that much about quidditch? My only answer is that maybe he's trying to isolate Hero from everyone else. If he had something to do with the Theo information as well, as he likely did, it seems to be working all according to plan!

I'm very worried about the Blishwicks becoming the Grindelwald&Co headquarters. She's literally going to be sleeping under the same roof as the enemy not to mention Tom gets to rub elbows with plenty of scumbags. I think it's odd that Dumbledore hasn't approached Hero about the subject. I'm sure he knows somehow. Maybe because it's unlikely for family to flip on family.

I keep having to backspace this sentence to keep it 12+. Tom is such a manipulative little cretin. I love the way you wrote him because I'm dying to smack him upside the head. If he can illicit that much emotion from me, you've obviously done a brilliant job with the character.

There is that hint of blood prejudice from Hero that I hate to see but I mean it had to be there at least somewhat. Especially since Leighton was being a brat. But even with Theo, I mean that's uncalled for. It's easy to give in to it if you've been conditioned all your life. Still, Hero is better than that. I think this whole Leighton bit and the bracelet was testing how far Hero would go but also knowing that she wasn't as cruel as he wanted her to be. It's like he's grooming her to become something for him. Thank god for Emory to bring her back down to reality.

I'm surprised a little that Hero wasn't appropriately upset about Morgan. I feel like she would have at least a sinking feeling or something. Maybe she's just caught up in the Tom spending time over there at Christmas thing. I imagine Finn is regretting that friendship more and more. Someone is always watching his every move, whether it be his father or Tom.

As always, I can't wait for another chapter! Especially since we get to spend more time with the Blishwicks!

Author's Response: Hey Paula!

Finn! He may be nice, but he'll never break character. He might be showing a nicer side, but it takes longer than that to change completely :)

Ha ha thank you for keeping it 12+! I feel your pain. I'll take that compliment, thank you ;)

Thank you so much for being here almost straight away! It's really appreciated ♥

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Review #6, by dreamgazer220 

30th May 2016:

An allergic reaction, huh? That's interesting, and it makes sense, but I wonder if there's more to it? I feel like I can't trust anything anymore. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!

Ahem. I like Finn and Hero trying to be awkward siblings, it's so adorable! Finn clearly cares about Hero, we could see it well in this chapter. It makes me wonder about the twin bond they have and if they're able to feel each other's strongest emotions or anything like that.

Oh Tom. Tom. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I mean, he's clearly being the Riddle we all know and love, but I wonder how far he's going to push Hero to do ridiculous things to prove her loyalty. He's right, though: her choosing a side is way more than a Quidditch match, even though she hasn't thought about it that way.

And Emory knows! HOW DOES SHE KNOW?! I WANT TO KNOW HOW SHE KNOWS, B! I mean, about time she does, I think, and I'm glad Hero's owning up to her end of the responsibility instead of just blaming Theo. I somehow doubt they're going to be able to stay friends after this mess is over :(

NOT MORGAN! I think I knew it was happening and I forgot, but poor Hero. Always ending up in the hospital wing. I wonder if these are all coincidences?

And ooh, Tom staying at Hero's! We know what that means ;)

And Dumbledore ♥

Great chapter, as always, darling!


Author's Response: He's not all bad, I told you!

"the Riddle we all know and love", ha ha! But yes he wasn't entirely talking about Quidditch there.

Morgan :( ♥

Hehe, do we know what that means? ;)

Thanks as always for reviewing, Jill! ♥

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