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Review #1, by UnluckyStar57 

21st July 2016:
Hi Liz! I'm sort of reviving the BvB while we have a few more days left. :D

So it's been a while since I read this story, but it has not lost any of its intrigue. I'll get to that later.

What I wanted to comment on first of all is that I enjoyed the foreshadowing on Terry and Piper's budding relationship. Terry seems nice (if aggressive around Harry), and the dates that they went on seem nice, but something tells me that they aren't going to last. And that's because Piper is still feeling uncomfortable with the physical affection that Terry has suddenly decided to bestow upon her. Like, I get it. You work your way up to these things, especially if it's your first relationship. (This coming from the girl who didn't get her first kiss until after six months of dating the same guy, lol.) But she doesn't seem willing to open up to Terry about how it makes her feel that he's doing all of these things without discussion, and that's what makes me think it won't last.

But onward to the more important part: the Dursleys and Dumbledore!

My main question for this chapter is: Why? Why did Piper get to sit in on Dumbledore's little friendly chat with the Dursleys, and what kinds of plots is this setting up for later? Whatever it might be, it was interesting to see the scene through Piper's eyes. I got a bit worried when she freaked out because of Dumbledore's billowing robes, but then I remembered that Harry is going into his sixth year, so this wasn't the dementor attack on Dudley from OoTP. :)

I really wonder why Piper's parents needed to be protected from Voldemort so much that they gave up magic altogether and Fidelius'ed their house? Dumbledore's cryptic "you look so much like your mother" comment might hold a clue about it, but alas, I am no Sherlock Holmes. Perhaps the Stones used to have a different last name? Anyway, this just adds to the cryptic-ness of the last chapter, in which Harry was convinced he had seen Piper's dad before. Hmmm...

Aww, Piper didn't get to go on the Slughorn excursion. :( Hopefully she goes back inside pretty quickly before a bad guy pops up and snatches her! But I love the desolate feeling in the last paragraph because it's so indicative of Piper's mental state and how she really feels. Hopefully she can feel better with she gets back with her friends at Hogwarts!

I want to say again that I really appreciate your talent for foreshadowing and keeping that air of mystery intact. Even though the scene with Dumbledore was something that I've seen before, it was different while being familiar. I like that you gave it a new perspective without breaking the original scene up too much, and without making it seem word-for-word from the book. It's that fine balance, you know? And you did it very well!

Cheers, and maybe I'll catch ya next time!

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad that is coming through loud and clear. Terry is a nice guy and Piper is a nice girl, but she's not quite sure what to do here and there isn't much of a spark, but she doesn't know that that's the problem. Yet.

Piper got to sit in for one reason and one reason only- Dumbledore's over protectiveness and worry. He actually bothers to explain in the next chapter, I promise. Also, because plot. >.>

Thank you for such a wonderful review, m'dear! It's always lovely when you drop by. And that scene was really hard to do! I had to keep rereading it and trying to reword the quotes I used so that they weren't word-for-word. In future scenes where this happens, I get more creative because Piper gets to have other things to do- like leave the room or talk to someone else. There was not getting out of the awkward summary chapter in this instance.

Thank you, dear!

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Review #2, by dreamgazer220 

16th May 2016:

Oh wait, I know :D I think. Maybe? I'm not exactly sure anymore...

Ah, well, great chapter! Just like Dumbledore to drop a few bombshells and then not answer anyone's questions, haha. I think you did a good job of summarizing the events from the book but also giving us enough detail to refresh memories and still know what was going on.

I'm excited to see where this progresses!


Author's Response: Well, I tell you everything, so you'll be refreshed soon enough. Yeah, I'm trying to stay away from scenes like this where I have to paraphrase and summarize. There's a scene at the Weasley's where I just have her straight up leave the room. XD

Thank you for stopping by, lovely! You'll know things before anyone else does!

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