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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny 

18th April 2017:

Aw, this was absolutely lovely. Poor James, he was so flustered trying to figure out how to respond to Lily complimenting him and showing him goodwill. That was very believable to me because my impression of him was that he thought of himself as being quite a bit more suave than he actually was, and honestly that other people had that impression too, but that in reality he was a bit of a dork. So I really loved that you wrote him totally unsure of what to say and tripping over himself a bit.

I must admit that I was surprised when she said that she felt the same way and the two of them kissed. So I'm really glad you had that second section from her point of view, explaining that she's liked him for a while and her pride and fear of rejection were why she kept acting like she didn't like him.

Having that explanation/understanding made the final scene between them so adorable and, like Lily said, magical. Actually Lily's section was my favourite because it was just lovely. I loved the scene with her dancing with her friends, and also how she was sitting in front of the mirror and seeing herself totally differently. You did a great job of communicating how giddy and happy she was feeling and it made me feel happy too :)

I really enjoyed this, well done!


Author's Response: Hey, Kayla! :D

Ahahah! I always loved to imagine James as a bit of a dork. :P So glad you liked him being so unsure and awkward, I think he's so adorable... :P

I understand that it came a bit unexpected and strange, but I'm glad that it worked with the explaination of Lily's feelings in the second section. I'm so happy you liked her POV and that it made you feel happy! :D

Thank you for another lovely review!

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

18th April 2017:
It reminded you of the ocean, of waters so deep you could drown into them and never reach the bottom.

Eyes really are a window to our soul. I really don't think about what eyes can tell you about a person. You really lay that out here wonderfully.

No, it isn't the colour.

I like this because the same could be said about the color of a person's skin. You know when people are rude and they're like how could you date so and so they look like (insert something rude here). It's not about the color. It's about the way the person makes you feel. You just can't help it.

It is her kindness, her generosity, the way she always tries to offer assistance to everyone,

I adore this entire portion of the story here. I have some tears that are forming in my eyes. He really just loves the entire essence that is Lily Evans.

I LOVED THIS. It was perfection. The songs really added a different element to the story. I could see the dancing right before me, the happiness radiating off of them and that kiss...well, I need some water because I'm overheated. I liked that you switched it up and gave us some input from her side. We were able to feel what she felt and to know her intentions were true.

Really great job with this story! I'm absolutely gushing here.

Author's Response: Hey, Deeds!
Thank you so much for this absolutely amazing review!

Yes, I agree that eyes can really tell a lot of people, and everyone always mentioned how wonderful Lily's eyes were. I'm sure that's something James would have noticed, too.

I really didn’t think about that, but I like that it made you think of it. And obviously I agree with you, colour really doesn't matter...

Yes, he does! :D I'm a bit Jily shipper, if that wasn't obvious... :P

I'm so glad you loved Lily's POV as well. The dancing scene was probably my favourite part to write. And I'm so glad that the songs fit, too, and that you loved their kiss!

Thank you so much again, so glad you loved the story!

Snowball hug,

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Review #3, by quill2parchment 

6th March 2017:
This whole thing was so sweet! Aw I actually had a stupid, silly grin on my face as I read this... Im a sucker for romances done well, and this one had so much imagery and so much feeling and just everything.
I love James. I really do. I love that when you wrote his POV (in brilliant 2nd POV by the way!), it sounded exactly like James would sound like in love. Totally absorbed by her and also a little dorky, trying to compare her to Quidditch and running with his friends (in their animal forms).
The idea of him feeling vertigo as he looked into her eyes had me feeling mushy. It was also so perfect because is kind of like that awe inspiring and frightening all at once.
Oh and Lily pulling him by his tie to shut up him up? Thats so Lily Evans!

Loved it & your writing style!

Author's Response: Aww... thank you so much for stopping by! You are so sweet, and so is this review! Such a nice surprise! :D

I'm so glad you enjoyed this and that it made you smile! A bit of fluff is nice to read from time to time, isn't it?

I love James, too (I suppose you might've guessed it). I'm so glad you thought I captured him well, and Lily too! :)

Thank you so much again for this lovely surprise review! It really made my day!

Lots of love,

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Review #4, by scintillated 

31st October 2016:
hi chiara! i'm here from review tag!!

firstly, SECOND PERSON. I live for second person. Like literally live. And you used it so well here! Second person added so well to the beauty of your writing.

secondly, imagery. Straight from the beginning, the imagery is amazing. It makes me fall straight into the story, and I can really see James's love of Lily. (How fitting is it that I'm reviewing your Jily story on Halloween, by the way? /cries) Anyways, your imagery is really what hooked me in. It's absolutely beautiful.

AND AAH THAT WAS SO CUTE!!! The whole build up to their kiss had me on the edge of my seat - like was Lily going to confess? Was she going to walk away? And as soon as they did kiss, of course, I almost cried out in happiness. Even though I know it obviously happens, all kudos to your wonderful writing.

and then you switch perspectives and it's even better, if that's possible. AND THIS LINE OH MAN:

"This morning you were Lily Evans, the bookworm, the ice queen, the haughty and snooty perfect Prefect. Tonight you're Lily Evans, still a queen, but the queen of James Potter's heart."


This whole story was so sweet and cute and makes me forget that 35 years ago today they died (which is pretty hard to be honest). Let me tell you, I am always here for a smackload of Jily fluff!! This whole story was so well written, I love it so much. Complete 10/10!!

- rikki

Author's Response: Rikki!!!
Aww... this is so sweet, thank you so much! *wub*

I love second person, I love the insight it gives in the characters' minds. And I'm so, so glad you thought I used it well... *blushing*

Ah, I know... Halloween... :'(

Description is actually something I struggle with a lot, so I'm glad it worked out here and that it helped you being dragged into the story!

Aww... so glad you found them cute! (They totally are, by the way... as you might've guessed, I love Jily!) It's lovely to know your reaction at their kiss! *blushes more and squishes*

I was actually a tiny bit scared about Lily's perspective, so I'm glad you loved it too! And I do like that line. :D Ahahah! Aww, did I make you cry?

I'm so glad you loved the story! And I promise I will get to your request soon (possibly tonight, if I make it in time!)
Thank you so much again for making me smile with your super sweet feedback!

Much love,

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Review #5, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

21st September 2016:
Hello you magnificent being! :D

I'm so very sorry that this is so late! Late seems to be my signature these days!

You were right in guessing that this would be the kind of story I would love! Fluffy sweet Jily is everything I could ever want from life!

I'm the kind of person that either loves second person voice or hates it, but I definitely loved it for this story! It was such an easy read and I didn't have to search around to guess who was speaking. Excellently executed!

The thing that stood out most in this chapter to me was how deliciously multifaceted your characterization of both Lily and James is. These little things like James being a Gryffindor but being scared of heights only when dealing with those cliffs. Ah, that was just such a good bit. The way that of all the things that drew Lily's polite words it was James being heroic but not bragging about it. I really love that. You've just really captured the characters so well here!

"Lily, I..." you swallow. "Merlin, you're beautiful..." I actually squealed at this line. My dogs hate when I read stories that I decide I love. It interrupts their naps.

You've just really taken what could be a mundane first kiss and turn it into something magical. You've taken the well known Jily stereotypes like James unnecessarily professing his feelings without a filter and Lily quickly switching emotions and you've made them feel fresh.

The section on how she's so much more than just beautiful is so near and dear to my heart. I wish every boy realized that and professed it to the girls they care about. It's just so much better to hear how completely and totally amazing she is in his eyes beyond just looks.

I love the self esteem boost she has. That she doesn't see anything truly wrong with herself despite the fact that she can list them off.

The second one is indeed better!

My only cc is that this is not a finished 90 chapter novel for me to crawl inside and live in. That counts.

Author's Response: Hi, Paula!
Ah, no worries... I'm late answering, so we're even! ;) (and this review was so wonderful that it was totally worth the wait!)

Ah, I knew you would like this! :D (actually, no, I didn't, but since you are a fellow Jily shipper I hoped so...)

Personally I love second person. It gives an insight in the characters' psicology that first and third person just can't equal... but I guess it is very tricky, so I'm glad you thought it worked here. :)

Ah, that's great to hear! I'm glad you liked the way I portrayed both James and Lily and that they seemed multifaceted and recognizable! :D I think I quite love the cliff bit too!!!

Ahahah! Poor dogs... :P but I'm glad of your reaction! :D

Ah, yes... every girl would want a boy who appreciated the person they are, and not just their looks... Lily is so lucky! Also, love makes you look beautiful, doesn't it? :)

Erm... I don't think I would ever be able to complete a 90 chapter novel, especially with this tone... by the way, this is the first time that a CC makes me smile wider than the rest of the review!!!

Did I mention that you're awesome? *hug* *wub*
Thank you so much again for this incredibly flattering review!

Lots of love and snowball hug!

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Review #6, by dreamgazer220 

13th August 2016:
Review tag ♥

Hello hello! So I don't normally read James/Lily, but I saw this and figured I'd give it a shot because I'm sometimes a sucker for fluff and first kisses. I'm so glad I did.

This was so adorable! I loved it. And I loved that it was written in second person, I feel like it really helped with the storyline here. I didn't have any problems identifying who was who, and I knew it was James even before you mentioned names. And, I love the song choices :P

I love that he was so transfixed on her eyes. I loved the ways you described them, and it makes sense because everyone always talked about Harry's eyes being his mum's, and here I can see why. I loved how sweet and nervous James was, and that he did something heroic to capture her attention. And I loved that he was afraid of the cliff. It just made him more human and adorable.

And the kiss was so sweet, I'm so glad it was her that did it and pulled him in by his robes! Love.

And then I liked that we got to see Lily here, too, and that you used the lyrics to break up the transitions. I loved seeing her personality shift and that one of the reasons she kept rejecting James was because she wanted to protect herself, afraid that he was playing her. It seems very in character with what we know of them.

Sooo if you couldn't tell, I loved this! Great job!!


Author's Response: Jill!!! *wub*
Thank you! So, so, so much!
This review made me so happy! I'm so glad you choose this story and that you enjoyed it, even if it isn't what you would usually read.
(I'm a heavy Jily shipper instead... but I believe you guessed that much...)

So glad you liked the way I wrote both James and Lily and that they were recognizable and in character. And that you liked the POV choice and the songs too!

Thank you so much again for this sweet review and all my love!

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Review #7, by alicia and anne 

23rd May 2016:
Aw I love that comparison with her eyes and the cliff fear! :D

These descriptions are so wonderful! I love how you're describing the colour of her eyes to forests, and the ocean...It makes his feelings for her sound even move intense. I can just picture the love the he has for her and it's making me smile so widely!

You can just tell how much she means to him, and it's because you've done an amazing job at writing it. :D


No! it's been ruined! Fix it James!

Oh those two are so cute! They have feelings for each other and they're being all adorable about it! Look at those crazy two! I just want to hug them in a group hug of love! :D

So fluffy!

This has given me the biggest smile on my face! And I'm so glad that you wrote this :D I'm so happy right now because of their love!

Author's Response: Welcome back!!!
Have I already said how awesome you are? Yes, I think I did...

Aww, thank you! I'm so glad you liked metaphores for her eyes! And that they helped giving the measure of his love for her. That's what I was trying to do! :D

Ahahah! James isn't too clever when it comes to Lily... but he can fix it! ;)

Ah, yes! They are super cute!!! And they do love each other!!! :) Ah, yes! Go hug them! Snowball hug coming!!! *yahoo*

It's great to know that this made you happy! I guess you needed some fluff after all the angst you probably endured during the Review a thon, right? ;)

Thank you for another amazing review! *wub*

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Review #8, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

19th May 2016:
I'm still not finished!

GAH. Everything I have ever read of yours has just been SO phenomenal - you are SO talented, and not to mention so versatile! You convey every single emotion that you write so well, I really envy your work!

I loved seeing James' thought process here, the way he's surprised to see her smiling at him, then afraid to do something to mess it up, and so nervous, it's just so sweet! And it's also a little heartbreaking knowing that just her smiling at him seems such a big difference to him - he really was trying pretty hard, you know?

And then, Lily saying she might feel the same way, and the kiss, was just PERFECT!

But then you had to go and add more to it and make it even more perfect and squee-worthy! The emotions that you conveyed coming from Lily's side of the situation are just so REAL! I loved seeing how happy it made her, and then seeing her rush downstairs to kiss him again was just like icing on the cake!

You are SO talented, sweetie! This is another fabulous piece of yours and I look forward to reading more from you! (Speaking of which, I'm off to 'Liar' now to do your reviews for the Hufflepuff exchange! :D )

Author's Response: Aww, Jayde... *blushing*
I really don't deserve all those praises... you are too kind to me!

I'm so glad you enjoyed this little story, and James and Lily's characters! I'm a heavy Jily shipper, if you hadn't guessed! :P

Awkward James is the cutest! He was trying really really hard! And seeing her smilimg was definitely a big deal, since she made no mistery of finding him unsufferable...

But she actually liked him a lot! ;) So glad you liked the kiss! I had so much fun picturing that scene in my mind! :D

I'm also so glad that you felt Lily's emotions authentic! Love makes every girl beautiful, doesn't it? :)

Aww... you are too sweet, honestly! Thank you so much for all the wonderful reviews for the Hot Seat! I need to head to your story soon as well... Hopefully I will during next week! I can't wait, I adore your writing!!!

Mountains of love, my dear!

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Review #9, by TreacleTart 

19th May 2016:
Hey Chiara!

Dropping by to leave you a couple of last minute hot seat reviews!

I don't normally read fluff and James/Lily is truthfully one of my least favorite ships, so I was a little hesitant about reading this story. But it turns out my worries were for nothing because you wrote this so well. It was sweet, but not syrupy. James was vulnerable instead of arrogant. Lily was fiery. It was just right.

One thing that really stood out to me was the etraordinary use of description in this. You always write good stories, but this was really breath taking. I could visualize everything you were talking about and just loved the way you used prose. Definitely your best piece in terms of description.

I also really liked that you wrote it in 2nd person. It can be hard to make 2nd person disappear into the story, but you handled it really well. It felt smooth and it helped me to immerse myself into the feelings and emotions of the story. It was a really smart choice.

And finally, as I mentioned at the beginning, I'm really glad that you gave James some vulnerability. All too often he's portrayed as this pretentious jerk and in those cases it's easy to understand why Lily hated him, but you did something that I think is hard to do. You made me like him. You made me understand why she changed her mind. It was a really good job.

Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: Hey, Kaitlin!
I'm so glad you managed to stop by and leave a few of your awesome reviews, even if it was a last minute thing! :D Thank you!

Well, I love Jily... Of course, I guess it depends on how they are portrayed... in my mind James is just this too reckless, too childish, too playful boy who sometimes acts without thinking about consequencies and the possibility of hurting someone. And I imagine him to be pretty awkward when it comes to Lily. I'm glad I made you like him!!! :D

I'm also so glad you liked the description! Modesty aside, I agree with you that this is my best piece in regard to that. I always struggle with description so much, but here it came out smoothly. I guess the songs helped.

I love second person! It highlights emotions like first and third just can't do! But it is tricky, so I'm glad you liked it!!!

Thank you so much for this amazing review!
I'll be back to answer the others soon!
All my love,

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Review #10, by Mr Penn 

9th May 2016:
Hello Chiara, its Penn here for the review swap. Sorry I am late but RL has been a mess and I wanted to give the stories and reviews the proper time.

You started your story out with a little verse. That was really inspired. :D I write poetry for the fun of it too and that it can be tricky to fit it inside the bound context of a story and that it where you did a perfect task. It didn't seem out of place and only served to provide a perfect start for the story which was amazing. Your metaphors were divine, especially-

'It reminded you of Spring, of buds breaking on the trees to reveal new leaves, of nature waking up to a new life'

What was also pretty cool was how you showed the POVs of both James and Lily and reading Lily's reactions after the first kiss was really fun because you captured the essence of first love pretty well when both your heart and legs skip a beat.

Overall, an amazing job Chiara. Keep up the good work.


Author's Response: Hello, Penn! :)
Ah, don't worry... I'm always so busy, so I can understand...

This was originally written for the Magic of the Musicals Challenge. I chose "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge as inspiration for James's section. That line about the eyes was just so fitting. And I love that song too much...

I'm so glad you liked the metaphores at the beginning! Aww, that's such a huge compliment, thank you! *blushing*

Thank you for saying that the two points of view were well done and that they captured well the feeling of first love! So glad you enjoyed the story!

Thank you so much again for proposing the swap. I'm hoping to be back to Equal measure soon.

Love and hugs,

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Review #11, by carry on with your knitting 

8th May 2016:

It's been way to long, and what a wonderful way to be welcomed back! :D

I loved reading this, it is without a doubt the quest thing I've read in a while and made be feel all fluffy. Can I have a James Potter please? I literally can't get over the cuteness!

And you've got even better! The descriptions at the start were beautiful and really pulls the reader in!

Amazing job Sweetie! :D

Love hugs and Remus appreciation!
Katie :D

Author's Response: Katie!!!
Welcome back!!! I've missed you, hon!!!

Aww... thank you... I'm so happy you liked this (I knew you would... :P)

Of course you can have a James Potter! Everyone should have their James Potter (or their Lily Evans, it depends...)

Aww, thank you!!! So glad you liked the description at the beginning and the story in general! Thank you for stopping by!

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation always!

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Review #12, by victoria_anne 

1st May 2016:
OHHH MYYY MEEERLIN I love this so much!!

Hi Chiara! ♥

So you start off with a line from one of my favourite songs and I'm already in love with this story ♥

The point of view is such a good choice too. I think the beginning of Lily and James' relationship can be so hard to write sometimes, but this is definitely one of the better ones that I've read! Especially since we're so deep in James' head at first. I think you captured his nervousness really well. Lily's attitude too, especially the part where she gets annoyed at James not accepting a compliment.

The whole thing just felt real after a first kiss - I love it so much! The way Lily sees herself in the mirror is also painfully real, but her reaction to how she sees herself after kissing James is just beautiful.

OH AND THAT SECOND KISS! Arghhh just so good! I knew you could write Marauders ah-maze-ingly but this was just so so so good!!

Really, a beautiful story, my beautiful friend ♥

B xx

Author's Response: Hi Bianca! Shake-what?

Ahahah! I love that song too!

Aww... wow... thank you... *blushing* I'm so glad you felt this way!

I love James, he's just so full of love!!! And his nervousness is so endearing, isn't it? And Lily's temper is always so much fun to write!!! :D So glad you think I captured them well!!!

Ah, the mirror bit! So glad you loved that too! You see yourself in a different light when there is a special someone in your life, right?

Aww... Thank you! So, so, so much!!! You know I adore your feedback!!!

All my love, and some more!

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Review #13, by princesslily_36 

30th April 2016:

When you first told me you were working on this, I got so excited! I didn't know you had got so far along until yesterday!!!

The opening passage was just brilliance. I loved the imagery it created, but what cinched it for me was how very James Potter the whole thing was! The Quidditch reference and the Forbidden Forest all screams Prongs!

I love how the passages flow from references to the colour to their expression, it's just seamlessly done.

And comparing her attitude towards him and Snape was a lovely touch - it showed exactly how insecure he could be, beneath all his arrogant exterior!

Poor James, why did Lily suddenly yell at him for no reason? He wasn't even being annoying :(

Cue, incoherent gushy squeeing!

AW... James Potter is just so adorable, the way he feels about her, and how he is so dejected that she doesn't feel the same way... and the things he tells her...

Aw, pulling him by the tie to kiss him is my favorite headcanon for Jily, and you managed to write that *sque*

And Lily's PoV was just as perfect if not more. I love that you've brought in her insecurities about herself and her looks - like every normal teenage girl would feel... and the fact that she's fancied him for long but let her own insecurities get in her way... so lovely!!

OMG *sniffs* The A/N... just made me feel so warm!! I love you too dear beta/betee/best HPFF friend. You make my day so much brighter! This is honestly the best way to start my Sunday, and thank you so much for the dedication, and for writing something so brilliant that I'm probably going to reread a million times!

~XOXO forever

Author's Response: Aww, Ysh!!! *hug* *wub* *hug* *wub* *hug* *wub*
Actually, most of the story was already written when the challenges came out. But then, for some reason, I started to doubt it and I felt stuck and I sort of forgot... But when you told me you were working on something for me, I decided I needed to get back to this! And I'm so happy I did!!!

Ah, I'm so happy you felt that way about the first paragraph! I wanted to make it the most James I could! :D I'm quite sure that's what he would see in her eyes!

Also, it's a relief to know the transactions were smooth. It's something I struggle with a lot...

Ahahah! James can be very insecure... Especially when it comes to Lily... And I'm quite sure he's always been jealous of Snape just as much as Snape has been jealous of him! :D

I know... he didn't deserve the yelling (this time). I guess she was just frustrated that he seemed not to take her seriously...

He is adorable!!! *squeezes James in snowball hug* I love the way he feels for her!!!

Ahahah! Well, you know I love your headcanon!!! :P

So glad you liked Lily's POV as well and that her insecurities felt authentic and relatable! It's a huge relief to know her section worked as well!

Aww... I will always love you, little betee!!! So happy I made you happy!!!

Much love,

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Review #14, by marauderfan 

30th April 2016:
Chiara ♥ You wrote a new story, and as a TA! *throws confetti* Congrats on your first chapter as a TA! :D

ahh from the first line I'm in love! That's such a good song and I love the cover of it in Moulin Rouge ♥

And it's in second person! Haha, it's like you got a checklist of things I love and then put them all into this story :P

Aw, awkward James :3 As much as he manages to muck it up, he is able to recover and say what he needs to say, and doesn't totally ruin everything. And she feels the same way! ♥ this scene is just too cute for words. adorable.

Lily and her roommates dancing around was such a sweet scene, I loved it! And the bit when Marlene says James is waiting for her and she dashes out while her friends are just like :O haha that was really amusing. Lily's been keeping some secrets very well! But now it's all out in the open.

You've always believed he was only playing with you, you've always believed you weren't good enough for someone like him. That's the true reason you've rejected him for so long. It was your way to protect yourself, -- oh man I relate to this so, so much. I'd never really thought of low self esteem being a main factor in why Lily constantly rejected James, but since you mention it, I can see it - with James' reputation and popularity he'd be kind of intimidating in a way, and she wouldn't know whether or not she can believe him when he asks her out all the time.

This was such a wonderful fic, Chiara! So fluffy and cute :D :D :D Really excellently written, as well. I particularly liked the opening few lines about blue and green and the different things it makes James think about - that imagery was incredible and beautiful. Great work!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Aww, Kristin!!!
What did I do to deserve such an amazing friend like you???

Thank you so much! Don't you feel proud of being the first reviewer of my first story as a TA? :P So glad you enjoyed it!!!

I love that song too!!! And Moulin Rouge is one of my favourite movies!!! (*cough* Ewan McGregor *cough*)

Well, that's what I did, of course! Ahahah, kidding!!! I love second person too!!!

Awkward James is the cutest! (or maybe not... Remus still remains the cutest, but awkward James is nearly there! :P) I'm glad you found the scene sweet!!!

It's always fun to include some girlish camaraderie! And yes, Lily can't hide her secret feeling anymore... ;)

I always thought she felt that way. James being so popular, probably craved by half the girls in school, and not being known as the most sensible person around would make her doubt the seriousness of his intentions. But we know he was sincere. :D

Aww, thank you!!! I'm so, so glad you enjoyed this story! And the imagery at the beginning! You are the best reviewer ever!!!

Tons of love,

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