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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

15th May 2016:
I honestly think this is the first story about Tom I've read that has Grindelwald as an active entity, not just someone he's admiring or borrowing philosophy from. Finn reminds me of Draco now. He's joining the "dark side" not just because it's beneficial to his future, but because there's a certain pressure to. Not that I think he's absolved of everything, he's a grownish man that made his choices, but it's different when pressure is involved.

With the whole "leave us, please" bit, Tom really exerts his influence and we can see just how much of an effect he has on those around him. I don't know why I fixate on that, but I do.

I absolutely love the way Tom is about Hero because ew he's so controlling and manipulative and I just can't wait for the development of their relationship. It's like a car wreck. You can't look away. I really am dying to know what the deal is with Tom about her. I mean he can't just have feelings for her because of how he is, so how does she benefit him? A good pureblood wife to pop out his little evil minions and continue his family name? If that was the case he'd be all about crazy Bellatrix in the years to come. Maybe it's all just some weird game to him? I don't know. I'm dying to know.

I'm thinking back to the last chapter when Finn said "He wouldn't approve" and I'm wondering if he meant his father (as I initially took it and Hero did) or if he meant Tom.

Tom practicing legilimency means that poor Finn is even further stuck in the mess he's dug himself. Even if he does struggle with being a good person, Tom will know. Even his private thoughts aren't safe! I'm dying for more of Finn/Brindley. Frinndley. That's their couple name. It's perfect.

YESSS AT HIM NOT WANTING TO PLAY ANYMORE! I mean for her sake he's going to have to keep playing the game I imagine, and for his sister's sake too, but I knew Finn had more potential. I knew it! He's still Hero's brother, there had to be some sort of goodness somewhere in there.

I really love the way you've weaved our muggle history into the story. It makes it so much more dynamic and intriguing. I can't wait to devour the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hello again gorgeous!

It's interesting, isn't it? As soon as I realised the time overlap with Tom Riddle and Grindelwald, then the similarities between their beliefs, the ideas about the influence Grindelwald might have had began to explode!

It actually made me so happy to see you wonder if the 'he' in "He wouldn't approve" was Tom or his father, because I wrote it with Tom in mind. I feel that while at school, Tom is the real worry for Finn, not his father. So 10 points to Ravenclaw!

Take an extra 10 points for the couple name! That's the first I've heard anyone refer to them as Frinndley, and I love it! :D You'll see more of them, I promise!

Thank you so much ♥

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Review #2, by Felpata Lupin 

15th May 2016:
No, honestly... shake-what??? What have you done here??? Poor Finn... and poor Brindley... This was so behond horrifying...

Tom has finally showed his true nature. And it feels so scary and creepy the way he has everyone under his control. I would've wanted Finn to rebel, to tell him to stop. But of course that wouldn't have been right for his character. I love that his feelings for Brindley are changing his view a bit, though. And that he's starting to realize how serious everything is. I guess he didn't really realize what he was doing until that moment... What a traumatizing awakening... :(

So, there will be a meeting of Grindelwald supporters to which Tom and Finn will take part, if I understood right? And what does Tom want from Hero? I'm still wondering about that!

And Sebastian... poor thing... was he adopted? Which is his story? I really want to find out!

Ahahah! I loved that you included Walburga. And the Black haughtyness was so evident, awesome! Loved Finn's cockiness in that scene. :D

Aww... Brindley is so adorable... Well, she's a Puff, right?
"Whoever heard of an influential Hufflepuff?" Ah, Finn... you would be surprised to know what we're capable of. Am I right, my lovely housemate?

I can't believe Tom did that! Well, no... actually I can totally believe it... but I still find it awful that he would hurt her that way, and that he would torture Finn so badly because he dared fancy a non-pureblood... was it a punishment or just a test? Maybe a bit of both? Either way, it was awful!

Wonderful chapter! Moving on to the next immediatly!

All my love,

Author's Response: Hey Chi!

I know what you mean but Finn isn't quite ready to rebel... yet ;)

Yes Sebastian was adopted from Muggles, but you'll read more of his story soon!

Of course we're a wonderful house! Puff pride! It's hard to write Finn being a bully to Hufflepuffs, trust me :(

Thank you so much my wonderful friend ♥

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Review #3, by princesslily_36 

6th May 2016:

A couple days late with this read, but it was totally worth the wait! I've been eager to read Finn's chapter ever since you told me about the sequel!

Ahhh Walburga appears :D

OOHHH There's the Grindelwald references. *so excited*

I love seeing Riddle through Finn's eyes - we get to see more of his body language and behavior within the Slytherin common room...

Bridley... Aw... Finn's attraction to her are so *squee*

Loving her backstory, her passion for magical creatures, and the little things Finn notices about her.

Tom is so cruel! But I LOVE THE WAY YOU HAVE EXPLORED HIS CHARACTER! I'm honestly gushing! And I love that we get to see a softer side of Finn here. I love the idea of a girl changing him.

Best chapter yet. If this is experimenting Finn's PoV, I can't wait for you to post the sequel. Please start writing it asap :D


Author's Response: Hi Ysh!

Yes a little bit more of a Slytherin side here, don't tell anyone that I really enjoyed exploring!

I'm so happy you're excited for the sequel, since you like this chapter, you're the one who inspires me to get writing!

Thank you, my lovely ♥

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Review #4, by dreamgazer220 

3rd May 2016:
B ♥♥♥

I LOVE THIS CHAPTER. I love that you dived into Finn and that you're showing a more human side of him. It's so very interesting to see his friendship with Tom without Hero around, how he knows things about him that others don't- like about legilimency and Finn being a test subject. Creepy! But totally something that Riddle would do.

You were really able to showcase Tom as more of who he is in this chapter, as we weren't seeing it from Hero's doting eyes. I loved it. It was a good reminder of who he really is, of the monster he's going to become. And I also have a very, VERY bad feeling about Tom making sure that Hero's going to behave at the party for Finn's parents.

And poor Brindley! And what happened to her friend? Is she dead, or did he just stun her unconscious? I'm a little confused, but it's okay. I also love what you did to expand the Finn/Brindley scene while they were studying Care of Magical Creatures, and the details you gave as Finn was totally crushing out on her. It was adorable, even though he's mostly a jerk.

I just love this so much! It shows that even someone like Finn is redeemable, and it makes me excited to see more of his character in the future. I can't wait to see where you take it.

Keep up the amazing work!


Author's Response: Jill! Always first to a chapter, you are the absolute best friend anyone could ask for ♥

I'm glad you liked Tom in this chapter - he really knows how to play everyone to his advantage, but among the Slytherins, he's a little more himself.

Prepare thyself for a lot more Finn!

Thank you so much again you angel ♥

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