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17 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Allison 

11th June 2016:
Love this story! I spent all day reading yesterday. Please update soon I need more!

Author's Response: THank you so much!!! Super-long update should be in the queue by tonight. I'm glad you enjoy the story! Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment, it means a lot!

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Review #2, by Anon 

28th May 2016:
I seriously love your writing so much that sometimes I just come here and reread a few chapters!! Can't wait for new stuff though, hope you update soon soon soon soon ❤

Author's Response: Can I just say I'M REALLY SORRY for reponding so late? The last two weeks vere crazy busy and I didn't want to write a reply to your lovely comment without having good news considering the update, which I will submit later today :)

Thank you so so much for that review, I've re-read it several times and it always puts a smile on my face. I'm so happy you feel that way about the story and I really hope you continue to enjoy it despite the long wait and my belated reply.
Thanks so much again!!!

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Review #3, by JKsarmy 

23rd May 2016:
I love this story! Your writing is just right. Not too descriptive but just enough so that it creates a vivid image. Something about the way you write reminds me of JK Rowling in the sense that you create the same warm, inclusive and realistic feeling I get when I read HP. I have a feeling that you've got a pretty strong bond with Seth. I can't wait to read more! Seriously one of the best written stories I've read so far. Keep doing what you're doing!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much. That is probably the biggest compliment I have EVER received. I'm really happy you feel that away about the story. I do have a strong bond with Seth, actually... all of my characters. They have developed wills of their own and I just write down their stories :)

Thank you so so much for this amazing review and for reading, of course. It really means a lot and I hope you stick around for the upcoming chapters as well ;)

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Review #4, by shiv 

23rd May 2016:
A few weeks ago , I was reading this story and I suddenly had to go somewhere in hurry(that must be the loo)) but in my hurry i didn't close the window and when i came back i saw my mother sitting on the computer reading ur story . And since then she has read all of the 26 chapters (which is a big deal for her because she is not an avid reader and she is also not a big fan of Harry Potter)
This is all well and good but now comes the problem . Since the day she has finished reading it she asks the same question every morning on the breakfast table without fail, "has story been updated ?" . I don't know what i was thinking when i told her that you update every month (I have just observed this thing , no idea whether its true or not )and since u last updated on 22 april and its 22 may now she hasn't stopped asking about it.
So plz put me out of my misery and tell us when u r going update so i can get my mother off my back and save my precious ears. No pressure though , take ur time ;)
And FYI I love the story (one thing my mother and i agree on) . u r doing a great work so keep it up
Also my mother sends her best wishes for ur boyfriend

Author's Response: Ahh this is such an amazing story :). I can't believe it - I just tried to picture my mum (who is not big on reading either) reading harry potter fanfiction and it's just such a weird image. I am quite flattered that your mum likes the story! Tell her hi from me and that I'm excited she's reading it :)

I'm sorry I caused you a problem though :P... You're right I try to update once a month but I'm about to finish my studies and it's been a little stressfull lately. Nontheless I can promise you that the chapter will be up next week at the latest. I'm sorry for the long wait, the past two months have been quite busy... :)

I'm truely excited that both you and your mother enjoy the story and thanks for the best wishes. I promise I will hurry :)

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Review #5, by TheEighthHorcrux 

21st May 2016:
Amazing chapter as usual! Sorry my review is a little late, I have been studying for finals. I'm so happy that Seth is returning to Hogwarts and I really love how you let the whole aftermath of the kiss and Seth running away and coming back play out. I hope you update soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you're still coming back despite the lengthy waits and review. It really really means a lot to me! You don't have to apologise for anything :)

I promise I'm working on the update - I have my diploma exam next Wednesday and I'm studying like crazy but I really try to finish the chapter :)

Thanks again and good luck for your finals (or, in case they are already over, I hope they went well!)

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Review #6, by MarieBlack 

20th May 2016:
Consistently in love with this story. Honestly. It's one I can fall back into easily when I finally resurface on here after stressful semesters of course work. I have loved the character development the grandfather, probably one of my favorite touches in the story!

I love the drawing out of how Seth often feels she is everything a woodley is not, only to finally learn in truth she is a Woodley, just not the typical version. I am extremely excited for more to come from this story! Please update when you can.

I also surprisingly enjoy James' character in this story and his character can often annoy me in other fics.

Happy writing! xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you feel that way about the story and, of course, grandpa Woodley ;) He is one of my favourites too.

I promise that I am working on the update whenever I can. I have my diploma exam on Wednesday next week and I'm studying most of the day because I'm a nervous wreck :'D but I really really try to finish the next chapter.

I'm really happy that you like the way I write James - I know what you mean about him being annoying in some fics :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to review, I really appreciate it!!! :)

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Review #7, by Kristina1990 

11th May 2016:

I've spent a couple of days now reading the whole story from first to last chapter and I love it! The story is entirely addicting and it's hard to turn away if there is a follow-up chapter waiting for you ;).

If I compare your writing style from the fiest chapters to now, it is really impressive how much you have improved - from characterisation to style and grammar, it has come a long way. It's so easy and fluent to read now.

I also like the slow build up of the story and the character development. Seth is a strong one, but she is fighting against the impossible expectations of a family who certainly love her in their own way, but cannot understand her even if they tried (with the exception of the grandfather who seems to try to go along with it before losing her). It will be interesting to follow her in the next months to see how their relationship will develop.

I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey Kristina! I'm glad you found and liked the story! And thanks for the compliment - I usually put my best effort into my chapters, re-writing them over and over again, I'm glad you feel that the chapters have gotten better :)

It's really good to hear that you like the slow pace of the story... I know its uncommon for fanfiction and I have been told to speed it up before, which I really don't want to... so I am really really happy that you feel the same way :)

I'm also glad to hear that you like Seth and her character development. I also feel that she's getting stronger ;). There is definitely room for some more development, though... she'S still too proud and stubborn for her own good :)

THank you so much for the lovely long review and for reading. It means a lot to me to get such feedback!

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Review #8, by julie 

9th May 2016:
Just read all of these chapters and I need more! You're such a good writer and I love how real you've made Seth and the other characters. I really hope you update soon! Please don't bring this story to an end quickly, I think it would be really cool if you wrote about her seventh year too! Anyway that's just my opinion. Keep upthe good work l!

Author's Response: Well thank you so much! It's so great to hear that you enjoy the story so much.. I can't believe youve read it all in one go :). I'm so glad you like the way the characters are written... I feel that OCs often go horribly wrong in fanfiction so I'm really happy you like mine ;)

I promise there will be no abrupt ending... I have planned everything out already and there are a couple of things in store for Seth and her friends. I know what you mean though, many fanfic romances seem to pick up speed towards the end and suddenly there is nothing but a deus-ex-machina happy ending and a bunch of loose ends. I promise that this is not going to happen in this story :)

Thanks again for reading and for leaving a review, it really means a lot to me! I hope you do come back for the next chapter :)

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Review #9, by august 

5th May 2016:
I absolutely love this story! It's so well written, your characters have real depth (which I find really important and miss with most of the other fanfiction) and I just can't stop reading it! I Hope you update soon! I can't wait to see what's going to happen next between James and Seth! And what the other Elizabeth Woodley's story is!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This really makes my day :). I completely agree with you about the lacking depth of most fanfic characters... I always try to make mine more complex and three-dimensional, which is why reviews like yours make me really happy. I promise that the update is on the way and that some more Seth/James drama comes your way ;).

Thank you so much again for taking the time to write this lovely review and I hope you'll be back for the next chapter :)

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Review #10, by Anon 

29th April 2016:
Yes! I absolutely loved this chapter! And another Elizabeth Woodley.. Definitely didn't see that coming and I guess neither did Seth.. Loved it though, somehow you always make the Woodleys so interesting! And also, loved James and Seths little encounter, even though it was so fast.. Hope he is back next chapter!!! And Fred too ❤ please please please update soon, your story is my favorite :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the chapter and the storyline of the other Elizabeth Woodley :). The Woodleys are quite complicated, which makes it fun to write about them :).

I know the James encounter was quite short... I wish I could write more about them at the moment, but I really wanted to show how awkward and weird the situation is. Neither of them knows how to behave towards the other and there are so many unspoken things between them... BUT, the next chapter features some more interaction between them :).

THank you so much again for reading and reviewing. I'm so excited that my story is your favourite. You've made me a very happy writer :)

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Review #11, by Thea 

25th April 2016:
Yay you updated! I really hope you put up the new chapter sooner rather than later! I love this story!

Author's Response: I know, it took me forever :(. But I'm glad you still enjoy the story and the next update will be much faster!

THanks for taking the time to leave a comment, I really appreciate it!

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Review #12, by windbirdsong 

24th April 2016:
I'm so glad that your boyfriend is doing better!! and the best of luck for your thesis, I know it's a hard life ;)

thank you thank you thank you a thousand times over!! i've been refreshing this page everyday for months waiting for an update, and this is everything I could wait for, I LOVE IT!
I really liked her conversation with her grandfather.. I think it really helped her to get through everything that was going on with her..
and her quick meeting with james.. just a few words is enough to melt my heart♥♥
I hope there's more seth/james in the next chapter!

again, thank you so much for updating this story, i hope you know how many of us love it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! He was actually really lucky and I'm so glad it all turned out alright :).

I have now come to a point at which I cannot even look at my thesis anymore...haha. But its done and submitted for grading so I have basically put it behind me :)

I'm really sorry for making everybody wait for so long... but I am SO GLAD you liked the chapter! I agree that her grandfather did help Seth, reminding her that she is a strong person and that she can take on anything and anyone :)

The encounter with James on the train has been in my head for a while and I was bursting to finally write it. ANd YES there will be a LOT more Seth and James in the next chapters ;)

That's so sweet of you to say! I can't even tell you how much it means to hear this. YOu just made me really really happy :) Update is in the works and getting on great ;)

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Review #13, by beka_wotter 

24th April 2016:
I love it when you update because every chapter is awesome!! Seth was so fiery in this standing up to her family, and her grandpa is bae now!! The awkward exchange with James was funny so I can't wait to see more of their interactions, and I also really love Freddie too bless him haha

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I agree about grandfather Woodley :) And I'm glad you liked fierce Seth.
I can promise you that there will be a lot more James/Seth and also Freddie :)

Thank you so much again for reviewing, I'm so happy to get such lovely feedback :)

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Review #14, by Lobelia Saville-Baggins 

22nd April 2016:
Hey, lovvie! How are you? How's the boyfriend doing? What about university? Live in general?
Hey Grandaddy Woodley!! (oh dear, can you imagine his face at being called "grandaddy"? Oh, who am I kidding, he's reading this over your shoulder, isn't he? And I bet he looks just as composed as ever. Except maybe his eye is twitching. Because that's just how appalled he is.)
I'm so glad we got the backstory of Lizzie. It explains so much about Grandpappy's behavior. And now I hope Seth will feel like she fits more into her family. She truly is a Woodley, and Woodleys are made of strong stuff.
About what you said last time about Madame Esher's -- JK said there were eleven BIG schools. But I can't see a magical finishing school being counted among the big schools, can you? In fact, it's probably good for their image to stay exclusive and expensive.
I feel like Seth's friends are Team Grandpa now. It's strange that Seth never picked up that Pawpaw was on her side -- I now she noticed the humor a couple times, but her friends thought he didn't like her, which they would only know if she had told them. I mean, I suppose Gramps always looks stoic, but he has argued for her in the past, right? Maybe?
That brush with James, though.absolutely hilarious. And awkward. And awful. But amazing. Argh. What was that boy thinking, with SMALL TALK?!! I don't understand.
Who want's to bet that Fred's the one who will eventually slap some sense into James's head? Any takers? PopPop, you in?
Well, I'd better go before Pappy explodes. Be sure to tell me if he ever looked truly scandalized, or if he managed to hide it this whole time. I love you, and I can't wait to see more of our favorite screwheads!

Author's Response: Hey there :) Well I am good... a little stressed but good on the whole :) Boyfriend is recovering well... such things always take quite a while but it's all looking really well:). And I finally finished my thesis, which is also a big weight off my chest :)

I'm sure Edward Woodley does not approve of being called granddaddy... then again, maybe Seth could. We all know now that she's his favourite.

Honestly, I wasn't too happy with JK when she revealed those big schools. My mum is Austrian so German is my second native language and it just seems wrong that there wouldn't be a school in Germany (Since German native speakers are the biggest language group in the EU) Also, what about all the other countries in Europe which all have different languages? What about Italy, Spain (I know there is a school in Brazil but they speak Portugese), eastern European countries, etc. It seems weird that kids as young as 10 would be expected to follow classes and write papers and exams in a completely foreign language. I just feel like (most unusually for her!) as an English native speaker JK hasn't quite thought this through. but oh well... I'm rambling. The topic of fictional magical schools always gets me started ever since they have been revealed... haha...
So.. that's why I like to make up my own.. I know it's not canon but that's the only thing which I cannot agree on with JK...

Oh dear.. I'm sorry for the long explanation... but yes, I think Madame Esher's is a rather small school and very exclusive :)

I'm sure Seth has kind of noticed that her Grandfather was different towards her but her family is weird and she hasn't really thought much about it, I guess. He wasn't exactly warm either... which is a Wooldey thing :)

Haha, James is such a dunderhead. Asking the girl he rejected a few days ago how she is doing. And I hope Freddie will eventually intervene ;) Until then, however, I have quite some things in store for the story :)

I promise I will be quicker with the next update. Thank you so so so so much for always reading and reviewing, I am really truely always happy to hear from you!
You are awesome, love!

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Review #15, by Carmela xx 

22nd April 2016:
Your back!!! Cue me happily dancing around my room like a mad woman. This chapter was amazing, when are they not?! And I loved the Seth/Grandpa Woodley scene I thought finding out about Lizzie Woodley was really intresting and it explained previous moments in the past were he's shown kindness to Seth. The James and Seth encounter was unbelievably awkward but you wrote it so perfectly and it made it just seem all the more real and may I add hilarious. I can't wait for the next one so keep the chapters coming!

Author's Response: Haha, well I'm happy you're happy :). I am so glad that you like the story line of the other Elizabeth Woodley... I have known it since the first chapter, of course, and I was bursting to write it :)

The James/Seth encounter has also been in my head for a while and I'm glad you thought it seemed real... I really wanted it to be painfully awkward yet a little funny :) I'm working on the next chapter already and I hope to post it soon.
THank you so much for the review! I really really appreciate it :)

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Review #16, by water_lilies 

22nd April 2016:
This was a great chapter! I've been constantly checking for updates on your story and was very happy to find one today!

I am glad your boyfriend is doing better and that your Master thesis is coming along too, thank you for continuing the story despite the business and the stress.

Seth's grandfather is great, there was always something different about him and the way he treated her, and now everything makes sense! I love learning more about her family and their complicated dynamics, the backstory on his sister was very touching. Also, I can't wait to see more interaction between Seth and James after everything that has happened. You are such an amazing writer! This story is easily one of my favorites :)

Author's Response: I'm so sorry I made you wait for so long! But I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter nontheless! Writing this story is actually my happy place so it helped me through the more stressful times :)

I'm so glad you like to hear about the Woodleys... They are such a complicated family and I feel like there is so much more to explore...

I can promise you that there will be a lot more James.. even though Seth doesn't quite like it ;)

Thank you for reading and for leaving a review. I'm so glad you like the story so much and it means a lot to me to hear it!

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Review #17, by CharmAurorG 

22nd April 2016:
That was wonderful! I love the story of other Elizabeth, so emotional... I don't even have words anymore to tell you how much I adore your writing. I hope you will have some original work I can check out... I'm glad your boyfriend is better and that your thesis is going well. Hope you will update soon.


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! I thought it was time to provide some back-story :). I actually do have original work but I haven't posted it anywhere yet...but if I do, I'll let you know!
The update will be much quicker this time since a lot of the stress has fallen away...

Again, thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I was so happy to read your lovely words! Have a great day :)

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