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Review #1, by greenbirds 

30th March 2017:
i love this story, i /love/ this story and i really, truly don't know where to begin in this (long overdue) review of it. like- i've been floating about hpff since i was fourteen and whilst it's position within my favourites on the site hasn't changed, the meaning behind it's sentimental attachment does. you know, like when you're fourteen, and all you care about is the smashing one liners and the exciting romance? but now i'm eighteen and i am- god, i really, really am- appreciating edie as such a great, sensational, layered heroine: the kind of character i would applaud and gush over in regular fiction, let alone online fanfiction?

because this isn't a romance, or a oliver/oc. like, okay yeah, it is, but it's so much more than that: it's edie's story, it's a story of gradual growing up and reluctant acceptance of responsibility and adult life, and the way you present it is so funny and relatable and- god, how cliche- magical, once i've started re-reading it, i can't let go. i keep and keep on finding new things within it i just adore.

because, first of all: edie. edie is SO GREAT. i just love her. she's me, she's my best friends, she's the girls in the year above and the girls in the year below; she's flattered by thirteen year old boy attention and she is undeniably vain and stubborn and occasionally selfish but she is possibly the best reflection on young woman-hood i've read on hpff; and to extend it to real fiction, she ranks in with bridget jones in her unapologetic, first person confessional glory. i don't want to be like, "oh she's so much better than other HPFF female protagonists, so much more realistic"- because as an author myself i kind of don't like being pitted up against other writers like competition- but... something along those lines? that sentiment? she's just the girl the hpff universe needs and deserves.

and outside edie and her brilliant nature that /so/ has twenty-first century feminism entwined with the clumsiness and the wit; oliver, too, is so fabulously layered and exciting and flawed i'd almost argue it's as much his story as it is hers. like you know how in movies they'd have the main character in the forefront of the poster, and the supporting actors behind? i'd almost argue they'd both share the poster space. if that makes sense. not really?

i really do not know what to say. i feel like i've reviewed this before- i definitely have- but i know how much reviews mean to an author and it felt almost immoral to continue enjoying and loving this piece of work without any sort of acknowledgement towards its writer. i could go on for ages- seamus, dean, ada, rose, even that it's KATE NASH portraying edie, like come on! KATE NASH!! so perfect! god on you for picking the writer behind foundations- which i now listen to as the musical embodiment of edie- as edie! even jsut the fact that she's so nice looking, not some victoria's secret model nor a-list celebrity, but just a pretty girl with a lot more spunk behind the eyes. so edie. so clever. i JUST LOVE IT.

so yeah- sorry for that rambling, and sorry for not going into any specific detail. it's 3am and i was hit with a sudden urge to review KC&CO as i was reflecting on how much i liked it, and i'm too tired to go into any productive detail. i'm the worst. you're the best. thank you ENDLESSLY. GOD, i LOVE this story!

Author's Response: I don't even know how to give this the proper response. I am so so so appreciative and humbled by this! (And I sent you a much less eloquent tumblr message months ago, but am not sure if you saw it in all of its caps-locked glory.)


It means so much to see that not only did you stick with the story from the beginning--and it took me FOREVER to finish--but that you returned to it! And that you relate to Edie in different ways as you've aged! I cannot say enough that I wanted to write this story so that young people wouldn't feel lost or like disappointments. I was frustrated with my dead-end relationship, my unpaid art museum internship, my awful and WAY below living wage restaurant job, and I diverted my anger into this story! Way back in 2011 the Struggling Adult thing wasn't quite as prevalent in film, TV shows, etc. as it is now. At least not for women.

I'm glad you mentioned Bridget Jones! Truthfully I only just saw that movie, like, last year, so going into this story I didn't realize that there were certain similarities. But even with Bridget Jones, her character was often reduced to her "dumb blonde" moments, or the "Oh gosh does this make me a tart?" moments, or the punchline that she was just a "little bit fat," and it didn't feel like it was truly speaking to the actual, real problems of twenty-somethings. It didn't feel like other comedic or dramatic characters today who just happen to be women and are facing the same life situations, trials and tribulations as men. I was frustrated that nobody was talking about this. So Edie was born!

And I'm so glad you mentioned her being "flattered by 13 year-old boy attention," because I honestly couldn't think of a better last line for her in this story. ;)

Oh god, I don't know if it's a mark of being really ingrained in my character writing or what, but I feel like I genuinely have, like, THE BIGGEST crush on Oliver Wood as he is in this fic. I love that you said it's as much his story as hers. His pitfalls and character flaws were so important (like leaving young and mourning Ada home alone to go off drinking) but they don't make him unredeemable. And I know exactly what you mean about the poster space--because I spent the majority of the last four years daydreaming and doodling what these posters would look like ;)

You are so right about the importance of reviews, and this is one of the stand-outs amid hundreds, and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read this, let alone return to leave such a thoughtful review. Especially that Foundations makes you think of Edie now?! There are real people in the world, going on about their days, who casually remember this story because of a song? You have no idea what this means to me!

And please don't apologize about anything from this review! You are not the worst, you are a rock star.

♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH, you have no idea ♥

Oh, PS: KC&CO has almost 90k reads right now, and I've got a little something in the works for when it hits 100k (which could very well be a year and, with my writing pace, would work better tbh.)

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Review #2, by onestop_hpfan18 

21st August 2016:
Thank Merlin for annoying little sisters like Ada! If it weren't for Ada, then those two wouldn't have gotten back together. And I loved how Oliver came after her with Edie accidentally slamming his fingers into the compartment's sliding door, completely catching each other off their guards. Loved this ending so much! And they lived happily ever after! I'd read a sequel about them if you'd right it... that's how much I enjoyed reading Edie and Oliver and their whirlwind romance. Excellent writing and story telling!

Author's Response: Yes! Honestly I was really struggling with this last chapter, because I knew that they were *supposed* to be together, but it wasn't working. I tried writing endings where they didn't end up together and that also just felt wrong. Maybe I'm biased but I think these two are made for each other--at least for now. Maybe they'll try to have a normal relationship and it won't hold up, but like Oliver said, they were going to *try* it.

Anyway, it just didn't feel right until it struck me that duh, of course, Ada had to be there. She is Oliver's world, and the reason that he and Edie had their rift in the first place. She's also so blunt and logical that she needed to be his voice of reason. Ada would never sit him down and have a heart to heart and give him her blessing, and talk about love--but she totally would yell at him to stop being dramatic. And really, weren't these two being SO dramatic?

I know the train was cheesy, and I'll consider moving it to another location in the many, many edits this story is due for. But I really wanted Edie to break his fingers, haha, so wherever it may move to, that needs to stay ;)

Thank you so much for sticking with this story. I honestly am so amazed and humbled by all of you readers. You're the best ♥

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Review #3, by Shinicha 

6th August 2016:
Wow! I read this (almost) in one go, and I'm so glad I found this story! It was really lovely, funny, moving and throughout real (no matter what Ada thinks! :p)
Your story really lived off the characters, I loved, loved all of them. Even side characters such as Ward didn't seem superficial. I liked the political undertone you held throughout the story (I hope it will go well for Goblin women's rights). I'm somewhat sad that Dean's and Edie's friendship got ruined..though I'm glad that he found someone else.
Thanks so much for this wonderful story!!

Author's Response: Man oh man, it just really blows my mind when you guys say that you read this IN ONE GO. I tried to do that the other day for editing/nostalgia purposes and I didn't even start at the beginning and it took me ALL DAY SO HOW DO YOU DO THIS *u* It makes me feel so happy.

Haha! Love that comment about Ada. She really made this fic, between all of Edie and Oliver's melodramatic "WHY CAN'T WE JUST BE TOGETHER I LOVE YOU SO."

Gaw thank you so much for that. I feel like I really know each and every one of these characters, y'know? They're so real to me. Like what do you mean they aren't real idgi


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Review #4, by Asia 

2nd June 2016:
I have been in love with your story for so long and I'm sad to see it come to an end. I'm begging you to write some one shots to go along with this story. It would be amazing to see significant moments in their life After this point. Thank you so much for updating! I love your writing so much!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was sad to see this come to an end as well :'( But I think I stretched this fic as long as humanly possible before it became a rambling mess (she says, while also wondering why she didn't explore 34829 other outlets this fic offered).

I'm working on a companion piece right now, actually! It's a one-shot written from Oliver's perspective during the time after his parents' death, when he struggled with drinking and raising Ada by himself. It sounds pretty angsty but it'll actually be dark humor. Hopefully it will be written in the next few weeks. I've got another novel-length Marauders WIP that's taking up a lot of my time.

Thanks again!

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Review #5, by nott theodore 

10th May 2016:


I know I haven't been one of those people who's been around reading this story since the beginning, but it was on my reading list for so long and I'd heard so many things about it that I'm really happy I finally got to read this before it finished. Edie is such a wonderful character and I've loved reading her story - so thank you for writing it! ♥

I'm so happy that they finally got together! It might have taken them 33 chapters to reach this point, but it's been so much fun to read about what Edie and Oliver had to do to get there. I'm grinning like an idiot now :P

Seriously, though, you really like messing around with us, don't you? I honestly thought that Oliver was just going to let Edie get on the train back to London and leave without saying anything to her about how he felt, and poor Edie was thinking exactly the same thing. Honestly, I don't think it's just that Oliver wanted Ada's blessing, but that he needed her to tell him to stop being stupid and just get on with it :P

Ada was awesome, though! It was so nice to see her again and I don't think this ending would have felt right without her being here. The fact that she'd grown up a bit and was so happy to see Edie was really lovely, and I think it was that which kept me hoping even when Oliver let Edie get on the train without saying anything. She's been such an awesome character throughout this story and it was great to see her playing a real part in making Oliver admit his feelings. Obviously Ada and Oliver's relationship has changed quite a bit as a result of the article and what she found out, but it's great to see that they still care about each other and it's probably made them stronger if anything. I honestly love reading about close sibling relationships, and Ada and Oliver are so sweet.

YAY HE FINALLY ADMITTED IT!! AND SO DID EDIE!! Haha it's taken them so long to get to this point but I completely agree with the way that it's seemed kind of inevitable for them because even though they've tried, they can't avoid each other and they still love each other, even when they know they shouldn't. I'm not sure how well them having a "normal" relationship will go, but I'm really excited for them because they deserve their happy ending after all this time!

The final section from Oliver's point of view was really unusual, but it was such a perfect choice for the ending of this story. I loved the way that we got to see how Oliver really felt about her, and the way that he'd been feeling during the last chapter when he'd come across as distant and cold. The idea that they've been skirting around the edges of each other's lives for all this time, and that now it's finally the time for them to get together is so sweet!

I've kind of mentioned this already, but thank you so much for writing a character like Edie. I honestly think that fanfiction has a tendency to include "perfect" characters, who seem to get everything handed to them on a plate, and the only problems they have in life are deciding who they want to date. And that's just not how life is, and becoming an adult is confusing and hard and life doesn't just give things to you like most stories want to make you believe. So thank you for writing a character who's so relatable and real, even if she's made some ridiculous mistakes along the way, she's been believable all the way through. Thank you for writing about her ♥

Congratulations on finally finishing your wonderful story! ♥

Sian :)

Author's Response: HERE I AM AT LAST



Gaww, grinning like an idiot was the reaction I was hoping for! You're right, this ending was super super cheesy, especially the train, but I just felt like?? What, after all of that, they aren't supposed to be together? I really toyed with the idea of them staying broken up but they're just so EASY to write together. Like surprisingly effortless dialogue blah blah blah how are these two imaginary people actually so perfect together? So I had to, huehuehue.

Here's the thing, though: he cares about Ada so much that without her "blessing" (if you want to call her eye-rolling and yelling OH MY GOD GET OVER IT YOU IDIOTS a blessing), he probably would have let Edie leave. It would have been terribly difficult for both of them and maybe eventually they would have come around and sought each other out again. But he felt so guilty about everything he put Ada through in the past, and the way she found out about it, that he couldn't just bring Edie back into Ada's life. (Of course, Ada frankly didn't care at all, but you know.)

Ugh, yes, Ada and Oliver's relationship is just GAH. I love them so much. I really want to write some one-shots about him taking care of a little sister after his parents' death and trying to figure things out and navigating all of that. Katie was around to help quite a bit but it did put a huge strain on their relationship--they basically had an adopted child together--and so the whole thing is just very interesting to me. But yes, Oliver and Ada are quite the cute pair!

Yes! Being "not sure how a 'normal' relationship will go" was a big part of this story, too. I was really trying to emphasize that without it being too much like the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," (Spoilers, if you haven't seen it???) These are the last lines of that movie (I don't own them, obvi) and it really captures what I was going for here:

Joel: I can't see anything that I don't like about you.
Clementine: But you will! But you will. You know, you will think of things. And I'll get bored with you and feel trapped because that's what happens with me.
Joel: Okay.
Clementine: [pauses] Okay.

Yeah, the switch in POV was pretty unusual, and if it weren't for the possibility of leading readers on into thinking there was an entirely new additional chapter, I would have uploaded it separately. This formatting makes it seem pretty jarring but in the original file it's set as a separate epilogue, which hopefully helps!

Oh my gosh, your last paragraph is so sweet. I am so glad that Edie brought you some relief or clarity or anything even remotely similar! I was really struggling when I began this fic--I was an unpaid intern at an art musuem, in a new city, trapped in a terrible relationship I couldn't leave because I didn't have the money to move out, and my bank account was usually in the negative. "Life doesn't just give things to you like most stories want to make you believe." That's very true. I hope Edie served as some sort of comfort to readers in being able to accept this as being JUST FINE. We are not our parents' generation, we do not have it all figured out, and it's terrifying and exciting.

Thank you so much for your kind and wonderful review. I sincerely am so happy that this fic meant something to you! See you around the archives :)

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Review #6, by marauderfan 

22nd April 2016:
Sarah! Ahh, first things first, CONGRATS ON FINISHING!!! I know you've been working on this story for years so you're probably in this weird state of combined 'HOORAY I finished' and 'I can't believe it's over' and 'the story still won't get out of my head so here's 12 sequels'. But it is really exciting to see this marked complete! (And a bit sad, because I have loved taking this journey along with Edie and seeing her grow up and learn to put on her Big Girl Pants, as you called it :P If you ever write any fic sequels to this I'm sure I'll be right there to read them!

So maybe it was a little cliche with the cheesy, happy ending and Oliver literally running onto the train to catch her. But despite that, it still doesn't feel wildly unrealistic, because the two of them are still three-dimensional people with real problems. They seriously messed up before, and it's implied that they still have a lot of work to do on their relationship. They'll argue, learn from the past, and work towards being better people. But isn't that what we all do? So even with the cheesy factor turned all the way up to 11, it's still such a perfect ending and ties everything together really well. It shows how far Edie has come and that even with all the mistakes she makes, it doesn't mean she's ruined everything. She learns from her mistakes and things turn out better. So as well as your message of "it's okay to be unsure of How To Be An Adult", there's also an underlying message of "it's okay to make mistakes"... rather fitting as those go together well haha.

If you're taking votes about which of the thousand epilogues to write, I vote for one with Dean and Seamus in it. They were such awesome supporting characters in this fic and I loved whenever they turned up :P

Last but not least, Edie and Oliver's conversation about their ineptitude at healing spells was hilarious. And that Quidditch is basically sustaining injuries for money :P This story was such a fun read from start to finish, and I've absolutely loved reading it. Congrats once again on completing it!

Author's Response: Hey you! Thank you so much for leaving such a thoughtful review. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I've been feeling weird about this ending (very cheesy, as you mentioned) and I'm not entirely happy with it, but I'm not sure what changes to make.

Anyway--your review!

You're definitely right about the "here's 12 sequels" bit. I'm starting a new, much darker, fic and know that I'm going to need a reprieve from all of the somberness and dreary narration. I've been toying with some ideas for companion pieces; one-shots about other characters and such.

The train!! It is the cheesiest part, for sure. I really loved the idea of Edie breaking his fingers though, by slamming the door. However I end up re-writing this ending, I definitely want to include that. Luckily almost everywhere I could possibly relocate the scene to has doors ;) The cheesiness was supposed to contrast with Ada's bluntness and logical stance on the matter. This whole fic has been two people, who clearly want to date each other (NOT EVEN GET MARRIED, like, just make out and talk about Quidditch and the like), and how they convince themselves that they simply CAN'T, because *insert invalid reason*.

And you're totally right. They will probably fight a lot in their relationship, and there's no guaranteeing it will work out, but what else are they supposed to do?

Either way, thank you for your input--I think between you, and the fact that there are only 3 reviews, says that the ending needs work ;)

Dean and Seamus!! I know, I feel like they should be here, too. Maybe the ending could take place at her Mum's art show, with an ensemble cast, and Oliver arriving there for one reason or another? Having these last two chapters at Hogwarts seemed so out of place, too.


I greatly appreciate your review, and I'm sorry if this response is grumbly.

Thank you so, so much!! For reading and for sticking by throughout the many years it's taken me to finish this. You are seriously so wonderful for doing that, you have no idea.


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Review #7, by madness 

21st April 2016:

Author's Response: Yes hello!

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