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Review #1, by BlueElephant 

12th April 2016:
Really really loved this chapter! I wasn't sure what was going to happen after the previous one, but I love how Liv and Scorpius are thinking about themselves instead. It was so sweet of everyone to help Liv out with her school work. Also having Lily be the one to explain the situation to Liv was a great move, I felt like I forgave Al too! Can't wait for the next one, hopefully with some more Al in it :)

Author's Response: Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it x

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Review #2, by Crescent Moon  

12th April 2016:
I loved this chapter.
Cassie is just vile. I'm so glad they're deciding not to reply to those letters and very happy that they're deciding to make fun of them instead. Although I doubt they're not completely rid of her yet. But it's really nice to see Scor more back to himself in this chapter.
I loved that she's putting all her anger into her school work to forget about everything. And Slughorn! Personally I've never liked him in the books so am pleasantly surprised how you've made him true to canon but at the same time likeable which is really great.
Loving baby Potter. And how she currently seems to be the least messed up of the Potter siblings. And her reasoning, how she(/you) were able to give both sides and make Al's more understandable. Hopefully this'll mean Ollie might think of talking it through with him soon. I need them to get together again, because well... shipping...
But back to Lily, I was creeping on your reviews and saw that you've got some ideas for a Lily fic and I really like that idea. I can't wait to see where you'd take it if you decide to go with it.
And Amethyst's story is just so heartbreaking and I hope it'll help Ollie to see more of the other side and possibly even a new friendship?!
Anyway, as always I can't wait to read what happens next and your writing's brilliant as usual.

Author's Response: Cassie's so awful I sometimes think I've overdone it a little bit. But she's not quite done in this story yet so maybe she'll redeem herself a little bit at the end haha.

I really don't like it when stories about teenagers act as if they don't have school work and commitments to fit in around all their drama, and then realised I was completely guilty of that. This is my attempt to fix it and get Olivia to sort herself out a little bit.

Thank you for liking Lily! Lily fic is very much in the works so look out for it :)

Thanks, as always, for such a thoughtful and kind review xx

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Review #3, by Margie 

12th April 2016:
Hi Emma,

Oh gosh brace yourself for a massive splurge of ideas. I don't have enough time to refine this at all so I hope it all makes sense. I'm really happy that I could help! It's a relief seeing Olivia be able to have something simple to concentrate on like studying (ha) but seriously it's good that she has the work to distract her. I am curious to see what she wants to do in her future (I am so invested in this character oh goodness).

Questions and Thoughts about Cassieís Letter

Iím curious is she writing to Scor too? Has she officially told him or does she expect that Ollie will have had to tell him? Without even acknowledging it in a letter to Ollie?

I can see why the letter made them both angry. She doesnít really acknowledge what she did to them at all and I agree with Scorpius that she comes across as self-involved. She chooses a lighthearted tone as well which really doesnít help (itís like she doesnít know how to talk to them anymoreÖ).

Then thereís the little part about being glad to have James because he understands. The implication is that Olivia and Scorpius wouldnít have understood? I donít know but it would make me jealous and sad because it doesnít say anything good about their old relationship and how little they understood Cassie? Or she understood them? Just - ouch.

But it also seems like she is still really skirting around the issue of what happened and especially her part in itÖ I donít know but I can see that Olivia is too angry to air out some of the thoughts that she has about the whole situation. Like that the picture that Cassie has of the three of them was in that mostly bare cottage - a detail Olivia noticed and even recounted to Scorpius. Or how vulnerable Cassie had come acrossÖ even if it really doesnít show in the letter.

All that said, I am struck by how young Cassie is by how badly she is dealing with all of this and I am interested to see she gets on as a mother? Also it seems like Scorpius really isn't willing to admit that she's in a difficult position.

Lily Potter

I like her a lot already and I laughed when Olivia thought she was scary. I also fell in love with all of the Potters a little during her story - all loving each other and protecting each other fiercely. It sounds about right. I love the idea of her and Olivia flying together next year and maybe becoming friends (and teaming up against Al ha).

Amethyst Twine

I am so happy that she finally gets to speak to Olivia! Iíve felt so bad about her all alone and not speaking to anyone but at the same time I completely understand why Olivia laughed at her rather than reaching out. Itís a very ugly, human thing to do and I did it at school - not in a malicious way but in an uncaring way. I donít know, itís something about those who are ostracised that makes most of us stop thinking of them like people. Look at the way we interact with homeless people.

Anyway! I was right about her being gay ha (not with Cassie though) but itís such sad circumstances :í( I hope that some one gets to know her better - in what ways is she a Slytherin? What does she like to do? Iíd like to see her have a future at Hogwarts. I was a little surprised that Olivia reached out the way she did but pleased - maybe this whole thing has made her more compassionate or maybe she was always this way.

I also think that you made some interesting points about forgiveness and holding onto anger before itís too late but itís thrown foreboding over the whole thing, like - what on earth is going to happen??

Iím not sure how I feel about them forgiving CassieÖ But forgiving isnít the same as going back to how things were while pretending nothing happened. I do think that if Cassie comes back to Hogwarts now sheís going to get a lot of nonsense that nobody deserves and Iíd be surprised if Olivia didnít at least feel like she should do something to help out.

Also! I love that Rose got so excited about study plans and really appreciated how bubbly and enthusiastic she is (itís a good personality type for Olivia and Scorpius to be around).

Thank you for this chapter! I have even more thoughts but this is long enough as it is. I'll chat to you on the forums soon - I haven't signed in in a long time!

Margie xx

Author's Response: Margie! I've taken such an unacceptably long time to respond to my reviews again. Very sorry about that because your comments always make me smile so much.

I'm really glad you like Lily. I'm starting to work on a novel-length fic centred around Lily's sixth year and am enjoying her and her relationship with Olivia a lot. They'll definitely end up friends :)

I've had Amethyst's story in mind since the beginning but I'm worried that I haven't really done her justice. It's definitely easier for Olivia to laugh at her than try to figure out what's really going on. I think talking to Amethyst and Laura about their different experiences is helping Olivia start to question some of her assumptions about people.

Lots of love xx

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Review #4, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins 

10th April 2016:

Author's Response: Feels a bit strange responding to a blank review haha but thank you for still being here! xx

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Review #5, by marauderfan 

10th April 2016:
Hi! before I begin just want to apologise in advance for any typos as this is a phone review. So anyway, just caught up on the two latest chapters and what a - well, complicated - time Olivia is going through. Everything has just kind of spiralled out of control, but it seems like (and I hope Im right, for poor Olivia's sake) that things will improve from here. it's already gotten pretty bad. but I guess we haven't seen Cassie's reaction yet to the fact that her friends won't answer her letters and how everyone knows her secret. She's pushed al of her friends away in the meantime (all two of them) and when/if she comes back to Hogwarts she'll be probably petty and furious with Scor and Olivia, who deserve a lot better than that. Cassie really was so selfish and the fact that she doesn't even really apologise,c while unsurprising, is really sad.

But I think thingas are turning around, and I loved how you showedOlivia's friendships with other people strenghening in order to fill the hole left behind by Cass. I have to say I really love Jason, and how hisfriendship with Olivia has changed throughout the novel. Now, he's someone she can rely on when she neds help. Maybe she still doesnt seek him out for that, but he cares about her and it's becoming evident that she apreciates him. And thank goodness for Jasons good advice too. Ollie definitely needed to talk to Scor and I'm glad Jason convinced her too.

Poor Scor, this was really not easy for him either. But at least this time around he's back to being friends with Olivia, and they can help each other through. I have to admit I laughed at the two of them feeding Cassie's letter to a pygmy puff and then laughing about it together. Sure, it was immature, but they're healing together.

I also reallt loved Lily in this chapter! she has a good head on her shoulders and she definitely provided the perspective Olivia needed. I like her straightforwardness too. What she said about Al makes perfect sense, and I'd been expecting something like that. Of course Al wouldnt want to betray his brother, and Cassie was probably what thry were fighting about a few chapters ago. And I feel a tiny bit sorry for James, but mostly annoyance that his secrets and how he handled it impacted so many people.

I liked hearing a bit about Amethyst as well, who has kind of just lurked in the background most of the time, and then her spotlight is this sad story :( but I hope Olivia decides to talk to Al.

brilliant chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the last few chapters.

Everything's very out of control at the moment but it's on it's way back to normal.sort of. I didn't expect Jason to grow up this much over the course of the novel, but it felt natural as Olivia was changing that her relationship with her cousin would mature as well.

And my next plan for when I finish this (which is starting to be horribly soon) is a Lily novel-length fic, so look out for it if you liked her!

Emma xx

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Review #6, by blackzero 

9th April 2016:
What a chapter !!!/Lily showing more maturity than her brother's.

Author's Response: I loved writing Lily here and seem to have accidentally started planning a potential Lily story to start writing after this is complete.we'll see.

Thanks for reviewing! Emma xx

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