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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy 

28th August 2016:

BUT MORGAN! *sobs in a corner*

This chapter is so full of awesome cuteness, I want to snuggle it all and WHAT IS TOM'S OBSESSION WITH THIS GIRL I HAVE TO KNOW! I almost forgot the time period until he asked her to go steady with him and it was just- so- OMG! Can't stop grinning. And your imagery with the stars in parallel with them is just too much! Oo! I can't believe I'm over halfway done! I need to take a break and finish this chapter... :/


Author's Response: I know! Wah! Ha ha I think everyone forgets the time period up until this point. Thank you for making it this far!

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Review #2, by TreacleTart 

27th August 2016:

In case it wasn't clear, I really don't get Hero and how easily she's manipulated by Tom's charm. She knows something is off about him and yet she continues to justify his behavior. It's awful.

My skin was legitimately crawling when he kissed her and I still have the creeped out chills just thinking about it.

I'm even more convinced now that Tom tortured Noah as a child, killed him as a teenager, and now he's after Hero to try and figure out how much she knows and if she's a threat or not. Sadly, I have to wonder if he'll dispose of her if she becomes to inconvenient for him.

I'm also not sure who I hate more, Tom or her brother. Like I might hate her brother on the same level that I hate Umbridge and Ramsey Bolton.which means A LOT!

UGH. I need to go make myself some tea so I can settle down a bit.


Author's Response: Ooh you got some strong emotions here. I hope you're okay! :P thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin 

30th April 2016:

Belonging to Tom Riddle? I'll choose the stars, thank you very much! But can I really blame her? No, I can't...

This was awesome, just as always! I love your writing, your characters, your ideas, everything!

Wish Hero could actually not care about what her family thinks... that message from her parents was so cold... and I felt so bad for Morgan, too... (can you tell Morgan that I'm single and that I wouldn't mind going on a date with him? *whistling*)

When are Hero and Emory going to talk? I'm worried for their friendship... Like, seriously worried... Too many secrets, too many untold things... Hope Emory's going to be ok...

Aww, Sebastian... isn't he sweet? Reminded me a bit of Peter, keeping the Marauders' metaphore. Hope he won't make stupid choices just to feel included... :(

And Finn... One chapter I love him, one chapter I hate him... He's the most unnerving person I've ever read about, you know??? Makes me want to... I don't even know what he makes me want to do... Slap him, probably...

And Tom... How can he be so fascinating? How can he say and do always the right thing at the right time? Hero, please... Be careful... You know, deep down, that he's dangerous, don't you? I can't believe he actually kissed her. Thrice! I'm still wondering if he actually proves feelings for her... And if he doesn't, which wicked game is he playing? (will it do any good if I begged Hero to be careful again?)

Going to make myself some lunch, then I'll probably be back!

Thank you for your awesomeness, my Shakespeare buddy!!!

Author's Response: Hey Chi!

Sure, I'll let Morgan know ;) He likes broomsticks and long walks on the beach.
Finn's a funny one, isn't here? He's not all really deep inside.
You can beg Hero all you like but I can't guarantee she's going to listen!

Always so lovely to hear from you my Shakespeare buddy, thank you very much! ♥

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Review #4, by marauderfan 

23rd April 2016:
Nooo Hero had come so far, and was angry at Tom and why couldn't she stay that way?!?! Why did she have to forgive him? THIS IS BAD VERY BAD OH NOOO *bites nails* I just... agh. I'm so angry at her for forgiving him, but at the same time I can't bring myself to be angry because she has no idea who he really is.

Finn is the worst. that is all.

I do really like Sebastian though. Poor kid. He's at the age where he's easily persuaded to be one thing or another, and I'm glad Hero stepped in to sway him away from following Finn's path.

Oh, and Morgan. I really like him, and I think he'd be good for Hero, and it just breaks my heart that she lets him down like that because she DOES like him and it's all just because of what her parents would say. But... at the same time, I don't really ship them because I know something bad would happen to Morgan if they were to be together. You know, because I am still convinced Noah's death was intentional.

Ugh Tom alskdjfkasjdf I just wish she could see past the charm. I think you've done really well showing how people idolize him and just really love him though and how the notion that he's The Heir of Slytherin wouldn't even cross anyone's mind. He's quite good at acting, and I just wish I knew what his ulterior motive was with Hero. Because I know there is an ulterior motive, and I'm sure it's not good. I am convinced he doesn't actually *like* her, he's just using her.

Such a good chapter, even though I'm frustrated at all the characters haha. Keep up the great work ♥

Author's Response: Hi Kristin!

Sorry for the anxiety! But not really, because I'm evil.

I'm glad you like Sebastian because I do too, and I agree Morgan would be perfect for Hero, if only she'd let him!

What's this? You think Tom Riddle has an ulterior motive? Whatever makes you think such a thing? ;)

Thank you so so much, my dear! ♥

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Review #5, by PotterPoppins101 

15th April 2016:
I'm going to be honest and say I really don't know how to feel about this story. I definitely like it I think but it's just so hard to envision tom riddle this way. It's intriguing and well written and you're using a lot of good plot devices (with Noah being Denis and what not) but Voldemort asking hero to be his girlfriend and her just saying yes like that?? I don't know. But your writing is really really well done and I will keep reading!

Abby Rose

Author's Response: Hey Abby!

Can I just start by saying how much I appreciate your honesty. Truly. Especially since I was freaking out over this chapter for all the reasons you just said. I'm massive for canon, and after recieving so many compliments over how I write Tom, I was terrified that this chapter would ruin that.

I'm so glad to hear you'll continue reading, that's such a wonderful thing to hear. I don't want to give anything away, so let me just say don't start to think you'll be reading about an unrealistic Tom being the perfect boyfriend. Like I said, I love canon.

Thank you so much again Abby Rose! ♥

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Review #6, by princesslily_36 

14th April 2016:
Hello B *waves heartily*

I'm here for my prize :D

Ohhh... loving that you're establishing the timeline by talking about Grindelwald's attacks. Wait, are you going to have Voldemort inspired by Grindelwald?

I love the little details you added about Magical Creatures Control, and how the younger children were beginning to idolize Tom Riddle. it really lays the foundation quite well :D

Ppor Morgan, it's not fair that Hero has to think about her family before giving into her feelings. But being from India, I can understand a thing or two about societal pressure when it comes to marriage. Okay, going off topic there...

That Finn is a moron. If I haven't said so already!

Make way for the heir of slytherin - that was chilling, though we know it all, it still is chilling.

Oohhh Tom apologizing? That does't sound in character for him at all. Does he have an agenda? What is it that we don't know about Hero?

SQUE!!! The kissing scene! The fact that it was Tom Riddle made me feel both squishy as well as chilling inside, you know. i could picture it totally... a dim setting, Tom's handsome face, his eyes that hide more than any other pair of eyes have hidden!

OMG That astronomy tower scene was even better. 'Will you go steady with me?' OMG!!! I can't believe you're doing this to me. Update already!!

Loads of Love

Author's Response: Why hello Ysh!

Congrats on finishing that amazing story! (And thank you for using this chapter as a reward ♥)

Yes Grindelwald will be mentioned a little bit more. Tom has very similar views so I think it's plausible he would have been influenced by him.

Now why would you think Tom has an agenda? ;)

Thank you for your review Ysh! Love love ♥

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Review #7, by dreamgazer220 

10th April 2016:
BIANCA! *squishes*

I don't even know where to begin with this chapter. I love how you pack so much information into one chapter but you still manage to make it flow so so well. I love your transitions and that you don't forget about Emory (I think I told you that last chapter?), but I wish we knew what was wrong with her! I know Hero's distracted by everything but I feel like she should try harder :(

And about the car and Noah! How do we even know if her parents are telling the truth?! I don't trust anyone! But hopefully we'll get some answers soon enough.

And MORGAN. *squishes* Poor bloke. He really handled the rejection well, though I hope that we'll be able to see him again in the future because he's so wonderful and Hero needs someone like him.

I also love how you tie this seamlessly into canon, especially with lines like "Make way for the Heir of Slytherin". Finn knows something, doesn't he? Or is he just making educated guesses?

Brilliant chapter, as always, dear!!

♥ Jill

Author's Response: JILL! *all the squishes*

It's so funny you should mention the transitions, because that was the biggest issue I had with this chapter, and told Julie to look out for them! So that makes me very happy, thank you!

Finn does know, all three boys do, but you're right to not trust anyone!

Thanks for your review Jillybean ♥

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Review #8, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

9th April 2016:

Maybe it's because I'm now 100% Hero/Tom, but I don't like Theo now. It's mostly because how he strung Emory along. Breaking up was for the better for her, but he's already done the damage. I desperately hope he develops substantial feelings for her and they live happily ever after because someone deserves to.

That's way too much of a coincidence with Noah's car. I'm surprised no one else thought it was odd. I suppose they aren't terribly familiar with muggle transportation though. I wish that would bring Hero some sort of sense of closure, but I'm afraid that it'll just drive her crazier.

I actually really like Sebastian. I think his worst trait is just ambition. He just wants to be someone that the people he respects will respect. That's not so bad. Tom seems to like Hero well enough so maybe Hero can give him the hook up! That being said, he's not a good influence so he should stay away and be the sweet cousin he should be.

Poor Hero. Does she even realize she's practically on a date? Of course not. Bless his heart though. He's too sweet and honestly probably way safer away from her. I really like Morgan though as a character. I think he's a really good opportunity to contrast the pros and cons of Tom.

Finn, UGH, Finn. I just want him to be like Hero. How hard is it? He's worth of redemption, don't you think? He is. I just want to pinch his cheeks and throat punch him, you know? I think he's naturally a bit cruel, but he has the option to become more like Sebastian.

Did I mention I love Emory's Shakespeare? I totally do. It's such an interesting quirk and sometimes I swear she's a seer.

HOLY GUACAMOLE! Tom Riddle apologized to her! About a muggle, no less! Sure, there's no doubt some ulterior motive but aw. I hope his interest in her is beyond her investigations into him or some superficial reason. It seems more like a weird fascination. I'm surprised that he was as honest with her as he was about the chamber. Then again, he's been pretty honest even in the books.

It took very little persuasion to get Hero to skip her responsibilities. I think that says something about Tom's charm.

"I shuddered as I thought of what my parents would say if they found out about my rule-breaking." I think just this once they probably wouldn't be too angry. After all, she's hanging out with a "good" influence. Certainly better than her last few dalliances.

That scene! Oh the kisses! Oh! I'm so happy! He's so traditional and adorable it's obnoxious, but also period appropriate. I'm thrilled in the way you wrote that bit. Stressed for Hero and her future, but also Tom's just such an enigma. I can't wait for even more development of his character. I want to hate him because of canon but I just can't because I'm halfway in love with him myself! I won't be the reviewer that says you should considering updating soon or I'll cry/join the death eaters in a quest for misguided justice, but I'm not not saying it either. I seriously can't wait for the next chapter! Your story is so good and addictive!

Author's Response: Thank you for being the first to review this chapter! I love hearing from you, my lovely!

Hehehe I'm glad I made you ship Hero/Tom, though it's kind of hard not to. I'm happy you like Sebastian, as well, because I really do too ♥

I love all your comments on Tom's character, it makes me happy that you see him how I want him to be seen, phew!

I always look forward to hearing from you Paula, so thank you ♥

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