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Review #1, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins 

8th April 2016:
Oh boy.
I'm glad Ollie told Scor. I'm terrified of Cass's reaction when she finds out that everyone knows. My goodness...they really didn't handle this like adults, did they?
I can't wait to see what happens next. This had a distinct hit-rock-bottom feel to it -- can't wait to see what no-place-but-up looks like.

Author's Response: You're back! And yep, this is pretty much rock-bottom.but not quite obviously because I'm just incapable of giving poor Olivia a break.

Thanks for another lovely review :)

Emma x

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Review #2, by liara 

1st April 2016:
Yess I love the story..plzz update soon.

Author's Response: So glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for the review x

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Review #3, by couldyoureallyknow 

31st March 2016:
wow that was a really well written chapter. very emotional.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a kind review xx

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Review #4, by Crescent Moon  

29th March 2016:
This chapter is so sad. My heart bleeds for Ollie and Scorpius.
I loved all the friendship moments in this. With Joe and Rose and Louis and especially Jason. I love Jason. He's just so sweet. And how he makes Ollie see sense and makes her go and tell Scorpius is just so good. I really need more of him.
I don't know what I want to happen with Al. Because my heart's saying that she needs to forgive him as they're great together and she needs him to balance her out but my head disagrees. Because he hid something big from her and I don't know how or if she's going to forgive him for that. I can't wait to read what happens when she's finally forced to confront him about it.
And James, what a idiot (trying to keep this PG). Spreading it all over the school like that. I know it was bound to get out but still with everyone laughing about it. What's going to happen with the aurors now? Are they going to have to do a follow up now she's been found. Because I can't help but think Cassie should be charged with something for all that time they wasted looking for her. And what about her brother? How does he find out what happened, or did he already know?!
I really can't wait to read what's going to happen next. And needless to say anymore but amazing writing as always.

Author's Response: I really enjoyed writing some of the friendships here - Jason's my favourite to write at the moment so it's fab to hear you liked him. And I think Ollie needed him in this one.

And James is absolutely an idiot. I don't think I realised how much I was going to dislike him when I started writing this, but he acted of his own accord.

Thanks for a lovely review! Emma xx

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Review #5, by Margie 

29th March 2016:
Hi Emma,

Well this was tough to read. Poor Olivia. I am glad she told Scor although I winced when she listed everything there was to tell him (there's a lot there to process). I liked that moment when Jason put things in perspective and as soon as she realised that she was in the wrong she just got up and got it over with. I felt quite proud of her and glad that he was there (with his pyjamas under his robes - I found that tiny detail so charming). I was also touched by that long hug from Rose, Louis' support and Joe's sugar quill bless him.

I am really curious to see what happens next. The secret's out, Scor has had his time to himself to process, Liv has realised that Al isn't going to come and save her from this one... so what happens next?

I am also a little curious about how things in school are going. I mean I can see why it would the last thing that Olivia would want to think about but is she keeping up with her studies? Are the exams just round the corner? Is she putting any thought into her future? I seem to recall feeling put out at 16 that I couldn't just take a break from school and my responsibilities with all the things going on in my personal life but at the same time they could be a welcome distraction.

Anyway! Thank you for updating and I hope you're doing OK?

Margie xx

Author's Response: Hi Margie! I've missed you - lets catch up on the forums soon?

I don't feel very confident about this chapter so I'm really glad that you liked it. Jason's quickly becoming my favourite character to write which I love, because I wasn't that bothered about him at the beginning.

And you're so right - I badly need to mention school more in this story. In my other WIP novel I'm writing about Ravenclaws so put in loads and loads of school bits and pieces, and I think it's really lacking here.

Thanks for a lovely review xx

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Review #6, by blackzero 

29th March 2016:
Thanks for the update. I hope All and Ol quickly reconcile their differences. She needs Al more than she is willing to accept. I am waiting for the part when Sco and Ca are confronted.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Glad to hear you're reading and enjoying it :) xx

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Review #7, by peacock33 

29th March 2016:
Cassie's actions seem so irrational - to just disappear and it's incredibly terrible that neither she nor James spoke up when they knew a murder investigation was going on and that Scorpius was a suspect. I feel really really bad for Scorpius. Cassie is beyond selfish that she didn't even care about breaking it to him herself and wouldn't even let him know the truth so he could move on. I hope that Ollie and Scorpius doen't spend too much time being bitter and hating her, but moving on with their live and not letting her hang over them like she has been when they thought she was dead. It would be really weird if you end up having Cass marry James, Ollie with Albus and Scorpius with Rose - seems too forced for them all to be one big happy family after this. But I'm interested to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Cass is definitely selfish and Scorpius is going to hurt for a little while. It's definitely not going to end up one big happy family, but we've got four more chapters to go so hopefully everything will be resolved in a way that makes sense! I'm really glad you're still reading :)

Emma xx

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