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Review #1, by AlexFan 

31st July 2017:
Honestly this is like the wildest group of friends I've ever read about. I think my favourite thing was the fact that Alice was implying that everyone should get in line and wait their turn before throwing hands instead of trying to put a stop to the fighting.

With each chapter that goes by I relate to Nova more and more like honestly it's the strangest thing seeing your exact thoughts and feelings written out in a story like thank you for making Nova so relatable.

I also really hope she gets with Albus I know the kind of crush she has, I've been there so I really hope she gets her shot.

Speaking of Albus, where can I get my own Albus Potter please and thanks.

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Review #2, by marauderfan 

17th January 2017:
Being dragged out of bed while you're sleeping? Nooopppeee. I'd kick someone. And then go back to sleep.

Al totally knows what effect his smile/wink has on people and knows how to use that, haha!

THE BROOMSTICK INNUENDO I AM DYING AHAHAHAHA but like, isn't this always the way it happens - where you realize what you said about 2 seconds too late and you can't un-say it. Ahaha this was hilarious and I would feel bad for Nova except I'm too busy laughing.

Omg nothing to spoil the fun chatty mood in class like a bloody lamb's heart slammed onto the table. I never had to dissect anything quite that bad in any of my biology classes but this takes me back, haha. Oh, and I love that they're combining biology with magic because that's totally something that should happen. in order to do a better transfiguration you have to understand the object, etc. Great idea to include that! Except what an actual disaster it turned out to be. WHY WERE PEOPLE THROWING THE HEART

purely because I'm a sadist and would like to put you off your food." -- hahaha this professor cracks me up

Re: the end - uh oh. That escalated quickly... I'm not sure how Sophie didn't see that coming. You don't insult someone in front of her best friends because they will tear you up. So much drama but I did enjoy reading them all fighting haha

I don't remember if I mentioned this in any of my earlier reviews but I adore your writing style. It's so fun, you include the perfect amount of detail, it's at times very thoughtful, and at times very funny. It's just great all around.

I can see why this story is so popular! I'm really loving it so far!

Author's Response: Hey,

I would so kick someone in the face if they tried to drag me out of bed just to stare at people flying around on broomsticks. And then I'd laugh.

You're right, Al completely knows what effect he has on people and Nova and he is fully prepared to use it :P

Haha, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for the broomstick innuendo. I'm a simple girl - I saw the opportunity and I went for it. Honestly, I've been in the position too many times myself *cringes as Year 8 memories haunt me*

I swear down, so many people haven't had to dissect a heart!! I actually didn't know that people hadn't before so I was in shock at the amount of people who said they hadn't. It smells and it's not pretty. AND EVERYTHING I'VE MENTIONED IN THE CHAPTER WERE WITNESSED BY THESE VERY EYES. The boys next to me were a bit too enthusiastic with their dissection and offered me minced meat by the end of class. Bleurgghh.

Aw, I'm glad you're enjoying the fic and that my writing isn't putting you off haha! You're making me smile like an idiot! :P

Plums xo

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Review #3, by IchigoPan 

25th October 2016:
I don't know about you, but if someone were to drag me out of bed by the ankles, they should expect either a foot to the face or a hex of some sorts.

Regan and Nova are totally the types of people my RL bestie and I would do xD
And nothin' like a good ol' fashioned beat down in midst of a party. Er, in this case, a simple punch to the face and being caught.

The broomstick bit got me legitimately DYING. Nova, love, you gotta word your sentences better xD

And just some minor grammar correx:
"Won't they think it's weird that we're there?"

I think the "that" could be removed.

"we're on top form"

Should be "We're in top form"

Author's Response: Hello again :)

If someone dragged me out of bed, I would also kick them in the face. Like, um... who do you think you are?? Disturbing my beauty sleep?? A dead man, that's who you are.

I'm not the partying types but if I was, I would so be like Reagan and Nova too, I think lol. Hanging on the sidelines so I don't make a fool of myself while still having fun? Sounds great to me!

Every good party needs a fight. Nuff said. ;)


Thank you for pointing out the grammar mistakes, particularly the first one. I have a habit of saying/writing "just" or "that" way too much methinks so it's good to see where I am slipping up since I always doubt myself about whether it's correct or not.

Thank you for the review!

Plums xo

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Review #4, by beka_wotter 

27th March 2016:
I think I'm in love with Albus as well, I love how you portray him and I love how Nova acts too, I cannot wait for him to try and teach her to fly, it's such a good story!

Author's Response: Hey,

Haha, if you're in love with him, it must mean I'm doing my job right. Flying lessons begin in the next chapter and I'm sure they'll be very close ;) Thank you so much for the review - I'm glad you're enjoying the story!

Plums xo

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Review #5, by princesslily_36 

26th March 2016:
Plums... I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!!! You made me cry a little with that A/N. I finished reading and typing up my review till the end, and your A/N was such a pleasent surprise - so unexpected and so sweet of you!! Thank you so much Plums *hug* It means so much to me!!

ANOTHER CHAPTER! I saw this (as with the previous one) seconds after you posted on the chapter updates but able to get to it only now! Believe it or not, I found it so much easier to get through my day knowing that a little treat in the form of your chapter is waiting for me on the other side. So I'm too excited, I'm going to type this review as I go :D

Have I told you how much I love your dialogues? And Description? The opening scene was a perfect balance between the two, I was able to picture the scene unfold in front of my eyes. The teenage emotions are just speaking to me on so many levels, despite the fact that the teens are well behind me *sigh*! *I can't help myself hinting at a marauders fic*

I loved seeing Albus through Nova's eyes. What I particularly liked was that she was obviously smitten, and everything he did just made her melt, which you have shown us repeatedly but it never felt repetitive because your choice of adjectives and flow was so remarkable... in fact I got that tingly nice feeling every step of the way. And through Nova's eyes I think I'm starting to become smitten by Albus as well.

Oh, and I LOVE how you have shown exactly WHY Albus was a Slytherin. Little hints you dropped along the way like how his smile could get people to do what he wanted but not in a very creepy, freaky way you know. I think I'm falling for my first Slytherin, I really am. Until now, I've hated the idea of Albus being in Slytherin (I always felt his cousins would give him a hard time and felt bad for him) but now, I can't picture anything else.

The whole chapter just flowed like a dream. Dreamy Albus Potter. Dreamy mentions of James Potter. My heart kinda flip flopped everytime Nova's did. You're just that amazing at writing coming-of-age stories.

That innuendo. Well done, Plums. Well done.

The whole dissection scene - so gross. I'm sorry to hear that you actually went through that! Thank god dissection was banned by the time I came to high school, I'm pretty sure the guys in my class would have treated the dead animal carcus with the same disrespect these guys did!

Ahh the party scene... Loved the party scene. So fitting. A little part of me wished Albus and Nova would flirt a little during the party. Ahh but the Cassidy-Psycho Sophie incident just adds to the teenage drama, and I'm lapping up every word of this.

So, coming to the questions in your A/N,

1. I don't see why you're iffy about this ending. I think it works perfectly fine with the story, and a good cliffhanger at that.

2. Things I love - I've elaborated pretty much on this part - but just thought of another one how you keep giving us teasers of Albus instead of constantly bringing him into scenes. That way, every scene with Albus in it is like a treat... and Romance is the main theme, without actually being so in-your-face about it.

3. Things I'd love more of - Ahh.. Albus, and can we see a little bit of James Potter? I'd love to know how you write him! Oh, also, a little bit of Jealous Albus - that's what I'd love to see :D

4. What I think will happen? - Ah so far this has been so unpredictable that I have nothing in mind. I just trust you completely with this story, and know that I'm going to love whatever happens.

4. Ship Names - I'm terrible at ship names :D Everything I think of sounds super weird: Novus, Nobus, Halbus (so I'll stop here)

Can't wait for the next update! (This has got to be the longest review I've ever left!)

Loads of Love,

Author's Response: Hey Ysh :)

I've saved this review to answer at the very end because it's the longest and I wanted to answer it properly. And of course, I dedicated the chapter to you! Seriously, it's always so lovely to see that you've left me yet another review (especially because I've been lacking on my end - as soon as my exams end, I'm going to hopefully change that) and they're always so thoughtful and just plain nice. They genuinely mean the world to me :hug:

Aw, thank you. Balancing dialogue and description comes easier to me with Dormitory 2.6A for some reason; I feel like they go hand in hand here whereas description mostly dominates my one shots. I'm glad you like them. Unfortunately, a Marauders fic is not in the works at the minute, but hopefully I'll have one someday. They're just too good to not write.

Al is more of a challenge to me here BECAUSE of what you like about the way he's written in. In my previous flops, he was always a central character and dominated nearly every scene, but Dormitory 2.6A is mostly about the girls. They're why I started writing the fic and Albus just happens to be Nova's storyline. Romance is her storyline and a prominent one at that, but not the only one. Still, I love writing it and enjoy writing the way she sees him. She's just so taken by him, even if she doesn't think there's a chance between them, and it reminds me a lot of my first crush, to be honest. Ah. Such innocence.


Seriously, I genuinely love Al as a Slytherin. Before I read my first Slytherin!Al fic, I was quite apprehensive of the idea, but I just love how Harry's spitting image would go to the house that Harry steered clear of. I can understand why you'd feel like his cousins would give him a hard time about it and honestly, it could swing that way if you wanted to. Personally, I like to see it as the start of a bridge between Slytherin and Gryffindor, a show of how Slytherin isn't all bad.

"Not in a very creepy, freaky way you know" - I'M ACTUALLY DYING, THIS IS MY FAVOURITE LINE OUT OF THE REVIEW, OHMYGOD.

The innuendo was too convenient to ignore. I'm sure all of the teenage wizards of the world agree with me.

You know, I still can't believe that dissections aren't compulsory everywhere. I mean, it's something I look back on fondly, mostly because the class was really lively and the boys made me laugh, even if what they were doing was so gross, but I really don't want to go near a lamb's heart ever again. Ever again.

Al and Nova were actually supposed to flirt during the party in the original plan, but then Nova decided she didn't want that. Though she fancies the guy, he's at the heart of the victory party and she's more of an on-the-outskirts kind of girl. The two of them know each other well enough to respect that.

Phew. It's great to see that you didn't think the ending was iffy. It felt a little abrupt to me, as if it had just cut off at an awkward point so I was worried about putting it up, but couldn't think of any way to improve it.

Jealous Al sounds great, but unfortunately won't fit into this particular fic. The thing is that Nova genuinely is mostly ignored by the population of Hogwarts - she's known a bit for transforming from a fairly lively girl in first year to someone with a notorious poker face, known for being great friends with Cass, Dahlia and Alice, and known for being one of the smarter students of the year, but not much else. She's not someone that guys typically chase after, so Al doesn't really have a lot of competition. Which, of course, works in his favour ;)

Maybe I should somehow sneak James into every chapter without ever properly introducing him, just to torture you :P ;)

Ship names are so hard, aren't they? Novus has been suggested a couple of times, but Hotter is too great to ignore. Maybe we should do both #Novus Hotter.

Thanks for the great review!


Plums xo

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Review #6, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

25th March 2016:
YOU UPDATED! YOU UPDATED! YOU UPDATED! In case you weren't aware, I'm obsessed with this story. My favorite thing about this story is your characterization of your OCs. They are just so diverse and complex and lovable. Everything a great OC should be. I'm so envious of their relationships with each other.

I can identify with Nova. I don't care how cute you are, I'm not waking up early to see you.

"Now, that's what I call motivation."
Poor Nova and her hilarious word choice. I bet she can't wait for him to win against Gryffindor now! UGH, they are both so adorable I can't even handle it.

Nice biology bit in there! I've always thought it would be difficult to do transfiguration if you don't understand the processes of the body of the organisms being transfigured. The dissection part reminded me of all the kids in high school that would cry, puke, or faint cutting open brains or hearts or whatever we had. WEED OUT THE WEAKLINGS!

I really, really liked this particular line: "She understood that sometimes you fell for people you would never be with, but that was okay because you didn't need a boy to define you or to like you back, no matter how nice it would be to be the girl that someone fancied for once." It's okay to want to be with someone, but it's not okay to let that define you.

To be fair, Hufflepuffs are incredibly loyal. I'm not really sure what Psycho Sophie was expecting. She was bound to meet a fist or two after that nastiness.

As always, I absolutely loved the chapter and I can't wait for the next one! I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: I UPDATED!

Hello, by the way. Thanks for stopping by ;)

And oh my gosh, I'm so honoured that you like the story! And the OCs (especially since they're basically everywhere). I took special care in making sure that they're all incredibly different yet still have enough similarities and respect for each other to be able to get along, especially since they share a dormitory.

DO WE NOT ALL IDENTIFY WITH NOVA. Like, sure, you're cute, but does how fit you are matter over sleep?? No.

That innuendo was 100% necessary, I am not accepting any other argument. :P

And yeah, she might be wary of flying and she might want to seem unattainable, but she'll take any chance she can get to be with her crush. She was secretly rooting for Slytherin just as much as Alice was supporting Gryffindor.

"WEED OUT THE WEAKLINGS!" XD - Oh God, I was one of the weaklings and I have no shame in admitting it haha! But yeah, I was reminiscing those weakling days and figured it just made sense for students to study biology in such a way for the same reason you stated so I whacked it in.

Aw, I'm really happy you liked that line! It was one of the ones that I slotted in entirely on purpose and something I feel really defines Nova. All this time, we've seen that she doesn't mind speaking to Albus or having her friends interfere because, at the end of the day, she does fancy him yet she doesn't seek him out at the party or anything since she doesn't expect anything to happen. And it's not even in a self-deprecating way, as if she doesn't believe she's good enough to be fancied by him, it's just something that she can live with since she knows she is more than that.

Yeah, Psycho Sophie really should've seen that coming. #Puff Power all the way.

Thank you for the lovely review!

Plums xo

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Review #7, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage 

25th March 2016:


Okay now to actually reviewing (BUT SERIOUSLY IT IS NOT FAIR). Albus is hot and that innuendo Nova said was so hilarious and I was so being like: oh this is sooo wrong and then she realised it and then I had to laugh (AND THEN CRY LIKE SERIOUSLY PLUMS. EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER HERE).

I also loved the additions to the names of Sophie and Callum because it made me laugh even harder and it's nice how confident and strong Nova can be if she wants to and I cannot wait to see her have that lesson with Albus (and seriously they need to kiss. And I also want to see him kissing her and then go help out a grandma. It would be hilarious to read).

The sciency part was gross though. I never had to dissect anything in High School during biology classes and then to read this is just gross. I can't blame people for passing out and everything. And it's just ugh that the guys we're actually throwing with the heart (though Al's comment to Scorpius' throwing was again hilarious).


(but seriously thanks so much for making me cry.)

Author's Response: First of all: hey ;)

Second of all, how could I NOT dedicate this to you after all those lovely reviews? Like seriously, they made my day. My day was made. MADE, I TELL YOU.

And yes, it is completely necessary to make you cry at 2am.

It helps me sleep at night. ;)

Anyway, onto trying to answer another fantastically incoherent review: so glad you think Albus is hot (because come on, we need to understand where Nova is coming from, amirite?) especially since this is my first time writing one that doesn't smirk a great deal of the time and that was usually a focal point for his characterisation.


Cheating Callum and Psycho Sophie, that incompatible couple. Once again, there was no way I could miss out sticking something in front of their names because it just reminds me of high school when we had similar names e.g. Bad Gal Rhi Rhi.

A huge yes for confident!Nova and omg, I never knew I needed to write a scene like that, what are you doing to me, it is not in the plan -

You've seen me comment about this, but you are so lucky you never had to dissect anything in bio! It felt so gross and it smelled so bad (I retch just thinking about that part) and nearly every single boy in my class absolutely loved freaking out the rest of us by absolutely butchering their hearts and throwing them about the room. Ew.

Thank you so much for the review!

Plums xo

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